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Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

FROM THE OWNER TAMARA LASCHINSKY In 2009, I started the company Natural e GREEN. Designed to help others get easy access to nontoxic products, the business quickly expanded from serving our local area, to helping customers across the world. At Natural e GREEN, we believe that buying nontoxic products should be available to everyone and that people shouldn’t have to go to multiple stores to get what they want. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask and we’ll see if we can get it in for you. Feel free to send us your feedback and questions, Natural e GREEN was built on customer suggestions and we are always changing to bring you the best products we can offer! Thanks for shopping with Natural e GREEN! Tamara Laschinsky

Note - We aim to keep most of our pricing BELOW the Suggested Retail Price and often we are offering various specials and deals. To keep it simple, this catalog does not contain pricing. For current pricing, promotions & specials please visit our website!

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346





Beautiful Basics


Carina Organics




Finesse Home Oils



38 - 44

Hopscotch Kids


Kogi Naturals


Lip Labz


Native Remedies


Nature’s Paradise Organics


Nature’s Sunshine Products


Omega Nutrition


PAWZ Pet Care


Pur Noisetier (Hazelwood)


Pure Anada

20 - 27



Raw Elements


Rocky Mountain Soap






Scotch Naturals




Green Gift Guide

28 - 37

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

TABLE OF CONTENTS - CATEGORY Air Fresheners, Candles & Aromatherapy

11, 16, 19, 36, 37

Baby Care

6, 7, 12, 13, 16, 31, 33, 34, 39, 40

Bath Products

6, 12, 16, 31, 32, 34

Cleaning Products

9, 18

Dental Care



6, 16


42, 43

Facial Care & Cosmetics

7, 78, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31

Gift Baskets & Gift Ideas

6, 16, 19, 28 - 44

Hair Care

8, 12

Hazelwood Necklaces & Bracelets


Kitchen Stuff

36, 40, 41

Lip Care

7, 13, 16, 30, 31, 32


8, 16, 18, 30, 31, 34

Men’s Stuff

6, 13, 16, 35, 42, 43

Mom to Be

6, 16,30, 31, 33, 34, 39, 40, 44

Nail Polish

10, 32

Nutrition & Diet

14, 15, 18

Perfumes & Body Mists

16, 19, 37

Pet Care


Shaving Products

6, 16, 35

Soaps, Washes & Body Scrubs

6, 8, 13, 30, 32,34

Spiritual Wellness (Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Music, Books)

19, 34, 36, 37

Sun & Outdoor Care

7, 13, 34, 41, 42


32, 39, 44

Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

14, 15, 18

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Top Chemicals to Avoid

Many of the products on store shelves contain ingredients that are ‘believed to be safe’ or have ‘some health concerns’. These ingredients have not been thoroughly tested to determine long-term effects nor have they been properly tested to see if they interact with other

1.Parabens 2.Coal Tar 3.PEGs 4.Siloxane


5.Petrolatum The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does set guidelines for manufacturers but the manufacturers are on an ‘honor’ system and are supposed to ensure they follow the guidelines BEFORE putting products on store shelves. (This isn’t always the case.) Often, the products you find on store shelves contain a variety of toxic ingredients and there are many instances where the level of the ingredient is higher than the allowable amount.

6.1,4 Dioxane 7.Fragrance/Parfum 8.DEA, MEA, TEA 9.Propylene Glycol 10.Sulfates (SLS/SLES) 11.Formaldehyde Releasers 12.DMDM Hydantoin 13.Oxybenzone 14.Triclosan

It is consumer awareness and education that has helped force

15.Methylisothiazolinone (Neolone 950)

more companies to be responsible and alter their formulas if necessary and this trend is continuing.

There are many more ingredients to watch out for and the ones above also go by various alternate names. By getting familiar with these 15 ingredients you will be closer to finding safer products when you are out shopping at the store!

Thank you for wanting to make a difference and for looking for safer alternatives for you and our environment!


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

All Things Jill For Mom & Baby Baby Bum Balm 120 g All Better Aromatic Chest Balm 50 g Milky Way Herbal Oatmeal Wash Peas in a Pod Organic Baby Wash 250 mL Peas in a Pod Organic Refill Wash 500 mL Nipple Butter Firm Belly Oil 65 g 5 Minutes Peace Bath Soak 450 g Hand & Body Lotion - Zen 250 mL Mineral Bath Soak - Zen Lotus 690 g

Personal Care Deodorant - Sandalwood & Vetiver Deodorant - Bergamot & Rose Honey Therapy Body Polish Honey Therapy Bath Truffles

For HIM! Shaving After-Spritz Shave Brush Shave Oil Shaving Cream Body Wash




1. Just for Jack Gift Pack 2. Zen Yoga Gift Pack 3. Honey Gift Pack 4. Bamboo Baby Wash Cloth 5 pack set 5. Luscious Bum Diapering Kit 6. Mom to Be Survival Kit 7. Baby & Me Peapod Gift Set 3 8. Sole Delight Foot Therapy 9. TREK Outdoor Kit




7 8

Natural e GREEN Catalogue

9                                                                              403.980.6346


Badger Sunscreen:

Balms & Rubs:

Baby Sunscreen - SPF 30 Unscented - SPF 30 Regular - SPF 30

Baby Diaper Balm Chest Rub Muscle Rub After Sun Balm

Face Stick - SPF 30 Lip Balm - SPF 15

Vanilla Lip Balm

Beautiful Basics Facial Care Green Clay Mask Facial Scrub Facial Oil

Outdoor Care Outdoor Harmony - 4oz Outdoor Harmony - 8oz

Raw Elements Sunscreen: Sunscreen Face Stick


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Carina Organics Shampoo


Baby Shampoo & Wash

Cool Mint Daily Light Deep

Extra Gentle Daily Light Anti-Dandruff

Other Hair & Body Care Styling Gel Hair Spray


Botanical Skin Cream


PAWZ - Pet Care Whitening & Brightening Shampoo Tree Tar Shampoo Deodorizing Shampoo Tree Essence Cream Ear Cleaner

Suncoat Hair Care

Eye Liner


Styling Gel Styling Mousse Hair Spray Hair Spray - Fragrance Free

Black Brown Navy Blue Jade Smoke Purple

Black Brown Navy Blue

Anti-Frizz Calming Serum

Eco-Me Foaming Hand Soaps 4oz (150 uses) Wild Jasmine Citrus Sage Fresh Mint Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346



Emily - Scrub Cleaner

Suzy - Dish Soap

Dave - All Floor Cleaner

Bill - All Purpose Cleaner

FAMILY Pack Set! Includes 1 of everything including your choice of scent for foaming hand wash

Emma -Laundry Soap Phil - Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Matt - Carpet Deodorizer


Natural e GREEN Catalogue

Kate - Wood Polish

Jack - Stainless Steel Cleaner                                                                              403.980.6346

Hopscotch Kids Non-toxic nail polish with beautiful color and hard finish!

Ice Cream Soda Pop

Teddy Bear

Bubble Gum

Red Rover

Three Sailors Went to Sea

Say Say Oh

Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star

Glitter Top Coat

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

I’m a Little Dutch Girl


Scotch Naturals

Base Coat

Bitter ‘n Twisted

Tartan Swizzle


Klondike Cooler

For best results use base & top coat for longlasting, pro-looking nails! Remover Top Coat

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Crystals - to use in diffusers

Finesse Oils

Apple Cinnamon Grapefruit & Lime Vanilla Ice Cinnamon & Orange Coconut Vanilla Sandalwood & Amber Tangerine & Pomegranate Jasmine Thai Lemongrass

Electric Diffusers

No Mess Crystals! They don’t melt, are biodegradable, and easy to clean. Add to diffuser or put into jar!

Simply plug in, adjust heat & light, add crystals and enjoy the scent!

Sleepy Time!

Reed Diffusers 100% Essential Oil Fragrance!

Lavender Sleep  Stones  -­‐  Place   open  by  bed  and  let  the   relaxing  scent  of  French   Lavender  help  you  relax!

•Cranberry Vanilla •Vanilla Ice •Jasmine •Coconut Vanilla •Sandalwood & Amber

Snoreox Snoring Problems?   Open  jar  when  you  sleep  and  let   the  fragrance  of  marjoram  and   other  oils  help  you  (or  your   partner)  stop  snoring  so  loudly!


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Kogi Naturals Kids & Baby Shampoo & Conditioner:

Bubble Bath & Lotion:

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Baby Body Lotion

Kids Shampoo - Tangerine Kids Shampoo - Unscented

Bubble Bath - Unscented Bubble Bath - Tangerine Bubble Bath - Fairy Whispers

Kids Conditioner - Tangerine Kids Conditioner - Unscented

Lotion - Tangerine Lotion - Fairy Whispers

Baby Diaper Care: Baby Diaper Balm - 35 g Baby Diaper Balm - 120 g Baby Diaper Rash Soap

Hair Care Shampoo 240 mL: Shampoo - Rosemary & Mint - 240 mL Shampoo - Tea Tree - 240 mL Shampoo - Pink Grapefruit - 240 mL Shampoo - Unscented - 240 mL Shampoo 500 mL: Shampoo - Rosemary & Mint - 500 mL Shampoo - Tea Tree - 500 mL Shampoo - Pink Grapefruit - 500 mL Shampoo - Unscented - 500 mL

Conditioner 240 mL: Conditioner - Rosemary & Mint - 240 mL Conditioner - Tea Tree - 240 mL Conditioner - Pink Grapefruit - 240 mL Conditioner - Unscented - 240 mL Conditioner 500 mL: Conditioner - Rosemary & Mint - 500 mL Conditioner - Tea Tree - 500 mL Conditioner - Pink Grapefruit - 500 mL Conditioner - Unscented - 500 mL

Bubble Bath & Lotion Bubble Bath: Lavender Lemongrass & Eucalyptus

Natural e GREEN Catalogue

Lotion: P.O.T Hemp Lotion Lavender Organic Mandarin Orange                                                                              403.980.6346



Kogi Naturals

Calendula Shampoo & Body Bar

Soaps Moor Mud Facial Bar

Sweet Birch & Mint

Baby Diaper Rash Soap Hemp Tea Tree Complexion Hemp Lemongrass Eucalyptus Hemp Lavender Hemp Patchouli Hemp Unwind

Diaper Rash Soap

Goats Milk Mountain Garden Calendula Shampoo & Body Bar Carrot & Honey Kaleidoscope Moor Mud Facial Bar Rocky Mountain Pine Sweet Birch & Mint

Carrot & Honey

Foaming Soaps and Refills

Laundry Stain Bar

Outdoor Care

Outdoor - Bug Lotion Outdoor - Bug Spray

Lip Labz Balms:

Check out our GIFT packs too!

Lemon-Lime Watermelon Peach Mango Tints: Fairy Dust Crushed Velvet Bronze Age Flare Pink Lotus


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Acidophilus-Bifidobacterium Collatrim Powder Echinacea & Golden Seal Essiac E-Tea Focus ATN Green Zone Capsules Green Zone Powder Lobelia Extract Nutriburn Protein Powder Organic Superfood Powder Rosehips Energy Drink Mix Packets Nutrition Drink Mix Packes Weight Management Drink Mix Packets Tio He Pak Detox Kit TNT Nutritional Drink Mix Powder Super Trio Vitamin Supplement Zambroza Anti-Oxidant Drink AD-C Combination Herb Fat Grabbers Combination Tablets

Good health begins with good nutrition and helping your body get strong. We have a variety of supplements and natural remedies available.

Check our website for availability and pricing plus ingredients and recipe ideas!

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Native Remedies For Kids

Formulated with natural ingredients, these herbal remedies have no side effects and can be used to help you with your symptoms - naturally.

Focus Formula Mindsoothe JR Brightspark Sleep Tonic Congesto Spray E-Cream HayFever Fighter AllergiClear SOS HistaDrops

For Adults Focus ADDult Brightspark Mindsoothe Capsules NicoTonic Stop Smoking Crave RX Drops Diabetic Tonic Ikawe for Men Thanda Passion Booster (for her) Slimmer’s Assist HayFever Fighter AllergiClear SOS HistaDrops Acid Free Flux BioVent Drops Triple Complex Calm Tonic Triple Complex Mood Tonic Easy Air Travel Verti-Free

Check our website for availability and pricing plus ingredients and success stories!

We can also bring in other items you need, we usually receive orders once a month from this supplier so please feel free to contact us if something is not in stock.


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Rocky Mountain Soap Soaps & Washes

Soaps & Washes

Hand & Body Wash - Geranium Hand & Body Wash - Lavender Hand & Body Wash - Lemongrass Foot Scrub Alpine Air Pumpkin Patch Patchouli Baby Bear Unscented Orange Citrus

Lavender Fields Honey & Oatmeal Scrub Cinnamon & Sweet Orange Spearmint Cedarwood & Fir Grapefruit

For HIM! Men’s Bar Shave Soap Men’s Body Soap Men’s Body Wash Men’s Deodorant Men’s Dry Scalp Shampoo Bar

Lips Lip Tints Lip Plumps Lip Scrubs

Personal Care Deodorant - Blossom Fresh Deodorant - Forest Deodorant - Natural *unscented Body Butter - Unscented/Eczema Foot Butter

Aromatherapy & Perfumes Roll ons: Headache, PMS, Jet Lag, Cold & Sinus Room Sprays: Sensural, Sleep, Cold & Flu, Hot Flash Perfumes: Pink Lotus, Jasmine, Mountain Butterfly

GIFTS & Seasonal Items Candy Cane Vanilla Organza Candy Cane Vanilla Medium Box Mandarin Orange Box Set Lip Butter - Mandarin Orange Lip Butter- Candy Cane Vanilla Hand & Body Wash - Candy Cane Vanilla For Baby For Mom Gardener’s Set Organza bags: Lavender, Lemongrass

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Sizing Guide

Pure Hazelwood

11 inch: 0-2 years 13 inch: 2-4 years 14 inch: 4-12 years

Kids & Baby 11, 13, 14 inch

18, 20 and 22 inch: Teens & Adults


Note: 11 and 13 inch have ‘breakaway’ clasps that break open when 20 lbs of pressure is placed on them. Other sizes have regular clasps.

Amber & Brown

Teens & Adults 18, 20, 22 inch Necklaces Amber & Brown

Used for centuries for teething

Double Bracelets 6,7 & 8 inch Black & Hematite Natural & Brown All Brown

babies, you can use these for a variety of health problems!

Other fashions available in limited quantities, please check website for details and available options!

Eczema, Acne, Heartburn, Headaches & More!

Xlear Toothpaste Fluoride Free - Cinnamon Fluoride Free - Peppermint Baby Tooth Gel - Fluoride Free


Natural e GREEN Catalogue

Mints Cinnamon Lemon Burst                                                                              403.980.6346

Natures Paradise Organics

Organic Coconut Hand Sanitizer

Organic Shea Butter Diaper Cream


All Purpose Concentrate Rosemary & Peppermint

Laundry Detergent Rosemary & Peppermint

All Purpose Concentrate Grapefruit & Bergamot

Dish Soap Rosemary & Peppermint

Omega Nutrition Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 283g With the taste & scent of coconuts!

Organic Coconut Oil 454g No taste or smell. GREAT for baking!

VERY healthy - you can use coconut oil in place of butter, margarine and oil when cooking or baking. Add to drinks or yogurt to boost immune health, metabolism and fight off colds! Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Quanta Cds


Celestial Reiki - CD1 Celestial Reiki - CD2 Bedtime Meditation - Kids AM & PM Meditation - Adults Angel Bear Yoga - Kids Child Angel Music for Mom & Baby Mediation for Starters Tibetan Bowl Music

Parenting Children of Now You Can Heal Your Life Complete Book of Traditional Reiki Reiki Bible Working With Crystal Wands Crystal healer Crystal Bible Chakra Bible ABCs of Chakra Balancing

Soy Candles & Essential Oil Diffusers Perfumes & Incense

Bamboo (Lemongrass, Verbeen, Forest Himalayan Orange Spice) Reclaimed Glass (Lemongrass, Verbeen, Forest & Himalayan Orange Spice) Bone China - Egg Shape Deep Summer soy candle Weed Diffusers 15 mL and 50 mL (SPA, Himalayan Orange Spice, Serenity)

Attar Oil Perfumes: JIVA (Jasmine) MANJARI (Amber & Violet) PREMA (Sandalwood & Rose) TILAK (Orange Blossom & Honey) Incense hand rolled sticks: GOVINDA (Sandalwood Safe & Lavender) HARI (Amber & Sandalwood) MATSYA (Rose & Jasmine) NARASIGHNA DEV (Frankincense Champa)

Crystals & Reiki Tools Crystals Starter Kit Crystal Wand 7 Chakra Crystals Reference Charts Sage Smudge with Myrrh Smoky Quartz Necklace & Pendant Chakra Charts


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Cosmetics & Mineral Makeup

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Choosing Your Colors!


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


WARM: Northern Light, Ivory Chinook, Soft Wheat, Mountain Sunset, Amber Honey NEUTRAL: Atlantic Bisque, Sunkissed Canadian, Pacific Tan COOL: Artctic Alablaster, Prairie Rose, Beige in Banff

OLIVE: Flaxen Field, Niagara Fawn YELLOW: Golden Harvest, Yukon Gold Rush, Gold Sunrise GLOBAL: Caramel, Cappucino, Maple Sugar, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Swiss Chocolate, Cocoa Ebony

BRUSHES 6 piece Vegan Set (makes a great gift too!)

Vegan and long-lasting! Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


BLUSH - Luminous - 3g

(L-R) Petal, Raspberry Parfait, Sugar Plum, Hibiscus, Morden’s Blush, Autumn, Emma Rose, Spring, Tangerine Twist, Pink Orchid, Mango Ice, Light Bronzer, Medium Bronzer, Deep Bronzer, Earth Bronzer

BLUSH - Matte - 3g

23 Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Eyes - Luminous - 1g

(L-R) Tea, Aqua, Sky, Ocean, Nautical, Midnight, Deep Plum, Moonstone, Cornflower, Barb’s Blue, Lavender, Wisteria, Purple Pride, Pixie Pink, Magic Mauve, Cedar Rose, Pearl, White Diamond, Peace, Silver Lining, Opal, Black Tie, Urban, Icy Pink, Emerald Isle, Deep Forest, Stardust, Gold Dust, Sparkling Lemonade, Cafe Latte, Storm, Lime Sorbet, Evergreen, Just Peachy, Toasted Almond, Close to Cocoa, Java, Moss, Soft Sage, Champagne, Beige Shimmer, Celestial Shimmer, Pink Grapefruit, Emma Rose, Tangerine Twist, Copper, Bahama Blue, Carribean, Tropical Violet, Grenada Green, Peach Freeze

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Eyes - Matte - 1g

(L-R) Creme, Latte, Mocha, Carob, Coffee, Seagrass, Prairie Grass, Lilac, Mountain Haze, Plum, Grey Flannel, Graphite, Black Velvet, Violet, Chambray, Denim


(L-R) Icy Pink, Petal, Raspberry Parfait, Petunia, Hibiscus, Bordeaux Cherry, Emma Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Spring, Tangerine Twist, Nutmeg, Caramel

25 Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


(L-R) Sheer Opal, Sheer Diamond, Sheer Bronze, Icy Pink, Petal, Petunia, Morden’s Blush, Raspberry Parfait, Hibiscus, Magic Mauve, Sugar Plum, Bordeaux Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Emma Rose, Caramel, Spring, Nutmeg, Tangerine Twist, Autumn, Redwood, Cranberry, Chocolate Kiss, Cedar Rose, Ruby, Mango Ice, Tahiti Pink, Pink Orchid


Long-lasting, water-resistant and wonderfully rich!

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


Skin Care and Cleansers

Cleansers Scentless


Lavender Chamomile

Fruit Exfoliating Cleanser

Creams & Lotions Anti-Aging Facial Serum Marine Mineral Toner Cucumber & Aloe Eye Makeup Remover Awake Eye Gel Scentless Hydra Lotion Berry Bouquet Hydra Lotion Green Tea & Grapeseed Hydra Lotion Repair Luxury Treatment Oil Organic Shea Butter (unrefined) Cocoa Mint Foot Butter

27 Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Gift Baskets & Gift Giving Guide Any occasion - anytime!

Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346


About our Gift Baskets Some of our gift baskets are made in-house while others we get in from our suppliers. ALL gift baskets meet our standards of safety, so you can be sure you are getting non-toxic products when you buy any of our gift packs! We can send the baskets to you or right to the recipient - we can even attach a message tag for you!

Pricing Prices listed are regular retail price. Prices are subject to change.

Please check our website for current pricing, sales, coupons and promotions!

New Items We are always adding to our line and looking for new and neat gift ideas. Check back often to browse our Gifts section and see what unique items we have for you!

Questions If you have questions, suggestions or want us to make up custom gift baskets for you, please feel free to contact us anytime!


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Individual Lip Balms These seasonal lip balms are AMAZING and in limited quantities. Spicy Mandarin and Candy Vanilla yummy, yummy, yummy!

Look under our GIFTS category to view All the details pricing and availability!

Me Time Gift Basket

Candy Vanilla - Large

Natural e GREEN Catalogue

A little LOVE Gift Basket

Spicy Mandarin - Large

ALL IN Gift Basket

Candy Vanilla - Medium                                                                              403.980.6346


Healing Honey A fabulous gift for any honey lover! This pack is a great sampling of our Honey Therapy Line and comes packaged in a recyclable corrugated bag and includes a gift tag. Contains the following: •

Honey Therapy Hand & Body Wash

Honey Therapy Hand & Body Crème

Hard Workin' Hands Salve

Honey Therapy Body Polish

Honey Therapy Lip Balm

Mom-To-Be Four of our Mama Pea products all in one fabulous gift pack: just what an expectant woman needs! Contains: ~ Skin Tight Belly Butter, 15 g ~ Skin Tight Stretch Mark Oil, 10 ml ~ Mother Nurture Nipple Butter, 28 g ~ Five Minutes Peace Bath Soak, 75 g

Organics Facial Kit Each Kit Contains: •Organic Bamboo Exfoliating Cloth •Facial Cleanser •Facial Toner


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Nail Polish Gift Sets

Triple Pack Lip Balms & Tints

Organza Bags

Each Kit Contains: •Bath Salt •Bar Soap •Lip Balm

Organic Towel Sets

Gift Certificates Many denominaOons  available  -­‐  no   expiry  dates!

Natural e GREEN Catalogue

Eczema Relief Set Includes 1   unscented  body   buRer  and  1   pumpkin  patch   hand  soap!                                                                              403.980.6346


Luscious Bum Diapering Kit

•A great gift for new baby! •Bamboo & Cotton Organic wash cloth •Diaper Bum Balm •Bum Spray •Baby Bum Powder

Laugh, Learn & Love Each Kit Contains: •3 Richard Scarry Books •Photo Album •Organic Bear Slippers •Organic Towel •2 Organic Bibs •Bum Balm •Body Lotion

Baby Love Gift Pack Each Kit Contains: •Pink Teddy Bear •Photo Album •Organic Bear Slippers •Organic Receiving Blanket •2 Organic Bibs •Bum Balm •Body Lotion


Natural e GREEN Catalogue                                                                              403.980.6346

Pamper mama  and  baby  with  the  ulOmate  selecOon   of  products  from  our  Peas  in  a  Pod  line  that  comes   packaged  in  a  Fabulous  Wet  Bag  made  by  Bummis   Canada. Chic  and  convenient  and  double  seamed  on  3  sides,   these  Bummis  bags  are  designed  and  constructed  to   be  durable  and  absolutely  leak  resistant.  Use  them   for  anything  –  wet  diapers,  bum  wipes,  swimsuits,   cosmeOcs,  travel  bag,  etc. Mother Nurture Nipple Butter, 28 g ~ Five Minutes Peace Bath Soak, 75 g ~ Skin Tight Belly Butter, 15 g                                  ~ Oh Baby! Body Lotion, 30 ml ~ Skin Tight Stretch Mark Oil, 10 ml                        ~ Bottoms Up! Baby Bum Spray, 30 ml ~ Smooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm, 35 g                  ~ Sweet Cheeks Baby Bum Powder, 15 g ~ Organic Bamboo/Cotton Washcloth                ~ Sweet Pea Organic Shampoo + Body Wash, 50 ml

ZenYoga Gift Pack Each Kit Contains: •Restore Mat Wash •Restore May Spray •Refresh Body Mist •Balance Room Spray •Soothe Muscle Balm •Balance Soy Tealight

Outdoor T-R-E-X Gift Pack Each Kit Contains: •Take a Hike Outdoor Joose •After Sunny Aloe Spray •Green Thumb Gardener’s Salve •Ouch! Healing Salve •Lip Balm - Peppermint •Take a Hike Tealight

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Just for Jack Shave Pack Each Kit Contains: •Shaving Cream •Badger Shave Brush •ShavingOuch!Balm •After Shave Spritz

100% Natural | Organic Essential Oils | Recyclable Packaging | Never tested on animals | Mild & Gentle

Buy it Individually: Badger Shaving Perfect for beginner shavers the bristles help prepare the skin by lifting hairs for a closer shave.


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After Shaving Cools and soothes skin - combat razor burn with this hydrating non-oily after shave solution!

Shaving Oil Moisturizes skin, allowing for smooth shave. Great around blemishes and allows you to see where you are shaving!                                                                              403.980.6346

Diffusers Natural, non-toxic and will make any room smell GREAT! Perfect for the home and makes a great gift too!

Bone China Candles

Bamboo Soy Candles Soy candles with bamboo holder reuse this holder by placing tealights or votives in it!

The perfect Gift! Comes in a protective eco-friendly box. Soy candle in Egg Shaped bone china. Reuse this bone china candle holder by placing tealights or votive candles in it.

Crystal Healing Crystal Kit Experience the healing power of crystals. This new line is expected in by the end of November. Pre-order today to ensure you get this in time for the holidays!

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Crystal Wand with Chakra                                                                              403.980.6346


Meditation & Yoga for Children A wonderful walk-through guided meditation for children. Peaceful music will help them relax and unwind.

Or a fun way to learn Yoga!

Relaxing Cds For Mom & Baby connect and bond with your child with this relaxing peaceful music CD.

Attar Oil Perfumes

Relaxing music CD to be used when doing healing sessions. Also great for relaxing with and

Limited quantities available.

These natural perfumes are made with the finest oils and a little goes a long way. One drop can last all day!


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+ GRASSROOTS Partnering up to bring you even MORE variety! We are pleased to announce that we’ve partnered up with Grassroots Store to bring you even more great products! These items will likely ship direct from their warehouse but the great thing is: You only pay 1 Shipping charge! By adding these products to our store you can now shop for even more items and pay only one shipping cost (or no shipping if your order is over $200) no matter WHERE is ships from!

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Baby Slings & Wraps

Two different  wrap/slings  to  keep  baby  close  and   comfortable  and  your  hands  free! Watch  our  videos  on  our  website  to  see  the  wraps   in  acOon  and  the  various  posiOons  you  can    use!

Bath Wraps It just  doesn’t  get  beRer  than  this!  These  cute   bath  wraps  open  up  to  wrap  baby  a^er  bath  and   keep  him/her  warm  and  comfortable! Made  from  organic  coRon  your  liRle  one  will  love   these  cute  wraps! One  size  for  ages  0-­‐18  months.

Cloth Diapering We have  a  variety  of  cloth  diapering   soluOons  from  individual  diaper   protectors,  cleaning  wipes  and  change   mats. Or,  you  can  grab  our  Diaper  Kit  which   includes  everything  you  need  to  get   started  with  cloth  diapering! Read  our  arOcle  about  pros  and  cons  of   various  diapering  soluOons!


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Cloth vs Disposable Diapers Article                                                                              403.980.6346

Non-Toxic Change Pads and Blankets

These change  pads  are  made  from  non-­‐toxic   products  and  provide  a  no-­‐slip  surface  to  keep   baby  from  slipping  around.  Waterproof  makes  for   easy  cleaning!

Organic coRon  makes  these  receiving  baby   blankets  are  so  so^  and  gentle  on  baby’s  skin!

Reusable Lunch Kits These sizeable  organic  coRon  lunch  bags  are   made  with  kids  in  mind. Benefits:   •     •     •  

Washable, Rinseable Ample  Space Removable  Liner

With snap  enclosures  and  a  protecOve   (phthalate-­‐free  vinyl)  liner,  lunch  is  tucked  safely   inside  and  won't  make  your  bag  a  sOcky  mess.

Insulated Kids Konserve Lunch Kits I used  to  be  a  plasOc  boRle!  Now  I'm  a  perfect   reusable,  insulated  lunch  sack  that  will  keep  your   lunch  cold  (or  warm)  for  hours. The  ulOmate  in  recycling  and  reuse,  this   insulated  lunch  sack  is  made  from  8  plasOc  water   boRles-­‐-­‐talk  about  reuse! Roll  it  down  and  it  fits  nicely  in  to  a  backpack  or   even  briefcase.

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Kids Konserve Thermos & Ice Packs Add a  sweat-­‐free  gel  ice  pack  to   your  lunch  to  keep  everything   cool  and  from  spoiling  in  hot   condiOons! Keep  it  hot!  Keeping  your  lunch  or   beverage  hot  -­‐  now  you  can  have   pasta,  soup  or  hot  cocoa  at  lunch!

Lunch-Time! Reusable Containers Bamboo Utensils Bamboo utensils  -­‐   free  of  nasty  toxins   and  providing  a   much  more  eco-­‐ friendly  soluOon   than  plasOc  utensils!

Reusable containers  reduces  need   for  plasOc  wrap.  Add  your   sandwiches  and  cookies  to  protect   them  unOl  dinnerOme!

Snack & Sandwich Packs LOVE these  reusable/washable   packs!  Fits  easily  into  a  lunch  kit,   keeps  food  from  spilling  out  and   best  of  all  -­‐no  need  for  plasOc   wrap  everyday! 2  sizes!


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Multi-Purpose Outdoor Radio A radio,  a  flashlight  and  a  USB  cell  phone  charger  all  in  one!  This  self-­‐powered  (i.e.   solar  and  crank  opOons)  AM/FM/NOAA  Weather  Radio  is  designed  for  camping,   hiking,  emergency  back-­‐up,  or  simply  roughing  it  in  the  backyard. Benefits:          

• •   •   •   •  

AM (520-­‐1710  KHz)  &  FM  (87-­‐108MHz) NOAA  weatherband  –  all  7  channels Built-­‐in  3  white  LED  light  source Powered  by  solar  or  dynamo  both  of  which  charge  internal  Ni-­‐MH  baRery USB  cell  phone  charger  (USB  cable  not  included)

Turn the  crank  for  about  90  seconds.  This  will  result  in  30-­‐40  minutes  of  low  volume  play.  Place  the  unit   directly  in  sunlight.  The  solar  power  adapter  on  the  top  of  the  unit  charges  it  automaOcally.  About  8-­‐10   hours  in  the  sun  will  allow  about  3-­‐5  hours  of  play.

Clipray Flashlight This compact,  hand  crank  powered  flashlight  is  excellent  as  an  everyday   portable  light  source,  but  really  shines  in  emergency  situaOons. Shine  a  light  with  no  reliance  on  wasteful  baReries.  It  easily  fits  in  your   car  or  emergency  kit  and  will  even  charge  your  cell  phone! Turn  the  crank  for  about  60  seconds.  This  will  result  in  10  minutes  of   light. Plug  your  cell  phone  into  the  USB  port  to  charge.

Water Powered Clock This amazing  clock  runs  on  water;  no  need  to  be  plugged  in   and  no  baRery  changes.

Best Seller!

Fashioned from  non-­‐PVC  plasOc,  it  runs  enOrely  on  tap   water.  It's  the  most  accurate,  environmentally  pracOcal,   hassle-­‐free  clock  of  its  kind. Features  an  easy-­‐to-­‐set  daily  alarm  and  hourly  alarm.   Choose  between  12  or  24  hour  Ome.

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Multi-purpose Radio A digital  radio,  a  flashlight,  alarm  clock  and  a  USB  cell  phone   charger  all  in  one!  This  self-­‐powered  (i.e.  solar  and  crank   opOons)  AM/FM/NOAA  Weather  Radio  with  flashing  beacon   is  designed  for  camping,  hiking,  emergency  back-­‐up,  or   simply  roughing  it  in  the  backyard.

I make a GREAT Gift!

Play your  favorite  music  with  the  auxiliary  input  and  wake   up  on  Ome  even  when  camping!  This  mulO-­‐purpose  unit  is   both  indispensable  and  built  to  last.

New! Wooden Watches One watch,  one  tree,  one  planet.  When  you  get  your  WeWOOD  Timepiece,  you   can  feel  confident  you’re  making  a  difference.  One  Timepiece  plants  one  tree,   and  together  we  help  to  ensure  the  health  and  survival  of  the  natural  world.                

• •   •   •   •   •   •  

100% Wood Hypo-­‐allergenic Completely  free  of  toxic  chemicals Miyota  movement Adjustable  to  fit  any  wrist Band:  7  3/4”  (195  mm) Face  (including  wood  frame  /  bezel):  1   1/8”  (28.5mm)  long,  and  1  1/4”  (31.75mm)  wide

*Due to  the  season  and  age  of  the  wood  chosen  for  your  unique  WeWood  Timepiece,  colors  may  be  darker  or  lighter   (within  reason  and  hue)  than  the  photo.

Scorpion Radio A digital radio, a flashlight and a USB cell phone charger all in one! This self-powered (i.e. solar and crank options) AM/FM/ NOAA Weather Radio is designed for camping, hiking, emergency back-up, or simply roughing it in the backyard. Play your favorite music with the auxiliary input, monitor available power with a digital charge indicator and crack open a beverage with the included bottle opener. With an aluminum carabiner and a rugged exterior skin, this multi-function unit is both indispensable and built to last.


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Organic Towel Sets The strong  horizontal  striped  paRern  with  no  dobby  border  gives  these   towels  a  sopisOcated  elegance.  With  550  grams  per  square  meter,  they   are  of  a  medium  weight  that  makes  them  environmentally  friendly  to   wash  and  dry. These  products  are  GOTS  CerOfied  and  is  manufactured  according  to  strict   Fair  Trade  regulaOons. These  towels  are  the  perfect  choice  for  a  natural  healthy  home.  No   pesOcides,  chlorine  bleach  or  chemical  so^eners  are  used.

Organic Towels - various sizes A variety  of  sizes  available  in  oh-­‐so-­‐so^  organic  coRon!  Be   confident  there  are  no  harsh  chemicals  on  these  fibres  and  feel   safe  lerng  these  towels  come  in  contact  with  your  skin! Buy  them  individually  or  check  our  site  for  complete  sets! •Bath  Sheets  (nice  and  big!) •Bath  Towels •Hand  Towels •Face  Clothes

Organic Blankets & Throws This chunky  cable  knit  throw  with  ribbed  borders   adds  warmth  to  a  bed  or  armchair. This  organic  coRon  bedding  is  GOTS  CerOfied  and   is  100%  Organic  CoRon. No  pesOcides,  chlorine  bleach  or  chemical   so^eners  are  used. Size:  50”  x  60”  (Sand,  Dusty  Rose  or  Light  Grey)

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