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Gemstones & Crystals for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Gemstones and crystals are often given spiritual significance in cultures around the world, used for their purported abilities to improve health and well-being. Many stones have traditionally been used by midwives and birthing women to assist in different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

If you feel called to use gemstones for your own pregnancy or birth, they make a wonderful and beautiful addition to a birth altar or they can be worn on a ring or necklace or carried around your neck in a pouch or bag. To cleanse a gemstone for use, it may be placed in clean, natural, running water or left in a glass bowl filled with spring water overnight under a full moon.

APHRODITE - This stone is used to connect with one’s partner on an emotional level as well as understanding one another. It can be useful in aiding connection with your partner, helping to bring you closer together for the pregnancy and birth as a team.

BALTIC AMBER - Amber has been traditionally worn or carried to ease pain and soreness and can help during pregnancy and childbirth as well as postpartum.

BLACK AGATE - This stone may be worn in pregnancy and postpartum to ease cramping and nausea.

BLACK CORAL - A masculine stone for the identifying male partner, symbolizing and promoting nurturing strength, both for the birthing person and for their children. This stone is non-vegan.

BLACK MOTHER OF PEARL - This stone is for easing worry that mothers may have during periods of uncertainty such as impending loss, loss of pregnancy symptoms, detection of possible abnormalities with the fetus, or other suspected issues. This gem is non-vegan.

BLACK ONYX - Reported to ease labor pains and shorten labor times.

BLOODSTONE - Traditionally a healing stone, bloodstone can be worn postpartum to aid with healing, especially from physical injuries, bruising, perineal tears, and surgery.

BLUE and/or PINK ANDEAN OPAL - This stone can help to ease the emotional transition of becoming a mother, assisting in psychological issues brought on by the change in status from pregnant woman to mother. It is also a stone for healing grief from loss and may assist with postpartum depression, pregnancy loss, and stillbirth.

BLUE CHALCEDONY - This stone aids in speaking up for oneself and one’s babies and can assist birthgivers in dealings with their caregivers and family when trying to make their needs and choices clear.

BLUE CORAL - A wonderful stone for parents as it assists in learning to live with and understand children on an emotional and psychological level. This stone is non-vegan.

BOJI STONE - This stone is said to aid with physical pain in the bones and can be used to aid with bone soreness, backache, and S.P.D.

CARNELIAN - Traditionally a stone of health, it is especially specific to the entire female reproductive system. It can be used during pre-conception as well as postpartum.

CHERRY AMBER - This stone can help regulate and promote sexual desire and pleasure during pregnancy and can help bring back lost sexual desire due to hormone changes. It can also assist in the natural renewal process of the womb postpartum.

CUPRITE - This is a stone of healing for women’s issues as well as for pregnancy loss, tearing, and surgical birth.

DOLOMITE - A stone of courage. Dolomite instills self-confidence, banishes fear, and helps the wearer know that they can do anything they set their mind to.

FAIRBORN AGATE - A stone of fertility and birth. This is a very feminine gemstone which is used to treat nearly all women’s issues, both physical and emotional.

FELDSPAR - A woman’s stone of selfworth, sexuality, and reproduction.

GASPAITE - A stone for removing spiritual and emotional blockages and, as such, it can be useful in dispelling fears of childbirth. It instills self-confidence which may aid the journey toward birth.

HEMATITE - A stone of courage, it can be used to instill strength and bravery during childbirth. It is also said to prevent heavy bleeding and postpartum hemorrhage.

LARIMAR - Used to help with postpartum depression and can also relieve the stress and emotional strain associated with being a parent. It is also said to be good for pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia.

MALACHITE - Malachite has traditionally been used to help ease labor and childbirth. Malachite is also a wonderful stone for pregnancy and labor because it protects its keeper against the negativity and judgment of others. It also helps with emotional problems and overcoming past trauma.

MICROLITE - Promotes fertility and aids in conception and is also said to be especially good for women utilizing medical fertility treatments.

MOONSTONE - Moonstone is touted as a powerful lactation aid.

MOSS AGATE - This stone may be used to help reduce pain as well as to imbue the wearer with physical strength during the trials of birth.

OCEAN WAVE JASPER - Helps with pregnancy symptoms, especially morning sickness. Facilitates birth, breastfeeding, and mothering. It can also be used as a protective stone for babies.

ORANGE GARNET - Aids in fertility, pregnancy, and birth. It is also especially helpful in healing emotional trauma caused by sexual abuse, rape, and traumatic assisted childbirth events.

ORANGE-BANDED CALCITE - Used to treat nausea, insomnia, heartburn, and indigestion.

PEACH AVENTURINE - This stone is for aiding in the creative powers of conception and pregnancy and aids new mothers in creative feelings surrounding motherhood in general, helping a new mother more easily adapt to her new role.

PERIDOT - Often reported to aid in and ease childbirth. It can also prevent fatigue in labor and prevent postpartum depression.

PICTURE JASPER - Used to combat fear during birth. This stone is also used to relieve pain.

PINK CARNELIAN - This stone is used as an all-around stone for reproduction, specifically the emotional changes surrounding it. It promotes peace in motherhood and supports the birthgiver’s transition into family life as well as helping older siblings and the new baby transition into their new lives.

PINK CORAL - This is a good stone for all areas of childbearing including the prevention and easing of nausea, as a childbirth aid, working through fears of childbirth, as well as impending mother hood, and it promotes easy breastfeeding. This stone is also used to ease the newborn’s transition into the world and any physical and emotional unease in the infant. Pink coral can be used postpartum to prevent and aid postpartum depression. This gem is non-vegan.

RED GARNET - A stone of sexuality and fertility. This stone helps you connect with your sexual nature and can aid in tantric sex as well as sexual healing in pregnancy.

RED PACIFIC CORAL - Like pink coral, red coral is essential to women’s reproductive health and to emotional and spiritual aspects of childbirth. It is said to assist in an easy childbirth. It is also used to promote bonding between mother and baby as well as with her older children. It is said to draw a baby’s soul into its body during pregnancy. This gem is non-vegan.

RHODOLITE - (also called purple garnet, raspberry garnet, and almandine garnet) This stone pertains specifically to the perineum and female sexual and reproductive organs. It aids in conception as well as sexuality and sexual pleasure and so it may assist in orgasmic or pleasurable childbirth.

ROSE QUARTZ - This stone is emotionally healing and brings one in tune with their inner goddess. The gem quality is best to use as it is the most powerful. it helps with fear and promotes feelings of calm and acceptance. It can allow you to clear blockages caused by repressed emotions and feelings of self-doubt.

ROYAL IMPERIAL JASPER - An allaround stone for fertility, reproduction, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, postpartum issues, and also for the emotional well-being of the infant. It is one of the best stones for women’s reproductive health. It can be used to aid with breastfeeding problems as well.

SAGANITE - Promotes maternal feelings and aids in parenting.

SPONGE CORAL - This is said to be a good gem all-around for women’s reproductive organs at all stages of life including during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Coral is non-vegan.

UNAKITE - This stone is used as a fertility aid and is popular among midwives as an all-around stone for childbearing.

WHITE CORAL - This is used as an allaround stone for assisting in the emotional and spiritual development of children beginning from childbirth.

WULFENITE - Heals and cleanses the womb after childbirth or pregnancy loss.

YELLOW TURQUOISE - Promotes nurturing feelings and aids in parenting.

By Amber Seber