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10 Ways White People Get Racism Wrong by Paige Lucas Stannard

(This article is the second installment in a three-part series for white parents. In Part I I discussed why starting at an early age is essential. In Part II I’ll look at understanding the current landscape of racism. Finally, in Part III I’ll be providing anti-racism resources and answering parent questions about prejudice in kids. If you have a question, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me on Facebook.) Last month I made the case that one of the major roadblocks to dismantling racism is that white parents don’t talk about racism with their white kids. Or, they wait till they are teenagers, missing crucial periods when science tells us kids’ views of race are being solidified. The reality, we find, is that even babies notice race and children as young as four are developing stereotypes and

even prejudices about people of other races (often in direct opposition to the attitudes we’d share if we were talking about it with them). The task is clear that we can not wait and we can not remain silent on this important topic. Our kids need us to be talking about racism early and often. So, what next? I was going to dive into teaching empathy and diversity, offer some resources, and model some conversations but I’ve decided to push that into Part III. Why? Because there is another enormous roadblock we have to navigate around before those steps make sense. And here it is: most white adults know very little about racism and are overburdened with misconceptions about it.


June 2016  
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