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eeling a bit frazzled from a wave of back-to-school activities, while simultaneously meeting an early printer deadline, I decided to attend a breathwork session, trusting that it would center and inspire me before starting this month’s letter. Through the past few years, I’ve always benefited from making time to engage in this conscious connected breathing cycle, because it brings me back to a state of calm and well-being.

I’ve also found that each breathing session becomes a unique experience. This time around, with October’s Environment issue on my mind, insights into my connection to this beautiful living, breathing planet that sustains us all floated in and out of my thoughts as I focused on my breathing. By the end of the allotted session, I felt a deeper sense about how living our days disconnected from our inner self affects our ability to connect with and care for Mother Earth. I saw how all of the multitasking, unresolved personal issues and self-imposed stress discombobulates us. The more distracted we are, the less focus we are apt to place on simply breathing and being, and tuning into true priorities. I am powerfully reminded that the more we slow down and deeply breathe in what sustains life, the more in sync we will be with our needs and the necessities of our life-support system—Mother Earth. Our next breath, in fact, depends upon it.

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about what it’s going to take to turn things around to save the Earth. But here’s the good news: Millions of individuals and thousands of organizations worldwide are currently working together to implement solutions that support the global campaign to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Brita Belli reports on the practical actions now underway, spearheaded by far-sighted environmental leaders and rallying citizens here and abroad. You’ll find a hopeful perspective in our feature article, “Shaping Our Future: Global Priorities for Earth’s Environment,” on page 24.

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Every step counts, so please join me in remembering to grab your own reusable beverage container and shopping bags the next time you head out the door, and then keep adding eco-actions large and small to your days. You’ll find plenty of ideas in this month’s issue. When we take better care of our own well-being, we’re also apt to take better care of Mother Earth. She’s our mama, here with infinite, unconditional love for our own and future generations.

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