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Frances Cordova

HNS Industry Ambassador


Frances is new to world of plus size modeling. She brings a unique look combined with true inner beauty and kindness to an industry in need of exactly that. Frances has been an active participant of the HNS blog and always sends amazing content to provide girls the perspective needed to make a lasting change in how they feel about themselves. We are so honored to have Frances as an HNS Industry Ambassador. “To me happiness is a feeling that permeates throughout your mind, body & soul. It feels so good, that you share the feeling with others on a day to day basis without realizing the impact it may have on them.� - Frances!

Why do you feel so passionate about Healthy is the New Skinny and the message it brings? There are so many reasons why I believe in 'HNS'. First of all, my mother told me a long time ago..."You will never be skinny. You’re healthy. That’s all you need to worry about!" I didn't realize back then how much of an impact that statement would make on my life. I love my body the way it is. I understand that it's mine for the rest of my life so I have to respect what it looks like, how it works and how it has evolved. It's always a work in progress and as I get older, I appreciate and enjoy my body more & more everyday! It's a great feeling to feel healthy.

Happiness is not a destination; it's an ongoing feeling that continues to grow as we accept & learn more about our own mind, body and soul. Happiness; it's a way

of life!!

If you could go back to high school and give yourself a message from the future what would it be and why? I would tell my high school self...It may not all make sense at this particular moment but one day, it will and when that day comes... You will be ready for anything! Wait, that's what I tell myself now...Hahhahhahaha... I guess, some things never change but that's what makes me who I am!!!Â

What makes you laugh so hard you cry? Everything! I think most people take life too seriously so I make it a point to enjoy life and find humor in any & every little thing. Life's too short to be serious AND you burn more calories when you laugh. Not to mention, you get less wrinkle lines!!! :P

What changes would you like to see for your generation of women and the generations to come?

“Pretty Time!”!

I want women to not take themselves for granted!!! I think too many women minimize their beauty inside and out. Ladies, take a compliment! It's okay, you're worth it! I want younger girls to know that although it's not always easy being yourself; there's only one you and nobody can be better at being you than YOU!!!  What do you LOVE about being a girl? What I love about being a girl is that I get to play dress up whenever I want! I call it “PRETTY TIME”! “PRETTY TIME” is when I or someone does my hair, make up and an outfit or outfits get picked out. Every girl should have “Pretty Time” built in to their week even if you’re not going anywhere! Schedule “PRETTY TIME” at least once a week. Us girls, deserve it!

“The Beautiful wo man”!

“I believe that change is inevitable! The fact that we have the ability to change the way women and girls perceive beauty, is a wonderful thing!

Looking in the mirror is so much more fun when you feel as beautiful as you are!”- Frances!

Frances Cordova Height: Tall Size: Healthy Weight: Who cares‌.. Representation: Natural Models

Tell us something people would not know about you from just your looks. I am Puerto Rican! Many people ask me where I'm from and when I respond, "I'm from Puerto Rico." They don't believe me, tell me I'm lying and ask me to say something in Spanish (like that's going to make it official!) LOL, I guess I don't fit the mold!!!

"Pues, que voy hacer?" Translation: "Well, what am I gonna do?" I told you I was Puerto Rican!!! ;)


HNS Ambassador Frances Cordova  

Frances Cordova represents Healthy is the New Skinny and the postive message it brings to girls around the world.

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