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This magazine is dedicated to ALL women who want to walk in their natural and authentic beauty. Natural Beauty Magazine is more than just a natural hairstyle magazine, and more than just a beauty magazine. Natural Beauty Magazine is a spiritually edifying magazine! The articles and stories are ABOUT real women, and FOR real women just like YOU! What you see and read is the REAL thing! We want to represent real women, while we encourage, motivate and empower you to be naturally and authentically YOU!

Natural Beauty Magazine™ Dorothy Brown-Smith Founder

I have always liked hair styles that were low

like awakening out of a long and deep sleep. I felt

maintenance because of my busy lifestyle. I learned

like chains had fallen off of me. It was a deep and

some of the secrets to wearing wigs, weave, half

spiritual experience. The GENUINE ME had

wigs, and hair pieces. It was no problem for me to

surfaced! I stood in front of the mirror and really

throw one on and keep going. I did this for many

looked at myself for the first time. I saw my full lips,

years until I had worn every hair style I desired. I

my high cheek bones, my mocha complexion, and

wanted to give my hair a break from wigs and

my smile. I saw for the first time my authentic

weaves, so I cut my hair several times and wore it

beauty! I embraced it. Today, I OWN IT! I want to

short. I put a relaxer in my hair to get a textured

go back to my question: Why couldn’t I or wouldn’t

look. I went back to weaves and wigs as soon as my

I accept my natural coils? The answer is because I

natural hair grew out. Why couldn’t I or wouldn’t I

didn’t love myself enough to be who God created me

accept my natural coils?

This question is much

to be -- Authentically! There are many women who

deeper than it sounds on the surface. Once I

hate the way they look. I tell you it is goes deeper

committed to going natural, I became aware that

than not being happy with the way you look. In

people identified me by my hair, and not by who I

essence you are telling God, your creator, I don’t like

am! Doing the big chop forced people to really see

the fact you created me in your image. Everything

ME! I didn’t realize how un-naturally bound I was to

GOD made is good! STOP comparing yourself to

my hair. You know what I mean; I wouldn’t put my

someone else? Don’t you understand you were made

head under the shower when bathing or under the

in the image of Truth!

water when swimming or enjoying the beach,

truthful within, you will be dissatisfied within and

sleeping on my stomach with my chin in my hands,

without! When you are trying to be someone you

so my weave would not get messed up or tangled. I

were not designed to be you are actually committing

was depriving my husband of a simple act of

identity theft (I will talk about this in my next article).

affection by not allowing him to run his hands

Please understand, I am not knocking wigs, weaves,

through my hair because it was sewed in, and the

hair pieces, and half wigs by no means. Do what

ever so popular patting of the head because it is

you gotta do!). There is nothing more beautiful than

itching instead of just scratching my head. Lastly, I

accepting, and being comfortable in your own skin.

spent, and wasted thousands of dollars for hair that I

Being who God created you to be authentically! My

ultimately threw away. Somebody need to say

prayer for you who are reading is this will be the

OUCH! I finally decided to do the big chop March,

beginning of your journey to discover your natural

2012. I didn’t realize it was more than just cutting my

and authentic self. As you experience Natural

hair. Like many of you, I realized I was coming into a

Beauty Magazine!

place of authenticity. I felt soooooo liberated. It was

When you are not being


Is There Such a Thing as Crazy Praise? by Dorothy Brown-Smith A TRUE STORY While attending a Sunday morning worship service, I heard a still small voice whisper, “Give me some crazy praise!” I immediately looked around at the congregation. I saw people clapping their hands and moving around as if they wanted to dance, but very discreetly. I did what any God fearing, scripture quoting, believing and confessing, anointed and appointed woman of God would do, I ignored that voice! I heard the same words again. “Give me some crazy praise!” I proceeded to have a conversation with God or more like let’s make a deal. I said, “If you show me in the scriptures where I can find this “crazy praise” thing, I will do it! Immediately, I was taken away in my spirit to the time of King David. I could see David running, jumping and spinning about wildly. I saw him lifting his hands in praise and adoration to God passionately because the Ark of the Covenant was being returned to Jerusalem. The Ark had been dwelling at Obed- Edom’s house for three months. During that three month time period, ObedEdom and his whole family had been tremendously blessed. I could see David’s excitement and his enjoyment of God’s glorious presence. I could see all of the people standing around (just like the service I was presently in) looking and wondering. I could hear some talking, “What is the King’s problem?” Why is he acting so crazy“? I could see David’s wife Michal, looking out at him, as he jumped and spun around unashamedly, and as if out of control. I saw her muttering to herself, “He is the King. He should not behave like that; especially in front of all of these people.” I could not only see these visions, but I felt every emotion as well. In II Samuel-Chapter 6, you can read the story of David’s crazy praise. Pay close attention to the following verses: 6:14 David danced before the Lord with all his might! My translation: Like a crazy or mad man! 6:15 David and all of the house of Israel brought up the Ark of the Lord with shouting…with the sound of the trumpet. My translation: As if there was a wild party. 6:16 The people…saw King David leaping and dancing before

the Lord. My translation: The people thought he was crazy. 6:20 David’s wife Michal said to him, “How glorious was the King of Israel today, who uncovers himself today in the eyes of the handmaidens of his servants…shamelessly uncovers himself.” My translation: When you started taking off your clothes, I thought you had lost your mind and was going crazy. 6:21-22 David said, “It was before the Lord…therefore will I play before the Lord. Yet, I will be more vile than this.” My translation: You ain’t seen nothin yet! I was celebrating the return of the Ark. Don’t you understand the significance of this? It is before God, and God only that I act this way. I wasn’t doing it to get attention. I let the Spirit have His way. If the Spirit of God leads me to jump up and down, spin about wildly or disrobe that is what I will do! I will gladly play and become a fool for my God! All of a sudden the scene changed. I heard Paul and Silas praying and singing praises to God. They had just been beaten, threatened and thrown in prison. Their hands and feet were chained to the stocks. They were giving God crazy praise! It was crazy to be praising God and giving God glory in the midst of such adverse circumstances. The scripture says, “Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.” (Acts 16: 23-26) I was returned back to the worship service I was in. Before I knew it, I was spinning around, leaping, shouting and giving God some crazy praise! A freedom like I have never known before overtook me. God spoke some wonderful promises to me. I could hear Him so clearly. It was as if He was standing in front of me talking to me like a friend. I received a tremendous breakthrough in several areas of my life. “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” Mark 8:38 I had my own crazy praise experience. The foundation of my prison of was shaken, and I was loosed from those things that bound me from obeying God’s instruction. I would have missed out on a great deliverance and praise experience, if I had continued to look around at others and what they were doing. The Lesson: Stop looking around and look up! You can never get what you need from God looking at others. You must look up, and do what it is God is asking you to do. Try some crazy praise today. It works!!!

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