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hat if you could live in a way that provided a sense of freedom and self-acceptance, a safe, natural and healthy environment for children plus a community of caring friends?

Welcome to the world of nudism! Nudism, also known as naturism, is a philosophy that promotes living and enjoying various non-sexual activities free of clothing, in permissible mixed social settings such as a camp, resort, club or beach. Those who practice social nudism reflect a cross-section of life— including people from all walks of life, professions, religions and political affiliations. Backed up by several research studies, nudists cite many physical and psychological health benefits—espe-

A Healthier You Through Nudism

girls as young as seven years old have been reported as being dissatisfied with how they look or with parts of their body. Anorexia, bulimia and steroid usage remain significant public health problems, while consumers spend billions of dollars for services that alter the body and products to lose weight or guarantee a more youthful appearance. Nudism, on the other hand, promotes an open acceptance of every person, irrespective of size, shape or body condition. Nudism is considered the great equalizer, because uncovering the body removes the symbols of status and allows you to discard labels, titles and uniforms.

by Ronna E. Krozy, EdD, RN and Nancy Greenhouse

What activities are typical at a nudist camp or resort?

cially for women and children. These benefits include the following: • enhanced body acceptance, self-image and personal confidence • a sense of freedom • relaxation and peace • a realistic view of the diversity of bodies, rather than magazine-altered supermodel depictions • freedom from body shame • the realization that nudity and sex are not synonymous • the knowledge that you are accepted for who you are and not what you look like In today’s society, standards of beauty virtually dictate that the ideal woman is young, busty, slim and provocative; the man, tall, muscular, athletic and “wellendowed.” As a result, many individuals feel that they don’t measure up. In fact,


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Tennis, yoga, swimming, pot lucks, gardening, Scrabble, hiking, sunning, dancing and much more. The only difference in doing any activity nude is your ability and right to do it clothingfree. Many nudist groups are socially conscious, fundraising for charities and volunteering in their communities (while dressed). Concerned about global warming, for example, Solair Recreation League in Woodstock, Connecticut—one of the oldest family nudist resorts and campgrounds in the U.S.—installed solar panels to heat its Olympic-sized pool, eliminating fossil fuel use and emissions while saving thousands of dollars.

What are the behavioral standards of nudist venues? The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is the national organization that maintains a stringent behavioral code for individuals and clubs holding AANR membership. Safety and security of members and guests, especially women and children, are key priorities. Most nudist camps and resorts require that visitors provide positive identification and undergo SORI and CORI checks and personal interviews. Additionally, they enforce specific rules against any public behavior that is sexual in nature or uncomfortable for others. In addition, no photography of any sort is allowed.

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