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Leslie Goldman!

HNS Ambassador


Leslie Goldman is a great addition to our HNS Industry Ambassadors! Believing that life is much more than just the way a person looks, she is a Chicago-based women’s health writer whose work regularly appears in O: The Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, Self, Runner’s World, Natural Health and more. She’s the author of Locker Room Diaries: The Naked Truth About Women, Body Image and Reimagining the “Perfect” Body and a columnist for Her blog is and her website is Follow her @LeslieGoldman!

Why do you believe in Healthy is the New Skinny? Women of all ages are in desperate need of positive, empowering female role models. They/ we need to see examples of women embracing life, making changes and paving their own way – not because they look a particular way, but because they believe in themselves. HNS’ brand of self-esteem radiates from the inside out and shows young girls that there is so much more to them than squeezing into a certain dress size.

What makes you laugh so hard you cry? My husband. We were best friends for years before we took it beyond, and I remember being home from college during the summer and talking with him on the phone for hours. He would make me laugh so hard – the kind of laugh where you can’t breathe – and my mom would knock on the door and ask, “WHO is making you laugh like that?!” That was 17 years ago and he still makes me lose my breath laughing.

What do you want women to know? That they shouldn’t say anything to themselves that they wouldn’t say to their mother, sister, best friend, daughter, or any women they love. You would never call your grandmother a “fat cow,” or tell your friend her “butt looks hideous in a bathing suit,” would you? Of course not. So why is it OK to say those things to yourself? It’s not.

What is something people wouldn't know about you if they judged you off your appearance alone?

That I have an irrational fear of people mistaking me for a man. I’m 5’11” and typically the tallest girl in any given room. Growing up, I was always labeled “big,” and associated that label with being manly. I truly do adore being tall and wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I can rock a pair of high heels with the best of ‘em, but a small, insecure part of me still worries that strangers might somehow think I’m a guy. It’s absurd but…smart girls have been know to harbor irrational thoughts on occasion.

Think of your favorite picture of you as a child.... if you could go back to that day and give yourself a message, what would that be? The photo: Me at age 5, decked out in a glittery pink leotard and tutu, about to perform in an ice skating recital. I am absolutely beaming, just oozing pride, as I ham it up for the camera. I’d tell that sweet girl three things: 1) You are a rock star 2) You will forever love being the center of attention 3) Don’t ever lose your SPARKLE.

If you could go back in time to bring a message to your high school self.... what would you tell her and why? You are not fat. I beg of you, stop obsessing over calories and fat grams now and spare yourself decades of agony and damaging self-reproach. And I would tell her, as she sits in her Flag Girl uniform, that while the uber-popular girls in high school might seem to have it made, it’s the smart ones like you/me who end up happy and fulfilled.

“I do think change is possible, but only bit by bit. Every time we can reach a six-year-old and convince her she doesn’t need to go on a diet like she claims she does, we get one step closer to a happier world for women. Every time we can teach a high schooler that every ad she sees in magazines has been airbrushed beyond recognition, we get one step closer. Every time we can sway a woman from stepping on the scale when she knows the number will ruin her day, we get one step closer.” -Leslie

When you are alone and left with only your thoughts and dreams, what do you wish for? To start a family; for health and joy for my loved ones; for my mom to be able to walk again; to be a successful and respected writer; to stop despising my butt (the one part of my body I still have trouble embracing.)

If your inner beauty sparkled, what color would it be and why? R A I NBO W ! ! ! sometimes I’m feeling bright and sunny (yellow) or passionate (red) or goofy (orange). Occasionally, I’ll feel blue. I’m super-healthy (green) and can be a royal pain in the ass (purple).

What does being healthy mean to you?   Loving freely, laughing often, moving through the world making smart, empowering decisions, not sacrificing my principles, surrounding myself with positive energy and hugging and kissing whenever at all possible.

  What is your philosophy? It’s actually an Anais Nin quote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud grew greater than the risk it took to blossom.”

“Women of all ages are in desperate need of positive, empowering female role models. They/we need to see examples of women embracing life, making changes and paving their own way – not because they look a particular way, but because they believe in themselves.”- Leslie  


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Leslie Goldman HNS Ambassador