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s usual, the days leading up to 2014 were filled with countless people professing their desire to want to change and be more productive in the New Year. I know we have all fallen victim to the “New Year, New Me” claim, but for some reason when the year starts, all those goals and life changes that we said we were going to make, suddenly fly out the window. I was one of those people. Every year, I would always say that I was going to change and work on becoming a better me, but I never actually put the effort in to see those changes through. It got to the point where I was so frustrated with being stagnant, and enduring the same challenges that I decided to take matters into my own hands and actively re-shape my life for the better. This New Year was particularly special to me because as crazy as it sounds, it was the first time that I realized that I was hindering my own success. And, I knew that if I wanted to improve my circumstances, then I would have to stand out of my own way in order to grow. Just minutes before “the ball” dropped, I wrote a list of about 10 things that I wanted to improve on. Out of the 10 improvements that I wrote in my notepad, 2 of them really stood out to me. (1). I’m no longer going to be fearful of the judgment of others. (2). I’m going to love and embrace who I am inside and out.


For too long, I have been crippled from expressing myself because of my own personal insecurities and worrying about how others would view me. In this New Year, I have taken on the challenge of accepting myself in every way and not apologizing for who I am. The inspiration for this edition was inspired by exactly that! This new issue of Natura Magazine is all about loving and accepting yourself for who you truly are. On a daily basis, I come across women who are afraid to rock their natural hair because they are worried about what people will think of them. There are so many women who are insecure about their skin tone because for years we have been taught that if you don’t have fare skin then you aren’t beautiful. This magazine, and this issue, lays all of that to rest. From our stories, to our visuals showcasing the beauty of women of color, we have made it our mission to give YOU that platform to be free in your own skin. My team and I have put our heart and souls into this issue, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you for supporting the Natura movement, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy! Xoxo Naturalia


NATURA LET’S GET SOCIAL Yolanda Renee @etcblogmag Yolanda Renee@etcblogmag Curls go check out @naturamagazine @naturacollege and Curls go check out @naturamagazine @naturacollege and follow follow them. The publication is ahhhmazing. And, they them. The publication is ahhhmazing. And, they featured ya girl! featured ya girl! Yaaasss! Yaaasss! DTHArts @DTHArts DTHArts@DTHArts Going all natural, the women at @naturamagazine are Going all natural, the women at @naturamagazine are looking to looking to expand their on campus presence. expand their on campus presence. Annerys Wade @affordcr3ations Annerys Wade@affordcr3ations           @naturamagazine Thank u for the follow I’m honored. Princess @CoachPCare Princess@CoachPCare @naturamagazine awesome mag! I hope to work with you @naturamagazine awesome mag! I hope to work with you soon! 

Tsholo Dikobe @TheKhoi_Fro            #botswana #thekhoifro #fashionartist #natural Curlformers @curlformers @naturamagazine Hi! Great magazine and some amazing    Ashley Lawal @ashleylawal Just found out about this natural hair magazine. A nice read for all on their natural hair journey. @naturamagazine IG:askpRoy @askpRoy How awesome is this? I was interviewed by the wonderful people of @naturamagazine and featured in their most recent publication alongside some of my favorites.


Alicia@chosencalledcha Alicia @chosencalledcha @naturamagazine Thanks for the follow‌ a natural magazine @naturamagazine Thanks for the follow‌ a natural sounds right up my alley! ;) magazine sounds right up my alley! ;) Naturally Inclined@hairrights @naturamagazine I just checked out your website and I love your Naturally Inclined @hairrights mission. You just gained another supporter! @naturamagazine I just checked out your website and I Yolanda Renee @etcblogmag love your mission. You justCurlsgained supporter! go check another out @naturamagazine @naturacollege and Tsholo Dikobe@TheKhoi_Fro follow them. The publication is ahhhmazing. And, they ya girl! Yaaasss! It’s a win again . Featuredfeatured on @naturamagazine . #botswana #thekhoifro #fashionartist DTHArts #natural @DTHArts Going all natural, the women at @naturamagazine are looking to expand their on campus presence.

Curlformers@curlformers Annerys Wade @affordcr3ations @naturamagazine Hi! Great magazine and some amazing           interviews Princess @CoachPCare Ashley Lawal@ashleylawal @naturamagazine awesome mag! I hope to work with you  hair magazine. A nice read for all Just found out about this natural on their natural hair journey. Alicia@naturamagazine @chosencalledcha @naturamagazine Thanks for the follow‌ a natural magazine sounds IG:askpRoy@askpRoy right up my alley! ;)

Tsholo Dikobe @TheKhoi_Fro            #botswana #thekhoifro #fashionartist #natural Curlformers @curlformers @naturamagazine Hi! Great magazine and some amazing    Ashley Lawal @ashleylawal Just found out about this natural hair magazine. A nice read for all on their natural hair journey. @naturamagazine IG:askpRoy @askpRoy How awesome is this? I was interviewed by the wonderful people of @naturamagazine and featured in their most recent publication alongside some of my favorites.

How awesome is this? I wasNaturally interviewed by the wonderful people of Inclined @hairrights @naturamagazine checked out your website and I @naturamagazine and featured in theirI justmost recent love your mission. You just gained another supporter! publication alongside some of my favorites. Instagram: naturamagazine Facebook: facebook.com/naturamagazineusa Twitter: twitter.com/naturamagazine youtube:NaturaTV



Natural hair is fun. Natural hair is sexy.



Natural hair is freedom. Natural hair is you!


n 2014, challenge yourself to let go of all the insecurities that you have about your hair, and embrace your waves, curls, and kinks for what they are. In this new year, don’t be afraid to try something new, and don’t be afraid to express yourself. The theme of this section is all about embracing and loving your natural hair! Turn the pages to see hairstyles, ground breaking articles, tips from our natural hair experts, and amazing features.



Curly Chronicles:

Is Natural Hair Really Accepted? F or the many positive comments I receive about my hair, I also receive my share of the negative. Soooooo… My fiancé and I were out to lunch , and while eating my fiancé noticed an older white lady staring at me. She eventually made her way over to our table, and had the audacity to ask me why do I wear my hair like this and I look like an ANIMAL! We both looked at each other stunned and in disgust as this lady continued to add her 2 cents about my hair. My fiancé, extremely livid, told her to get away from us and that she was being very rude and racist. Out of my annoyance I also told her she was ugly, which she replied by showing me her jewelry. I told her that her jewelry doesn’t change the fact that she was ugly, and we shooed her off. Not only was this woman physically ugly, but so was her heart. I post a lot of pics about natural hair not only for my enjoyment, but to encourage women of all ages that it is ok to be who you are and how you were born. You are beautiful regardless of how straight, frowy, long or how short your hair is. Ultimately it’s what’s in your heart and your intention that matters. I do different styles to my hair, but when I wear my fro I will (as I always did) wear it high and proud. 16


By: Addisa Goldman Instagram( addisabianca)



Standing Without Support Beams: Surviving Your Natural Hair

Journey Alone

by: Shanti Terry


eciding to go natural is a big decision to make, bigger than some might understand. It’s not just the decision to change one’s appearance. It’s the decision to start an often difficult journey to learn to accept and love the way one was originally designed.

These negative influences may even come from those closest to you. Without support beams like friends and family to hold and lift you up, it can seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It can be lonely. It can be devastating. It can also be overcome.

Women who choose to go natural know the risks: rejection, disapproval, confusion and frustration; the journey is not easy. The one thing that can be said about the natural journey is that it’s worth it.

You have to remember that the path you are on is all about you, no one else. It’s not about your husband, or your aunt or your best friend accepting who you are. It’s about you accepting who you are, regardless of what others expect you to be.

Learning to love that the way you were made is worth it. Gaining self-acceptance of your natural, physical appearance is worth it, as it leads to accepting many other aspects of your individuality. To survive the journey to natural hair, knowing that the struggles you go through are worth it must be your motivation. As you embark on your journey, there will be many reasons to turn back. There will be those who stand in your way, tear you down, and encourage you to give up.



If you’re feeling lonely on your journey, branch out a bit. There are many various online communities, forums and discussion groups that will welcome you with open arms. You just have to be willing to open your arms to them too. If you are reading this article, you are already off to a great start. You are already connecting with a support system, the Natura support system. Move forward in your journey, knowing that it’s worth the wait, and we’re behind you every step of the way.

A Mom’s Guide to

Maintaining your Child’s Natural Hair


by: Brianna Rhodes

et’s go back in time to when we were kids sitting in between our mother’s legs while they brushed and pulled at our hair every morning right before school. These are the memories that a lot of African-American women have in regards to their childhood, and dealing with their hair. For years, parents have struggled to find the right methods and products to maintain their child’s hair. Due to frustration and a lack of patience, many mothers have made the decision to experiment with relaxers or “kiddie perms” to create a more manageable and pleasurable experience for the child. There really is no reason for a parent to relax a child’s hair if you just take the time to learn how to take care of their naturally curly textures, before resorting to the chemicals. While your kid’s are growing up , it is always important to teach them that they are beautiful the way they are no matter the color of their skin or the texture of their hair. Culturally, hair is an especially important reflection of an African American person, and for children it is a reflection of their parents. Healthy haircare tips for kid’s toddler age and up: The benefits of using good shampoos and conditioners

Any shampooing should be done with moisturizing sulfate-free shampoos, and conditioners should be creamy and rich. In the early age low-manipulation styling is best.

Children’s conditioners should always be moisturizing formulas, they do not need high-

powered reconstructing conditioners unless their hair has been chemically treated.

Moisturizing is one of the most important parts of any textured hair care regimen, and selecting quality moisturizers , oils and butters is important in children’s hair care. Greases are not recommended, because they cause dryness and weigh down the hair with build-up, which can be damaging to the hair. Water and water-based spray and cream products are the best moisturizers. Products like detangling sprays, leave-in conditioners, creams and custards. Conditioner washing is recommended. Most conditioners contain small amounts of cleansing agents in them, so getting the hair clean is never an issue. Using quality shampoos and conditioners is important! Deep conditioners are not usually necessary unless the child’s hair has been chemically treated. Protein/moisture treatments on chemically treated hair as needed.

Hair Styles. Buns, braids, and twists are great ways to style your kids hair and are easily manage-

able. But you should also make sure that certain styles do not damage your child’s hair such as pulling your child’s hair too hard or combing too tightly. There are an array of options and resources out there that can help with maintaining your child’s natural hair. Remember to always teach your children that they are beautiful as they naturally are. Source: A Comprehensive guide to textured hair care “The Science Of Black Hair” Author, Audrey Davis Sivasothy



Co-Washing: The Pros and Cons Is Co-Washing right for You?


by: Shanti Terry

o-washing is a heavily debated topic in the natural hair community. Some curly girls swear by it, while others can do without it. The separation is caused by the fact that no two hair textures are the same, and everyone’s hair reacts differently to products and hair styling techniques. As with any other hair care method, there are a variety of pros and cons to be considered.


Co-washing is a great way to keep one’s hair moisturized. Conditioner does not strip hair of oils, so it keeps the hair from drying out.

Less Frizz/Humidity Defense:

A common problem for those who live in humid climates is frizz. Humidity tends to take a serious toll on natural hair, causing it to swell and “poof ” out. This is often due to hair not being properly moisturized before it is exposed to humidity. Hair that is properly moisturized and sealed has no reason to soak in water from the air and swell to create frizz. Many “co-washers” claim that their hair has significantly less frizz and it stands up well to humidity.

Potential For Less Breakage And Tangles (easier detangling): Most conditioners contain ingredients that provide great slippage. So the comb, brush, or your fingers can get through tangles more easily when your hair is coated with conditioner. Natural hair is very vulnerable when it is wet and tangled. It is a time where a lot of damage can be done if the person detangling the hair is not careful. Co-washing really helps with the detangling process. ‘Co-washers’ can easily detangle in the shower as they rinse the conditioner away, while there is plenty of slippage, so very little to no damage is done.

Gentler/Safer than Shampoos:

Shampoos that are not all natural generally contain harsh sulfates that strip natural oils from the hair. Stripping the hair of it’s own natural oils on a regular basis leads to dry, brittle hair that can be easily damaged. Washing with conditioner generally eliminates that risk.




When using conditioners to wash natural hair, it generally needs to be done more frequently than if hair was washed with shampoo. The more often natural hair is washed, the more often detangling is needed, which could lead to more breakage if the detangling is not done properly.

Product Buildup :

Many conditioners contain silicones, which can cause a lot of buildup on hair. Hair that has too much buildup will become weak and break easily. Finding a conditioner that does not cause buildup on your hair is crucial if you are a “co-washer”. There are many conditioners specially designed for “co-washers”, like As I Am Coconut Cleanser. Try to find a brand that is formulated specifically for co-washing if you can; and even then, read the ingredients list on the back to be sure there’s nothing you disapprove of in the list.

Weighed Down Curls:

This is a matter of preference. Some people like their curls to be weighed down a bit, while others do not. Some conditioners weigh the hair down, while others do not. It all depends on preference.

Butters/Oil Residue:

If you are the type who likes to use heavy oils (like castor oil) or butters in your hair, co-washing may not cleanse your hair as thoroughly as you’d like; particularly your scalp. You may need to co-wash more than once when you cleanse your hair to be sure that you removed everything off of your scalp and hair-shaft.

Over Saturation:

Co-washing with heavy conditioners can lead to hair that feels “mushy” or overly moisturized. Protein overload is also a reason for this. Conditioners with too much protein can make hair weak and allow it to break easier.


Buying enough conditioner to wash your hair on a regular basis can get expensive, depending on the brand you choose. To avoid stretching your pockets, try mixing your conditioner with a little water in a spray bottle before each use. Just be sure that your hair is being completely covered with the product.


ow that you know all of the pros and cons of co-washing natural hair, the decision is ultimately up to you and your hair. Try co-washing your hair if you haven’t done so before. See how your hair reacts. It will tell you whether or not it likes what you’re doing. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. Co-washing does not work for all textures. Also, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. You don’t have to give up shampoo to do co-washing. You can co-wash and use a clarifying shampoo whenever you feel like you might be getting buildup to avoid any issues. When you do use shampoo, be sure that you are using a sulfate-free formula and replenish your hair with an oil rinse or deep conditioners as needed. Only you know what works best for your hair, so experiment with cleansing methods like co-washing and pay close attention to the results yielded when you do.




By: Shanti Terry NATURAL HAIR COMBS Learning to groom natural hair can be hard work. Detangling and styling can feel like an impossible task without the proper set of tools. For today’s natural, a wide range of tools is available to make maintaining natural hair a breeze. 1.WIDE TOOTH COMB

Wide-tooth combs are great for gently detangling coarse, curly hair, which tends to snap easily if mishandled. It’s also nice for distributing product through the hair before or after the shower, so having one in your curly hair tool arsenal is a must! Look for a seamless version to eliminate the risk of any snagging. Try the Conair shower comb or the Hercules Safemann (#5610).


If you need to make neat parts, you definitely want to purchase one of these. They come in plastic and metal variations. Many naturals insist on metal variations because they are less likely to rip or snag on hair. They are great for making straight parts or those that are unique and elaborate. It’s a staple tool for a curly girl.


Denman brushes are very well known, as they are specially designed to easily work through tangles. Many women with type 4 hair modify their brushes. The curlier coarse hair is, the gentler the detangling process needs to be, so the close rows on the Denman brush can sometimes cause tugging. To modify a Denman, you can remove a few rows to make the teeth wider apart. This allows the hair to go through the brush with less friction, and you still get the benefits of the brush’s great job of detangling.










The double combs on this tool make detangling a breeze. The teeth, in two, staggered rows, allow you to double team those tangles! Each stroke of this comb is like going over the segment of hair twice. It’s specially made for dense hair and keeps your curls from snapping back up and re-tangling on themselves.

5. (Afro) PICK

A pick is an absolute essential for creating lift and volume in any style that needs a boost. Whether you choose a pick with plastic or metal prongs is up to you. Many naturals prefer the metal picks, stating that the metal prongs glide through the hair more easily. Try both plastic and metal to find which one you prefer. Picks can double as detangling tools as well. Start from the tips and work your way up, just as if you were using any other detangling tool.


These come in handy for smoothing down stubborn edges and sides. Use them only after you have smoothed your hair as much as possible with a gentler tool, preferably your hands.


Many curlies swear by this tool, but be advised, it may not be suitable for every hair type. If you have thick, coarse hair, monitor your hair carefully when using this tool. The bristles can wear down easily, snagging your hair, so replace your brush as often as needed.


There are new combs that can improve the condition of your hair just by using them. Many are infused with natural oils that are known to reduce frizz and hydrate hair. Most are wide toothed combs that can glide easily through thick hair. Try the Cricket or the Silk Elements Conditioning Combs. Always read any maintenance instructions and replace them as often as instructed.


Although fine-tooth combs are generally regarded as a curly girl’s worst enemy, there are some cases when you may want to have one handy. For example, if you having a problem with bushy ends you can use a fine-tooth comb to blend the ends together and make them curl up. They are also great for doing comb coils.





Cocoa Powder Hair Mask Recipes

Cocoa powder can be used to treat hair strands. It adds vibrancy, shine, volume, and promotes healthy hair growth.

Clarifying Chocolate Clay Hair Mask

Natural Hair Recipes by: Resita Cox Ever thought about turning your kitchen into your own hair salon? It might be a weird thought, but treating and maintaining natural hair at home is becoming a popular trend. Instead of paying money to get your hair done or buying products from the store, using food items in your own kitchen can help you treat your hair right at your fingertips. You may be surprised of how many different food items can be used to help make recipes to keep your hair strong, thick, and well moisturized. Not only can you use food to feed your stomach, you can also use it to feed your hair!

1/2 cup bentonite clay 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/4 cup aloe vera juice 2 tbsp raw or organic honey 3-5 drops tea tree or peppermint oil 1 cup (or more as needed) semi-boiling water Combine all ingredients and whisk until smooth, allow to cool. Apply to slightly damp hair with a dye brush if available. Allow to dry for at least an hour. Rinse and apply your favorite conditioner. This mask will help clarify the hair and reduce frizz.

Chocolate Hair Smoothie

1 cup greek yogurt of choice 1/4 cup raw cocoa powder 3 tbsp coconut oil 3 drops lavender oil 5 drops rose hips seed oil optional: 1/4 cup conditioner of choice Mix all ingredients together and apply to freshly washed hair. Apply conditioning cap and allow to sit on hair for 30-45 minutes before rinsing. Hair should be soft and manageable. Follow up with detangling routine.

Basic Protein Deep Conditioner Moisture is extremely important to dry hair but so is protein. A mild moisturizing protein treatment will do wonders for hair especially if you want to increase the volume of the hair. You will need the following ingredients:

1 egg ½ cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup plain unflavored yogurt 5 drops of your favorite essence oil (a scented one such as jasmine or lavender would make a difference to the concoction) Mix the ingredients scent of this together in a bowl and apply to wet hair. Allow the hair to steam under a plastic cap for a ½ hour or more. Do not use heat with this recipe because eggs scramble when they are heated.





natural WOMEN IN THE


Vanessa Bush editor-in-chief, Essence magazine

by Naturalia

Vanessa Bush, has always had a deeply rooted passion for Essence magazine. Growing up, Bush explains that Essence was one of the few publications that featured women who looked like her. The black woman’s “lifestyle or forty-four years, Essence magazine has been guide,” took an active role in her development as a woman the go-to publication for African-American women and also as a journalist. seeking advice in fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Making its Since becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Essence in way into the homes of millions of women over the years, February of last year, Bush has made it her mission to Essence has provided a platform for women of color to encourage women to soar to new heights, and also aid in express themselves and strive for greatness. With the slogan changing the way that black women are portrayed in the “Fierce, Fun, and Fabulous,” Essence empowers, inspires media. As the Editor-in-Chief, Bush promises to continue to and educates its readers through their girlfriend-to-girlfriend raise community awareness, always be a trusted source, and vibe, and their undeniably moving articles. Since its release provide readers with journalistic excellence. in the 1970s, Essence has made it a point to showcase the Rocking a sleek, tapered cut, Bush demonstrates the beauty of women of color, and also show black women in beauty of natural hair and being comfortable in your own power positions. Essence is known to be led and ran by skin. Women all around the world are breaking the mold, some of the most incredible black women in the industry. and making the decision to go natural. And, you should too! Most notable are: Susan L. Taylor, Monique Greenwood, Natura’s Women In The Media spotlight is on Vanessa Bush Diane Weathers, and now Vanessa Bush. because she is naturally fierce, fun, and fabulous. 27 naturamagazineusa.com



Curls A

Hair type: Type A: Naturally Straight

Organix Moroccan curling defining cream: - defines curls - protects hair from heat damage by: Lauren Morris - prevents frizz -adds shine re you a curl definition hunter? Apply even amount throughout hair Every naturalista has found strands on to damp hair and scrunch themselves stalking the jungle layers Let hair dry or use diffuser of the beauty store aisle in search of hair. Retail price ranges from: the best curl definition product for $5.00-$8.00

their hair. All hair types should be looking for the same qualities in curl Pantene Pro V Curly hair shamdefinition products; moisture, fights poo and conditioner frizz and makes your hair smooth.You -Seals in moisture should examine your curl pattern and -Smooth cuticle -Defines curls research products that will maintain -Controls Frizz the health of your hair, and also define Apply shampoo and condition as normal. your curls or coils. In the New Year, After conditioning scrunch your hair and let air dry. don’t waste your time or money on products that don’t work. Check out Retail price ranges from: $4.00-$5.00 these products for the best curl definition for various hairstyles. Hair Type: Type B and C Naturally Wavy Tresemmè Flawless Curl hydration Lotion Creme -Holds moisture -Defines curl Apply to hair after conditioner to towel dried hair. Use wide tooth comb to spread evenly and scrunch. Do not rinse Retail Price Range: $ 3.00-$5.00

Desert Essence Soft Coconut Curls Hair Cream


-Helps to smooth and define curls -Adds luster and bounce -Softens Hair -Hydrates hair Apply dime size of amount on dry or wet hair spread from root to tip evenly. Retail Price Range: $10.00 (can be found on puritan.com for $4.48)


Hair Type: Type D and E: Naturally Curly Curls Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir -increases sheen and strength -prevents breakage -promotes keratin Apply dime size amount to damp hair from root to tip. Retail Price Range: $9.00

Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion -Controls and defines curls -Eliminates Frizz -Fights against Humidity Apply to the palm of your hands and rub through dry or diffused hair. Retail Price Range: $ 7.00-$8.00

Hair Type: Type F-H: Coily and Extreme Coily Hair Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie -Hydrates and protects hair - reduces breakage and strengthens hair Apply dime sized amount into hand rub through dry or damp hair and style as desired.

Motions Naturally You Hydrate my curls pudding -defines curl -reduces frizz -adds moisture Apply dime size amount to hand onto damp of dry hair and style as desired. Retail Price Range: $ 6.00-$ 7.00



Flat irons can be a naturalista’s best friend when they want silky, straight hair. But, what many don’t know is that every flat iron is not beneficial for natural hair. Flat irons all do the same thing, but the results will vary depending on the brand and how you use them. Ever had problems heating your flat iron to the right temperature that you want it to be, or flat ironed your hair and had it fallen limp as soon as you walked out the door, or even worse, run the flat iron repeatedly over a section of hair, only to find it still puffed, and not straightened? These are the issues that you have to deal with when finding the right flat iron for your hair. There are many key factors that you have to consider when choosing the right flat iron for your natural hair.

How To Choose The Right

FLAT IRON by: Brianna Rhodes



The Power of the Ceramic

If you have problems with your hair being fully straightened like you want it to be then you should consider upgrading your flat iron plate material to ceramic. Ceramic irons are the current “it� technology for heat styling. With ceramic flat irons, they heat evenly across the plate producing a flatter, sleeker press that lasts. It also protects the hair by minimizing the need to flat iron the hair over and over. Unlike other irons, they do not produce hot spots or lose heat over time. They take seconds to heat up and straighten the hair very well. Ceramic irons come in two varieties: there are the irons with full ceramic plates and those with several layers of ceramic coating on the top of lower quality metals. Full ceramic plates have more positive benefits, but these ceramic plates are soft and can be fragile. Dropping or clapping the plates together frequently damage or crack the plates. One thing to consider with full-plate ceramic brands are that they generally cost more than the ceramic-coated irons. Most cost $50-60 more than a regular flat iron. You should replace your flat iron if the coating of the flat iron begins to peel and super-heated hotspots on the uncoated plat’s surface may appear, which can cause your hair to snag. Most high-end flat irons that are great for natural hair are Chi, FHI, Babyliss, and Sedu.

Temperature Setting

Many people think that different flat-irons vary in temperature and settings. When using flat irons it is up to you to determine the appropriate temperature that is needed for your hair. Maintaining textured hair at constant high temperatures for extended periods of time damages the hair and drastically alters the moisture levels within each strand of your hair. Several high-end flat irons have only one temperature setting that averages around 400 degrees. This temperature is too high for your hair. If you want to have healthy curls then you should never have the temperature set for your flat iron over 350 degrees but having a varied temperature setting does allow you to see what temperature works best for you.

Tourmaline Irons

These type of irons are generally more economical than ceramic irons and offer some of the same evenheating capabilities as ceramic flat irons. These type of irons produce more negative ions so your hair turns out shinier, silkier, and smoother. It is likely due to the even heating surface and high temperature ranges the flat irons are able to reach.


How much hair to flat iron at a time

Natural hair is very thick and it requires you to flat iron your hair in small sections for best the results. To safely use flat irons, you should quickly pass over small sections of your hair that are to be straightened. Do not allow the iron to linger too long in one area, especially near the ends of your hair. Each section of hair should not be flat ironed for longer than 3-5 seconds at time. Other pre-cautions to consider when flat ironing your hair is to not fully clasp and drag your hair down along the flat iron, especially towards the ends. Also, if your flat iron has been idle or at rest for longer than ten to fifteen seconds, you should test it on a cotton towel to discharge some of the heat that has accumulated on your iron before touching your hair. Sources: http://www.curlynikki.com/2010/10/ finding-best-flat-iron-for-your-natural.html The Science of Black Hair





the look book












































by: Shanti Terry


here are limitless options for keeping your style just as professional as you are. Whether your hair is currently in twists, locs, braids, weaves, wigs or out natural, there are many style options that are flattering and suitable for corporate environments. When it comes to choosing or creating your own professional style, remember to keep it neat, durable, and comfortable. Here are a few classic styles that can be created with ease and will keep you looking right for the job.

Roller/Rod Sets

Setting your hair on rollers and rods can help to smooth your hair and give your curls a uniform look. Healthy, bouncing curls can be corporate too! Just be sure to convert them into an updo or any other professional style, once they start to look worn.

The Bun Choose braided, twisted, high or low. As long as you keep it neat, it’s really difficult to mess up with this classic professional style.

Roll, Tuck and Pin Styles

Wash and Go’s


Now, this one will be left up to your judgment. If you’ve mastered a technique that you know looks neat and well-kept, go for it! If you haven’t quite figured out the best way to get a great wash and go, opt for a different style.


This style is comfortable, will last all day, no matter the weather, and it looks neat and tidy. Pin all of your hair away, leave a bit out, or work it into a bun. You’ll look polished and professional.


The teeny weeny afro is a great style for a corporate setting. Be sure to keep your edges well groomed and your frizz level to a minimum. Aside from that, all you need is a smile and confidence.


Straightened Wearing your hair in a straight style is always a great option too. Just be sure that you keep your look well groomed. Add in a few curls to hide any frayed ends.

Updo’s, Updo’s Updo’s!

Pinning your curls up can be a great corporate style. Just make sure that the design is not overly elaborate. Simplicity is key.

Twists Whether natural or synthetic, twists can be styled to look professional in many different ways. The only challenge might be keeping the style from being too noticeable. If you have very long twists, avoid a giant high bun. Instead, style them half-up and half down, or try a low chignon with a few loose strands to keep it interesting. Locs

Locs, when well groomed, can have a place in the work world, as long as they are well taken care of. Keep them moisturized and make sure the ends stay neat. If you have very long dreads, try putting them into a low bun or ponytail to keep things corporate. naturamagazineusa.com


Braids are another option for the workplace, but cornrows should be avoided. Choose your braided styles carefully, in accordance with your place of work and the general feel of the company. 55

Learning to love the “Fro”: A Style’s Long History of Rejection by: Shanti Terry


n studying the history of the afro as a hairstyle, one thing is certain: it’s here to stay. The afro is not a trend, or a fad. It has always been here, fading in and out of the light. It is a part of the history of black culture, complete with a chronological roller coaster ride as it continually floats in and out of societal acceptance. Let’s take a look at what was happening with the afro as black hair moved through its timeline.



Pre Colonial Africa and the Afro In early times, even before slaves were brought over from West Africa, the afro was a part of the culture, but not in the way you might think. Hairstyles in early Africa were very important, but afros were actually frowned upon. Hairstyling was a crucial part of one’s identity back in the day, and if you didn’t have one, your hair was considered to be unkempt. Hairstyles in early African culture were a sign of an individual’s social status, place of origin and overall wellbeing. So, those who wore afros were considered to be either poor or mentally unstable. It’s surprising and sad to think of an afro in that way, especially living in modern day society, where the afro is growing to be considered a symbol of pride and self-­acceptance. Regardless, the facts remain clear. The rejection of the afro had it roots in pre-­colonial Africa.



1619-­ Colonial Times: Start of SlaveryAfro Disappearing Act As soon as the first slaves arrived in Jamestown, the identity of African culture concerning hair began to disappear. There were some TWAs, but few full blown afros worn, and there were no elaborate styles. Many slaves had their hair cut short or kept their hair in braids/cornrows. This worsened over time, into the late 1700s. Part of the loss of identity concerning hair happened as a result of slaves no longer having access to styling tools and natural products to use on their hair to create their cultural styles.

19th Century (1800s): Afros continued to be sidelined during this time period as freed slaves styled their hair similar to white women of the time. They did so as a means of fitting in and being more “acceptable” in society. The invention of the hot comb (1880) truly pushed natural hair styling options (like the afro) to be things of the past.

20th Century (early 1900’s): With Madame CJ Walker’s perfection of the hot comb, natural hair almost completely gave way to the Press and Curl Kit she developed. Suggestion of wearing an afro or natural hair was not publicized until the 1920s, when Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican political leader and a proponent of the Black Nationalism Movement, spoke out and encouraged blacks to unite and return to their roots (including their natural hair). 58 naturamagazineusa.com

1954: Relaxers Arrive First they are developed for men, and the women’s version quickly followed. They are all the rage, and the afro once again takes a back seat during this time.



The afro finally began gaining popularity during the Civil Rights Movement, which began in the late 1960s. However, even as its popularity rose there was debate even amongst the black community as to whether or not the style was appropriate. Some of the older generation of African Americans identified with the Caucasian employers of the time, feeling that the afro was a sign of rebellion. The younger generation of blacks, including groups like the Black Panthers viewed the style as a symbol of strength, pride, racial/ cultural identity and self-­acceptance. In the 70s, celebrities like Pam Grier, James Brown and the Jackson 5 helped to rocket the afro into the spotlight, furthering its popularity all the more.

1960’s and 70’s: The Afro’s Comeback During The Civil Rights Movement



2000’s and Today: Today, the afro is still growing in acceptance as the Natural Hair Movement grows with increasing popularity each year. As the Natural Hair Movement continues to spread knowledge and information to the public about natural hair, styling options like the afro, twists and braids are becoming more common-­place. There are still celebrities rocking their afros and they help to grow the style’s popularity as well! Now then, having read through the history of black hair and looking at the afro’s place in the timeline, you can see what I mean when I say that the afro has had a long, hard journey, but it’s here to stay. The style has had a history of rejection dating back to pre-­colonial Africa. Still, it has managed to resurface over the last 30 to 40 years and it will likely continue to do so. We still have a lot of work to do with getting society to accept afros as well as it does relaxed hair, but with enough time and dedication to the cause, it can be done.





LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION In Hollywood, fabulous hair is a must have for all of our favorite celebrity-style icons. From Rihanna’s ever evolving hairstyles to Beyoncé’s sultry blonde tresses, these breathtaking women aren’t afraid to push the envelope and express themselves with their hair. Using their platform to create trends, and provide inspiration for women all around the world, they show us that it is ok to indulge in the versatility of our hair. Flip the pages to view some of your favorite celebrity signature hairstyles.
















Clarence Scott Eugene III


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https://www.facebook.com/ClarenceScottPhoto | www.modelmayhem.com/cscott http://www.clarencescottphoto.tumblr.com/ | http://instagram.com/cscottphotoÂ


ON IN By: Shanti Terry




anessa Van Dyke. Tiana Parker. Horizon Science Academy. All three names represent a raging war that’s been going on for centuries: African American hair and it’s acceptance or rejection by society. Vanessa Van Dyke and Tiana Parker are two young girls who were told by their school administrations that their hairstyles were “unacceptable.” Horizon Science Academy specifically banned afro puffs, twists and braids, upsetting parents and other people in a town in Ohio. All three of these instances are cause for outrage, but how far should that outrage go? Are the schools responsible for attempting to enforce these rules completely in the wrong, or are they simply being particular about the image they want for their establishments? As I’ve read over the stories of the three names listed above, my heart was torn in two. On the one side, I am outraged at the fact that our society has not

come farther than it has over time. African American hair is completely different than that of other races. Our kinks and curls do not lie flat. So placing our hair in “neat” and “tidy” styles is not always what one might think of. Our hair is naturally, kinky, coily, curly and a little on the “wild” side, and that demands a totally different range of styles than other cultures. An afro puff, is the equivalent of a ponytail for natural, black hair. Our hair doesn’t lie flat, or hang down in a ponytail, like other races. Braids and twists are styles that are natural and they are a great way to keep our hair manageable and neat. Why should these children be subjected, at such an early age, to negative opinions about their identity? Growing up with a sense of acceptance and appreciation for one’s appearance is hard enough, especially with all that the media is circulating. Saying that men and women should look like this or that to be deemed “beautiful.”


On the other side of my mind lies another way of thinking about these situations, where children are being asked to modify their hair’s appearance to meet expectations from an establishment. Is it hurting them or helping them in the long run? When I say, “in the long run,” I mean after they become functional adults who go out into corporate America seeking employment. My husband is Caucasian, and I have discussed this issue with him many times. He told me a story about himself when he lived in Waco, Tx, before he and I met. As a child and through high school, while he lived with his parents, they made him wear short hair and would not let him have a beard. So when he left high school, he grew his hair out as long as it would go, and grew a full beard. He said he kept his beard trimmed and his hair combed, but he was unable to get a job for quite some time when he got to LA.


His  parents  came   to  visit  him  after  a   "The point of my story is while,  and  he  told   this: NO race is exempt from them  about  his   judgment when it comes to situation.    They   subjective viewpoints from told  him  that   they  would  not   establishments about their hire  him  either,   appearance. " because  he  did   not  look  “present-­      was  outraged,  but  he  decided  to  try  to  give  their   advice  to  him  a  chance.  They  took  him  to  get  a   haircut,  cut  off  his  beard,  and  got  him  some  differ-­ ent  clothing  than  what  he  had  been  wearing.    To   his  surprise,  he  landed  his  next  job  interview  and   was  employed    less  than  a  week  later.  The  point   of  my  story  is  this:  NO  race  is  exempt  from  judg-­ ment  when  it  comes  to  subjective  viewpoints  from   establishments  about  their  appearance.              The  schools  enacting  these  rules  were  all  pri-­ vate  or  charter  schools,  where  they  get  to  decide   for  themselves  what  look  best  represents  their   school  image.    The  same  is  true  for  corporations   and  small  businesses  alike.    They  are  entitled  to   deciding  for  themselves  what  candidates  best   represent  their  company  image,  and  they  will   choose  their  employees  accordingly.    Their  com-­ pany  policies  may  state  that  they  are  non-­  dis-­

          loopholes  for  discriminating  against  candidates   based  on  race,  disability  and  anything  else.          It’s  a  sad  fact  that  children  have  to  learn  early   on  that  they  are  not  entirely  free  when  it  comes   to  choosing  various  aspects  of  their  physical   appearance,  but  it  remains  a  fact  regardless.   Both  Tiana  Parker  and  Vanessa  Van  Dyke  were   given  choices  about  what  they  would  do  when   confronted  about  their  lack  of  adherence  to  their   school’s  dress  code  concerning  hair.  They  could   either  stay  on  and  change  their  physical  appear-­ 

          that  was  accepting  of  their  style  choices.    The   decision  was  left  up  to  them  and  their  parents.     That,  in  my  opinion,  is  exactly  the  way  it  should   go.  That’s  what  they’ll  have  to  do  as  adults  on   their  own  anyway.  These  children  have  learned   a  painful  lesson  early  on  about  how  cold,  unfair           


father  made  the  right  call,  he  pulled  his  daughter   from  the  school  and  made  sure  that  the  discrimi-­ nation  got  the  media’s  attention.  Her  dreadlocks,   pulled  back  into  a  ponytail  with  a  bow,  were  neat   and  she  had  worn  them  for  a  year  without  con-­ sequence  before  any  problems  began.    Vanessa   Van  Dyke’s  story  in  the  news  got  her  school  to   back  down  on  it’s  threat  of  expulsion,  but  they  still   strongly  encourage  her  to  style  and  shape  her   hair,  and  rightfully  so.    Our  hair  grows  in  wild  and   free,  but  it  can  be  tamed  with  a  bit  of  practice.   Horizon  Science  Academy  issued  a  public  state-­ ment  saying  their  policy  against  afro  puffs,  twist   and  braids  would  be  revised  due  to  the  scrutinit   received  after  the  parents  made  it’s  discrimina-­ tory  rules  known.          It  will  not  always  be  the  case,  however,  that   rules  are  changed  or  revised  in  every  scenario  of   possible  discrimination,  for  natural  black  hair,  or   for  tattoos,  or  for  piercings,  and  any  other  aspects      


-­ able.   In  those  instances,  individuals  must  be  will-­ ing  to  stand  in  the  face  of  opposition,  choosing  to   remain  who  they  are  and  keep  the  image  they  are   comfortable  with.    No  age  is  too  young  to  learn         or  want  to  be  is  essential  in  developing  a  strong   sense  of  individuality,  and  individuality  is  the  key   to  reaching  one’s  full  potential.    

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.� -­Ralph Waldo Emerson naturamagazineusa.com

how to properly cleanse


P BRAIDS Most women who wear braids battle with keeping their scalp/ hair clean without creating frizz. According to KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com, one way to properly cleanse your hair and keep your protective style neat, is to wash, rinse and condition your hair using a spray bottle. Directions 1. Fill the spray bottle with warm water. 2. Separate the braids into sections. (To remove debris off of the scalp) 3. Pour half water and half leave-in conditioner into the spray bottle. 4. Separate braids into sections. 5. Spray mix onto your scalp, and massage thoroughly. 6. Seal your hair and scalp with oil, and allow it to air dry.

rotective styling is a great option for women who either want to temporarily change their look, or who want to give their hair a break from the trials of everyday maintenance. It also serves as a barrier against external factors that can result in damage to the hair, while also increasing length retention. But, one thing you must consider with protective styling is the cleanliness of your scalp during the time period that you are wearing that particular style. Your scalp’s hygiene and health are important for healthy hair. If it is unhealthy, it can lead to thin, brittle, and smelly hair. Whether you decide to experiment with weaves, braids, or any other protective styles, be sure to take an active role in maintaining the health of your scalp in order to gain the best results.

Also, a good way to ensure that your scalp stays healthy with braids is to moisturize it very frequently. Moisturizers are needed to keep the skin pliable and stimulate hair growth. Natural oils such as shea butter are great in keeping the scalp moisturized, as well as conditioned. Dry scalp can lead to many problems like itching and flaking.



There are similar steps in taking care of your hair with a weave as there are in taking care of braids. According to curlnikki.com, there are five things to consider to ensure that your hair remains healthy while wearing a weave. 1. Moisture- It is recommended to use braid spray or a moisturizer generously on your hair every other day. It ensures that you won’t have dry/brittle hair when you remove your extensions. 2. Washing- While wearing a weave, you should shampoo your exposed hair and the weave hair iat least once a week. Healthy hair grows out of a clean and healthy scalp. Wearing a wave is no excuse to not wash your hair. It is suggested to use a sulfatefree shampoo. 3. Deep Conditioning – After shampooing, apply a deep conditioner on both the weave hair and exposed hair, and sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes. This process is great for natural hair because it helps keep the hair moisturized. 4. Hairline- To protect your hairline, massage castor oil on it. Both, weaves and braids can wreak havoc on the hairline if not careful. Also, during installation, make sure the braids are not too tight.





room full of pink has invaded the walls of The Little Red Door Cancer Services in central Indiana. The organization has put on an all-pink event in honor of breast cancer awareness. Events such as these are held all over the United States every month and not only dedicate their efforts to breast cancer awareness. There are hundreds of different cancers and women are its prime targets. The Center of Disease Control says the most common cancers in women are breast and lung. Not only do women suffer an emotional attack, there is also a physical process they experience and the loss of hair is one of the most noticeable. Chemotherapy is the main culprit in explaining this experience. According to the National Cancer Institute, chemotherapy, also known as chemo is the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. It works by stopping or slowing down cancer cells but in the process it may also cause damage to healthy cells. This is where the hair follicles are affected. It is important to note that not all drugs used cause hair loss. Once the process is completed, the side effects may slow down or cease however, what’s a woman to do while going through the process?

How to Care for Hair While Being Treated


The term for hair loss is also known as alopecia and is what most cancer patients deal with. All body hair may be affected and not just the hair on the head. This is not limited to arm, leg and facial hair including eyebrows. the hair may fall off slowly or in clumps and everyone may not experience the same process of chemo treatment. Although this may be an extremely difficult time for most women, they still want to feel pretty and glamorous. Many turn to wigs to change up their style on a daily basis. The American Cancer Society, the Little Red Door, Tender Loving Care, and hospital boutiques have a created wig shops so that numerous options are available. According to the American Cancer Society, it is best to shop for wigs before hair is completely gone so that the natural hair texture and color can be matched to the skin tone. MayoClinic says cutting the hair into a short style may be best. Short hair usually looks fuller and may make the transition easier. In the meantime, it is recommended to use soft-bristle hair brushes, mild shampoos and to sleep with a satin pillow case to prevent further breakage.


TREATMENT How to Care for Hair Once Treated

Victoria Davis

Over the past few years, the decline in hair relaxer sales has drastically increased. Living a natural lifestyle, including relaxer-free is what many women are choosing today. Applying a relaxer or chemical to the hair of any sort is not recommended once chemo has been completed. The hair follicles are extremely sensitive and fragile. During this time women should be gentle with their hair and treat it with the upmost care. Being sure to avoid any bleaching or dying until the hair follicles become stronger. At this point, styling products and heat tools can do more damage than good. One of the most important aspects is being patient once treatment is done. At first patients will not see the thick and healthy hair they once had. In fact, most hair will grow in thinner and a different texture but with time, the hair has potential to return to its normal state. A frequent dry scalp is a side effect of chemo which could lead to damaged hair. Moisturizing the scalp often with a thick and creamy moisturizer or all-natural oil is a key point to re-growing hair. The most important thing to remember in this process is continuing to feel feminine and attractive as many women want to be seen as. Going through a process such as chemotherapy can be challenging but remembering the numerous resources available and taking advantage of them is key.

TIPS ON HAIR GROWTH • Use sulfate-free shampoos and all-natural

conditioners • Fatty acids such as Omega-3 twice a day will help the health of hair • Consider FDA approved minoxidil treatments (also known as Rogaine etc) • Eat a high protein diet (meats, beans, eggs etc) • • • • • •

Here are a few all-natural product lines. Shea Moisture Aubrey Organics Burt’s Bees Bee Mine FoxyMango.com L.A.C.E Hair care



NATURAL MEN How to maintain that look W

hat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about natural hair? Is it Pam Grier in “Foxy Brown”, or is it the modern day natural-haired woman with Locs, Twist-outs, or Wash-and-Go’s? In recent years, natural hair has been perceived as a “woman’s only” trend, but what about the men who wear natural hair styles?

some products suggestions to upkeep mens natural style!

Below are some recommended products for men to use for maintaining their natural tresses.



There are a variety of moisturizes These products primarily enhance on the market, so when selecting moisture and give curl definition. make sure to select products that You should know that water is the have mostly natural ingredients. most important element when Natural Oils like virgin olive oil, using any of these products! It’s Women are not the only one’s having natural hair struggles! coconut oil and almond oil work recommended to have a water Men have them too. Men are learning to embrace their own great! Also, shea butter is spray bottle handy to refresh your natural textures as they move from wearing close cuts and excellent for moisture retention. hair daily. fades. They often experience the same challenges as women Your shampoos should be sulfate Some products do when it comes to finding the right product for their hair free. recommended for use: Some products care needs. • Maroccan Oil recommended for use: • Jane Carter Curl Defining Unlike fades, there is much more involved when wearing • Shea Moisture raw Shea Cream Butter moisture retention • your natural hair. Men who decide to wear their hair Organic Root Stimulater shampoo natural realize that there is a lot to keeping your hair lock & twist gel • Ouidad Ultra Nourishing • healthy. It can be very overwhelming for men to choose Taliah Waajid Curly Curl cleansing oil Sulfate-Free Cream products, because there are so many product lines out there. • Kinky Curly Knot Today When looking for products to use, it is recommended to look leave in conditioner for products that are free of alcohol and other drying • Curl Junkie Honey Butta ingredients. Look for products that are rich in oils and leave in conditioner moisturizers. Ever thought about Michael Ealy, Lenny Kravitz, John Legend or Maxwell? These are a few celebrity heartthrobs that put natural hair for men on the map.



Blend in for What? I

By Kenya Goldsberry

am a mother of two “naturals”, Kayla, 13 and Maya, 10. My children have always been natural, but I just recently went natural 3 years ago after having relaxed hair for most of my life. For my girls, being natural wasn’t a choice they made. I didn’t encourage them to get relaxers because I didn’t think that they should have one. When they were young, they were flexible about the hairstyles that they wore. If I thought it looked good, they thought it looked good. When they were babies, and their hair was short, I would put a barrette or flower in the front of their hair and let them wear and Afro. When they were toddlers and their hair was longer, I would do ponytails, braids, braid outs, twist and twist outs. At this age, they were very content with their natural hair. Now that the girls are older, we are starting to have “hair issues”. They now notice that straight, long hair is preferable to most people. This preference is evident everywhere – even amongst “naturals”. It is most obvious when “naturals” are so excited to get blowouts and see how long their hair is. It is also evident when people pay special attention to my younger daughter, who has hair down to her bottom. She notices the attention, and so does my older daughter. They have never gotten any negative comments about their natural hair, no matter what the style is. But, comments like “Ooooooh, your hair is soooooo long” lets them know what people believe are beautiful. Because of this, and wanting to fit in at school, they want to wear their hair blown out all the time now. At first, I discouraged this. I saw that their hair was not as thick and healthy as it was before constant blowouts. But now, I just consider it a phase. When I was their age, I had a relaxer, and would not have worn my hair in its natural curly state. I hope that one day, when they are older, and more comfortable standing out that they will begin to wear curly natural styles as well as blowouts. There is a quote that goes something like “when you are young you do everything you can to blend in, and when you get older you do everything you can to stand out”.

I have come to the conclusion that being comfortable with wearing your natural hair is a journey. It works when the choice to be natural is yours. Your decision cannot be based off of what your mom thinks, or what everyone else is doing. You have to decide that your hair is healthier when you are natural. You have to decide that you feel more free when you are natural. I am giving my girls space and time to come to these realizations. In the meantime, I will keep them from getting relaxers, and help them to maintain healthy hair. I will help them learn how to maintain their curly hair, and encourage them to find curly styles they like. I will help them through the more difficult hair times (like swimming), and eventually I hope that they will begin to ask themselves “Blend in for What?”  Image from www.cottoncandyhair.com.




by: Shanti Terry

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A Natura Magazine conversation with Model Tshenelle Bethel of Trinidad and Tobago

ver wonder what the natural hair scene is like in other countries? Natura Magazine does. We recently interviewed Tshenelle Nelly, a native of Trinidad and Tobago. A plus size model, and naturalista, she gave us the inside scoop on her life and what it’s like having natural hair in South America.

As a child, Tshenelle says life was pretty typical for her; going to school and being active in sports and choir. There was a time when she had relaxed hair, but it didn’t last long. She went back to her roots and has been happily natural ever since. She said, “I decided to go back natural because I missed my kinky curly hair. Having a relaxer just wasn’t for me anymore.” According to Tshenelle, natural hair has been the norm in Trinidad and Tobago for some time. The corporate world has a mixture of opinions about natural hair being acceptable. When asked to explain the matter further, she said, “From what I have seen and experienced, some companies within the corporate world still have an issue with natural hair in the workplace. Mainly financial institutions.“


That made us curious, so we asked Tshenelle to tell us a bit about how things work with her natural hair when she’s modeling. After all, modeling agencies are often corporations. She told us about her own experience, “I was actually a year into modeling when I did my big chop. A lot the photographers I’ve worked with prefer my natural curls and kinks to the traditional straight hair you tend to see.” Tshenelle’s natural hair is considered an asset to her career and in her daily life. Her favorite way to wear her hair is out in a big style, and she’s not the only one. Big hair is fashionable in Trinidad and Tobago. We asked her about their current styles, and she had this to say, “Big hair is definitely trending in the natural hair community. Twist outs, braid out, afros, and more recently crochet braids have become very popular.”


Well, now we know our favorite styles are similar, but what about products? Everyone has access to any hair care item via the internet. It’s finding what you need from your local hair supply stores that can be problematic. We asked Tshenelle about issues with natural hair and finding products in her area, to which she responded, “The most common issue at one point was the availability of good products that cater to natural hair. Thankfully several businesses have addressed this concern; providing us access to products. Also, there are several young entrepreneurs who have created their own lines of amazing products.” Along with great products, climate is another essential aspect of maintaining natural hair. We learned from Tshenelle that Trinidad has a good climate for growing hair, but you have to be mindful of the dry season. She elaborated, “In Trinidad and Tobago we have two seasons: dry (January-June) and wet (June to December). On average our temperature is about 78, so the consistency of our climate provides a very good environment to grow hair.“ One of our last questions for Tshenelle was about whether or not natural hair is here to stay. She gave us this response, “I think it is here to stay. I’ve seen that many women want to fully embrace their natural tresses; to love what is growing out of their crown.” To any aspiring models or transitioners, Tshenelle had these final words to share with you, “Find your niche, what makes you unique and stands out from the rest and work with it. The journey to discovering your natural tresses isn’t a bed of roses. Be patient with your hair, take the time to care for and learn what works for your hair.” If you’d like to follow Tshenelle, you can find her on her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/blessednelly16 She is also on Instagram and Twitter :@blessednelly




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www.stephanysblackstylespresents.com INTERNATIONAL HARD COPY MAGAZINE. “STEPHANYS BLACKSTYLES” black and mixed hair & skin all about STYLES. To view: STEPHANYS BLACK STYLES BUSINESS WEEKEND and the FASHION RUNWAY SHOW

http://youtu.be/b0PgXB9Pcs0 | http://youtu.be/pqW7dGFWugM



Black hair styles fashion event in Amsterdam




Curly Cartel:

by Natualia

Holiday Cheer For Charity


lanet Dallies was filled with natural hair and good vibes at the 1st annual Curly Cartel: Holiday Cheer for Charity event, held at The Grove in Los Anegles, CA. Organized to bring awareness to the increasing issue of poverty among women in the LA area, founders Ms. JGray and Miss Dunnie O put on an illustrious event to provide women with a platform to give back to their community, and be surrounded by positive women. Proceeds from the ticket sales and physical donations were granted to the Downtown Women’s Center. At the event, natural hairstyle icons Tracee Ellis Ross and Teyonah Parris were honored for their position as role models in the natural hair community, and also for their spirit of cheer and charity. The Curly Cartel is all about empowering women to embrace their natural beauty and rid themselves of the pressures of societal norms. The event was filled with amazing vendors, great music, great conversation, and a fabulous pink carpet.




Photos by:http://www.twitter.com/ATURNERARCHIVES



featured stylist SimSim is a licensed cosmetologist out of Brooklyn, NY, who specializes in healthy natural hair. She is experienced in a wide range of hairstyles, and through her work she shows the versatility of natural hair.

SimSim 106

“Most of my clients are ladies who are going through hair loss, and have very low self-esteem. They always tell me that my hairstyles boost their self-esteem.” – SimSim Check out SimSim’s work @ www.simsimstyles.com Follow her on Instagram @ FreelancestylistSimSim

Hairstylist : SimSim Photographer: Timeless Photography Make up Artists : Mary Bankz and Mel Beauty Couture Models : Cindy Ebanks, Siedah Zwahlen and RoseAnn Sumner




nails | body | skin naturamagazineusa.com




Dealing with breakouts, pimples, and acne are a daily occurrence for women of all ages. Countless products promise anti-aging, wrinkle free, oil fighting properties, but do they really do what’s promised? We all have different skin types and we need products that are personally made just for our skin. So stop spending your hard earned money on skin care products that just don’t work and try the “All-Natural” alternative by making your very own homemade skin care products.


No or few imperfections No severe sensitivity Barely visible pores A radiant complexion Recipe: For a gentle scrub, you can add plain yogurt to ½ cup of oatmeal or cornmeal to form a paste. Apply to your damp skin and rinse with warm water.


Enlarged pores Dull or shiny, thick complexion Blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes Recipe: Combine 1 Avocado, ½ Teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 egg white to make a paste. Apply to skin and wait for it to dry, rinse with cool water.


Almost invisible pores Dull, rough complexion Red patches Less elasticity More visible lines Recipe: For a nourishing mask, take an egg yolk and add a teaspoon of olive oil to it. Blend this mixture and cleanse your skin with a rich creamy cleanser. Apply this nourishing egg mask evenly.Wait for 20 minutes before washing it off.


Overly dilated pores Blackheads Shiny skin Recipe: For a refreshing toner: 2 green tea bags steeped in 1 cup water and cooled. 1/4 cup witch hazel and juice of 1/2 of a red grapefruit Steep the tea bags in the water and let cool. Remove the tea bags. Add the witch hazel and the grapefruit juice to the tea water. Mix all together. Apply to skin with a cotton ball, let dry and then rinse off with water. Refrigerate in a bottle or jar and use daily


Redness Itching Burning Dryness Recipe: Gentle cleanser: Mix a few tablespoons of organic whole milk yogurt with some fresh chamomile tea. Apply to your face and rinse off with a warm washcloth.Will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week.




Winter Beauty:  Top  5   Lip  &  Nail  Products  of  the  Season   Kat  Von  D  Painted   Love  Lipstick   Homegirl  $19.99  

MAC Lipmix   Burgundy  $15.00  

Chanel rouge   allure  velvet   exuberante  $36.00  

Rimmel London  Matte   Finish  Lipstick  107  $6.47  

CoverGirl Lip   Perfection  in  Hot   $5.95  

Who Rocked  the  Trend  RIGHT!  


Zac Posen  Runway  

Taraji P  Henson  

Selita Ebanks    


Kerry Washington  



Men’s Skin Care

Tips & Products

Kick that daily habit of cleansing your face with just soap and water, and spend a little more time on your skin. There’s no time like the present to get started on finding the right regimen to get your skin on the right track. These products are not only simple, but they’re all perfect for the cold winter months.

Scrubs Product:

Urth Face Scrub $38.00 Tip: Buff your face once a week after washing and follow with a moisturizer

Product: Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub $21.00 Tip: Apply to wet skin, massage all over face using circular motion. Let sit for 1 minute and rinse off. Use 1-2 times a week, or as needed.



Product: Grooming Lounge Mug Cleaner Face Wash $18.00 Tip: Wet face and hands with warm water, rub a quarter-sized amount between palms and apply all over that mug. Rinse off. Do it all again later.

Product: Jack Black All-Over Wash $15.00 Tip: Generously lather on hair, face and body


Moisturizers Product:

MenScience Advanced Face Lotion $39.00 Tip: Apply to a freshly cleansed face and neck twice daily

Product: Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer $45.00 Tip: Apply a thin layer on clean face in the AM and again later if needed.

Is stress really to blame for



by Malayka Viney

here’s a common misconception that breakouts are associated with clogged pores and an unhealthy lifestyle. While they play a major part in having clear beautiful skin, one of the biggest contributors for breakouts is STRESS! Stress won’t essentially cause a breakout, but it can contribute to making your previous skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis flare up. It can also play a major part in how you care for your skin. When stressed,you may tend to touch your face excessively, pick at your skin, or completely lose track of your skin care regimen. We all have our days, but let’s learn the best tips and tricks to easily combat those hard to handle breakouts for a stress-free day of clear skin. Steps: Identify the trigger of stress What stresses you out the most? Is it work, school, relationship issues? Know what triggers your stress and try (although it may sometimes be impossible) to avoid it. Relax, meditate, and get some rest. The first step to avoiding stress is to find out what causes it. Eat well & Take vitamins You know what’s great for clear skin? Increase your fiber intake and eat dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamins A and C are great to combat wrinkles and discoloration. Learn the right products for YOUR skin Try a few products out. There are tons of products out there for those pesky pimples that pop up.

Natura’s top 3 favorite spot acne treatments are Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment $5.99, Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment Cream $7.29, Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Cream $12.99, Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick $9.99, derma e Very Clear Spot Treatment $8.74. They can be picked up at your local drug store. Stick to your regimen! No matter how stressful your days may get, stick to your regimen! Stay on track. The best way to avoid a breakout is to make sure your skin is prepared to attack the oil and dirt that your skin faces on a daily basis.






“If you don’t like something, change it If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”-Maya Angelou


Models : Terrica B. Terry Location Memphis, TN, Natasha Pittman Location: Memphis, TN, Brittney Williams Location: Memphis, TN and Whitney Williams Location: Memphis, TN


Photographer: Marcus Terry








by Shanti Terry

hether one wants to admit it or not, brushes with colorism truly mold and shape an individual’s perception of others. It’s a growing problem within society. Colorism (i.e. the light vs. dark skin debate) is the act of prejudice against an individual based, not on their race, but on their skin tone.

It says that we have a lot of growing to do. Skin tone has nothing to do with a person’s heart, with their nature, their potential for success or their personality. Those things are instilled as a child grows into an adult.

It says that we and other adults from each and every race are the ones who will have to turn things around. We need to start focusing on what counts and start building one another up, rather than tearing each other down. Documentaries like Dark Girls, which was released last year, have really brought the problem with colorism to a For African Americans, the issue surfaced long ago, painful, shameful light. back to times of slavery. The treatment of house slaves versus field slaves, the paper bag test, all of What’s brought to the light must be dealt with, and these psychologically damaging events from the in a manner that will create change for the future. past have perpetuated the cycle of internal, racial Perhaps, as you are reading this article, you wonder abuse. Today, young little boys and girls have to whether or not you’re an individual who has been worry about their skin tone from the moment they practicing colorism. Maybe you experienced it or come into the world. were taught it as a child and, subconsciously, you adopted the idea and made it your own. Children are witnessing and being saturated early on with the notion that individuals with lighter If so, don’t deny it. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t beat skin are viewed by many as more beautiful, more yourself up. Instead, start taking steps today to intelligent and more valuable. Meanwhile, purposely change your approach and your outlook individuals with dark skin are believed to be on others around you. Search your heart, your mind, unattractive, uneducated and unimportant. What and your soul today. Decide right now that not does that say about the environment we, as a another day will go by where you are furthering the people, are forcing our children to grow up in? vicious cycle of prejudice and abuse that is colorism.


“If you don’t like something, change it If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”-Maya Angelou naturamagazineusa.com



Want to look glamorous?


is the right person for the job. by: Brianna Rhodes


ame Fine is one of today’s most sought after makeup artists amongst the stars. He has done a wide array of superstar’s makeup including Patti Labelle, Halley Berry and supermodels Tyra Banks, Iman, and Naomi Campbell. Many celebrities rely on Fine’s expert hand because he knows that the key to make up goes beyond painting a pretty face. Before becoming a famous makeup artist, this Chicago native worked his way up from the bottom from working behind the makeup counter of department stores where he refers to that experience as the “real school of beauty.” From Fine’s experience he came across different types of women who had one particular goal and that was to look their absolute best. The key to Fine’s talent is that he seeks to complement their unique beauty by using colors and shades that would best compliment their complexions. But, most importantly he aims to help guide them to become more comfortable in applying their own makeup.


From Fine’s hard work and devotion to makeup, it has taken him far away from behind the counter and into the celebrity spotlight. His work has appeared on the covers and pages of Cosmopolitan, Essence, and Vibe. He was also chosen as the first African-American spokesperson for Revlon and Covergirl Cosmetics. But, it was from his own personal experiences that influenced him to write his first book called Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American Women. His book is a how-to guide on how to apply make up, and also on his major accomplishments in the industry. Fine also has an instructional DVD, called Fine: The Basics of Beauty. The instructional DVD is a continuation of his commitment to educate women of color on the “fine” art of make-up. The DVD includes step-by-step tutorials that feature three individual makeovers, and address a myriad of beauty challenges amongst women. He focuses on tools, techniques, and also product selection.. He focuses on tools, technique, and product selection. Fine takes the initiative of enabling viewers to fully understand all that goes into creating a flawless, natural-looking face. That’s why he is currently one of Hollywood’s most famous makeup artists.




What is the best Mascara for your lash type? by Malayka Viney




ew mascara’s get released on a weekly basis that promise to curl, add fullness, and lengthen your lashes, but do they really work? With prices ranging from $8-$28 (for the higher end brands) trying out a new tube of mascara just to find out that it doesn’t work can be so draining. So stop wasting your money on mascara that just doesn’t work. Long lashes, short lashes, curly lashes, pin straight lashes whatever your lash type, we’re going to help you find the best mascara for your lash type.

Lash type: Long Lashes | Goal: Volume Mascara: SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara $19.50 What it does: Inspired by Smashbox’s on-set technique of layering fiber mascara over volumizing mascara for the biggest, longest lashes on camera, Full Exposure Mascara creates a 104% increase in lash volume for scene-stealing lashes at every angle without smudging, clumping, or flaking. (Sephora.com) Lash type: Short Lashes | Goal: Lengthen Mascara: BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real! Mascara $10.00 What it does: This breakthrough bestseller reveals lashes you never knew you had! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The custom-domed tip uses precision bristles to lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. With a glossy, jet-black, long-wearing formula, you’ll flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. (Sephora.com) Lash type: Pin Straight Lashes | Goal: Curl Mascara: DIOR Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara $28.50 What it does: Create glamorously curled lashes day after day. Inspired by professional curling irons, the curved brush styles every lash from bottom to top. High-precision ingredients provide intense definition and hold without clumping or smudging. Creating instant oversized volume and curl, this evolutionary formula nourishes your lashes with a unique lipid complex that strengthens and smooths for long-lasting vitality. (Sephora.com) Lash Type: Curly Lashes | Goal: Extreme length & Volume Mascara: CLINIQUE High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara $19.50 What it does: With every stroke, this mega-volume mascara’s over-the-top brush wraps lashes in a volume-pumping formula. The brush’s extra-large surface area effortlessly builds bigger, better lashes. A dome tip gives even the tiniest corner lashes a high-volume finish. And, it’s not just the brush that goes to extremes—this expert formula comes in an inky Extreme Black. (Sephora.com)






inter fashion is a time for whimsical winter accessories and cozy jackets. Learn how to make a comeback from the holidays with 30 days to a Brand New You.

Radiant Orchid is the 2014 color of the year, but what’s the best way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe. Fashion spreads from photographers all over the world. The best tips and tricks on how to really incorporate the hottest trends of the year into your wardrobe. Natura has the ultimate guide to the latest in fashion inspiring women of all ages to enhance their style.




Jennifer Meyer Set of 5 18-karat Gold Stacking Rings, $875; net-a-porter.com Not to Worry Gloves in Grey $34 modcloth.com

MODALU HAMLET Oxblood Large Felt Tote $145 pret-a-beaute.com

Genevieve & Grace Sterling Silver Earrings, Mother of Pearl (5-7/8 ct. t.w.) and Marcasite Teardrop Earrings $99 macys.com


BaubleBar Sapphire Chunky Chain Collar Necklace, $34; baublebar.com


Tory Burch Frete Clutch $435 toryburch.com Venessa Arizaga Silver Plated Chain and Glass Rhinestone Pink Panther Necklace, $550; venessaarizaga.com

Tan Fiorelli Cross Body Bag $84 wallisfashion.com Helmut Lang Knit Hat $90 thedreslyn.com Maria Black Crescent Gold-Plated Ear Cuff, $135; net-a-porter.com




is one  of  my  favorite  apparel  sites  that  rep  natural  hair.  “With  Every  Shirt  designed,  crafted,  pack-­ aged  and  shipped,  there  is  tons  of  love  and  thought  put  into  the  way  you  are  represented.  Indulge   in  our  pieces  of  our  spring  +  exclusive  collections  all  together  or  individually.  Either  way  there’s   something  for  everybody  with  so  much  more  in  store!”-­naturalisdope.com  






Republic of Botswana

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MODEL | Neo Mahloane MAKE UP | Gwen Lebo Isaacs STYLIST | Naomi Tshweneetsile PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Rolinec www.8tiesbaby.com

MODEL | Neo Mahloane MAKE UP | Gwen Lebo Isaacs DESIGNER | Gilded Sands by Aobakwe Molosiwa STYLIST | Naomi Tshweneetsile PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Rolinec www.8tiesbaby.com



MODEL | Neo Mahloane MAKE UP | Gwen Lebo Isaacs DESIGNER (jacket) | Gilded Sands by Aobakwe Molosiwa STYLIST | Naomi Tshweneetsile


PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Rolinec www.8tiesbaby.com


MODEL | Neo Mahloane MAKE UP | Gwen Lebo Isaacs STYLIST | Naomi Tshweneetsile PHOTOGRAPHY | Petra Rolinec www.8tiesbaby.com











Fall/Winter 2013 FASHION RECAP

The hottest ethnic beauties rocking the latest in fall/winter ready to wear fashion.

Betsey Johnson


Creatures of the Wind

Herve Leger by Max Azria naturamagazineusa.com


Dennis Basso

Naeem Khan

Tom Ford

Nicole Miller


Reem Acra

Zac Posen


What She Wore: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Olivia Pope’s fashion really has grown from season to season. True fans stay tuned not only for the drama but for the fashion! From office suits, long trench coats, or glamorous dresses you can always count on Olivia’s style to always be on point. So let’s review some of her greatest looks throughout the season.






What Was She Wearing?


Gugu Mbatha-Raw


From the good to the bad to the plain “What was she thinking?” looks from the red carpet. Let’s review who rocked it and who didn’t with the celeb red carpet recap.

Jordan Dunn


Kerry Washington

Lupita Nyongo


Kelly Rowland



Halle Berry


Zoe Saldana


Ghana, West Africa


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Mary Baah-Donkor Marian Baah-Donkor Photographer: Gilbert Asante 146




Mary Baah-Donkor 148


Makeup: Attractionsgh Photographer: Qwasie Asephua Makeup: Amos

Marian Baah-Donkor

Makeup: Attractionsgh Photographer: Qwasie Asephua Makeup: Amos





It’s a new year, which means it is the perfect time to put down your old living habits and to pick up some new, healthier ones! The winter is a great time to build endurance in the gym and to get your figure right for spring break. However, in order to reach your optimal health and figure, living healthy must extend far beyond the gym. You must follow a strict diet full of nutritional value and learn how to build a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and body type. This issue is loaded with gym tips! From what to wear in the gym, to what exercises are best for you! If this is your first time attempting to live healthier, do not worry, Natura has everything you need!



Eating Healthy in

College By: Resita Cox

Tight budgets, all-nighters, and busy days often push eating healthy in college to the bottom of student’s to-do list. Staying up all night makes staying on a normal eating schedule almost impossible—and those late-night snacks can take a toll on anyone’s diet. A lot of students get caught up in the unhealthiness of college life because they believe it is impossible to live otherwise, but eating healthy in college does not necessarily take a lot of money, or time. Tip 1: The Late Night Snack Sensation Instead of running to the vending machine for a bag of chips or chocolate bar during your late night study session. Try packing a healthy lunch before heading to the library. Not only do you save money, but also you gain more energy from healthier snacks. Bananas are the perfect late night snack! They provide instant energy and help maintain nerve function. Oranges are another option. They contain natural sugars and vitamin C that aid in reducing fatigue.


Other healthy late night snacks include: • Strawberries • Cheese Sticks • Pineapples • Hummus • Pumpkin Seeds • Carrot Seeds • Granola Tip 2: The Fast Food Run College is full of mid-day lunch breaks and late night food runs. Various fast food restaurants probably surround your campus, but that does not mean that you have to be unhealthy when eating at these places. If you must eat at a fast food restaurant, be sure to scan the menu for the nutrition facts first. Don’t be so quick to order the cheeseburger or the large fry; try substituting! Instead of ordering French fries, ask for the baked potato. Look for meals that have a lot of vegetables and avoid fried foods. A quick and easy fast food tip is to avoid soda; order a large cup of water with your meal. Do not be ashamed to ask for special preparations for your order. A quick way to make a meal healthier is to request to have it broiled or steamed, instead of fried or cooked in butter.


Tip 3: The Dining Hall Dilemma Your dining hall is probably packed with all types of goodies: pizza, Fried chicken, meatballs, meatloaf, meat…everything. Many students become overwhelmed from the many choices available in the dining hall and grab the first thing that meets their eyes. There is much danger in doing this. Be conscious of what you are selecting when visiting the dining hall. Don’t forget about the salad bar; visiting the salad bar first ensures that you are getting some valuable nutrients before indulging in the pepperoni pizza or spaghetti. Also, make sure with each poultry product that you put on your plate, you are adding a green vegetable. The Dining hall is also a great place to stock up on fruits. Grab a banana and an apple on your way out for the library later!

Mini-fridge Makeover Source: Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

10 healthy choices to keep in your dorm mini-fridge

*Refrigerators should be set to maintain a temperature of 40 F or below. Keep an appliance thermometer in the refrigerator to monitor the temperature.

1. Low-fat cheese: Pair 1 slice cheese with 100% whole-grain bread for an easy snack or munch on a cheese stick for a quick bite between classes. Low-fat cheeses can even be used when making omelets and quesadillas in your dorm microwave! 2. Vegetables: Pre-washed and pre-cut varieties are convenient for quick snacks and meals. Try incorporating green, red, orange, and yellow vegetables into your diet. Pair veggies and your favorite dips, such as carrots with hummus or celery with peanut butter. Add them to omelets and quesadillas. 3. Fruit: Remember that fresh, froze, dried, and canned fruits all count. Just watch out for varieties with added sugars or syrups. Add a tablespoon of raisins or dried apricots to your morning oatmeal or yogurt and grab an apple for natural source of energy during a late night study break. 4. Water: Keep water in your fridge. Investing in a water-filter pitcher is a great way to store water in your room. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks is a healthy choice. 5. Nuts and nut butters: These will last longer when stored in the fridge. Try walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, or cashews. Peanut butter and almond butter are delicious on apple slices or whole-grain toast. 6. Eggs: Eggs in a dorm room? If you have a refrigerator, yes! Use a microwave safe bowl or mug to scramble eggs for a quick, convenient breakfast or snack. Toss in raw veggies and a tablespoon of cheese for added flavor. 7. Milk and yogurt: Fat-free (skim) or low-fat milk can be added to oatmeal or whole-grain cereals for a filling, nutritious breakfast. Individual containers or low-fat yogurt or low-fat Greek yogurt are convenient and portable. Mix yogurt with fruit and nuts for an energizing breakfast or top with a few chocolate chips and cinnamon for a healthy dessert. 8. Hummus: Hummus can be paired with almost anything! Enjoy dipping red pepper slices, carrots, or other raw veggies into this delicious dip. Spread hummus onto a whole-wheat pita with tomatoes and cucumbers for an easy, nutritious lunch. 9. Salsa: A fresh salsa with tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, and onions is a fun and yummy way to incorporate veggies into your diet. Pair low-sodium salsas with a small serving of whole-grain tortilla chips or raw veggies. 10. Use the Nutrition Facts label: Use the Nutrition Facts label to choose beverages and foods at the store. The label contains information about total sugars, fats, and calories. Reading the Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods can help you make better choices.



WORK OUT GEAR CW-X VersatX Support Bra $65

Support  and  comfort  are  the  two  most   important  factors  when  looking  for  a  bra,  and   the  Juno  Bra  by  Moving  Comfort  meets  both   of  these  needs.  This  bra  sizes  up  to  40DD,  so   women  of  all  sizes  can  feel  secure  in  the  gym!

The North Face Better Than Naked Singlet $45

The  VersatX  Support  Bra  features  the  5-­point             cup  for  motion  control  for  each  breast.  This   high-­tec  sports  bra  is  perfect  for  women  on  the   run!


Moving Comfort Juno Bra $56

   North  Face  Singlet  perfect  for  working  out!  The   lightness  will  allow  nothing  to  slow  you  down  in   the  gym.


This  light  capri  is  guaranteed  to  give  you  a   good  workout,  without  the  worry  of  loose  tights   or  pants  getting  in  the  way.  They  will  adjust  to   #!  "    how  many  squats  you  do  in  the  gym!

Accessories: Accessories: Accessories:

The Reebok PWR Fitted Capri $50

Moving Comfort Juno Bra $56

The North Face Better Than Naked Singlet $45

Let’s  face  it,  we  can’t  go  anywhere  without  our   purses!  But  the  gym  is  no  place  for  our  fancy   leather  bags,  which  is  why  this  fashionable  tote  by   Puma  is  a  must  have  for  all  ladies!    This  spacious   bag  allows    you  to  bring  extra  gym  clothes,  shoes,  

 # !  slip-­in  pockets,  a  removable  and  adjustable   shoulder  strap,  and  dual  carry  handles!  

New  Balance’s  NBx  socks  offer  style,  comfort,   and  stability.  Any  good  workout  starts  in  the   socks!  The  NBx  socks  have  a  thick  design  for   comfort  and  advanced  shock  absorption,    and   environmentally  friendly  activated  carbon  from   coconut  shells  that  provides  superior  moisture   management  and  odor  absorption.  The  NBx   socks  provide  fashion  and  comfort—perfect  for   any  lady  wanting  to  hit  the  gym!  



Step 1

Increase your food consumption by about 500 calories per day. One pound of muscle is equal to about 3,500 calories so this will help you gain about a pound of muscle per week when combined with proper exercise. If you add too many calories you risk adding unwanted fat along with muscle.

Step 2

Eat 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day -- about twice the recommended intake for sedentary people. You should be getting 15 to 20 percent of your total calories from protein. Choose lean sources of protein like skinless chicken breasts, tofu and fish.

Step 3

Consume 20 to 35 percent of your calories from fat. Try to eat healthy fats from foods like canola oil, olive oil, nuts and avocados. Avoid eating unhealthy saturated fats from animal products like butter and By: Resita Cox chicken skin.

Putting on Healthy Pounds: Gaining Weight in the Gym

The first step in beginning a good workout plan is deciding what your goals are at

the gym. Most people work out to lose weight, or to maintain the weight they already have, all while staying fit and healthy. Other people may not have the desire to drop pounds, and have quite the opposite goal in mind—gaining weight. Yes, exercise and conditioning can help add to body weight in the form of muscle gain. Paired with a high, and healthy, caloric diet, and resistance exercises, the gym can help put on some healthy pounds in no time! A. McDougall from LIVESTRONG compiled a “How To” list on picking up healthy pounds in the gym.



Natura’s Workout Playlist (1h 20min) to hear the playlist click here:


David Guetta, Ne-Yo & Akon – “Play Hard” Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” Wale & Big Sean – Slight Work Pitbull & Christina Aguilera – “Feel This Moment” Flo Rida – “How I Feel” Big Sean – “Dance” Azealia Banks & Lazy Jay – “212” Kanye West – “Work Out Plan” Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common – “Make Her Say” Jay-Z – “Run This Town” Beyonce – “Girls Run the World” Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” Jason Derulo – “Talk Dirty” Big Sean – “I Do It” Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines” Drake – “Fancy” Kanye West – “Mercy” Kanye West- “Stronger: 2 Chanz and Wiz Khalifa – We Own It



Becoming the Optimal You: Becoming the Optimal


benefits benefits of of working out working out in the morning in the morning

By: Resita Cox

Byline:  Resita  Cox


even starts? Dozens of studies have shown that even  starts?  Dozens  of  studies  have  shown  that   working out in the morning has an abundant amount working  out  in  the  morning  has  an  abundant  amount   n most days, it does not feel as if there   n  most  days,  it  does  not  feel  as  if  there   of benefits. Not only will you be able to get your         are 24 hours in a day, and it is almost impossible to are  24  hours  in  a  day,  and  it  is  almost  impossible  to   workout out of the way, but you will also be able to workout  out  of  the  way,  but  you  will  also  be  able  to   scratch off everything on your to-do list within these scratch  off  everything  on  your  to-­do  list  within  these   show your body you are in control! show  your  body  you  are  in  control!   hours. hours.     Waking up early may be a challenge for Waking  up  early  may  be  a  challenge  for     After going to work, cooking dinner, and After  going  to  work,  cooking  dinner,  and   some, but when you have trained your body propsome,  but  when  you  have  trained  your  body  prop-­ completing household chores, going to the gym falls completing  household  chores,  going  to  the  gym  falls   erly, you have conquered the seemingly impossible! erly,  you  have  conquered  the  seemingly  impossible!   to the very bottom of our to-do lists; however, there to  the  very  bottom  of  our  to-­do  lists;;  however,  there     Here are some ways that working out in the Here  are  some  ways  that  working  out  in  the   may be a solution to this issue! may  be  a  solution  to  this  issue!   morning helps you become the optimal you. morning  helps  you  become  the  optimal  you.   158 Ever considered working out before your day   Ever  considered  working  out  before  your  day  


1.  Energy 1. nergy  &  Mental  boost & Mental boost Exercising  in  the  morning  wakes  your  body   Exercising in the morning wakes your body up  and  gives  you  the  extra  energy  boost  to   up and gives you the extra energy boost to tackle  your  day.  Exercising  naturally  increas-­ tackle your day. Exercising naturally es  productivity  by  generating  your  endor-­ increases productivity by generating your phins,  and  can  increase  your  mental  clarity   endorphins, and can increase your mental for  four  to  10  hours  post-­exercise clarity for four to 10 hours post-exercise

2.        2. Fewer scheduling conflicts Sometimes,  going  to  the  gym  in  the  middle   Sometimes, going to the gym in the middle of  the  day  just  does  not  work  out.  By  wak-­ of the day just does not work out. By ing  up  early,  you  are  less  likely  to  run  into   waking up early, you are less likely to run        into conflicts and are more likely to actually the  gym.  Don’t  be  afraid  to  wake  up  an  hour   go to the gym. Don’t be afraid to wake up an prior  to  your  normal  time,  your  body  will  ap-­ hour prior to your normal time, your body will preciate  it. it. appreciate

3. Boosted 3.  oosted  metabolism metabolism  

     The benefits of your workout do not stop when  you  leave  the  gym;;  you  will  continue   when you leave the gym; you will continue to  burn  calories  hours  after  the  workout  is   to burn calories hours after the workout is done.  Exercising  in  the  morning  jump-­starts   done. Exercising in the morning jump-starts your  metabolism,  sometimes  elevating  it  for   your metabolism, sometimes elevating it for up  to  24  hours.  Just  by  waking  up  early,  you   up to 24 hours. Just by waking up early, you burn  more  calories  throughout  the  entre  day!   burn more calories throughout the entre day! Why  not? Why not?

4.  Better 4. etter  sleep sleep Working  out  later  in  the  day  or  at  night  dis-­ Working out later in the day or at night turbs  your  ability  to  get  peaceful  rest  once   disturbs your ability to get peaceful rest once you  are  ready  for  bed.  Exercise  stimulates   you are ready for bed. Exercise stimulates your  body,  therefore  doing  it  at  night  may  not   your body, therefore doing it at night may not be  the  best  idea  if  you  are  hoping  to  go  to   be the best idea if you are hoping to go to bed  afterwards.  It  makes  the  most  sense  to   bed afterwards. It makes the most sense to stimulate  your  body  in  the  morning,  and  use   stimulate your body in the morning, and use that  energy  throughout  the  day.   that energy throughout the day.









ANTICIPATED ALBUMS FOR 2014: Schoolboy Q, Oxymoron Chris Brown, X T.I., Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown Toni Braxton & Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Love, Marriage & Divorce Maxwell, BlackSUMMERS’ Night Kelis, FOOD Amerie, Cymatika Vol. 1 Mario, Evolve




Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson Ian Shaw, Owen Shaw’s brother, seeks revenge from Dominic Toretto and his crew.

22 Jump Street Starring: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube Instead of taking on high school this time, Schmidt and Jenko go undercover at a local college.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Starring: Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis Human survivors of a virus unleashed a decade earlier threaten a nation of apes. The two sides reach the brink of war, fighting to emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

Godzilla Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston A remake of the classic 1998 film that follows a radioactive mutated lizard terrorizing Manhattan.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx Spider-man comes up against a new, more powerful enemy, Electro. Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s old friend, returns and Peter comes to a new realization: all of his enemies share one similarity, OsCorp.

Edge of Tomorrow Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton While fighting a war with aliens, a soldier is caught in a time loop of his last day in battle.



Artist Spotlight

Joey Bada$$ Why Joey Bada$$ might stay in The Underground

Breaking out of The Undergrounds

of Hip-Hop is a difficult task, and is what most hip-hop artists are striving to do. But something is different about young Jo-Vaughn Scott, better known as Joey Bada$$. Signing to a major record label signifies success to some artists—it is their ultimate goal. Joey, on the other hand, refused a deal from major label Roc-Nation in 2012-. Why? Well, because Joey is the breath of fresh air many hip-hop heads have been waiting on. Modern hip-hop has changed drastically, and Joey’s 90s demeanor may come as a shock to people who may not initially get his unique lyricism. Many of his songs, including popular mixes such as Unothodox and Survival Tactics, will not be heard in your local club or on the radio. He does not create “twerking music,” and judging by how he has been dodging big labels, he does not intend to make that transition anytime soon. But let’s be honest, that is what sales and that is what young people enjoy. Joey was discovered on World Star HipHop and Youtube after posting a short freestyle in 2010. Four years later, he is currently being managed by the Cinematic’s Johny Snipes, and has done work with major producers such as DJ Premiere and Q-Tip. As compared to the stories of other artists, Joey’s success came quickly. But why haven’t many people heard of the Flatbush native? Why are his songs not on every radio station? Why isn’t he signed? Firstly, Joey has admitted in numerous interviews that he doesn’t even listen to the radio himself. His songs aren’t up there because he doesn’t make what the radio wants—he makes classic hip-hop.


His loyalty to his style may hold him back. Making mainstream music is what sales albums—what makes famous people…famous. Joey recently released his second independent project, entitled Summer Knights, after releasing his debut mix-tape 1999 in 2013. He is currently working on his debut studio album “B4.da$$.” But as far as sales go, with the absence of radio hits and branding, the independent album could be one many may not even hear about. Yes, he is talented. His lyricism can be compared to a young Nas, and the formation and chemistry of his crew, Pro Era, is irrly reminiscent of the Wu-Tang Clan. But what makes his rise to fame more difficult than Nas and the Clan, is that he is far ahead of his time. Nineties rap was the thing to listen to during the 90s; Joey’s style nowadays is boring to the ears of many. But Joey seems less concerned with making it the mainstream, and much more dedicated to doing what he loves and does best, spitting dope 16s. And because of that, Joey might just be stuck in The Underground.

By: Resita Cox

“Won’t sign to no major if no wager/ less than a three million offer off the top/ I’ll be in a box with my coughin’ drops/ why settle for a office spot?”



Eye Candy

Full name:

Tremaine Aldon Neverson Born:

November 28, 1984 From:

Petersburg, VA Height:



Drawing Favorite Sport:


Favorite Food:


What he’s cooking-

Pork Chops, Steak, and corn Favorite Movie:

Menace II Society What he looks for in a woman:

1. Confidence 2.Intelligence 3.Humor 4.Sexy inside and out What he likes about you:

“Watching you get ready… getting out of the shower, grabbing the towel, doing your hair, putting on actual clothes.”

Trey Songz









nyone that watches daytime television knows that this phrase comes from none other than the infamous talk show host, Wendy Williams. Williams, who is a mother, wife, media mogul, and a best-selling author, is known for her talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” which first aired in 2009. “The Wendy Williams Show” is not a national favorite. It is a world favorite. It now airs in 52 countries, on BET at midnight, has recently launched its fifth season, and has been renewed through 2017. Viewers are captivated by Williams’ on- air personality that is big, bold, and straight to the point. She doesn’t hold back for anyone! Taped live in New York City, viewers are entertained by her diverse mix of interviews with celebrity guests from hit TV shows, film, music, and sports. Popular segments of her show, include “Hot Topics,” as she gives her honest and unpredictable response on the drama that is recently occurring in celebrity news.

Her other segment which is “Ask Wendy” takes place during the end of every show where she offers the audience the chance to ask their own personal questions. She offers a sort of realness that draws her viewers in, and gets them hooked on her big personality. The New York Post hailed Williams show as “daytime TV’s favorite guilty pleasure.” She interviews a wide variety of celebrities, and she asks all the questions that most of us would be too afraid to ask. “The Wendy Williams Show” is definitely a reflection of the star talk show host. She will be sure to keep you updated on the latest gossip where there is never a boring moment. There are many surprises, laughs, and shocking moments just in an hour of watching the show. And for the Naturalista’s, that love wearing wigs, Wendy has her own line of wigs that launched in 2013 called Wendy Williams Hair World Collection. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition that causes thinning hair, Williams has long been a proud and outspoken supporter of hair pieces. She is very open about wearing wigs on her talks show and Williams has become a recognized expert in the field. With that being said, who can’t get enough of Wendy Williams?




Kerry Washington By: Resita Cox


ith Scandal’s third season completed and a bun in the oven, Kerry Washington has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats, on and off of the set. Washington’s co-stars for the ABC series were some of the first people to find out about the new addition to her family—they even kept it a secret until Washington was ready to reveal she was expecting. “We sort of knew, but she obviously wanted to keep it private, so we helped her do that. So there was no kind of big celebration,” Joe Morton said to HipHollywood at the Essence Women in Music event. “I think we celebrate the fact that she is obviously wonderfully married and wonderfully pregnant, and seeming to be enjoying the entire thing. So good luck to her.” 168


After months of secrecy, rumors and speculation, Washington arrived at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards sporting a pink crop-top, exposing her growing baby bump. “I don’t really have anything to hide anymore, so I’m having a little fun tonight,” Washington said while on the red carpet. She married the father of her child, Nnamdi Asomugha, this past June, after dating for a few years. Washington has always kept her personal life out of the public eye, a habit that has brought on many rumors about the Emmy-nominated actress. “It’s interesting how much people long to fill in the gaps when someone in the public eye doesn’t share their personal life,” Washington said in an interview with Advocate. “I understand their frustration.” Some started to believe Washington was a lesbian because of the secrecy of her love life, which began after her public break up with ex-fiance David Moscow in 2007. Rumors and feeling like an outsider isn’t unfamiliar to the star, she said she went through similar things in high school. But Washington told Advocate that she was too much of a theater kid to pay attention to what was being said about her. Washington, born in 1977, grew up in New York City, and attended the Spence School in Manhattan, a prestigious private school. She participated in many school plays and was a member of her school’s theater group. She continued her theatric passion at George Washington University, on a theater scholarship. Washington’s career began in 2000, when she appeared in Our Song, a drama about the bond between three girls in a Brooklyn marching band. She captured the attention of many Americans in 2001 with her role in Save the Last Dance. She then appeared in the action film Bad Company in 2004 with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins.

Washington later found roles in Fantastic Four, Boston Legal, Ray, I Think I Love My Wife, Lake View Terrace, and For Colored Girls. In 2012, she moved to the small screen with the new political series Scandal, playing the president’s mistress and a big-time fixer. In the same year, Washington co-starred with Jamie Foxx in Quetin Tarantino’s controversial western film Django Unchained. The seemingly flawless actress’ rise to fame wasn’t a smooth path. Washington confessed to have struggled with self-image during college, sometimes going on food binges and exercising for hours in the gym. “I used food as a way to cope,” she told Essence in 2007. “There was a lot of guilt and a lot of shame.” Washington would feel guilty as a result of her emotional overeating, and would go to the gym to compensate. She would often tell friends she was in the library so they did not know she had a problem. But she has since gotten help; Washington now sees a therapist and nutritionist, and puts health in front of image. Living in Hollywood can take a toll on selfimage; but Washington’s recent fashion statement at the SAG Awards proves she is now proud of her body, baby bump and all. This past year was huge for the groundbreaking actress. With her new marriage, new baby, and new Scandal series scheduled to air in February, Washington continues to rise to the top as one of the most sought after entertainers in the industry. Scandal’s leading star, is proof that you can over come self-insecurities once you become comfortable in your own skin.

Love who you are, and like Washington, don’t be afraid to pull out a crop-top and show off your curves.



What’s Your Beat S


what beats are best for you?

ince 2008, Beats by Dre has been the most widely used headphones on the market. Musical pioneer Dr. Dre, and Chairman of Interscope records, Jimmy Lovine, have continuously created high quality headphones, ear buds, and speakers that allow consumers to experience their favorite songs in high definition. There are a variety of headphones included in the Beats by Dre brand that appeal to a wide range of lifestyles and uses. Pick your style. What beats are you?

The Studio headphones was voted as Oprah’s most favorite things of 2013. These headphones are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable, with precision and sound. They have adaptive noise canceling, a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and RemoteTalk. It has all the energy and excitement you would expect form beats, plus a powerful, reengineered sound.

Beats Studio wireless has the same adaptive noise cancellation, a rechargeable battery as the regular Studios but just with no wires. The Bluetooth stays connected up to 30 feet so you can roam freely and keep the music going. You can take calls, skip songs, and change the volume right from the headphone. It has everything you expect from Beats, but with more freedom.

Beats by Dre has a variety of headphones made just for you. The headphones consist of 170 studio, studio wireless, solo, mixr, pro, and wireless. naturamagazineusa.com

Solo HD’s are the perfect mix of sound and style. With varieties of colors these beats are the first to feature matching ear cups, and headband with a reflective beats logo. They are compact enough to fit in your bag and they deliver the superior sound Beats are famous for.


Beats Earphones are designed for music lovers who don’t sacrifice sound for style. Urbeats, are designed for music lovers who don’t sacrifice sound for style. They deliver pure audio in an ultra-lightweight, colorful package. These headphones are drenched in color, from the matching earbud and tangle-free cable down to the storage pouch.

The Mxr are lightweight and powerful and absolutely built for DJ’s. David Guetta challenged beats by Dr. Dre to create the perfect set of earphones made for DJ’s. They are the lightest, loudest headphones ever.

Urbeats SE deliver pure audio in an ultra-lightweight and durable package. These earphones are matched with the newest gold, silver, and space gray colors, which will be your phone’s perfect match. The earphones contain tangle-free cable with q built-in-mic which will help you effortlessly switch between music and calls so that you can enjoy premium, uninterrupted sound.

Beats Tour earphones are among the first earbuds to hold their own against over ear headphones. With its newly designed custom fit and improved sound quality, you can get even closer to the music.

Powerbeats are especially engineered for athletes. Inspired by Lebron James, after years of breaking earbuds during workouts, he teamed up with Dr. Dre in creating these headphones. Powerbeats are the only earphones designed to deliver premiums sound on the court, in the gym, or on the streets.

Beats Pro headphones are designed for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously. Artists like Will.I.Am use these headphones in the studio, and are designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist originally intended.

Heartbeats are “Made to make little monsters look good.” Lady Gaga designed Hearbeats earphones to satisfy her passion for fashion and sound. Heartbeats have gunmetal studs hanging on a leathery cord, broadcasting bullets of sound right through your ears and into your heart.


Beats Wireless have controls on the ear cup even let you switch tracks without pulling out your music player. Wireless give you ten hours of battery life and easy to charge with any USB port. They also come with cable you can plug in for even more ways to listen.

Beats speakers are great to carry around and start a party wherever you go. Beats pill and beats pill SE are lightweight, portable, and completely wireless. They are both are able to change tracks from your phone or take a call with the Beats Pill’s built in microphone. Small enough to fit in your hand, the Beats Pill SE surprises you with its powerful, signature sound.

The Beat’s Beatbox Portable, is a wireless speaker you can take anywhere. It is designed to unleash the high-powered Beats by Dr. Dre sound no matter where the party goes. As you can tell there’s almost a difference type of beat that fits almost anyone’s lifestyle. All you have to do is choose which one fits best for you!


Beats Pill XL is bigger, louder, and has a built-in handle so you can still pick it up and go. This speaker is loud enough for a big room or your backyard BBQ. With the Beats Pill familys updated features, you can amplify your naturamagazineusa.comstereo or your music with other Beats Pill XLs.






hat’s the first thing that comes to mind when you envision the barbershop? Is it the white checkerboard floors, the older gentlemen playing chess in the front window, or the old school barbers that everyone in the neighborhood have become accustomed to. Up until recently, this has been the idea of the traditional African-American barbershop, but with the change of times and the constant evolution of style, this is no longer the case. Meet Sam Sneed, Z The Great, and O Da Barber—the men behind Strickly Skillz barbershop, and the leading game changers of the barbering industry. Located in the heart of New York, Strickly Skillz is one of the hottest barbershops in the city. “ We do the best haircuts, and we have the best comedy,” O Da Barber said. “ It’s an experience when you come to the barbershop. No other barbershop does what we do.”


With a packed shop six days out of the week, and a celebrity clientele ranging from NBA players to your favorite rappers, the Strickly Skillz team is definitely a hot commodity. Known for their talents of precision, speed, and cutting all forms of hair, these men will make sure that you leave their chair with one of their signature cuts that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. “ What separates this barbershop from any other barbershop, is you can come in here with an idea of a haircut that you want, and you’re going to leave out of here with that same exact idea,” the Strickly Skillz team said. “ It’s going to be picture perfect.” For the most part, the barbershop is thought of as a “ man’s domain”, where they talk about sports, women, and the ups and downs of everyday life. But, at Strickly Skillz, there are just as many women clients as there are men. Women pour into the shop for Strickly Skillz designer cuts, and their incredible eyebrow grooming technique.



by Naturalia

“Women love coming to the barbershop just to hear the convo’s,” O Da Barber said. “ They can hear things from a dudes point of view, and they peeking. It don’t hurt to look.” As young, successful entrepreneurs, the men of Strickly Skillz are proving that “ you can have a skill, you can have a trade, and you can have a profession,” all while living a comfortable life and doing things your way. If you haven’t noticed, these aren’t your typical everyday barbers. “ We live differently,” Sam Sneed said. “We take trips like six times a year, we are hardworking, dedicated and we drive around in nice cars. It gives the barber game a lot more props.” Coming in the fall of 2014, Strickly Skillz will be airing their very first reality TV show, “Strickly Skillz Tha Life”. This is not your average reality show. Beyond being able to witness all the drama that happens in the barbershop plus all the incredible haircuts that are executed on a day-today basis, we will also see what it’s like to be a high-profile celebrity barber in such a major city.

“You can expect the # 1 show on TV!” the Strickly Skillz team said. “ You aren’t going to see anything like this. This is what you want to see. This is real life it aint reality.” There is an underlying rivalry between owner of Strickly Skillz Sam Sneed, and his brother Z The Great, and also between the up incoming O Da Barber. Who really has the skillz? Who is the best barber in the shop? America will have to decide when the show airs in the fall. With their reality TV show on the way, and the release of their hair grooming line Strickly Skillz: Signature Grooming Solutions, the Strickly Skillz team is proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the barbering industry.

Be apart of the life, and check out www.stricklyskillz.com Instagram: Z_DA_GREAT1 O_DA_BARBER SNEED_DABARBER





Y & SOUL naturamagazineusa.com




“Hard To Let Go” - Relationship Advice From Miyoshi Agnew-Davis


itting there in her chair ready to wipe the warm wetness from her arm, and suddenly realizing those are her tears strolling down her face. Swiftly looking for Kleenex to wipe her eyes and make sure no one saw her crying while sitting at her desk. Reminiscing of the night before, another big blowout, tired, so tired of the yelling, screaming, fighting, back and forth, on again off again Relationship. Everything seems to be going so smoothly and then as soon as you bring up the big “M word (marriage) everything you say or do from then on he has something smart to say. Three years now, no commitment. It used to be so good when he used to talk about he couldn’t wait to marry you and what kind of ring he was going to buy you, and the tux he and his boys will be wearing and oh what a great father he was going to be to Lil Man.

Sounds familiar? You ever wonder why you continue to stay in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. You have many good times but the bad times are beginning to outweigh those. What are you afraid of, are you afraid of being alone, or just being lonely? Even though the times can get really bad you have convinced yourself it’s better to have a half decent man than no man at all. How much more as a Woman are you willing to take. You have to ask yourself are you attracted to the drama or have you allowed your fears to keep you in bondage? You stay in the delusion thinking he will eventually change and it will get better, and if you leave him and he does change, someone else will get the better of him. You know it’s been long enough, yet you keep letting the time pass you by hoping for what?

“It’s okay to wait but you need to put a time limit on how long” If you are in a Relationship that keeps you Now it seems like you get together for you awake at night guessing and feeling lonely know what and a quick dinner now and then and despaired on too many occasions, it’s and you’re monthly fights about something time to wake-up step back evaluate and see different or the same old thing; Money not what will be the best thing for you. That so enough, women who’s texting him, called “Crazy Love” should get tired and old spending more time together, being there the longer you are in it. Relationships are when he’s supposed to be, the list goes on. You give and take, if you are not getting what you keep wondering why you stay, people say at want, what you need, and you have least he doesn’t beat on you or cheat on you, communicated that to your mate effectively so what they are saying is; it’s okay for you to and for whatever reason they don’t get it. feel like crap and empty inside half the time They may never get it. Take time for yourself as long as your man don’t hit you or cheat on and begin to reevaluate your situation and you.“Don’t get caught-up in that Crazy Love” begin to do things that will enlighten your future. 179 naturamagazineusa.com

Organizing Your Life Do you ever feel like you have so much to do, but not enough time to do it in? There is 24 hours in the day right? Sometimes our lives can be so hectic due to work, school, and taking care of our families that we feel that things will never get done! The key to a more productive and efficient life is organization. If you can master planning your day out in a more organized fashion, you will experience less stress and more time to complete tasks. Check out these great tips on how to better organize your life.



Below are 10 helpful tips on how to better organize your life: Stop procrastinating. Procrastinating is probably the hardest thing you have to overcome when attempting to better organize your life. Instead of putting things off, get them done immediately. Holding off getting tasks done is what adds more stress to your life. Force yourself to get things done without waiting to finish them. It is also good to remove your distractions such as your phone, sleep, and the internet.

Acceptance. The first step in realizing that you need to better organize your life is admitting and accepting it. In order to make your life more manageable you must determine the cause of your lack of organization and make the decision to change it. Consider what needs to be organized. It may seem like everything in your life needs to be organized, but there are specific areas in your life that may cause more stress and clutter in your life than others. You need to figure out what in your life may be the most disorganized to you. Whether it is taking the time out do homework, running errands, or making plans. Figure out what could be source of your stress. Fill out a calendar. Calendars are very convenient to help organize your life. A calendar should be placed where you can see it on a regular basis. You should always take the time out to fill out your calendar to write down important dates and events coming up. You should only add things that you have firm plans in actually doing such as classes, your work schedule, or doctor appointments. Get a good planner. A planner helps provide you with an organized list of daily activities. It is great to color code your planner to help you better with organization. You can use a single color to mark events such as homework or running errands. It is also very good to have a planner because you can take it everywhere you go, so you can remember what you must do throughout the day.

Start your day out right. Make sure you start your day off the same way every day. This will change your mental perspective. Starting your day off right by eating a good breakfast, taking a shower, and getting dressed will help you have more confidence because you’ll know that you’re prepared for anything. This will influence you to be more direct about getting work accomplished. Write everything down. Whenever you have an important thought, remember something you don’t want to forget, or are reminded of something to do, write it down. This can be done in your planner. Writing down your thoughts will not only help de clutter your conscience, but also place them in a place that you can return back to later. Don’t overwhelm yourself. If you’re doing too many things at once, you will feel unorganized and anxiety-prone. Cancel plans when necessary to give your head a little more thinking space. Also, don’t agree to everything you are asked to do if you know you don’t have time for it. Don’t be a perfectionist. If you only feel that you’ve completed a task when it is “perfect” you will be leaving a lot of tasks unfinished to clutter up your life. Don’t put off projects any longer, and know when a project is adequately finished and can be left alone. Also, if you have certain projects that you can’t seem to perfect, try taking a break from them and come back after you’ve finished a few other smaller tasks. Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Organize-Your-Life

Create a to-do list. Having a to-do list is like breaking your planner down into even smaller, and manageable pieces. Don’t list very broad things that you must do. Give yourself some clear direction with short easy tasks such as clean the kitchen or vacuum the floor. After you complete each task, add little checkboxes, next to them so you will not have to worry about them anymore.







be a time where you take a break out of your busy schedule and There should alwaysbecome at peace with your mind, body, and soul.

There’s no better way of becoming healthier when you are able to improve your mental, physical, and emotional stability. Both Yoga and Pilates are exercises that give you the chance to help improve these three aspects. They are forms of exercises that both engage your mind and body. These exercises are very easy to adapt to our fitness level and almost anyone can enjoy the benefits to help you become a healthier and better you.


Yoga was created with the purpose of connecting the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness through physical activity. Through repetitive movement, the act of yoga can be extremely therapeutic. The movements also focus on building flexibility and strength. The physical aspects of yoga have found huge popularity as a gentle form of exercise and stress management. The regular practice of yoga has found to have many health benefits including increased fitness and normalization of blood pressure. People have also had lower levels of stress, and increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing. The practice of yoga encourages, effort, intelligence, and accuracy. It brings your body and mind together and is built on the three elements of exercising, breathing, and mediation. The breathing techniques of yoga increases control of your breathing to improve the health and function of body and mind. Exercising and breathing of yoga help prepare the body and mind for mediation, with an approach to a quiet mind that allows silence and healing from everyday stress. When practiced regularly, yoga can become a powerful discipline for achieving a better wellbeing.


Pilates was created for physical rehabilitation. The idea behind Pilates is to gain flexibility, strength, and body awareness without building bulk. The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen the stomach improve posture, stabilize and elongate the spine and develop balance and overall strength. There are six key principles of Pilates and they are: concentration, control, centering, breathing, flow, and precision. With these key principles used in conjunction with the mindset, you are creating a leaner, better you from your core muscles out. It can provide that long, toned body you desire and it can help you manage back pain. Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in your body in a balanced fashion. It requires concentration in finding a center point to control your body through movement. Each exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm and breathing pattern. With Pilates, your muscles are never worked to exhaustion, so there is no sweating or straining, just intense concentration. Both Yoga and Pilates are exercises help regulate your sleep and improve your mood. They are known to reduce symptoms such as fatigue associated with a variety of disorders including cancer, depression and chronic pain. Sources: http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Pilates_and_yoga_the_health_benefits?open http://life.gaiam.com/article/yoga-vs-pilates



HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT W e all do it. There are times we feel as if we are not ourselves and so we pretend everything is alright just to get home or to a place where we feel safe. Whether it’s at a party, or at the office or in church, there are those times when everything we feel, see or even touch feels foreign and out of place. Some would insist that sounds like an emotional problem, others a possible chemical imbalance in your body. I suppose both could be possible but I’ve come to understand my suit of armor much differently. Those walls you hear and read about in lyrics are real and yes, they can be felt, even climbed. They are made by our fears of the unknown or fear of being hurt and they create an anxiety and stress that always seems to manifest itself in the weirdest ways. For me it’s huge parties on holidays. I don’t really like them and yet I am known for throwing them. I find that some turn out to be amazing and fabulous memories and then there are those few that made me feel as if I was living an out of body experience, me just going through the motions. So why create the very atmosphere that might make me spend an evening of discomfort? To live. To see if they lessen and to truly try to enjoy those who have been caring and sharing over the year. We are constantly besieged in this country with bad news, so much so that many do not watch the news as much as it was customary thirty years ago. The anxiety of the next sad or bad thing to happen, and life being difficult as it is, and yet more and more depend on social media to find those connections that going out to the park or even to the department store once brought us. Which brings us to the most amazing of realizations – where else but online, in cyberspace can you pretend to be who you want to be, it is all masks. It is all smoke and mirrors. It is also the key to freedom if you use it to free yourself. Where else can you learn a new skill, take on a new passion, meet other communities and learn about new cultures. People hide in plain sight I suppose because we all want to feel and be safe and when times are rough, looking for distraction and escape seems to be the road where you have the least resistance. Yet, it can also be the road less traveled and more difficult but the most rewarding. Either get busy worrying and hiding or get busy exploring, asking questions and learning. Moving forward will get you somewhere a whole lot quicker than standing still or hiding out in your cubicle, in your classroom, on your couch or even – in your head.



by: Carmen M. Colon

“FREEDOM” I was bound by my addiction to creamy crack Imposed on me by my wounded mother Bound by the misconception that nappy is of a lesser descent Who look in the mirror and do not see the beauty that God fashioned. Every three months my roots were unbent Edges permanently straightened to erase what my ancestors embraced My hair was just as damaged as I was Shedding like snake skin at every attempt to get to the root of my affliction Because no one told me that new growth was a blessing A glimpse of new beginnings without restraints Freedom to be kinky, curly, dreaded, afro or straight My natural hair has liberated me My natural hair is naturally me   Copyright.2013. Kendal S. Turner

- Kendal S. Turner

NATURA spoken word naturamagazineusa.com


“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. HEBREWS 11-1




t’s important that you program your mind for success. If you dwell on positive thoughts your life will move in that direction; if you continually think negative thoughts, you will live a negative life. If you expect defeat, failure, or mediocrity, your subconscious mind will make sure that you lose, fail, or sabotage every attempt to push above average. You must think positive thoughts of victory, of abundance, of favor, of hope. Each day, you must choose to live with an attitude that expects good things to happen to you. Start your day with faith and set your mind in the right direction, then go out expecting the favor of God. Expect to excel in your career and rise above life’s challenges. Believe God for a great future.You have good things coming! -Joel Osteen “Your Best Life Begins Each Morning”



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