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newsbriefs Really Affordable Acupuncture In Norwalk and Fairfield


ounded by Jody Eisemann, Licensed Acupuncturist and former president of the Connecticut Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CSAOM), Affordable Acupuncture of CT is the first of it’s kind in Fairfield County to offer acupuncture at affordable pricing, based on its innovative offerings. With over 15 years of expertise successfully treating varied Jody Eisemann health conditions in her private practice, Eisemann has developed a focus on quick and effective treatments for all types of pain. Eisemann says the key to making it affordable is treating patients together in a group setting, as it’s done traditionally around the world. This method allows for treatment of up to 3-4 people at one sitting, providing each with a full acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. Eisemann is able to treat an additional 4 to 6 people with Acu-Balance Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, a simple yet powerful treatment for stress, depression and other mood disorders. Acu-Balance treatments are inexpensive and do not require any diagnosis or intake interview as the same five points are always used. Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as an effective treatment for nearly four dozen conditions including acute and chronic conditions, stress and emotional disorders, women’s health issues (menopause, PMS, irregular menses, infertility, etc), digestive issues, post chemotherapy and radiation issues, and sports injuries. Acupuncture can also provide

remedial and preventative care for seasonal colds and allergies. Affordable Acupuncture of CT has two offices located in Norwalk and Fairfield. For more information, visit or call 203.216.2548. See ad pg 11.

Mind Body Hypnosis Offers Optimal Health…by Phone


ow there is an new way to enhance healing, reduce stress, anxiety, fear, physical and emotional issues, as well as addictive responses and behaviors, without leaving your home. Diane Bahr-Groth, CHy, TFTdx, Director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis in Stamford, recently introduced Thought Field Therapy Optimal Health Voice Technology into her practice. Diane Diane Bahr-Groth has been helping her clients eliminate emotional, physical, financial and spiritual blockages and issues for more than 22 years with the use of Hypnosis and Thought Field Therapy. However, this advanced technique, developed by a psychologist, now enables clients to achieve the results of her traditional, highly successful therapy via phone. Anyone who wants to feel more relaxed and be healthier may be a candidate for this fast, effective and specialized Voice Technology program. 

What is floating? It is superior body/mind relaxation because the body is suspended in warm water with a high concentration of Epsom salt. There is no light and almost no sound. What are the benefits? Floating enhances slower brain wave frequencies. This helps people reduce stress, enhance creativity and insight, improve sleep, strengthen relationships, and reduce chronic pain.

Location: 163 Main Street, Westport, CT 06880

Call: 203-226-7378

Visit: October 2012


Natural Awakenings Fairfield County October 2012  
Natural Awakenings Fairfield County October 2012