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Jennifer Leng

HNS Model Ambassador

Jennifer Jennifer is a unique, true beauty inside and out. Through some tough times, she has learned that there is no standard of beauty, and that confidence in yourself is the most attractive quality a girl can posses. Armed with a positive attitude and infectious sense of humor, Jennifer is committed to spreading the Healthy is the New Skinny message to girls everywhere.

Why do you believe in Healthy is the New Skinny? I believe in HNS because I know if HNS had visited my high school when I was a freshman, it would've changed my life. It would've made my life easier and helped me accept who I was a lot quicker. This movement is something that will help people that are struggling the way I used to, to get out of darkness and be happy. I believe Healthy is the New Skinny will impact many lives of those who are confused about their bodies and forcing change upon it by starving, pills, bulimia and more.  

I am who I am...I love that I stand out. 3

My Story...

In my freshman year of high school, I endured many hardships.  Being the one of very few not only tall, but chunky Asians, and also being a girl, it was hard. Typical Asian girls are small framed and skinny. Being the opposite of that and finally realizing how different I was, hurt my self-esteem. No matter how hard I tried, I was so self conscious. Eventually, I hit a depression stage. I lost all my friends and was alone, I had become an outcast. I didn't have anyone to tell me that I was beautiful the way I was. I started looking into diet pills, I hunched when I walked, I wore clothes that were baggy and tried to stay clear of any Asian. This was because when I saw an Asian girl who was skinny, it made me angry at myself for being different. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to do something, I had to survive high school. I didn't want to go through 4 years of my life being a social outcast. I joined the volleyball team and this changed my life. This team helped me overcome my issues with height and build because the girls on the team were as tall as me or even taller. I was comfortable there. I felt like this was where I belonged. Although I was able to leap out of being an social outcast, I still looked at the mirror every day wondering why I couldn't be skinny...

What changes would you like to see for your generation of women and the generations to come?

I would like to see women stop trying to "lose weight and be healthy" by taking diet pills, bulimia, starving themselves etc. If you want to be healthy and look healthy, have an active lifestyle. There are many small, fun steps to take to have an active lifestyle! Don't damage your body to try and “look good�.

What do you LOVE about being a girl? I love the fact that there are is such cute clothing, makeup, accessories, and shoes we can choose from. Yes, some may feel like its a lot of work, but I would like to differ! I love to dress in simple outfits that can be paired up with heels, or a couple accessories to complete my outfit. Makeup is fun to put on because you can use different colors to show how you feel that day. It's a form of expression. Being a girl has lots of perks, my list has only just started!

...If I were to be able to bring my past self a message, it would be to embrace who I am and be thankful for what I was given. I realized that yes, I am different and not a typical Asian girl, but I am grateful for all my features, my height and my build. I am healthy and happy and no matter what anyone says, I am who I am. Now, I love that I stand out.

For all the girls out there that are insecure about your looks, don't be. Every women blooms, you don't have to try so hard. Everything comes with time and as long as you accept who you are and are happy, it'll come quicker. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more people will feel it and notice it. Be confident, and you'll shine.�-Jennifer

Jennifer Leng Height: Tall Size: Healthy Weight: Who cares….. Representation: Natural Models

“Positive change is definitely possible. If you want it bad enough, strive for it, don't look back and keep fighting. With the right motivation and strength, anything is possible.” -Jennifer


Jennifer Leng HNS Model Ambassador