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inspiring youth

a NATURAL HIGH revolution

Our mission is to inspire kids to live their natural high and reject drugs.


We speak the language of youth by using real stories from high-profile athletes, musicians and artists that show kids that pursing a natural high is way cooler than using drugs. Our vision is for kids to grow up with a steady stream of natural high messages, inspiring a culture of healthier, drug-free youth across the country.

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01: join the movement

“ There are much better ways to get high� Tony Hawk

. . y . . a s ends i r f l gir My

02 : knowing which way to go

TRUTH . it’s not so clear

But we know the truth. We know that the majority of people are not using. We know that drugs rob an individual of the chance to be happy, healthy and pursue their true passions in life. Who’s spreading that message?

r In ugs te o rve n nti TV. on.

During these years, kids are subject to mixed messages, both overt and subliminal about how they should act, who they should be friends with and what they should look like. Peers, celebrities and the media become the “go to” for what’s normal and cool. Through these influences a lie is told over and over again which youth begin to perceive as “truth” -EVERYONE IS USING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL and there aren’t any obvious negative consequences.

drug lot of famous s and t p hey are st eople use ill successful


The pre-teen and teen years are difficult ones filled with inevitable change. For many kids, adolescence is the beginning of a life path that leads to success and fulfillment. Unfortunately for millions of kids this path is derailed by alcohol and drug abuse.

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JUST SAY NO.. just doesn’t work

Prescription drugs aren’t dangerous, if they were, a doctor wouldn’t prescribe them!

2 In the last twenty years ago, since the “war on drugs” was declared, billions of dollars have been spent on reducing drug abuse, mostly on programs built around negative consequences and scare tactics which have mostly been proven ineffective and in some cases actually increased student’s curiosity. Sadly, there has been little to no effect on the rate of drug use and in many demographics including amongst youth, an increase has been found. 1

04 : use and abuse stats

lots of

ISSUES. 34% 35% 52% 77%


Many teens develop an

everybody’s doing it attitude about

of 8th graders have tried cocaine

drugs and alcohol; thinking consumption among their

of 14-yr olds have used illicit drugs

peers is frequent and normal.2

of high school youths have used illicit drugs of high school youths consume alcohol

1,500 teens abuse a

prescription drug for the first time every day

and alcohol portrayed on TV alongside positive role models ,


Sadly, youth who engage in alcohol and substance abuse face potentially devastating consequences. Studies show these youth are more likely to: • • • • •

become addicted experience short and long term negative health problems be involved in drug/alcohol related accidents experience family and financial hardships fall victim to suicide attempts and early death

Kids see drugs


they listen to their favorite musician sing about getting high4 and they see or read about their favorite celebrity in rehab.


Drug and alcohol abuse rob

hundreds of thousands of lives each year and that does not include the thousands of family members who are left with the devastation of losing a loved one.

06 : a better way

a positive

OUTLOOK> natural high

“The thing I enjoyed most about the Natural High DVD was that the people seemed real. They weren’t reading off a piece of paper saying, ‘Don’t do drugs’ just to get publicity. They really wanted to let kids know that it was okay to not have many friends because you choose to live a better life. It made me want to set my goals higher and not let anything hold me back. By finding my natural high I concentrate more on what I love doing and less on what I think would make me feel cooler. It makes me feel good about myself. ” natural high: SNOWBOARDING

Amanda, Student | Kern County, CA

dvd series

educator guides

social media

2 The Natural High® Program reaches kids in a positive, forward-thinking manner to empower them to make the right decision when faced with the very real opportunities to abuse substances. 2 We believe that it is not enough to tell kids to say “no” to drugs without giving them something to say “yes” to—a Natural High! 2 Natural High® is a powerful anti-drug, pro-passion prevention series which is provided free-of-charge to thousands of middle schools in the United States. The DVDs combat the misperceptions that “drugs are cool” and that “everyone does drugs” by using personal testimonies from today’s top athletes and performers who have chosen to live drug free and pursue their passion (e.g. natural high). 2 Our message works by telling kids the truth about who IS NOT using drugs and who IS pursuing natural highs! 2 Each film is accompanied by a classroom guide for educators to use to open up a dialogue with their students. Both the films and guides are research-informed, developed with the expertise of educators, prevention professionals and youth, and are designed for use in the classroom over one or multiple periods with students in 5th grade and higher.

08 : the dvd series

compelling stories.

INFLUENTIAL MESSENGERS. Mike Conley, Jr. NBA Player Natural High: Basketball

P.O.D. Grammy-nominated metal band Natural High: Music & Surfing

Tony Hawk World Skateboard Champion Natural High: Skateboarding

Travis Pastrana X-Games Gold Medalist Natural High: Extreme Racing

Paul Rodriguez, Jr. X-Games Gold Medalist Natural High: Skateboarding

Mya Grammy-award winning singer Natural High: Singing

Taylor Knox Pro Surfer

Natural High: Surfing

Tori Allen X-Games Gold Medalist Natural High: Climbing

Relient K Grammy nominated band Natural High: Music

Switchfoot Grammy nominated band Natural High: Music

Ray Barbee Pro Skater and Musician Natural High: Skating & Music

Timmy Curran Surfer / Songwriter Natural High: Surfing & Performing

Lisa Leslie WNBA All Star Natural High: Basketball

Darrin Henson Award winning dancer/choreography Natural High: Dancing

Willy Santos Pro Skater & Business Owner Natural High: Skating

Anna Rawson Pro Golfer Natural High: Adreneline

“The Natural High message is strong and real! Observations of my students confirmed what a great tool this is. Some students sang

with the songs, others agreed out loud with statements made in the video, and some made gestures showing their agreement, but most of all...they listened intently!”

Tanya, School Social Worker | Wauconda High School, IL

Gretchen Bleiler X-Games Gold Medalist Natural High: Half-pipe Snowboarding

Laird Hamilton Ocean Sports Pioneer Natural High: Surfing

Dave Downing Snowboarding Legend Natural High: Snowboarding

Wendy Fisher Extreme Skier/Skiing Champion Natural High: Big Peaks

Crazy Legs Hip Hop Legend Natural High: Dancing

Ricky Carmichael Motocross World Champion Natural High: Racing

Kelly Clark Olympic Gold Medalist Natural High: Snowboarding

Mr. Wiggles Hip Hop Legend Natural High: Popping

“My name is Jon Sundt and I started this video series because I lost my two little brothers to drugs. If you told me back in middle school that I’d lose both my brothers to drugs, I would’ve said, “No Way.” They didn’t think that getting involved in drugs would kill them, but it did. My message to you today is that if you think you can use drugs and get away with it, you really can’t. I’m here to tell you to find your natural high. You can choose life or death. Your natural high is life.”




NATURAL HIGH 4 Mike Conley, Jr. “There’s no question it’s gonna be tough to not do what your friends are doing. But if you can hold yourself to a different level than your friends, if you can put yourself on a higher level, take the higher road, they’ll still be your friends, and maybe your choices will influence them to not do what they’re doing.” :: Professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies

Lisa Leslie “When you decide to do drugs, it affects your sisters and your brothers and your mom, because we all have to experience a person being on drugs. Your goal should be to be a good citizen, to be a good person.” :: WNBA MVP for the Los Angeles Sparks and Olympic gold medal winner

Relient K “I’ve never heard of anyone that’s done like, heroin, or crack, or any of the stuff that it’s turned out okay. They’re like, ‘Hey, yeah, that was a cool time in my life when I did that.’” :: Matt Hoopes, American rock band Relient K

Anna Rawson “You can be anything you want. You just have to dream about it and want it and work hard and you can have anything.” :: Professional Golfer and Model, plays on the LPGA Tour

Paul Rodriguez, Jr. “My natural high is skateboarding. Whatever it is you do, just accomplishing something after trying it for weeks, months, days, hours, and finally you land a trick, and

finally you’re rolling away, it’s just amazing. It’s literally a buzz.”

:: Pro Skater and X Games Skateboarder Champion

Timmy Curran “When there’s people that you look up to that are in the wrong group it’s going to be real easy to give in and try something here and there, and next thing you know you’re just doing it full time. That’s when you watch your dreams slip away.” :: Musician and World Championship Tour Pro Surfer

Darrin Henson “Drugs are not an option for me, period. When people were out doing drugs I thought about it and I made a split decision in my head. I could do this, dance, which is what I wanted to do, or I could do that.” :: Professional Choreographer to Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys

NATURAL HIGH 2 Travis Pastrana “Anything that would affect my dreams is not something I want to do.”


:: X Games Motocross Champion

P.O.D. “You just gotta listen to your heart and know that you’re better than that.”

Tori Allen: “If I ever did anything as stupid as drugs, I would never be able to maintain my level of climbing in competition or my grades.”

:: Wuv Bernardo, Drummer, Grammy Nominated metal band P.O.D.

Switchfoot “It’s good to be able to think about the future. Even though sometimes at the age of 16 or 17, the age of 28 feels like a lifetime away. Every decision that I made when I was 16, has led me to where I am now.” :: Jon Foreman, Lead Singer, American rock band Switchfoot

Mya “Something about performing and creation has always inspired me and served as discipline and escape and a form where I could actually explore and be me.” :: Grammy Award winning singersongwriter

:: World Champion Climber

Dave Downing “You don’t need to do drugs to make life exciting.” :: Pro Snowboarder

Gretchen Bleiler “The secret to success is finding something you love – not drugs.”

:: 2010 X Games Superpipe Gold Medalist

Crazy Legs “I am drug free by choice. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to see a lot of my friends growing up in the Bronx going through a lot of struggles because of getting high and not being able to kick the habit; as well as losing friends to murder…that is enough of a deterrent for me right there.” :: Professional Breakdancer

Wendy Fisher “I get my high from big peaks and good friends.” :: Skiing & US Ski Team

Laird Hamilton “Your body itself is capable of producing chemicals that can you give you the best feelings you can have.” :: American big-wave surfer and model

Nina Heiberg “Having a passion will steer your life in the right direction.” :: Norwegian windsurfer

Tony Hawk “Choose your friends wisely.” “I realized early on in my life that drugs were not the way to go … There are much better ways to get high.” :: Professional Skateboarder and X Games Champion

Kelly Clark “I couldn’t be a professional snowboarder if I did drugs.” :: Professional Snowboarder & Olympic Gold Medalist

Ricky Carmichael “Drugs get you nowhere in life.” :: Supercross Champion

NATURAL HIGH 1 Tim Curran “Even when I talked to them (drug users) they just weren’t the same… just not all there.” :: Musician & World Championship Tour Pro Surfer

:: Professional Surfer and ASP World Tour Competitor

Malia Jones “Drugs must be really addicting because a lot of people I know who do them don’t even surf anymore.” :: Professional Surfer and swimsuit model

Willy Santos “I’m drug free because I feel better about myself. I think you have more power within yourself” :: Professional Skateboarder

Felix Arguelles “Never have tried, never plan on trying (drugs). Sitting back and seeing what it does to people is enough inspiration.” :: Professional Skateboarder

Ray Barbee “I wasn’t a pro skater but I knew that I might want to be one day. You have a good idea of knowing what’s going to help you and what’s going to hurt you.” :: Skateboarder and musician

Christiana Janssen “It’s hard because there are powerful people out there who want you to do it...I’ve had to say no everyday. You get stronger the more you say no.” :: Professional Surfer

our message is

:: Steffan “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente, acclaimed street dancer and choreographer

Taylor Knox “Drugs give you an artificial good feeling and that’s exactly what it is: artificial. You should be able to go out there and get the same exact feeling without drugs.”


Mr. Wiggles “Every person I know who’s died from drugs started with weed, cigarettes, or beer.”

10 : philosophy

powerful tools.

POSITIVE CHOICES. Our aim is to change the big misperception that “everyone’s doing it” by showing young people they can live a fun, exciting and successful life without drugs and alcohol by embracing their natural high.


Natural High® acknowledges that kids are smart, perceptive and capable of making good decisions when given the right information. As such, the Natural High program uses a positive, youth relevant and honest approach to empower kids to make the right decision about pursuing their passion and rejecting drugs.


Our message is unique in that it does not simply “take” from kids their choice to use drugs, but rather it fills that void with an incredible alternative to pursue the things they truly love, their natural highs. As Darrin Henson, choreographer in Natural High® 3 stated, “It isn’t about just saying “no” to drugs; it’s about saying “yes to life, and “yes” to your Natural High! Students who engage in healthy activities greatly reduce their risk of engaging in drug abuse!5


Celebrities’ behavior and their endorsements have a strong influence over teens, reinforcing popular beliefs or making unpopular beliefs more palatable6. Through the Natural High® Program kids listen when their heroes tell the true stories about their own lives and the choices they made when they were young. The message: it is much cooler to pursue a life without drugs and alcohol!

“I took the advice of the athletes in Natural High and now I use my natural high (soccer) to stay drug free and solve my problems. Before I saw

Natural High I didn’t have a cool way to stay drug free,

like natural highs. I will always keep the words of those athletes in my mind.”

Adam, Student | Kern County, CA

12 : education

powerful partners.


We believe the best time to reach kids ages 10-15 with an anti-drug, pro-passion message is before they try or get hooked on drugs. With school being one of the last places where a kid is in his/her seat for an uninterrupted period of time, Natural High速 partners with educators nationwide to reach the most kids and deliver the message powerfully. With accompanying curriculum, educators are empowered to hold open and honest discussions that help youth put the Natural High速 message into the context of their life. In this way, the program is not just kids watching the Natural High速 video, but a discussion in which kids talk through their thoughts with the peers in their class or local community. As a testament to our success in schools, the Natural High速 Program was recently chosen as the primary drug prevention content for Red Ribbon Week in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

“Thank you for this program. I packed 120 6th graders into a room this morning and teachers were absolutely amazed with how quiet they were while I talked about my natural high and then showed the Natural High® 3 video. I am showing Natural High® 4 video to my other school and I have 4th through 6th graders coming at three different times to see it. The newspapers have caught wind that we are doing this, and they love that there is a program other than our DARE program that is now being taught to students. So Thank you...Thank you...Thank you for creating a program that is not only inspirational to kids but to adults who hear this message as well. God Bless.”

Robert W. Kinghorn, School Counselor Kaysville Elementary | Samuel Morgan Elementary

14 : expanding our reach



Multimedia is the most effective medium for reaching youth7. The main component of the Natural High速 program was intentionally developed in video format as video has been shown to improve youth interest and therefore improve engagement in programs8. Currently Natural High速 is developing new ways to engage youth using other forms of media including social networking, internet marketing, online video sharing and online community building.

the natural high website continues to generate interest with more than 1500 hits per day. launched april 2010.

Teachers have started their own websites to showcase their students’ natural highs. rkinghorn/Naturalhigh.html ?tr=y&auid=5958712

“I received a copy of Natural High last year FREE (I couldn’t believe it)! As a school counselor I lead the Red Ribbon Anti-Drug week activities at our school and I showed the video to my 4th graders. They loved it. It really is the

best anti-drug material I’ve ever seen in almost 30 years of education.”

Suzanne Duperock, Counselor Robert E. Lee Elementary School, VA

The 2010 Natural High Video PSA contest started September 2009. Hundreds of videos are pouring in from the students. Thousands of viewers are tuning into YouTube to watch. The movement has begun. NaturalHighNetwork

16 : program results


are clear.

With limited resources and a small staff, we have had remarkable local and national success.

8,000 2,000,000 50 77% educator network

Used in all

youth see the video annually


of youth reported that the film encouraged them to find a

natural high and reject drugs and alcohol.

We have received thousands of letters from kids who have been impacted along with positive feedback from principals, counselors and teachers who, over and over, tell us Natural High® is the best tool they have had in their many years of teaching. Thanks to the Natural High® program 2,000,000 kids are growing up with the real truth: Everyone is NOT using drugs, including their heroes and peers, and in fact, discovering and pursuing a natural high is way “cooler” and healthier.

“I’m a proud supporter of the Natural High® video series. This program is worthy of support because it’s positive approach to substance abuse prevention engages both the hearts and minds of kids.” Barry McCaffrey, Former Director of White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

“Every night I’m home, bedtime routine with my 10 year old is for me to ask her what was special about her day. She told me all about your video and she really enjoyed it. Thanks for all that you do! John, Parent | San Diego, CA

“The Natural High DVD inspired me to continue choosing my natural highs of music and writing over drugs. These things are my escape and I learned that I don’t need drugs to do that for me. It was cool that even famous people chose the alternative, even if it did mean losing a friend or being an outsider. It’s all worth it in the end.” Spring, Student | Ridgeville Middle School, TX

The responses continue to pour in. This is just a sampling of the teacher, school, and parent requests for information.

18 : the educators, the kids, the families, the communities


Natural High® puts youth ages 10-15 on a path to being successful in life before they even consider doing drugs. The change can be dramatic. What could have been a life of struggle with addiction, health issues and incarceration, instead can be a life spent pursuing true passions and achieving full potential.

Schools and Educators

With increased budget cuts and decreased time to teach, many teachers have been forced to utilize outdated materials which do not hold students’ attention or skip drug prevention education altogether. The Natural High® program provides educators with high quality free prevention resources that are research-informed, relevant to kids and easily structured to fit any time allotted.

Larger Community

The $1 trillion dollar annual problem9 of substance abuse affects us all. With the Natural High® message, society as a whole benefits from more youth avoiding drugs and instead pursuing their natural highs. Benefits include: • More productive members of society • Lower costs for health care, law enforcement, incarceration and treatment • Lower crime rates • Higher education rates • Healthier families

“Whenever students go up to perform during our quarterly Natural High® performances, other kids clapped and praised them, not because they were the best singers or dancers or writers but because they had the courage to get on the stage and say ‘I’m drug free and this is my natural high.” Tina Elliott, Principal Euclid High School | OH Tina Elliott, Principal Euclid City Schools | OH

Angela Flowers, Social Worker Euclid City Schools | OH

“The students loved it. It really made them think about their future and they discussed more after watching this movie than any other time. You have helped students see that drugs are a dead end street and my students were so excited to see those professionals and know that they can make it in life if they will stay drug free too.” June Furlough, Counselor Union Grove Elementary | AL

20: room for growth

OPPORTUNITY. According to United States government stats there are about

25 million kids less than 10%

in the US between the ages of 10-15 years old,

have been exposed to the Natural High® program.

We believe the time is now to scale Natural High/ Sundt Memorial Foundations’s

more kids more often multiple channels

efforts to reach and from



With an established Educator network, statewide partnerships and a successful track record of producing and distributing prevention DVDs that are being integrated into school curriculum, we have the tools in place to expand our reach at a low cost while maintaining our high effectiveness.

new media celebrity role models educator network We will build on our three strengths in


and an engaged

to make Natural High® the leading drug

prevention resource in the coming decade.

our message is for everyone. 25million youth aged 10-15 years old in the USA today





2010 2011


Youth reached by Natural High速






less than 10% of youth have been reached with Natural High速 program





Youth Age 10-15 USA (in millions)



Youth to hear Natural High速 program based on projected growth

22: reaching all kids

CLOSING THE GAP. Starting in 2010, Natural High速 is embarking on a 5-year Strategic Plan to scale our efforts from 2,000,000 kids annually to reach

12,000,000 kids annually

and increase our effectiveness at influencing each of them to pursue a natural high and reject drugs.

We have completed a careful Strategic Planning process involving constituents from

parents, teachers, administrators, donors, staff, volunteers, board of directors and youth.

across our organization including

With consideration of the input of everyone involved we believe the following strategies will achieve our goals

1 2 3 4 5 6 •

Engage a dedicated Program Manager to grow the Natural High Educator Network from 8,000 to 20,000 members by 2015.

Engage youth through the creation of a new bimonthly online video series and other new technology initiatives.

Produce and distribute Natural High 5 DVD in 2011 and Natural High 6 DVD in 2013.

Develop strong, diverse talent connections.

Engage parents through the new Natural High Parent Network.

Enhance our system for measuring the quality and effectiveness of our programs.

5-year Strategic Plan

24: expanding our reach

GOING TO SCALE. $1,600,000 To pursue this strategic plan, the Sundt Memorial Foundation has the following financial needs: Year

$1,400,000 $1,200,000

Total Budget

2010 $610,000


2011 $700,000 2012 $850,000


2013 $1,100,000 2014 $1,500,000

$600,000 $400,000 $200,000 $0

2010 2011 Existing Funding



New Funding Required


Natural High

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Natural High Founder’s Circle has been created to pull together a select group of like-minded individuals and families that share our passion for putting kids on the path to personal success. This group of 10-12 leaders will ensure the Sundt Memorial Foundation has the financial support to grow so we can serve 12,000,000 kids annually within five years. The collective goal of this group is to contribute or raise the supplemental funds that SMF needs to achieve its goals through 2014. It is with this result in mind that we ask you to consider a gift to the Sundt Memorial Foundation. In recognition of the lasting impact of your generous contribution, we will acknowledge your support in many ways, including: • On future Natural High DVDs, on our website, in our eNewsletter, in our Annual Report and at our Gala • In a press release following the securing of all Natural High Founder’s Circle Members • Opportunity to attend a Natural High Speaking Event • Personal Commitment Memento The Natural High® Founder’s Circle is an opportunity to change the lives of millions for the benefit of ids everywhere, their families and our communities.

references 1 :: Prevention First (2008). Ineffectiveness of Fear Appeals in Youth Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention. Springfield, IL: Prevention First. 2 :: Perkins, H. W. & Craig, D. (2003). The HWS experiment: A synergistic social norms approach using print, electronic media and curriculum infusion to reduce collegiate problem drinking. In H.W. Perkins (Ed.) The social norms approach to preventing school and college age substance abuse: A handbook for educators, counselors, and clinicians (pp.35-64). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 3 :: Roberts, D., Henriksen, L. & Christenson, P. (1999) Substance Use in Popular Movies and Music. Sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 4 :: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds. A Kaiser Family Foundation Study. April 2010 5 :: Zill, N., Winquist, N., Loomis, L. (1995). Adolescent Time Use, Risky Behavior and Outcomes: An Analysis of National Data. Prepared by Westat, Inc for the For the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, US Dept of Health and Human Services. 6 :: The Impact of Characters & Celebrities on Kids & Teens. Conducted by E-Poll Market Research July 2006 7 :: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds. A Kaiser Family Foundation Study. April 2010 8 :: Sussman S, Rohrbach LA, Patel R, Holiday K.(2003) A look at an interactive classroom-based drug abuse prevention program: interactive contents and suggestions for research. Journal of Drug Education. 33(4):355-368.

Natural High / Sundt Memorial Foundation 7817 Ivanhoe Avenue | Suite 304 La Jolla, California 92037 858.551.7006 858.551.1855

Chad Butler | Switchfoot

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debate parents my life pets fashion comedy school math science english working on cars rodeo poetry hunting four-wheeling drama making music listening to music the environment the beach cooking

snowboarding volleyball beading astronomy gymnastics motocross exploring animals theme parks movies collecting stuff

Natural High / Sundt Memorial Foundation 7817 Ivanhoe Avenue | Suite 304 La Jolla, California 92037 858.551.7006 858.551.1855

7817 Ivanhoe Avenue | Suite 304 La Jolla, California 92037 858.551.7006 858.551.1855

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