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Top Celebrity Natural Hair Styles of 2012

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Wordz from the Editor By Azizah Nubia

Listen to: Adjusting to the shift 2012 HERE

Awakening to Light 2012

I can imagine how many of you who are out there in world scared of the upcoming December 21,2012. Everywhere you look I bet it is something or someone who want to keep you on a low vibration so you will be distracted to what's really going on with the planet while we, transition in what I like to call the Golden Age, or what some may call the Aquarius Age. We are going into a time where we as a human race can evolve into higher planes of consciousness about who we are and what we can become. This is not a time of fear it is a time of liberation, and celebration because we have completed a long cycle that has taught so much about who we are and prepared us for what is about to begin. Its a time for us to test out of the box we have created for ourselves for the past 28,000 years and begin to explore the new levels of consciousness that are being beamed down

onto the planet by the Heavens. December 21, 2012 is in no way a time to fear, it is not the end of the world. It is the end of a cycle, a cycle that has caused us to look for fulfillment outside of who we are, and now we have to learn to be fulfilled from within. This is a exciting time happening right before our eyes, everywhere you look people are becoming more aware of themselves and how they take care of each other and the planet. Do not fill your being up with rumors of fears and worry. Let go of everything that is holding you back from really making your beautiful mark on the world. Express, Love, and Create is my motto for the upcoming 2013 lets reflect back on 2012 with grace and lets be willing to let go of all the things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.~ Peace


Ask Natural Woman Q: How can I mange

my hair in the winter?

A: When it's cold and windy outside and warm and dry

inside, you need to be aware of winter hair tips to keep your hair in tip top shape! In the winter, you need to make some minor changes to your hair care. You should be deep conditioning regularly and moisturizing. There are some winter hair styles that will keep damage from occurring and other ways to prevent winter hair loss

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Living in Harmony with our Planet

By: Trazana Staples

Most of us have heard of ‘Global Warming’, but how many of us understand and know what Global Warming is all about? According to The Natural Resource Defense Council, global warming is “ Carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the planet to warm up. Coal-burning power plants are the largest U.S. source of carbon dioxide pollution (greenhouse gases) -- they produce 2.5 billion tons every year. Automobiles, the second largest source, creates nearly 1.5 billion tons of CO2 annually.” You may ask yourself, “What does Global Warming have to do with me?” The answer is, Global Warming has everything to do with us. . Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center provides healthy living education and resources to address critical health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension P.O.Box 280221 Nashville,Tennessee 37228 (615) 852-6203

Below are a list of things we can all do to help reduce our carbon footprint (our use of fossil fuel ) and just maybe collectively, we can help slow down the emission of Green House Gases and other air pollutants that contribute to global warming. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ●Use less heat and air-conditioning use ●Replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. ●Drive less and drive smart ●Buy energy effective products ●Use less hot water ●Turn off the light switch ●Plant a tree ●Get a home energy audit from your power company and make the needed changes. ●Some power companies are offering incentives for homeowners ●Encourage others to conserve energy ●

Sources: http://environment.about.com/od/globalwarming/tp/globalwarmtips.htm

Natural Woman Magazine


In Love with Bad Timing.. By: Zephanie Garrett

Love is a word many can not define. We could pick up a dictionary or Google the word love, but is it the true definition of it. And if so, what do you do when you find yourself in love with someone that shares the same feelings, but the timing will not permit you to be together. I’ve come to find when people enter a common situation they always throw caution to the wind, and go forward with the romance. I by no means condone reckless behavior in the matters of the heart, but I understand it’s a process. Because you can’t fully shut these feelings off no matter what the circumstances. Regardless of what you may think, you do have options. Be honest with yourself and address how you feel. Then fully evaluate your situation, and the key to this stage is knowing how to separate your emotions before you determine if the person you want

is worth waiting for. This should go without saying, but you need plenty of space away from this person during this time. Take a break from communicating, because you don’t need any extra influences to make your decision. You can pray, mediate, anything spiritual is welcomed, but its best not to get advice from friends or family at this time. Too many opinions in your mind can always over shadow what is best for you. No one can make this decision for you . Trust your instincts and let your spirit lead you, “Not others!” You decide who comes in and out of your life. You have all the knowledge and truth in you to change your direction and make a meaningful change. After you have discussed your decision to your love interest. Have an open dialog on their thoughts , but don’t bend on your truth and what’s right for you. (Continued) 10

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take a break from each other. Explore other options until the time allows you too to be together. If it is meant to be it will be. You have to take a leap of faith when it comes to love. Love is something we all want whether we realize it or not. If not for love we would not or could not experience pain. Love is beyond its standard meaning, and ultimately too great for any human being to understand with reason alone. Don’t allow fear to scare you away from it. It’s too precious and valuable to miss out on. Take your time and truly search your heart, and allow your destiny to take the naturally course life intended for you. Let love in when the time is right. End

Benefits of Mineral Oil for your Hair Mineral oil is a colorless oil, often made from liquid petroleum, that is commonly included in skin and haircare products. While mineral oil is sometimes said to be inferior to plant-based oils, there are several benefits of using mineral oil for hair. Like many types of hair oil, mineral oil will lock in moisture, prevent frizz, and add shine to the hair. What sets mineral oil apart is its affordable price and light, nongreasy texture. Mineral oil will define curls and improve the appearance of hair without leaving behind an oily film.

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Healing Touch

By: Likia Christine

I had the pleasure of learning about Hibiscus when I visited my family in Virginia, my cousin Laverne is from Venezuala, and she has me hooked! IT'S DELICIOUS!

Hibiscus for Heart Health Hibiscus is a small tree with bright red/yellow flowers that are rich in flavonoids, minerals, and other nutrients. The flowers have a fruity taste that makes hibiscus popular as both hot and cold tea which has been enjoyed for hundreds of years as relaxing refreshment as well as an herbal remedy to treat many ailments. Packed with a plethora of protective polyphenols, this rich red tea .

acts as a natural ACE inhibitor and reduces blood pressure to a degree similar to that of prescription anti-hypertensive drugs, according to a study at Tufts University with findings published in The Journal of Nutrition (February 2010). Hibiscus tea also contains an enzyme inhibitor which blocks the production of amylase (an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars and starches). This being so, drinking a cup of hibiscus tea after meals may reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and will assist in weight loss. Hibiscus tea is also rich in vitamin C and can help strengthen the immune system while protecting the entire body against bacterial attacks.


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N'Dambi Living her Passion Exclusive Interview With Azizah Nubia

My interview with N'Dambi

This Dallas Native has had her share of success with 4 albums under her belt, and a 2011 Grammy nomination, N'Dambi has achieved a tremendous amount of success and is still on that road to becoming a Vocal Legend. With Hits like “Nobody's Jones” N'Dambi knows the road to achieving your dreams does not happen over night, but with a clear vision on where it is you want to be and having faith that you can achieve your goals, N’Dambi inspires us all to live our DREAMS.

Azizah:Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule, so let's begin. What are you working on right now? N'Dambi:I am working on a few projects, I like to work on a lot of things at once, so I will definitely have a few things out in 2013. Azizah: I can't wait to see what's in store, so tell me are you living your passion? (Continued)


N'Dambi: Yes I am, I do what I do and I have no regrets about doing what I love. I am really excited about my journey. Azizah:What inspired you to make that decision to pursue music and live your passion? N'Dambi: I was at a personal crossroad in my life. I didn't know if I wanted to write music or sing, I was in corporate America at the time, and corporate America just didn't fit me, I wanted to be more creative. When I made the decision to leave corporate America and pursue music I got really sick and had to take some time off work and during that time off I had a lot of time to think. I decided to quit my job and start on my journey. I have learned when your at that crossroads and not sure what to do life has its way of pushing you in the right direction.

Azizah:What are the key things that help you overcome some of the challenges you faced while pursuing your passion? N'Dambi: Well one challenge I faced was figuring out how would I get my music out. I went to a few labels to get signed it didn't happen, so I decided to go independent. It was rough in the beginning with little fiances and a few friends to back me up, but we made it happen. My music began spreading via- word of mouth, city to city. Pursuing my desire is what kept me going, actively pursuing what I wanted, its not always easy, but you have to focus on what you want and have positive thoughts and believe in what you are doing. Azizah: Hmmm that's sounds like a little law of attraction? (Continued)


N'Dambi's 3 Steps to Success... N'Dambi: Yes it is, the book “The Secret� is a awesome book and its very true. Azizah: What 3 tips could you give anyone who wants to pursue their dreams? N'Dambi: 1 . Never forget to practice, you have to work at it. We all may have God given talents, but that's not enough you have to continue to practice and learn as much as you can, always keep growing. 2. Believe in you and the path you want to take, if you don't believe it, it will be hard for others to see it. Actively do something that will bring you closer to your desires and trust that everything you need along the way will be provided. 3. Continue on the journey never give up. Azizah: What do you want our readers to know about N'Dambi?

Check out N'Dambi's hit video NO Body's Jones of of the Grammy Nominated Pink Elephant Album Natural Woman Magazine

N'Dambi: I'm a real person like anyone else, a lot of times people have these perceptions on how it is in the industry or how artist are, but what they don't know is that as artist we are no different then anyone else we sacrifice a lot to provide for ourselves and our families. I am a real person, I like to eat, I like to work out, I cry at movies (she laughs). I enjoy all things like everybody else. I want people to see who I am through my music.

Azizah's Azizah's Cupboard Cupboard Benefits of Ginger During the winter season I always make sure I keep fresh ginger around, not only does it give a great Asian flavor to some of my favorite dishes, but its one of my secret antidotes for battling seasonal cold and flu symptoms. Check out some of the health benefits of ginger. Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion. And when there’s a nip in the air, the warming benefits of this tasty tea are even greater!

30 Easy to do Healthy Meals

Azizah Secrect Recipes E-Cook Book

.Reeling under joint pain? Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory properties— can bring relief. Float some ginger essential oil into your bath to help aching muscles and joints. ●

Ginger clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time. ●

Sources: http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/10-healingbenefits-of-ginger

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Miss Too's Fashion Tips Choosing the right jeans for your body type If you are a jeans fan then wearing the right jeans for your body shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting jeans that will complement your figure and body shape. This will determine how good you look and feel, whether you are wearing your denims with a casual outfit or dressing up.

The main traits of your Pear shaped body are: · · · ·

Wider hips and thighs Narrower shoulders Wider bottom. Smaller bust

Choose darker shades of denim that will give more of a slimming effect. Darker blues, dark greys, blacks and browns are the best shades to work with and will still give you that classical denim jeans look. Jeans with fading below the knee can also work well for you. The shape and cut of the jeans is important and the golden rule is to reduce the emphasis from your hips, thigh area and butt. Hipster jeans will help you avoid that gaping waist scenario while low-rise jeans can make your bottom look smaller.

Natural Woman Magazine

The main traits of your apple shaped body are: · · · ·

Larger Bust. Broader Shoulders. Narrower Hips Less Defined Waist

Buy jeans that have a flat front and with a rise that is lower than your natural waist, avoid tucks and button up jeans as they will add bulk onto your tummy area. Boot cut jeans can be an excellent choice as the wider leg can draw the eye down from the waist and create a balanced look. Apples can have the pick when it comes to denim jean colors! Choosing jeans that are of lighter shades are great as they will add shape to your thighs.


Ouma Tema

Africa Hits the Runway :

Plus- Fab

Interview with Ouma Tema by Tammarah Overton OT: Unlike many other stories of Tammarah Overton: For those who don't know you, inspiration to start anything, I was tell us a little bit about you Ms. struggling to get clothes that spoke to a chic and fabulous me. The Ouma Tema? clothes were either just big with no OT: Ouma Tema is a humble child style and flair. I guess that why of God. She is a daughter; sister, PLUS-FAB is not just the right size. I cousin, aunt to few and a friend. started having my clothes made to She is an entrepreneur passionate my own specifications all the time, about life. Ouma Tema owns a this resulted in lot of plus size fashion line for fuller figured women women in my circle and Facebook called PLUS-FAB *not just the right asking about my style some willing to pay double the worth of what I will size* be wearing at that time just so they Tammarah: What inspired you to can own something chic.(continued) start our own fashion line?

Natural Woman Magazine

Ouma Tema This went on for a while until I gave in and decided to share the experience with plus size women in and outside my circle. The brand is a year and few months now. Tammarah: 3.What fears and obstacles did you have to overcome while trying to reach your goal Ouma: It is one thing to do what you do and another to have people supporting and embracing what you do. Support love and

appreciation of what I do from my clients was and is the corner stone of my business. The thought of them turning their back on me is what I fear the most. The brand needs to always relate and be relevant to my clients. Tammarah:What advice would you give to other black woman that wants to successful as you? Ouma: Wow?..me? Successful?...I am

truly humbled by you, thanks a ton *humbled*. Staying true to your craft and talent is always important. Trust yourself enough to stand out. God will always uplift you in all challenges. There is a greater need for us to also know and acknowledge that not everyone is going to like and appreciate what we do, we just need to concentrate on those that support us and forget about those who chose otherwise.


Tammarah:Tell us about your upcoming collection your working on, and how can we purchase it? Ouma: We recently launched summer ready to wear collection last month. I am forever grateful to each and every soul that came out in their numbers to support our work. The entire collection can be viewed at our official facebook page: Ouma Tema at Plus Fab and on our blog : http://www.plusfab.blogspot.com/ The collection's theme is “Coming towards the body�, you will see a lot of slim fitting dresses and skirts that accentuate our curves. The nice thing about all our collections is that you can go to work in the same outfit and not have to drive home to change to meet with friends for a pink drink *wink*. Easy going funky and sophisticated are the key words to describe the looks in this recent collection. Tammarah : Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me, is there anything else you want our readers to know? Ouma:to all the Natural Woman Magazine readers allow me to say these few words to you: refuse to be imprisoned by thoughts that don't let you be, your need for freedom is too great and your thirst for expression is unquenchable LOVE YOU LOTS http://www.plus-fab.com/ http://www.plusfab.blogspot.com Natural Woman Magazine

Earth Star Mama Benefits of Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is an awesome plant to grow inside your home and its loaded with many benefits. When I was in Jamaica, thinking I was a mermaid ,aloe vera soothed my wicked sunburn. It heals all burns, and other skin infections. This all natural plant is easy to grow and it produces more plants that you can gift to friends and family. here is a list of ideas you can use with aloe vera.

By: Isis Swink Www.earthstarmama.wordpress.com

Aloe vera plants are available at almost every garden shop or nursery. Unless you live in area with a very mild climate, it’s best to leave your Aloe plant in the pot and place it near a window that gets a lot of sun. Pinch or cut off an inch or so of the tip of a leaf, and squeeze the gel from the leaf. Skin irritations such as a heat rash, poison ivy or dry skin will benefit from aloe vera. Eczema and psoriasis sufferers benefit from the use of aloe vera, which can lessen the severity of the conditions and stop itching ●Used as a moisturizer on the face, aloe aides in reducing wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. The facial skin will become smoother and younger looking with the use of aloe vera gel. ● ●

People also consume Aloe Vera internally to obtain a number of other Aloe Vera benefits. When taken internally, Aloe Vera can act as a gentle laxative, easing constipation. ●

Some promising scientific studies seem to indicate that Aloe Vera (taken internally) can help lower cholesterol, fight cancer and stabilize blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. ●

Top Natural Hair Products Natural Woman Magazine keeps you up to date with the latest in Natural Hair Care

Born Organic Styling gel

Price:$8 www.bornorganiconline.com

9. Shea Terra Organics Argan and Ghassool Shampoo Bar Use: Cleansing Price: $8 www.sheaterraorganics.com


Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Use: Repair/Conditioner Price: $19.50-33 www.ojon.com

Natural Woman Magazine

Natural Woman Magazine

Tariq Nasheed the vision behind:


“African children deserve to know their HISTORY.”- Tariq Nasheed Tariq Nasheed who is also known by “Tariq Elite”or “King Flex, is a author, actor, fashion designer and producer. Under his many titles, I can say he maybe even a historian after his latest film Hidden Colors was released in 2011. Hidden Colors is a critically acclaimed documentary of the “True” history of black people, the film highlights the African presence in the world and our many contributions made to the societies everywhere. The squeal to HC, Hidden Colors 2 is set to air in theaters December 7th & 8th in selected areas. With a All-Star cast of some of greatest minds of today includes:

Dr.Phil Valentine, Dr. Booker T. Coleman, Umar Johnson, Michelle Alexander, James Small, Runoko Rashidi, KRSOne, Tony Browder, and Claud Anderson. Hidden Color 2 goes into topics such as, the global African presence ,the science of melanin,the truth about the prison industrial complex , how thriving black economic communities were undermined in America, the hidden truth about Native Americans and much more. I had the pleasure of talking to Tariq about the upcoming film the interview goes as follows.


Azizah: What was the inspiration for doing this set of movies?

Azizah: What will HC2 cover that wasn't covered in HC1?

Tariq: What made me want to do Hidden Colors was every time I looked at television or movies, the history of people of African descent was purposely omitted constantly across the board. The History channel doesn't talk about our history, National Geographic, Discovery channel, none of these people talk about it and its deliberate. Unfortunately many of the African American people who are in the public light are afraid to tell the real history of African people outside of slavery and civil rights, because they do not want to offend other people, and its a shame we are the only people who's history or knowledge of our history offends other people. So I said to myself, we are going to have to go ahead and do something about this, so I raised the money and got my camera crew and did a real history film that just didn't talk about slavery which is a very valid history, but our people go beyond slavery and our children need to know this. Unfortunately black children do not know their history outside of slavery. So it was very important for me and the speakers in the film to get that information out there.

Tariq:Part 1 went into why the Colors were hidden. Part 2 will cover the hidden agenda of the industrial prison complex, the medical industry and how they target black people negatively which is never talked about. We go into the importance of economics in the black community. Azizah: Do you feel that this was apart of your destiny to put this film together? Tariq: Absolutely, I write relationship books, but for years I have always talked about history and I always taught historic knowledge in my lectures. And a lot of times when your dealing with a young audience, a big part of my audience are young males in their 20's, they do not want to be preached to, but when you relate to them about something practical in their lives they can accept what you teach them. That's why I did the whole film like that, kids in elementary school love the film, it is a film people of all ages can come together and watch as a family and enjoy.


Azizah: What are some of the challenges you faced while putting this film together and how did that ad to your success? Tariq: Some of the challenges were actually getting the information, because this information is hidden, hidden in different languages they are not giving this information up. You have to do a lot of research to get this information. Another thing which is very important was getting African American women in the film that a lot of women can look up to like Dr. Francis , because yo do not see positive examples of African American women today in the media. Azizah: What do you want Hidden Colors to do for our planet to help bring peace among our people? Tariq: I want the Hidden Colors film to bring consciousness to people of color and people in general. The truth matters no one should base their existence on lies black or white, we have to put the truth out there. And everyone can be inspired by the history of their people. Whites have done great things and Blacks have done great things don't just show one and completely omit the other show all of it. So we can all be inspired All African children deserve to know their HISTORY.

In selected theaters December 7th & 8th Showtimes & Schedules

Healthy Happy Healthy party food recipes Raw Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookies Black-Eyed Pea Hummus with Olive Oil and Sumac 2 cans organic black eyed peas, rinsed and drained (or use 3 cups cooked black-eyed peas) 2 tsp. garlic puree or minced garlic 6 T fresh-squeezed lemon juice (or slightly less if you're not that into lemon) 1/2 - 1 tsp. salt 2 T olive oil 1/2 tsp. ground cumin 2-3 T olive oil, for drizzling on hummus powdered Sumac, for sprinkling on hummus (or use a smaller amount of paprika or just skip this whole wheat pita bread for serving Directions: Drain beans, add beans to high powered blender or food processor. Blend until creamy smooth add a little water if its to thick. Add all the seasonings then mix. Place in a bowl and serve as a dip.


3 cups of almond pulp 6 pitted dates (soaked) 1 cup coconut flakes 1 cup flax meal 1 cup cocoa nibs 1 TBS coconut oil 1 cup coconut milk pinch of sea salt Directions: Blend all the ingredients except nibs and coconut flakes. When the mixture is dough like, stir in the cacao nibs and coconut flakes. Roll into the mixture into balls and put it in the dehydrator - flatten balls with a fork (or the palm of your hand). I do mine in the sun dryer and turn them after 4 hours for a total baking time of 8 hours. In a dehydrator less time would be needed. Be careful not to over dehydrate - they will get too hard. Inspired by Toni Allen I would add some stevia or agave syrup for my taste, I prefer my cookies a bit sweeter Enjoy!


Natural Woman Magazine

Natural Woman Magazine

New Year !!! Tri- Bean Dip Vegan Spinach Dip 1 bag of fresh spinach 1 can of artichokes 8 oz of vegan sour cream. Ranch seasoning pack (make sure you read labels NO MSG) 2 TSP of lemon juice Directions: Rinse and chop spinach really thin. Place in a bowl mix artichoke, vegan sour cream and seasoning mix with lemon juice, stir and your done. This dip can be served with pita chips or tortilla chips,

1 can of black beans 1can of black eyed peas 1 can of chick peas or you can cooked the beans. 1 chopped red onion 1 chopped green pepper 1 chopped tomato 1 chopped avocado 2 cans of whole corn 3tbs olive oil 2tbs almond oil 5tsb of apple cider vinegar Direction: Mix beans and vegetables in a bowl add vinegar and oil stir refrigerate for 45 minutes then serves. Can be served with chips

Natural Woman wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!

Top Natural

Corrine Bailey- Rae

Natural is Back! And has hit Hollywood with full force. 2012 will be defined the year Natural Hair made a comeback! Check out Natural Woman Magazine's top Natural Hair Celebrities of 2012.

Nicole Ari Parker 28

Tracey Ellis- Ross

Hair Styles of 2012 Elle Vaner

Janelle- Monae

Jill Scott

Raven Symone

Natural Woman Magazine

Natural Woman Magazine Top 2012 Solange Knowles is Natural Woman Magazines Top Natural Hair Queen of 2012. With her surprising “Big Chop� we have seen Solange transform into her Goddess self.

Entrepreneur Spotlight Yasheeka of E.L.L.E. Tell us more about your business, why you started it?

www.coachyasheeka.com www.goELLEnow.com

Well, my business is a coaching business - life coaching to be exact, specifically targeting spirituality coaching, transition coaching, knowledge of self coaching, and self-development coaching. One of the main reasons I got started in coaching is because as I was tracking my journey with making life transitions into a deeper level of consciousness I opened door after another into different areas of knowledge. As we know, knowledge is infinite and everything isn't for everyone. I was assisted by teachers, spiritual guides, and coaches and being a guide to others was hoovering deep in my spirit. Would you say that your life experiences prepared you for this moment? Why? Yes, my life experiences have absolutely prepared me for this moment in my life/ From being involved in an emotional and mental9T7UVU$T abusive relationship to attending a historically black university, to coming into knowledge of self have all prepared me for right now. My steps are divinely ordered and guided. I give thanks for each moment that has led me to this exact place in which i share with you and your readers. I am grateful. What do you hope to accomplish with E.L.L.E? I love healing! Continuous and consistent healing of self has caused me to form the blueprints for my long-term goal for E.L.L.E. - a transitional house named T-n-T (Transformation n Transition) this will be an income based duplex house with specific programs, activities, workshops etc targeted at the needs of the individual. It will be founded on spiritual awakening, truth, knowledge, sciences, mythologies, astrology, and other disciplines that will aid the individual in their transformation and enlightenment. Yes, that's what's in store for E.L.L.E. around 2020. (I still have to finish laying the brick work with is project) What inspiration can you give our readers so they to can live their passion? Live your own Truths! Every single person on this planet has specific purposes and have all come with instructions but its up to us to dig, search, and put in the work to follow those instructions that have been written, encrypted, and encoded within our DNA. Continue to make investments within yourself because you are what you've been waiting for.



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Natural Woman Magazine  

December 2012 issue featuring interviews from N'Dambi, Tariq Nasheed, Ouma Tema

Natural Woman Magazine  

December 2012 issue featuring interviews from N'Dambi, Tariq Nasheed, Ouma Tema