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Herbal Remedies For Stretch Marks

Many women are searching for herbal remedies to remove their stretch marks. With modern technology, stretch mark can be removed through cases surgery. This process is expensive and the treatment session takes up 4 to 5 sessions depending on the skin’s epidermis.

What are stretch marks? They are a type of scar caused by hormones impacting the elastin proteins in our skin.

What Causes it? Hormone changes in our skin are the cause. These hormone changes may be from pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or puberty. Periods of marked hormonal shifts often result in stretch marks.

Why don’t stretch marks heal over time? Like any scar, they will not simply heal on their own. The damaged elastin protein fibers in the skin which are the cause of the stretch marks will not heal over time. Some treatments are now available which can help improve stretch marks, however.

Can you prevent stretch marks? Herbal remedy is the best way you can choose. This herbal remedy will lessen the marks until they totally disappear.

Following the right procedure in using the herbal remedies will give the best results. These herbal remedies is made from natural ingredients. It helps in the restoration of elasticity of the skin.

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