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ndividuals seeking greater fulfillment within their journey are reaching more and more frequently in the direction of life coaching. A concept developed in the 1990’s as an alternative to counseling and therapy, coaching addresses the needs of clients ready to step into their own power. Derived from the model within the context of sports, coaching is geared for people who recognize positivity and possibility through the lens of inherent wellness. Coaching is not therapy or counseling but a co-creative relationship whereby goals are delineated, obstacles are diminished and a path is cleared to move towards the desired end. “What establishes coaching as such a viable modality is the accountability piece of the coaching model“, explains Julie Bowes, certified coach and spiritual facilitator. “Coaching is not a repair shop where a client expects to leave a session, “fixed”. It requires visualization, courage and implementation on behalf of the client to overcome self-imposed fears and emotional debris withholding them from their highest human potential.” “What I see most frequently is the duty driven life running on empty,” observes Julie. “Many of my clients arrive to the threshold of coaching simply craving permission to feel good. They recognize that their closed-circuit thinking no longer serves them yet feel a vestige of empowerment that steers them away from traditional counseling. Acknowledging that the status quo is no longer a viable option is the emotional release 14

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that precipitates major changes. Once the paradigm shifts from an egodriven, fear-based consciousness to a love-based, non-judgmental state of expansion, miracles happen and highest human potentials are met. Clients are eager to step into the mindful and courageous goals they have set for themselves visualizing a better feeling tomorrow. Knowing that they are on track is enough to begin replenishing their previously depleted soul, regain a purpose in their stride and recapture a fresh outlook on life. There is no greater privilege than to be of service in the role of coach.” When considering hiring a coach there are steps one can take to insure the highest return on the investment:

Are You Coachable? Determining one’s level of “coachability” starts with self-inquiry. Typically, individuals eager for change are ready to shed outmoded patterns of thought. The desire to feel better must outweigh the need to maintain one’s comfort zone.

Setting the Intention. It is important that the door of self worth is open to receiving and assimilating positive change. What is the clear goal that is trying to emerge?

Claiming Responsibility. Positivity in acknowledging impending

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success is crucial. From here forward there is no room for “victim” mentality.

Making the Commitment. Persistence and commitment are requirements for any real improvement. Anticipate that obstacles, both organic and self-imposed, will present themselves. When a commitment for the long haul is established, a coach, through encouragement, can ease the hurdles, help build on strengths, and support in developing new beliefs and behaviors that keep one moving forward into something extraordinary.

Be Open to New Insights and Assessments. Improvement requires change. Being coachable means allowing new insights, pondering their validity and developing new thoughts and behaviors that strengthen the muscle of willpower into an expansive new way of life. Coaching requires deliberate choices and applied, mindful steps to create the improvement that is sought. The potential rewards can be immeasurable. By engaging in the coaching process, shifts occur that change not only the direction and focus of one’s life, but frequently, one’s entire perspective. Julie Bowes, owner of Jewel Tree of Life, is a holistic life coach and spiritual facilitator who listens on an energetic, heart-centered level with clients looking to restore their sense of well-being and restructure or authenticate their life’s purpose. Her intimate knowledge of the human consciousness centers allows the energy of universal spirit to influence and facilitate healing on the client’s behalf. Her connection to the wisdom found in nature contributes to the grounded, non-judgmental, peaceful and encouraging assistance she lends. For more information visit or call Julie at 203.240.4397. See ad pg 18.

Natural Awakenings Fairfield County August 2012  
Natural Awakenings Fairfield County August 2012