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Erin Henry

HNS Model Ambassador


Erin Henry was born in green Portland, Ore. and moved to New York city ten years ago. She has been modeling for fifteen years. She works in television commercials, and shoots with photographers such as Albert Watson. She is represented by Wilhelmina Models. She loves the daily adventure of her job as well as working with a diverse group of brilliantly talented people. Off camera, Erin devotes herself to pursuing holistic health, playing volleyball, traveling, yoga and supporting the New York Open Center. She is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor who has attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Teachers College Columbia University and is a current student of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. We are absolutely thrilled to have Erin on the HNS Team, she is true beauty from the inside out.

Why do you believe in Healthy is the New Skinny? I believe in it because the message that skinny means you're happy is completely untrue. I believed it for years, yet at my skinniest I was also more empty and miserable than I'd ever felt before because I put so much emphasis on being thin that I forgot about the truly important things in life. Healthy things like laughing with great friends, spending time in nature, visiting my family and taking good care of my body and mind.

We want to know why you feel this movement is important and why you want to be apart of this change? I want to be a part of the change because I want to break the false message that skinny=happy. I know a million skinny girls that are unhappy. I also know plenty of women that wish they had a bigger booty! Or larger breasts or smaller breasts or longer hair or longer legs. It's very easy to start wanting what you don't have. I found peace and happiness with my body when I began to have gratitude for everything it has given me and all of the places we have been together. If every woman realized that the women they envy on magazine covers probably has some body hang up like we all do, I think it would be safer for all of us to just be happy with the body we were given and take good care of it and love it up.

Happiness is feeling connection and love, beginning with yourself. It's learning to accept the package that you are and loving it!-Erin

If you could go back in time to bring a message to your high school self.... what would you tell her and why? I would tell her that no matter how hard you try, you're never going to be a size 4. It's genetically impossible and doesn't look good on you anyway. I would tell her this because I had some fantasy in my mind that this was an ideal size for me at the time. The modeling industry did put this in my head, but I wish I would have had the wisdom to realize that this was not realistic for my tall and athletic body. I would also tell her that some of the friendships you build there will be precious friendships forever, and all of the boys you fret over won't even be a blip on your radar once you get to college or wherever you plan to go after high school:) I would also tell her not to be afraid of success! Go after it and believe in your dreams. Enjoy the ride all the way because that is the part you will remember most fondly. I say this because there was a part of me that didn't feel like I was good enough to succeed, yet I was the only one who thought that. I was my own worst critic. You are good enough for success! I promise;)

What do you find to be the funniest thing about the modeling industry? There are many funny things.....Agencies rarely advertise a models real size to clients. I find that funny.  I find myself in funny places by myself on the way to jobs all the time looking around wondering what I’m doing there. That makes me laugh. I'm always getting naked in front of strangers, the clothes are usually either cut up the back to make them larger or pinned to death to make them smaller and the bras I model tend to be stuffed with what we call chicken cutlets:) 

What is the funniest, most awkward or embarrassing moment  you have experienced working as a model? Oh boy....So many as I've been modeling for 15 years! The most awkward were when I was younger and working as a straight size model and I was terrified to even go into my agency because every time they would pull out the measuring tape and tell me I was too big.  Definitely awkward! I've definitely tripped and fallen in plenty of high heels, had the skin ripped off my breasts because a stylist insisted on using duct tape as a bra and found myself naked on a piece of plexiglass shooting a tv commercial for an anti-cellulite cream while they were covering my bum and legs with very thick makeup to mask my cellulite. Those are all at the top.  I have learned that I am lucky to work on a daily basis with creative and inspirational people, yet most of us that have been doing it for a while have realized that the superficial things in the fashion industry aren't important in the big scheme of things. Getting attached to the superficial side of the business can be very destructive.  Things like family, friends, spiritual practice and health are what is important to me. 

Do you think if more girls and women understood the modeling industry, they would have a more clear perspective as to what is most important in their lives? #

I think if people knew it was not as glamorous as they imagined it, they would. The reality is that most of us travel a great deal, spend many nights alone in hotel rooms and are challenged keeping up with friendships and romantic relationships because we are always getting booked last minute and canceling plans. I'm not complaining because I'm grateful to be working right now because I love my clients and travel, but it is a job that takes a great deal of energy. You can be on location somewhere and in the makeup chair at 6am and working until the sun goes down. And it really is work. It can be a very solitary existence and when I'm in these situations I tend to always reflect about what is really important in my life.     

What do you want girls to know? Your health is something to be taken care of. Show your body love and honor it and it will take you on a beautiful ride through life. Give it proper nutrition and love it! It's the only one you will get:) Being healthy also means having healthy thoughts. Think of 3 things each day that you appreciate about yourself that don't have anything to do with your body. This is fun!

What changes would you like to see for your generation and the next generations to come? I would like to see people recognizing the importance of simplicity. It is very easy to become overwhelmed in the crazy world we live in today. Going back to simplicity a little more means spending more time in nature, sitting with yourself alone peacefully for a while and checking in with your thoughts, eating real and simple organic food, enjoying the company of those around you without your texting device sitting on the table. Going back to the simple things always brings me happiness and contentment. I stop sweating the small stuff, and I think that is true for most people. I think we've gotten away from that and I'd like to see that change.

Your health is something to be taken care of. Show your body love and honor it and it will take you on a beautiful ride through life.-Erin

What makes you laugh so hard you cry? Having a slumber party with one of my oldest girlfriends and laughing about how ridiculous we can be. For example...recently one of my friends taught me the art of passing gas completely silently. I’m pretty sure I shed a tear during that one. Then comparing dating stories always brings endless laughs. What do you love most about being a girl? That we get the best of both worlds. I can use my feminine side to be soft, gentle and graceful. But I can still be a strong, powerful woman and let my voice be heard. When you are alone and left with just your thoughts and dreams, what do you wish for?# I dream of writing an inspiring book! I also dream of traveling the world with a love and having a family one day.  # If your inner beauty sparkled, what color would it be and why?   It would sparkle between GREEN and BLACK. Green because I'm a nature loving country girl at heart, and black because New York City has made an imprint on me that I can't deny. I'm a balance of both.

Erin Height- Tall Size- Healthy Weight- Who Cares… Representation- Willhelmina Models and Milk Model Management, UK. “I’m compassionate, easy to talk to and kind. This is important to me because it helps me deeply relate to myself and others in a meaningful and positive way.” -Erin


Erin Henry HNS Model Ambassador