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Intentional Celebration by Mariah Joy

In a time where there are more people in our collective human tribe than ever before, communication is literally at our fingertips, and home is just a flight away, people are lonelier than ever, lost and seeking. In my own seeking the words meant to comfort, “home is where the heart is” only aggravated me; my heart lay scattered from California to Alaska. I’m still not sure where to call home. I

grew up flying between parents, one in Alaska the other in California, with a host of beloveds up and down the distance between the two. I was deeply loved, and not at all anchored to a place, everywhere, and nowhere at once, to call home. As a mother my heart aches a bit to imagine my fledglings wandering adrift in a sea of human bodies without their tribe. Yet, I imagine, one day


Nov./Dec. 2015