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Jamie Len Cumbo

HNS Sports and fitness Ambassador

Jamie Len At 23 years old Jamie was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and now feels that was the best thing that ever happened to her. It was because of that change in her everyday life that she developed a new way of thinking. Jamie started to think about all the things she wanted in life instead of all the things she didn’t want. She didn’t stop there, Jamie started believing in all of those things she was now seeing for herself. After struggling with her weight and unhealthy eating habits for as long as she can remember Jamie was able to find balance in her body and life. She decided to pick up a jump rope after hitting a plateau in her weight loss despite the stigma “jump roping is for kids.” She fell in love with jump roping and is now one of the best! Jamie landed herself in the most recent Nike commercials featuring amazing athletes and she is living the life she pictured with an amazing husband by her side.

“Beauty fades over time… and at the end of the day what matters is what’s left in your heart.”!

Why do you feel so passionate about Healthy is the New Skinny and the message it brings? I feel strongly about being part of this movement because I want to help young girls and women out there embrace their beauty- both PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY to live the healthiest life possible.  I wish someone would have sat me down years ago and taught me how to live a healthy life.  I struggled with my weight and a distorted body image for as long as I can remember and it actually took me getting cancer before I could step back and REALLY appreciate my health on a whole new level.  I am joining the HNS movement to make a positive impact in the lives of women by using the experiences I went through to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

“I have learned the greatest stories are the ones where people over came the odds and hardships with grace.  When those hard times hit… hang on… because something good is waiting on the other side.”!

If you could go back in time and give your younger self a message, what would you tell her? 1.  No matter how much you weigh, happiness doesn’t come from a number on the scale. 2.  Pursue something you are passionate about and you will find a way to make money doing it. 3.  You are the average of the people you are around the most…choose wisely. 4.  Do something every day to make someone else smile. 5.  Eat a healthy diet, exercise, write out your goals, and have a positive attitude with everything you do. 6.  Beauty fades over time… and at the end of the day what matters is what’s left in your heart. 7.  Wear sunscreen every day. 8.  Things are going to come your way that you think will be too big too handle, but I promise you, you will see those same experiences as the GREATEST things that ever happened. 9.  Always speak of others in a positive light. 10. Your husband is EVERYTHING you imagined!  

Why do you believe in Healthy is the New Skinny? I believe in HNS because we are teaching young girls and women not to compare themselves to unrealistic expectations of what society has told us is beautiful.  Seeing models who are5’10” and 100lbs is not realistic, nor is it healthy.   We should not base our self worth on how much we weigh or what size clothes we wear.  I believe in HNS and want to teach others that the number on the scale does NOT define who you are… your heart does. Do you think change is possible? Yes!  And one of the greatest quotes ever is “The only thing constant in life is change.” ~ François dela Rochefoucauld.   So GET USED TO IT!   If there is something you want to be changed- don’t delay!   If you have passion, a plan of action and are persistent… you can change just about anything.   Usually, fear keeps us from making changes.  The fear of messing up… fear of stepping out of your comfort zone… or fear of the unknown.  Once you get over whatever it is holding you back from making the change- that’s when MIRACLES happen.

Happiness is something you create for yourself. Happiness comes when you can look at your life and feel so blessed and content with the things and people in it that you wouldn’t trade your life with anyone!   When you are loved by others and have others to love… and knowing if you were gone tomorrow that you made a positive impact on others along the way.  That’s what happiness looks like.  Going through the medical problems I went through over the years- I have learned that NO ONE is promised tomorrow and try each day to impact someone’s life in a positive way.!

Jamie Len Cumbo Height: Pretty tall Size: Healthy Weight: Who cares….. Tell us something people would not know about you from your looks alone…. 1.  I just started jump roping a couple years ago! 2.  I have my own motorcycle and love to ride! 3.  I am a daredevil and always have been (I have gone bungee jumping, parasailing, skydiving, you name it!) I am always looking to try things out of my comfort zone, no matter what it is. If your inner beauty sparkled, what color would it be and why? “YELLOW!!! My theme song is “I’m Walking on Sunshine” and the color yellow seems to fit perfectly with the happiness I feel in my heart and the joy I have worked hard to find.”!



Jamie Len Cumbo HNS Ambassador