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Rug Care and Maintenance Click through the slides to know about the Do’s and Don’ts of rug care

Tip 1: Routine 

We recommend that your natural fiber rugs be thoroughly cleaned every six months or once a year, depending on the amount of traffic.

Make a cleaning routine and be fix to it.

Never take damages lightly

Tip 2: Vacuuming 

Use vacuum cleaners with suction and brushing capabilities.

Upright or canister type cleaners can both be used.

Pay extra attention to heavy traffic areas, which require more frequent cleaning

Special note for Shag Rugs and Wool Rugs 

You should vacuum your carpet regularly using an upright vacuum cleaner having a beater-bar action.

Everyday cleaning should be done by light shaking and brooming

Refer to care tags attached to your specific rugs.

Tip 3: Dealing with spills and stains 

Spills require immediate attention.

Liquids should be cleaned with an undyed cloth

Solid materials should be scooped out with spoon or spatula

Frequently turn cloth and keep it clean.

Never damp with water

Tip:4 Cleaning 

Rotate your rug and alternate the traffic pattern.

Don’t use hot water or wet shampooing procedures, it may cause shrinkage

Consult an experienced professional cleaner, if you are finding it difficult to do.

Rug care and maintenance  

The instructions about do's and don'ts of rugs and carpets so as to enhance the life of mats. Always get good rugs from genuine online store...