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Life Tracks ●

The Box

The Returning

Forest for the Trees

The Bridge Crossing Over

Clear Waters A Living Journey in Process...

The Box ●

What do you hold in yours? There are good things... But there are also other things too!

What is your story? A simple story of how your belief systems are created...

The Returning ●

“Re”...Back again, rebound, anew, to spring back, recoil... Yes, preparing yourself for your return to who you really are and not who you have been influenced to be... Takes some real honest work. This has been your responsibility all along! Igniting your ability to re-spond is key!

The Forest for the Trees ●

What if every tree in your forest were a situation or experience? All forests have a path that can easily become overgrown. One can easily lose their way within this maze of congestion when the path becomes no longer

The Bridge Crossing Over â—?


What do we have to do or abandon in order to cross over the bridge...What do we have to leave behind? Is it the countless conversations, over and over that lead us nowhere?

Clear Waters ●

All parts of the body should be honored. When one part is burdened, it diminishes the vitality and life of the others. How clear is yours?

Life Tracks Are your footprints still following you?

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Life Tracks...Are your's still following you?  

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