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The Natural Grace Organic Clarifying Facial Treatment is a deep cleansing and highly stimulating facial designed to be used without electrical components to maintain the purity of an “allnatural” facial treatment. You may incorporate the use of equipment of course but the products will help you accomplish your goals without and it is the perfect choice for clients who have common contraindications to certain esthetic treatments. Clients who have pacemakers, metal plates, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, or are pregnant, can safely enjoy any of the Natural Grace Organic Facials. The following facial protocol is meant for acneic, oily, normal to combination skin and will yield superior results if followed accordingly. At the Esthetician’s discretion, extractions can be performed where noted. Natural Grace Clarifying (Anti-Acne) Facial Protocol 1. Prepare guest on table with a head towel wrap and plenty of warm blankets. 2. Begin with a Rosemary Essential Oil hot towel wrap. *Apply 2 drops per towel only. Too much can irritate the skin. 3. Cleanse skin with Clarifying Face Wash. 4. Tone skin with cotton pads saturated in Clarifying Face Toner. 5. Analyze Skin to determine which exfoliant and mask to use. 6: Gently apply and work in exfoliating AHA Cream Cleanser under steam. *See below 7. Warm a generous amount of Calendula Herbal Oil onto palms. Perform neck and shoulder massage, including the décolleté. 8. Remove AHA Cream Cleanser with Rosemary Essential Oil hot towels. 9. (OPTIONAL) Perform extractions and blot with toner. 10. Warm Calendula Herbal Oil in palms and perform facial massage. 11. Cover eyes with warm cotton pads and apply Pretty Girl Mud Mask. Optional~ Lay Herbal Eye Pillow over cotton 4*4 while the mask sits. 12. Perform an uplifting hand and arm massage using Mandarin Lime Silk Body Lotion. 12. Remove mask with hot towels. 13. Tone skin with cotton pads saturated in Clarifying Face Toner. 14. Apply Clarifying Serum. 15. Finish with Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15 for additional sun protection if necessary. Upon completion of the facial, help your client to sit up and at this time, leave the room for them to dress. During this interim, you can prepare a list of recommendations for homecare. This will help your client to continue to see results from the facial. Listed below are homecare suggestions: 1. Clarifying Face Wash 2. Clarifying Face Toner 3. Clarifying Face Serum 5. Pretty Girl Mud Mask 4oz. *(Step 2) Take a wet heated hand towel and apply one to two drops of essential oil to the middle of the towel. Carefully wrap around your client’s face, leaving the nose and mouth uncovered. Encourage your client to breathe deeply, inhaling the beneficial aroma of the essential oil. *(Step 6) Add a small amount of jojoba seed meal or other micro exfoliants to AHA Cream Cleanser for optimum results. Allow mixture to sit on face under steam for a few minutes. Remove. Products to perform this treatment may be purchased online at

Clarifying Lemon and Tea Tree Anti Acne Facial Protocol  

Anti Acne Facial Protocol by Natural Grace Organics

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