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Time Management is one of the most essential steps to a successful career and a good life. It is very important to manage one's time well, and the sole idea is not to become a disorganized and utterly confused individual. Time Management is not only important in order to have a good reputation at work, but it is also a prerequisite for a happy and uncluttered personal life. Before trying to manage one's time, perhaps the most important thing is to decide what one's goals are going to be. After all, to be very sure of one's primary prerogative is the key to success. After zeroing in on one's goal, it is also important to identify the more important chores and duties that require immediate attention and effective Time Management. Before laying out a schedule for a particular job, it is also essential to spend some time organizing things and planning for it. But while making time schedules, the person concerned should remember that he shouldn't be too rigid. While planning is essential, not making room for sudden changes or exercising latitude at times can prove to be detrimental. Unnecessary attention to detail should also be avoided in case of Personal Time Management. Often, breaking a task into several fragments and dealing with those fragments one at a time helps. Knowing oneself inside-out is another important factor in effective Personal Time Management. For example, if a person is an early riser and feels that he can do most of his personal work successfully in the morning, then he should plan his time schedule and manage his time accordingly. There might be night owls who can work full throttle during those bedtime hours, while there may be others who feel comfortable working during the afternoon siesta hours. Such things should be kept in mind while chalking out a time schedule that would eventually lead to great Time Management. Finally, while Time Management is essential to lead an organized life, to allow oneself some personal freedom is perhaps equally important. It is important to appreciate one's work and it is also important to maintain a perfect balance between work and fun, between a professional, emotional, social and spiritual life. Once such prerequisites are carefully dealt with, it is safe to say that personal time has been successfully managed and work has been properly planned.

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==== ==== Hello from user. James Blackstone, Please visit my website to get a free pdf file with a time management system I developed. ==== ====

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