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Natural Living Directory 2018

Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018





Consultations • Holistic, cosmetic & general dentistry • Safe mercury removal • Teeth whitening • Orthodontics • Implants • Invisalign • Gum care • Perio Protect •Reconstructive dentistry •State-of-the-art equipment Contact us today to make your appointment. Ask about our new patient special.*

Office: 305.274.0047 In office financing available & payment plan options. Se Habla Espanol.

“We inspire our patients to live a healthier, and more informed lifestyle.”

-Dr. Herrmann Dr. Theodore Herrmann, DMD, PA, is a holistic dentist that has been practicing dentistry in South Florida for over 20 years. He’s an accredited member of the International academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM), Holistic Dental Association (HDA), the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD), the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), the International Academy of Orthodontists (IAO), and also Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).


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Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Wishes for a healthy

2 18 B AC H E L O R ' S D E G R E E


Nutrition & Aging Stress Reduction & Relaxation Herbology & Botany Alternative Approaches to Disease The Meaning of Health Women’s Health Health Psychology

Dietary Influences on Health & Disease Introduction to Homeopathy Principles of Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine Detoxification & Healing Antioxidants Naturopathy

Additional degree programs and online shifts are available


Everglades University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018






New Beginnings

t’s time to make a change! I shared with a friend over dinner as we waited for the New Year bells to ring. I need to make time for new experiences that will further expand my consciousness and release my stress. You would think that as the owner of this magazine I wouldn’t have such a need, but the reality is that I love working so much, I forget about me-time. After all, the only person responsible for my fulfillment is ME. These changes don’t have to be enormous, I explained. They can include small tweaks to my daily routine or simply plan more staycations, where I create daytrips to local attractions, theater, museums, state and national parks, local festivals, fairs and art shows. God knows we have plenty of those in our own back yard—check out, one of my favorite resources. This is the perfect time for new beginnings with all the activities this city provides in the “cooler” months of January and February. And the added benefit is reaching my goal of 10,000 steps a day (refer to pg 40)! While socializing with friends and family is essential in creating and living a happier life, Me-time gives me the space for self discovery. First step for creating metime is recognizing that I have the time. Secondly, no more excuses! I need to get everything out of the way, clearing the path to me-time. Awareness is the third, in my opinion, the most important step. We have to embrace the need without feeling guilty. Me-time has endless positive side effects as I’ve mentioned. It gives you time for reflection, giving yourself love; it helps you recharge and reset your energy—a wonderful way to begin a new year. But I’ll be honest with you, my interpretation of me-time doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. Sharing with family and friends feeds my soul. Stepping out of my work and daily routines includes socializing and communicating with friends and family in order to complete my new beginning circle. Whatever me-time means to you make it a priority this year. Go on long walks, ride your bike, walk your dog, spend quality time with family and friends. Just remember that the quality of that time is more important that the quantity and the benefits are infinite. Before wrapping up let me just say that as we set this New Year in motion, we at Natural Awakenings are especially grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us these past 17 years. We feel privilege to be your partner in creating a healthier life and promoting your lifelong dreams. We thank you profusely for your continued loyalty as a reader, advertiser or point of distribution. From all of us that love to support you, we wish you a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year. Find your me-time and nurture body, mind and in spirit!

To your health,

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Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Welcome to 2018 and this special edition of the Natural Living Directory Throughout the year Natural Awakenings strives to bring you the latest information and resources available for natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living & creative expression. In order to serve you even better, we offer this special, convenient directory to keep at your fingertips all year long as a handy reference– your natural phone book–when searching things you need to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Natural Living Directory 2018

2018naturaldirectoryindex Acupuncture.........................3, 9, 15, 27 Addiction Recovery..........................25 Aesthetics.............................................. 3 Animal Rescue - ................................. 6 Anti-Aging.............................................. ...................3, 8, 9, 15, 24, 25, 43, 45, 55 Apothecary.........................................25 Aromatherapy .............................25, 55 Attorney........................................17, 64 Ayurveda.......................................25, 36 Bach Flowers................................27, 55 Bakery .....................................27, 29, 55 Barre ...................................................28 Beauty treatments.................27, 41, 45 Bio-Identical Hormones.15, 24, 25, 41 Birth Center.......................................17 Books.......................... 25, 27, 50, 55, 57 Botany ............................................3, 15 CBD Oil.............................. 8, 27, 55, 59 Chelation Therapy.............................24 Chi Gong.......................................19, 27 Coaching.............................................39 Colon Hydrotherapy..................24, 37 Cosmeceuticals .............................8, 27 Cranio-Sacral.....................................27 Crystal Healing............................25, 27 Crystals............................ 25, 27, 55, 55   Dentistry/Holistic.2, 12, 13. 21, 23, 27 Dental Implants.... 2, 12, 13, 21, 23, 27 Dharma...............................................38 Doula...................................................17 Dowser................................................25 Eco-Friendly Cleaning...............27, 55 Education................................................ ........ 3, 13, 15, 27, 28, 36, 39, 41, 43, 49 Energy Work – ............................25, 27 Erectile Dysfunction........................... 8 Essential Oils................... 25, 27, 45, 55 Facials ........................... 8, 9, 24, 41, 45 Fitness......................... 13, 19, 27, 28, 47 Food Products/Dairy-Free........27, 55 Food Products/Gluten-Free .....27, 55 Food Products/Natural .............27, 55 Food Products/Organic.......27, 29, 55   Food Products/Vegan.................27, 55 Foot Detox..........................................25 Frenectomy.........................................16 Functional Medicine...............8, 15, 24 Gardening/Farming/Supplies & Services ...............................................27, 55  6

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Gifts..........................................25, 27, 55 Gynecology.................. 9, 15, 24, 25, 41 Handmade Soaps...............................45 Health Food Stores.....................27, 55 Hemp Oil......................................27, 55 Herbs & Supplements ......... 25, 27, 55 Herbology...................... 3, 9, 15, 36, 43 Holistic Center...................................27 Homeopathy...................................3, 43 Hormone Balancing........ 8, 15, 24, 43 Hyperbaric....................................24, 37 Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.............9, 43 Infertility treatment .......................... 9 Integrative Medicine..................15, 25 Joint Therapy......................................13 Knee Pain Treatment........................37 Kosher.................................................29 Kung Fu...............................................19 Laser Hair Removal..........................24 Lymphatic Drainage...................23, 43 Macular Degeneration.....................43 Massage/Bodywork ..............15, 27, 41 Meditation................. 17, 27, 38, 47, 59 MELT Method....................................13 Microblading......................................27 Microdermabrasion..........................41 Migraines............................................24 Music...................................................31 NAD Therapy.....................................25 Naturopathy...................................3, 43 Neutraceuticals.................................... 8 Neurolinguistic Programming.......39 Non-Profit.................................6, 42, 48 Nutrition............3, 8, 15, 24, 36, 43, 55 Obstetrics................................17, 24, 25 Oncology-friendly cosmetics..........45 O-Shot................................ 8, 15, 24, 43 Organic Foods.............................27, 29 Orthodontics........................................ 2 Orthopedic Surgeon ........................37 Oxygen Therapy...........................24, 37 Ozone Therapy..................................... 8 Pain Management.. 8, 9, 15, 24, 37, 43 Past Life Regression............................ 9 Periodontal Care...........................2, 21 Pet Nutrition......................................27 Pilates .............................................28 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)................. ............................................. 8, 15, 24, 43

Podiatry ..............................................37 Pool Service........................................20 Prenatal Yoga ........................13, 27, 28 Probate................................................17 Progression Therapy........................... 9 Psychology ........................................... 9 Psychotherapy...................................... 9 PTS...........................................24, 29, 42 Raw Foods....................................27, 55 Real Estate..........................................17 Reflexology.........................................15 Regenerative Medicine ....................43 Regression Therapy............................. 8 Reiki...............................................25, 59 Restaurants ........................................27 Sexual Health.................... 8, 15, 24, 41 Sleep Apnea........................................21 Smoking Cessation.....................43, 55 Skin & Body Care .................3, 8, 9, 43 Sound Healing...................................27 Special Events ........................31, 38, 39 Spa........................................................24 Spiritual Counseling........................ 55 Spirulina.............................................55 Stress Reduction..... 3, 9, 24, 25, 43, 43 Supplements................ 8, 13, 24, 25, 55 Talk Therapy.......................................27 Tai Chi...........................................19, 27 Teeth Whitening............... 2, 12, 13, 27 Thermography ..................................45 Thyroid..........................................12, 24 Tongue-Tie recovery.........................16 Traditional Chinese Medicine ........... ................................................3, 9, 15, 43 Travel.............................................45, 55 Urological health................................. 8 Vampire Face Lift..........................8, 43 Veterans - ...........................................42 Vitamins & Supplements.8, 15, 27, 55 Water Birth.........................................17 Weight Management............................ ...........................8, 23, 24, 25, 27, 43, 55  Wellness Center...........................17, 27 Women’s Health.8, 9, 15, 17, 24, 25, 41 Wound Care.................................24, 43 Yoga ......................13, 27, 28, 42, 45, 47 Yoga Teacher Training ........................ ..................................... 13, 27, 28, 45, 47

2018advertiserindex Acupuncture Center for Wellness..................................... 59 American Apothecary Kendall........................................... 25 Angie Angelis Law...................................................... 17 & 61 Annick Sternberg.................................................................. 63 Apparel for the Spirit........................................................... 59 Assure-A-Smile .............................................................. 2 & 23 Aum Home Shala.................................................................. 13 Blue Ocean Sangha .............................................................. 38 Breast Thermography Intl. - Shanna Schultz.................. 45 Brickell Avenue Dentist....................................................... 13 Brow Me Microblading........................................................ 27 Center for Spiritual Awareness .......................................... 38 Circholistic............................................................................. 43 Cortiva Institute ................................................................... 41 Cristavao Brilho Institute ................................................... 55 Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch ........................................15, 24, 25 Dr. Fredda Rosenbaum ....................................................... 21 Dr. Karen Bravo ............................................................... 8, 43 Dr. Lata Sonpal ...................................................................... 9 Dr. Patrick Barry .................................................................. 37 Dr. Richard Rimler, DPM ................................................... 37 Dr. Yolanda Cintron ..................................................... 12, 23 Earth Science Tech.................................................................. 8 Eileen Yasbin ......................................................................... 17 Empowerment Partnership................................................. 39 Everglades University....................................................... 3, 15 Excellent Pool Service.......................................................... 20 Future Detox Now................................................................. 25 GDSM Productions.............................................................. 48

Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center....................... 17 Humane Society of Greater Miami...................................... 6 Hyperbarics of South Florida ...................................24 & 37 HyperbaricsRX, LLC............................................................ 37 Ibogaine Clinic...................................................................... 29 Inner Balance Mind Body Studio...................................... 28 Jeanie Pasquale - Distance Dowser.................................... 25 Joseph’s Organic Bakery...................................................... 25 Kung Fu Connection............................................................ 19 Leslie Haller DMD............................................................... 16 Marisa Messore, MD ............................................................ 41 Miami Dade College Live Art............................................. 31 Miami Natural Skincare...................................................... 43 Minsu Healing Oasis............................................................ 27 National Eye Repor............................................................... 43 Peggy Gaines ......................................................................... 59 Regina Zelonker.................................................................... 17 Samara Programs ................................................................. 23 Sampoorna College of Ayurveda & Holistic Studies..... 36 Save A Manatee........................................................................ 7 Southern Original Artisan Products................................. 13 Sri Chinmoy Meditation...................................................... 45 Sunshine Global................................................................... 59 TCM Acupuncture Clinic...................................................... 9 Traditional Chinese Acupuncture..................................... 15 Transformations - Margaret Peng .................................... 37 Wanda Cintron A.P............................................................... 15 Whole Foods Market ........................................................... 57

Find It In Your Heart This Valentine’s Day Adopt-A-Manatee


for Everyone Special

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) Photo © Cora Berchem

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Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018



This Year Start The Conversation! Reclaim, Restore and Revive female sexual wellness and urinary control!

We use cutting edge safe, nonsurgical, effective treatments with no downtime to allow women to enhance or regain sexual well-being, including

THERMIVA™, a gentle, relaxing, completely noninvasive radio frequency treatment to regenerate ALL of the vulvovaginal tissues, and

34 DIAL DOWN STRESS How to Stay Calm and Cool



How They Differ from Health Store Supplements

O-SHOT™, using your own blood derived growth factors/stem cells.

40 10,000 STEPS

We also offer integrative/ natural solutions for hormone balance/stress management.


Keep Moving to Stay Fit


Offering 20% off on either of these Treatments when you mention our Add through January!

Eight Ways to Restore Gut Health


Karen Bravo, MD is Licensed, Trained and Certified to perform the Oshot ™ and ThermiVa™ regenerative procedures using FDA approved equipment/Highest Standards.

Five Ways to Manifest Our Desires


KB Holistic • Call Now 305-505-0455 15500 SW 200th St., Miami, FL 33187 •


Food Choices that Prevent Obesity




Choose Earth-Friendly Alternatives


Plus Other Tips to Keep a Dog Cancer-Free


on Why Science Finds Faith a Healthy Choice

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highlight 38 healing ways 40 fit body 42 conscious eating 8

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

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Dec 2017 Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Dr. Sonpal, with more than 30 years of experience, has been trained by and worked 7 years for Dr. Brian L Weiss, the author of Many Lives Many Masters, at The Weiss Institute in Miami, Florida.

She mindfully helps children, adolescents, Individuals, couples, and families with: * Depression * Loss and Grief * Traumas * Anxieties * Phobias * Fears * Anger * Pain * Addictions * Health Issues * Relationships * Parenting * Performance * Stress * Self-Esteem * Assertiveness * Potentiality * Creativity * Spirituality

Dadeland Square Ofc.Tower Shore View Building 7700 N. Kendall Drive 9999 N.E. 2nd Ave., Ste.100, Ste.404, Miami, FL 33156 Miami Shores, FL33138 Phone: 305-271-2772



Lata Sonpal Ph.D, FCht Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Sonpal, with more than 30 years of experience, has been trained by and worked 7 years for Dr. Brian L Weiss, the author of Many Lives Many Masters, at The Weiss Institute in Miami, Florida.

She mindfully helps children, adolescents, Individuals, couples, and families with: * Depression * Loss and Grief * Traumas * Anxieties * Phobias * Fears * Anger * Pain * Addictions * Health Issues * Relationships * Parenting * Performance * Stress * Self-Esteem * Assertiveness * Potentiality * Creativity * Spirituality Dadeland Square Ofc.Tower 7700 N. Kendall Drive Ste.404, Miami, FL 33156

Shore View Building



Dr. Chen and Dr. Tang are Florida licensed acupuncture



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THE KEY TO A and THEphysicians KEY TO Amaster pain management specialists who use a combination of alternative and traditional HEALTHY IS BALANCE HEALTHY BODY ISBODY BALANCE therapies. Both physicians 11 years in a full-time Dr. Chen and Dr. Tang are Floridatrained licensed acupuncture

Dr. Chen and Dr. Tang are Florida licensed physicians and masteracupuncture pain management specialists who MD Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine programs. physicians andand masterPhD management specialists who usepain a combination of alternative and traditional therapies. use a combination of alternative and traditional therapies. They serve as professors in Acupuncture College and are Both physicians trained 11 years in a full-time MD and PhD Both physicians trained 11 years in a full-time MD and PhD recognized as experts in their fi eld. Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine programs. They serve Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine programs. They serve as Processors in Acupuncture College in Miami and are as Processors in Acupuncture College in Miami and are recognized as experts in their field. recognized as experts in their field.

• Acupuncture and Pain Management • Acupuncture andSupport Chinese Medicine • Infertility IVF/IUI & Women’s Health • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine • Infertility IVF/IUI & Women’s Health • Infertility IVF/IUI & Women’s Health • Facial Rejuvenation & Skin Disease • Facial Rejuvenation • Facial Rejuvenation & Skin Disease & Skin Disease • Immunity & Endocrines Specialist • Immunity & Endocrine Specialist • Immunity & Endocrine Specialist

Dr. Hong Chen, PhD, Dr. Daiyi Daiyi Tang, PhD, AP Tang, PhD, AP Dr. Hong Chen, PhD, AP Daiyi Tang, PhD, AP Dr. Dr. Hong Chen, PhD,Dr. AP AP Chief Editor of Certified TCM Chief Editor of Certified TCM Chief Editor gynecologist, International Journalof gynecologist, International Journal Certifi ed TCM, certified TCM of Clinic Acupuncture. certified TCM of Clinic Acupuncture. dermatologist and International Certified in Eyes and Journal dermatologistCertifi and ed in Eyes and gynecologist, Otolaryngology, immunity facial rejuvenation Otolaryngology, immunity facial rejuvenation specialist. andClinic endocrineAcupuncture. disorder certifi ed TCM specialist. and endocrine disorder of Certified in Eyes and dermatologist and facial 4005 NW 114th Avenue, Suite 115,Avenue, Doral, FL, 33178 4005 NW 114th Suite 115, Doral, FL, 33178 Otolaryngology, immunity rejuvenation specialist. Phone: 305-720-9895 Phone: • Fax: 305-661-4771 305-720-9895 • Fax: 305-661-4771 and endocrine disorder Email: • Website: Email: • Website: ADRE479

8603 S Dixie Highway, Suite Miami, FL 33143 We accept: United Health Group Blue Cross Blue Shield - Cigna - AvMed208, We accept:-United Health Group - Blue Cross Blue -Aetna Shield - Cigna - AvMed -Aetna ADRE479

4005 NW 114th Avenue, Suite 15, Doral, FL, 33178 CALL NOW: (305) 720-9895 •

We accept: United Health Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, AvMed, Aetna, Worker’s Comp Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


news briefs

Hemp CBD Addresses Stress and Combats Inflammation


emp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) extract is proving to be of enormous medical value. CBD interacts by way of naturally-occurring cannabinoid receptors innate in cell membranes throughout the human body. In fact, scientists now believe the endocannabinoid system may represent the most widespread receptor system in the body. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system and more. Therapeutic, stress-relieving properties are activated when hemp-derived cannabidiol extract is introduced. One must be diligent when shopping for CBD products. Full-spectrum hemp extracts will not be pure CBD as they’re derived from the whole plant. And, as noted by CNN medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “Evidence is mounting that these compounds work better together than in isolation.” This supports the fact that Cavinol™ Hemp CBD Extract which consists of a unique and long studied blend of terpenes and cannabinoids can be a big help for reducing total body inflammation and overcoming everyday stress. For more information, call Sunshine Global Health at 800-334-1236 or visit See ad page 59.

Smart Ride 14 Bike Ride, January 19th and 20th


MART Ride, the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of its size to give back 100% of all proceeds is taking place this January. Join hundreds of riders for the annual journey from Miami to Key West as they raise awareness and much needed funds. Participants come from all over the country to support HIV/ AIDS organizations like Broward House which provides housing as the cornerstone of healing for those affected and infected; Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Centers (CDTC) one of the largest children’s agencies in south Florida, serving over 11,000 children and families with special healthcare needs each year; Pridelines, Miami-Dade County’s LGBTQ Community Center and South Florida’s oldest LGBTQ direct service agency whose mission is to support, educate, and empower South Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and community; Metro Wellness & Community Centers, a multifaceted agency in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties serving the HIV+ community via Medical Case Management, Eligibility, Minority AIDS Initiative, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Prevention/Testing/Outreach services; AIDS Help (AH), Florida’s oldest continuously operating AIDS service organization (ASO) in Monroe County that serves, across the demographic spectrum from Key Largo to Key West; Miracle of Love Inc.,  the oldest and largest non-profit AIDS Service Organization (ASO) for communities of color in Central Florida, providing comprehensive, multicultural care, education and prevention services; Compass Community Center, aiming to diminish stereotypes by challenging long-standing misconceptions about the character of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community through education, advocacy, health services and community organizing. Join individuals and families and make a difference for those living with HIV/AIDS while experiencing a thrilling ride—PLUS enter a chance to WIN great prizes, including a $10,000 Cruise aboard any one of 5 Silversea Ships. The SMART Ride is produced by TSR Adventures Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. To register or sponsor visit or email   10

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Inter-Dimensional Healing with Cristovão Brilho


nterDimensional Healing is a powerful system of energy medicine transforming the many aspects of the self into an integrated expression of one›s true essence. Cristovão Brilho is an incredibly gifted paranormal and metaphysician. Born in Brazil, he is deeply committed to bringing health, equilibrium and well-being to humanity through interdimensional healing. Having started his own spiritual journey at age 4, Cristovão pursues this cause with selfless devotion. He works with (channels) higher forms of intelligence, beings of light, which share knowledge and the use of new healing technologies. One such being is Dr. Fyeer, a Spiritual Doctor who performs psychic surgeries on your spiritual field. These surgeries are performed with the use of a crystal, which acts as an instrument for healing, a link between both dimensions. Of course, these aren’t typical surgeries since they are performed without any incisions or cuts to one’s physical body. Nevertheless, the healing is evident on the physical, emotional and mental level. Every month, free and open to the public, Cristovão offers healing sessions. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions in both the Miami and West Palm Beach locations. For more information regarding these free healing sessions, call (786) 2958665 or (305) 446-5090 or visit Instituto Cristovao Brilho and Crystals for Life store at their new location, 2100 Coral Way, #605, Miami, Fl, 33145. Crystals for Life is a store offering a variety of crystals and jewelry. See ad, page 55.

An Evening of Unbelievable Music


iami Dade College’s (MDC) Live Arts and Rhythm Foundation co-present an evening of Persian classical music with Sahba Motallebi and Naghmeh Farahmand. The stars—and initiatives—aligned for two of Miami’s premier presenting organizations to bring forth this rare event: MDC Live Arts, with their Ojala/Inshallah: Wishes from the Muslim World season, designed to explore the diversity of Muslim culture through the arts and challenge widespread assumptions concerning contemporary Muslim identity; and the Rhythm Foundation’s Axis of Love series, aimed as injecting positivity and empathy into the global conversation through presenting instrumental, traditional and innovative sounds from the conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa. The collaboration launches with Persian Classical musician Sahba Motallebi on Jan 27 and continues with Iraqui trumpeter Amir ElSaffar on March 3rd and Moroccan trance group Innov Gnawa on May 5th. In an immersive environment, the audience surrounds performers in an in-the-round stage setup. The evening also features culture-specific, ​traditional snacks and sweets to engage the audience in a multi-sensory experience. Persian classical music is a deeply spiritual and contemplative art form central to Iranian identity. One of the world’s oldest and greatest musical traditions, it is built around melodic phrases organized into hundreds of pieces and 12 larger systems, which a master musician weaves into a larger improvisational performance. Such a master musician is Sahba Motallebi, who remains rooted in this ancient tradition, while incorporating Iranian folk and contemporary elements to create a musical experience that engages both the mind and the soul. She will be accompanied by Naghmeh Farahmand on tonbak (goblet drum) and daf (frame drum) Sahba Motallebi is a modern virtuoso of the tar and setar, lute-like stringed instruments central to Persian Classical music. One of its few female soloists, she was named Best Tar Player at the Iranian Music Festival for four consecutive years. Sahba began her studies at the Tehran Conservatory of Music at age 14, helped found the women’s music ensemble Chakaveh and later joined the Iranian National Orchestra, which launched her international career. She is now regarded as an ambassador of classical Persian music in the U.S. Naghmeh Farahmand is the daughter of Mahmoud, one of the leading percussion masters in Iran. She started playing the tonbak at age six under the supervision of her father, and was encouraged to learn a melodic instrument to gain insight into the melodic aspect of music, as this would make her a better accompanist. She began playing the santur under the guidance of Faramarz Payvar and Pashang Kamkar. Besides​ learning traditional music, Naghmeh found the daf to be very powerful and spiritual an began learning Sufi and Kurdish rhythms from Bijan Kamkar and Masoud Habibi. She has performed in many well-known traditional ensembles in Iran and at festivals around the world, and was honored to perform with ney master Hassan Nahid and famed vocalist Hengameh Akhavan. In 2010, she moved to Canada ​and started working with musicians in world music and jazz. She is the founder of the Sharghi percussion ensemble. The two musicians will also participate in engagement activities on MDC Wolfson Campus, addressing Honors College students, with discussions about their backgrounds, childhood friendship, and challenges they’ve faced as women in music. ​

Pilates and Yoga Teacher Programs.


nner Balance Studio, a boutique Yoga, Pilates and Barre studio, located in North Miami is excited to announce that they will be offering two teacher training programs which will begin in the New Year. The first to begin is a Pilates Mat Teacher Training that will run over two weekends: January 26-28 and February 2-4. The second is a Yoga Alliance approved, 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training which will run for 10 weekends (FriSunday) from February 16 - May 6, 2018, with the weekends of 3/23-25 and 3/304/1 off. These trainings are ideal for the student looking to advance their practice or get deeper into the work or for someone looking to turn their passion into a career! Visit or email for pricing, schedule, program details and registration. Payment plans, and early bird discounts are available. Inner Balance Studio is located at 12579 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181. 786-383-3088. See ad, page 28.

Concert will take place at the North Beach Bandshell, 7275 Collins Ave Miami Beach on Saturday, January 27, at 8 p.m. To purchase tickets, visit Tickets are $20 advance, $25 day of show. See ad, page 31. Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


Oral Health Prevents Thyroid Problems by Ali Villalobos


re you fatigued, irritable, experiencing unexplained weight gain or perhaps have thyroid issues? Have you considered this might be linked to your oral health? We often do not connect the health of our teeth as a strategy to prevent other systemic diseases. Poor oral health can result in many disorders, ranging from heart diseases, respiratory infection and pancreatic cancer to obesity and thyroid imbalances. In a holistic approach to medicine, doctors such as endocrinologists, acupuncturists, etc., are considering the oral health of their patients and referring them to us at In my own health journey, I have developed an interest in understanding how everything connects. I have become fascinated with meridian channels and how they work within us— essentially meridian lines are energetic pathways that connect everything in the body. We are made out of molecules and cells that are affected by their surrounding energy; in order to be balanced we have to make sure these energetic pathways in our body are not interrupted or blocked. You may have unresolved dental problems that could be blocking a pathway and negatively affecting your health, including tooth abscesses, cracked or decayed teeth, root canals with sub-acute infections, gingivitis, gum infections, improperly extracted teeth with residual infections in the socket, amalgam fillings with mercury leaking into the body, dental materials that provoke sensitivities, defective dental restorations that irritate the teeth, gums or oral cavity. Dental problems are common but often unrecognized sources of imbalances in our thyroid health. The


thyroid—a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland that sits low on the front of the neck—stores and produces hormones that regulate vital body functions, including breathing, heart rate, central and peripheral nervous systems, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, cholesterol levels and more.

Thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances will negatively affect every aspect of your life. Maybe you have a healthy lifestyle yet still have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. Perhaps you often feel irritable, fatigued, constipated or have irregular bowels, your hair is thinning, you’re missing periods.

In a holistic approach to medicine, doctors such as endocrinologists, acupuncturists, etc., are considering the oral health of their patients and referring them to us at These symptoms are all connected to your thyroid health. It is important to identify and treat the underlying causes and one of those factors is your oral health. The toxicity in your body should be considered and addressed appropriately. A biological dentist will use dental materials compatible with your immune system by doing a simple blood test. This test will show what materials your immune system rejects because your blood will coagulate when exposed to the materials. Only the materials that are best for each patient will be used. Mercury amalgam fillings are never a good biological solution and the proper protocols and precautions need to be followed to protect your health. If you have any thyroid issues consider which teeth these are and if they are connected to your thyroid glands. See the chart to identify the teeth and those organs to which they connect. You deserve a healthy, balanced body and we are here to help you achieve that! Next month we will talk about the pineal gland. For more information on the meridian chart and holistic dentistry please visit If you are interested in finding out more about how teeth affect health for yourself or your loved ones, call us at 954-938-4599.

Advertorial ~ International Center for Dental Excellence 2021 E. Commercial Blvd., Suite 208, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 • 954.938.4599 Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Natural Awakenings Family of Franchises Keeps Growing


atural Awakenings Publishing Corp. (NAPC) welcomed two new publishers to a recent training session at the corporate headquarters in Naples, Florida. The NAPC staff spent several days with these entrepreneurs, discussing the ins and outs of taking over publication of existing Natural Awakenings magazines in Washington, D.C. and the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Founded by Chief Executive Officer Sharon Bruckman with a single edition in Naples in 1994, Natural Awakenings has grown to become one of the largest, free, local, healthy living publications in the world, serving more than 3.5 million readers each month via more than 80 magazines published in cities across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “Our devoted family of publishers, supported by advertisers, informs readers of many leading-edge national and local resources that offer paths to a happier, healthier and longer life,” says Bruckman. “Our active and growing readership has helped increase interest in naturally healthy living that has influenced mainstream America and is beneficial for people and the planet.” For a list of locations where Natural Awakenings is published or to learn more about franchising opportunities, call 239-530-1377 or visit

Achieve a beautiful smile with a gentle dental holistic approach on


“As a physician, I am very picky about my healthcare providers. Have had several negative experiences with dentists in particular. I must say that I have been blown away by Dr. Jaskiel and his staff.

They are the consummate professionals. Extremely

dedicated to making sure that I got the best possible outcome. I had a lot of work done, some of it not easy, and they were outstanding. Customer service is also amazing - caring and always with a smile. Good sense of humor also helped. We will definitely have a long-term relationship.”

We help you understand the source of your problems, not just treat them. n

n n n n



Free and Cosmetic Consult Implants Root Canals Ask about Whitening Veneers, & Virtually Unbreakable Zirconia Crowns BPA Free Fillings, Nightguards & Crowns Safe Mercury Removal

Dr. Daniella David MD

Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System University of Miami Hospital

#1 Dentist

Mela T.

Model, actress, TV host M I A M I , F L

Brickell Avenue Cosmetic, Holistic & Family Dentistry DR. ABRAHAM JASKIEL DMD, PA

1865 Brickell Avenue #A207 Miami, FL 33129

305.653.2231 open until 8pm

Insurance accepted

Metlife, Aetna, Cigna,Guardian, Humana, Delta Dental, GEHA etc… The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, of be reimbursed for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment FL LIC #DN15777

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January 2018


ADVERTISEMENT ers. Body RepairRX is made from only the purest ingredients, which are natural to the body. The proprietary blend of ingredients provides the body with the most complete and innovative product on the market. Body RepairRX comes in a fast absorbing, easy to digest, liquid form. Liquid supplements may increase uptake and be faster and more efficient than pills or capsules that need to be broken down and digested before they can be absorbed. Body RepairRX is manufactured according to pharmaceutical industry standards, thereby assuring consumers a consistent and superior quality product. Developed by an internationally recognized expert and innovator in the field of collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans, the ingredients in Body RepairRX, synergistically work by providing the nutritional building blocks, which are critical to support cartilage, lubricate and strengthen joints and more. It supplies 19 amino acids to support natural energy production and nutrition the body needs for muscle recovery after exercise. The patented collagen (a recognized GRAS ingredient—Generally Recognized As Safe by FDA definition) found in Body RepairRX permits maximum delivery and absorption of our unique ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is a supportive ingredient to joint cartilage tissue and also plays a critical role in skin health. One daily dose is all you need for overall body wellness. Body RepairRX has received two patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. To receive a patent, a product must be innovative and original … not merely an imitation umpstart your body from within! That’s what we say about or substitute of other. Body RepairRX supports joint, muscle, bone, connective tissue, skin, hair and nail health. Body RepairRX. But, what do we really mean? Body ReHycure™ Type 1 Hydrolyzed collagen is the “star” of pairRX is a revolutionary and innovative product designed BodyRepairRX. It can act as a carrier or transporter for the to support overall body and health wellness, as it supplies other ingredients and aids in absorption. In addition, a recent the four major compounds found in connective tissue of the study in the American Journal of Nutrition shows that regular body. Many products on the market claim to support joint intake of glucosamine and chondroitin can have significant and muscle health, but none come close to the superior forhealth benefits, including longevity. Body RepairRX contains mulation and manufacturing methods of Body RepairRX®. proprietary sources of all of its ingredients, further assuring The natural ingredients used in Body RepairRX are the best possible product. glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, hydrolyzed collagen, L-Malic acid, manganese ascorbate and hyaluronic Choose Body RepairRX if you are: acid. BodyRepairRX® is manufactured in Pennsylvania and • An athlete contains no gluten, shellfish, lactose, soy, yeast or high-fruc• An active individual tose corn syrup. The flavor is orange. • Looking to support joint and muscle health Although Body RepairRX has glucosamine and chon• Increase mobility and/or flexibility droitin in it, it’s so much more. Body RepairRX provides • Lacking energy supplemental building blocks that have been shown to be • Seeking faster muscle recovery synergistic and critical to body wellness. Because of the glu• Looking to support bone health cosamine being a proprietary product, it is vegan; therefore, • Want to improve condition of hair, nails, and skin it does not contain shellfish from China or any other parts • Slowed by general aches and pains of the world. That also makes it a better product. It contains • Maintaining and improving longevity of life some of the ingredients found in other joint supplements, but we cerWe invite you to try Body RepairRX—and encourage you to tify that it contains what our label order two bottles, which is a two-month supply because it says are the amounts as shown in does take many people over a month to see any results since each and every bottle. We manufacture according to current general it has to work its way into the body. manufacturing practices (cGMP), For additional information, call 610 428-4241, 877-927which the FDA fully approves and 3724 or visit asks of high-quality manufactur-

Jumpstart the Body with



Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

practitioner profile

Special Offers and Coupons!

Emmanuela Wolloch, MD, Gynecologist 1801 N.E. 123rd Street, Suite 415 North Miami. 305 935 8775


mmanuela Wolloch, MD, FACOG, Miami’s Premier Private Gynecologist, is a board certified OB/GYN who specializes in Integrative Medicine including Disease Prevention, Women’s’ Health, Bio – Identical Hormones and Holistic Living. Dr. Wolloch obtained her Medical Degree in Paris in 1985 and then moved to Miami where she completed her Internship and Residency in 1991. She was recognized for her outstanding Patient Centric Care at Jackson Memorial/University of Miami Hospital where she was conferred the prestigious Helen Lansman Award for the Physician with the greatest compassion shown towards Patients. Dr. Wolloch is a member of the American Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine and a Functional Medicine Specialist. She has lectured on health issues for numerous organizations and has been featured in publications and on local and international television discussing various aspects of Women’s Health with a Holistic view. She has been in private practice in the Miami Area for over 25 Years. Always at the forefront of innovated Medicine, Dr Wolloch offers the very best of the latest, proven methods to achieve optimal health states in her purpose built, zen – like office. Some of these individualized approaches include Vaginal Laser Therapy, (for treatment of Symptoms of menopause) IV Nutrient Therapy, Thermography and a Sexual Health Program. Other procedures for Women’s optimum health offered are PRP Hair and Facial treatments, and the O-Shot ®. Her “First Time Program” for the young women in our lives is a hit with Mothers and Daughters alike! With a special interest in Peri – menopause, Menopause and Adolescent Gynecology, her Private Practice in North Miami is staffed with a team of caring, professional Nurses, serves Patients that are looking for customized treatments and concierge type care with a Holistic approach. Follow them on Facebook: Dremmanuelawolloch MD, FACOG and Twitter @drwolloch. See ad, page 24.

Our 2018 Natural Living Directory connects you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. As an added bonus many of them are offering coupons and special savings to help you start the New Year. Look for those here and throughout the this special Natural Living Directory issue.

community resource guide ACUPUNCTURE HUI SHAO, AP. MD(CHINA)

3310 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Ste 250 305-461-4046

Traditional Chinese acupuncture by doctor graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We provide supportive therapies: Natural Herbs, Massage therapy, Reflexology. Auto accident, workers’ comp and some health insurance accepted.


Acupuncture Physician 717 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Ste #325 305-445-4494

Want to Feel Your best? The Benefits of Acupuncture is the solution. Soothing, Peaceful atmosphere to help you reach your best. Some Health Plans accepted.


Everglades University Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine enables students to explore the exciting field of Alternative Medicine with courses in Herbology and Botany; Nutrition and Aging; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Homeopathy; and Antioxidants.See ad, page 3.

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January 2018


Are Tongue Ties just a Fad? by Leslie Haller, DMD

Fad implies a negative connotation —— something that will come and go. Frenectomies are here to stay.


lthough the existence of tongue ties has been known for hundreds of years, their impact on health has only recently been rediscovered here in the U.S. and Canada. In some other developed countries, infants with tongue ties are diagnosed at birth and treated before they even leave the hospital. In the U.S., most pediatricians have never learned how to properly diagnose them because they were taught in medical school that a tongue tie is rarely a problem. Additionally, most pediatricians were not taught much about the importance or mechanics of breastfeeding; if a mother complained that nursing was painful and her infant constantly hungry and miserable with colic and reflux, she was advised to switch to bottle feeding with formula. The recent recognition of the benefits of breastfeeding has brought tongue ties back into the light. Tongue ties can interfere with swallowing and breathing too, so switching to a bottle may not completely solve the problem of an inability to nurse. If not released in infancy, these babies can have dental, breathing and speech problems as they grow, often requiring orthodontics, speech therapy and other treatments later on. Adults with tongue ties can have sleep apnea with snoring and constant neck and head pain. The connecting tissue between the tongue and the floor of the mouth is called a frenum. When that narrow piece of tissue under the center of the tongue is too tight, it literally ties the tongue to the floor of the mouth. There are several terms for releasing frenums— I prefer “frenectomy”—but they all basically mean the same thing. There are also several methods for performing a frenectomy: snip it with scissors; cut it with a scalpel; or cauterize it using a laser. In years long past, lactation consultants or doulas even severed tight frenums using a sharp fingernail. I am a dentist certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery with extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating tongue ties using a CO2 laser. In my opinion, a laser is the optimal method for releasing tongue ties because it is the most precise and has the least risk. With a laser, frenectomies can be done in my dental office with just local anesthetic rather than in a hospital under general anesthesia with all the risks, time and expense that entails. Because there is little to


no bleeding, I can see precisely what I am doing and cut just as shallow or deep as necessary for a complete release. Because the laser cauterizes the tissue, there is virtually no risk of infection. And, laser wounds heal faster than scalpel or scissor wounds. Frenectomies done this way have less risk of complication than even circumcisions which are performed routinely. There is a great deal to know about tongue ties. Like other things in the human body, tongue ties can manifest anywhere along a continuum, from mild to severe, subtle to obvious, anterior to posterior. They are not always easy to detect which is why diagnosis consists of both appearance and clinical symptoms. There is a wealth of information on the internet. My website,, has lots of information, videos and links to other sites to help medical professionals, parents and patients become fully informed. Most of the professionals who do these procedures, despite mainstream opinion, have become practitioners because of personal experience. Seeing the tremendous difference this safe and quick procedure can make for infants and their families has become the most satisfying thing I have ever done in my long career as a dentist. If you think your infant, child, teenager or you may have a tongue tie, call my office to make an appointment for a free consult. Wishing you all the best.

Advertorial ~ Leslie Haller, DMD • 786.567.8274 5280 N University Dr, Lauderhill FL 33351 •

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

business profile


Angie Angelis, Attorney At Law, LLC

“An Attorney Who Cares” With Over 25 Years of Experience. Real Estate, plus.

Attorney at Law 13554 SW 47th Lane, Suite 100 Miami, FL 33175, 305-598-2540, Miami Areas of Practice:

Foreclosure protection/defense, loan modifications, short sales, real estate contracts, buyer/seller representation, title closing agent, wills, probate, real estate litigation, consumer law, traffic matters, disputes, debt settlement. See ads, page 17 and 64.


hen you decide to purchase a new home or sell your present one, there are many decisions that must be made. Aside from being one of your largest financial transactions, a real estate purchase or sale should take place after you’ve consulted with an attorney to assure that the transaction will be handled legally and professionally. Located in Miami at 13554 Southwest 47th Lane, Suite 100, Angie Angelis is a real estate attorney who cares and is committed to protecting your interests and helping you resolve any potential legal problems before entering a legally binding contract. Specializing in foreclosure protection, loan modifications, short sales, real estate contracts, buyer/seller representation, landlord/tenant representation, real estate litigation, business matters and wills/ probate, Angie Angelis has years of experience representing buyers and sellers throughout the area and will ensure a smooth and stress free transaction. She will prepare the necessary documents and fully explain each document including the deed, bill of sale, mortgage, promissory note, title commitment, etc., so that you fully understand the real estate transaction. Call “An Attorney Who Cares,” when you are ready for any real estate transaction. Angie Angelis, Attorney At Law, is ready to serve you. With the same experience and care Angie Angelis will assist you with Probate, Estates, Will document preparation, Landlord/Tenant matters, lease review, uncontested divorce settlements, Traffic matters, Civil Litigation defense, misdemeanors, consumer law, and debt settlements. Let her put her years of experience to work for you. “The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.”See ad, pages 17 and 64.


Attorney at Law 16211 NE 12th Ct., N. Miami Beach 305-945-0108, 305 944-7233, Fax

Practicing in the area of Probate, Guardianship, Social Security, Wills and Trust, and Real Estate.


Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Coral Gables & Palmetto Bay 305-235-0537

When Family Matters...The divorce process does not have to destroy your children, finances, relationships, selfesteem, and future. Other areas: Prenuptial Agreements and Cooperative Divorce. Florida Supreme Court Family and Civil Mediator.


HOLISTIC SOUTH PREGNANCY & BIRTH CENTER 9275 SW 152nd Street, 1st Floor 305-238-7873

Providing midwifery care throughout pregnancy birth & the postpartum period. Located directly across from Jackson South Hospital! Water birth & Gravity BirthTM option. Family planning & women’s wellness care available.

Attorney Angie Angelis, P.A. 13554 S.W. 47th Lane, Suite 100 (305) 598-2540 – Free Consultations

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Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


health briefs

Lutein in Greens and Eggs Slows Cognitive Aging Healthy diet options of spinach and kale may also help keep our brains fit. In a study from the University of Illinois appearing in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 60 adults between 25 and 45 years old having higher levels of lutein, a nutrient found in green, leafy vegetables, avocados and eggs, had neural responses more on par with younger people than others of their own age. Lutein is a nutrient that the body can’t make on its own, so it must be acquired through diet. It accumulates in brain tissues and the eyes, which allows researchers to measure levels without using invasive techniques.


Daily Produce Servings Prevent Early Death

Researchers at the Imperial College London say that five servings of fruits and vegetables is a good start, but more is better. After conducting a worldwide meta-analysis of 2 million people that compared early mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer, they recommend eating at least 10 three-ounce vegetable and fruit servings per day, which could prevent up to 7.8 million premature deaths each year.

AEROBICS KEEP THE BRAIN YOUNG Simple movement turns out to be the best way to lift mood, improve memory and protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline, according to Harvard Medical School researchers in an article, “Aerobic Exercise is the Key for Your Head, Just as It is for Your Heart.” Even brisk walking or jogging for 45 minutes can alleviate depression. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science notes that aerobic workouts can help people feel less stressed by reducing levels of the body’s natural stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. 18

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Hemp Oil Cuts Seizure Frequency in Half Research from the New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has found that cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp oil, significantly reduces seizure rates in epileptics. Scientists there tested 120 children and young adults with epilepsy and found that the cannabidiol group’s number of seizures per month decreased from 12.4 to 5.9 compared to a statistically insignificant change in the placebo group.

RED WINE LESS TOXIC THAN WHITE Alcohol has been linked with cancer in about 3.6 percent of cases worldwide, due to the presence of acetaldehyde, which damages DNA and prevents it from repairing itself. A study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention that involved 200,000 people found a distinct connection between white wine in particular and melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Sun exposure is a well-known cancer risk, but this and other studies have found that subjects often develop melanoma primarily on the trunks of their bodies, which are usually covered by clothing, and it is almost always curable if the cancer is caught early.


Eating fish at least twice a week may significantly reduce the pain and swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis,in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints, creating swelling and pain. Studies have already shown the beneficial effect of fish oil supplements on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, but a new study of 176 participants at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, found that increasing the amount of fish containing omega-3 they ate weekly as a whole food lowered their disease activity. The Arthritis Foundation estimates that about 1.5 million people in the U.S. have the disease; women far more often than men.

Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


health briefs


A Swiss study gave volunteers $25 a week for four weeks, and told half of them to spend the money on themselves and the others to spend it to benefit others. Subsequent brain scans revealed a link between the altruistic acts and feelings of contentment, activating neurons in the ventral striatum associated with happiness. Even the intention alone to be more generous was enough to create these changes, and the amount spent did not influence the increase in levels of well-being. The discovery sheds fresh light on why many people feel gratified when giving, even when it costs them something.

Widi Design/

Mercury/Autism Brain Research Alert As the debate rages between health officials and vaccine critics about possible links to autism, mercury seems to be a specific bone of contention. It has long been present in the form of thimerisol, a preservative that inhibits bacterial contamination. Under government pressure, amounts have been reduced by the pharmaceutical industry to trace levels or eliminated, except in commonly recommended flu vaccines, some of which contain the food emulsifier polysorbate 80, which disrupts the blood-brain barrier and helps create an extremely effective delivery system for escorting neurotoxic ethylmercury and other heavy metals straight to the brain. The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that ethylmercury, in particular, gets metabolized into even more toxic inorganic mercury and remains in the brain for years.

zhuk _ ladybug/

Generosity Cheers Mind, Body and Spirit

Sugar Linked to Depression The journal Scientific Reports recently published a study that confirmed a link between a diet high in sugar and common mental disorders. In 2002, researchers from Baylor College found that higher rates of refined sugar consumption were associated with higher rates of depression. A 2015 study that included nearly 70,000 women found a higher likelihood of depression in those with high added sugar intake, but not in those with a high intake of naturally occurring sugars such as those found in fruit. The World Health Organization recommends that people reduce their daily intake of added sugars to less than 5 percent of their total energy intake; Americans typically consume three times that much. Meanwhile, one in six people worldwide suffers from a common mental problem such as a mood or anxiety disorder.

Keep Your Fun In the Sun Lasting all Summer Long!

EXCELLENT Pool Service

Maintenance and Repairs

Juan Rafael Sanchez 786-346-2032 Spanish 305-491-5775 English (used by Miami NA Publisher)


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

NA Fun Fact:

Natural Awakenings prints 1,510,100 magazines nationwide each month.

To advertise with us call:

(305) 598-3315

Our Patients Love Us!

“Do you feel that way about your dentist?”

Holistic dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural, and less toxic life. Fredda Rosenbaum DDS, PA

N.Y.U.C.D Graduate 1982

Holistic, General, Cosmetic, Implants & Sedation Dentistry Licensed in Oral Conscious Sedation Se Habla Español In Office Financing Available

Services Offered: • Comprehensive Holistic Dentistry • Mercury Free Office since 1993 • IAOMT Protocol followed strictly for amalgam removal • Surgical Free Options for Periodontal Treatment • Distilled Water Lines Running Through Entire Office • Cosmetic Dentistry • Implant Placement & Restoration • Titanium and Zirconia Implants • Oral Conscious Sedation • Oral ID (Oral Cancer Screening) • Sleep Apnea Appliances Dr. Rosenbaum is a board certified biological dentist, an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine as well as a member of the Holistic Dentists Association. 2925 Aventura Blvd., Suite 201 Aventura, Florida 33180

One light South of Ives Dairy Rd. on Biscayne Blvd.

305-933-3350 Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


global briefs

Urban Trees

Urban trees help reduce obesity and depression, improve productivity, boost educational outcomes and reduce incidences of asthma and heart disease for residents, yet according to The Nature Conservancy, American cities spend less than a third of 1 percent of municipal budgets on tree planting and maintenance. As a result, U.S. cities are losing 4 million trees per year. Each summer, thousands of unnecessary deaths result from heat waves in urban areas. Studies have shown that trees are a cost-effective solution. Too often, the presence or absence of urban nature and its associated benefits is tied to a neighborhood’s income level, resulting in dramatic health inequities. In some American cities, life expectancies in different neighborhoods located just a few miles apart can differ by as much as a decade. Not all of this health disparity is connected to the tree cover, but researchers are increasingly finding that neighborhoods with fewer trees have worse health outcomes, so inequality in access to urban nature can lead to worse health inequities. To read the white paper, visit

Veggie Doctors Gods_Kings/

Cardiologists Urge Plant-Based Hospital Meals

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) is advising hospitals in improving patient menus by adding healthy, plant-based options and removing processed meats, which have been linked to 60,000 cardiovascular deaths annually. The ACC Heart-Healthy Food Recommendations for Hospitals states, “At least one plant-based main dish should be offered and promoted at every meal.” ACC also urges that processed meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs and deli meats should not be offered at all. These guidelines extend to hospital cafeterias and onsite restaurants. The American Medical Association has also passed a resolution that calls on hospitals to provide similarly healthy meals. Processed meats are now considered carcinogenic to humans, according to the World Health Organization. A 50-gram serving a day—one hot dog or two strips of bacon—increases colorectal cancer risk by 18 percent. “Too many heart disease patients have had their recovery undermined by bacon and hot dogs on their hospital trays,” says Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the nonprofit Physicians Committee. 22

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys



City Greenery Boosts Public Health

Cigarette Cutback Higher Prices Lower Use

Research from the Medical University of Vienna found in a 30-year study that increasing prices for tobacco products by 5 percent reduced tobacco use by 3.5 percent.

payment plan options. Se Habla Espanol.

ber of the International academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM), Holistic Dental Association (HDA), the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD), the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology DENTAL HEALTH (IAOMT), the International Academy of Orthodontists (IAO), and also Diplomat of the InternaASSURE-A-SMILE tional Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

Meatless Millennials

Peter Bernik/

Young Vegetarians Worry Meat Industry

The 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit in North Carolina involved hundreds of leaders from fast-food chains, marketing agencies and poultry production companies discussing the fact that Americans are ASSURE A SMILE NEW OFFICE LOCATION: eating less poultry—and whatSuite to do205, about it. Richard 9220 SW 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33173 O: 305-274-0047 W: Kottmeyer, a senior managing partner at Fork to Farm Advisory Services, explained that Millennials need to be “inspired and coached” to consume more animal products, according to an article published on, an industry website. “Compared to their parents, Millennials are more likely to believe in evolution and accept that climate change is occurring. They seek out facts and science to better understand a complex world, but the poultry industry doesn’t have any factbased information to defend its cruel, unsanitary practices,” states animal rights advocate Nathan Runkle via The majority of chickens raised for meat have been bred to grow so large so quickly that they collapse under their own unnatural weight. North Carolina has enacted an “ag-gag” bill, making it illegal to photograph or videotape animal abuse.

9220 SW 72nd St. Ste. 205 305-274-0047

We offer natural & holistic dentistry for the entire family. Dr. Theodore Hermann, DMD, PA, is a holistic dentist who has been practicing dentistry in South Florida for over 20 years and offers natural & holistic dentistry for the entire family See ads, page 2 and 27..

BRICKELL AVENUE COSMETIC, HOLISTIC DENTISTRY FAMILY DENTISTRY Dr. Abraham Jaskiel DMD. PA 1865 Brickell Avenue, Suite A207 305-653-2231

On Brickell since 2001, Dr. Jaskiel doesn’t see a large number of patients for good reason. “I like to give everybody their set time, on time.” Free parking & Valet parking. Office open Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. All Major insurance accepted. See ad, pag 13.

Tim UR/

Eco Pesticide

Safer Product Controls Citrus Pests


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Pest Regulation have approved CRS Plus, an aerosol pheromone biopesticide product that disrupts the mating cycle of Aonidiella aurantii, also known as California Red Scale (CRS). Pheromones do not kill or damage the target insects, and are species-specific, so pollinators and other beneficial insect species are not affected. CRS attacks all aerial parts of citrus trees, including twigs, leaves, branches and fruit. Heavy infestations can cause reduced fruit quality, yellowing and dropping of leaves, dieback of twigs and limbs and even death of the tree.

A VITAL KEY TO LOSING WEIGHT & FEELING GREAT: decongesting your lymphatic system.

Rasia Lockhart, of Samara Programs, offers the latest in state-of-the-art Electro-Sound Lymphatic Instrumentation. This therapy uses a gentle, high-frequency sound pulse, to loosen stagnation and assist your body in decongesting your entire lymphatic system.

CALL NOW for your first treatment - FREE. North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Kendall 786-271-0896

2925 Aventura Blvd. #201 Aventura, FL 33180 305-933-3350

Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch. General, Cosmetic, Holistic & Sedation. See ad, page 21.


Yolanda Cintron, DMD 2021 East Commercial Blvd., Suite 208 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 954-938-4599

All phases of dentistry for optimum health , holistic , bio-compatible dentistry.

• Sedation Dentistry • Removing of toxic metals • Replacing them with Biocompatible materials • Laser Dentistry for painless surgeries & extractions • Zirconia/ Ceramic Implants • Natural bone augmentation / Plasma Rich Growth Factor • Oral DNA Testing • Add gums to receding gums. See ad, 12..

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January 2018


for Wound Care and Neurological Conditions Hyperbaric O2 Therapy (%100 Pure O2) Non-healing wound - Recent plastic surgery Sports injury - Stroke - Autism - Cerebral palsy Near-drowning epsode- Multiple sclerosis - Cancer Repetitive migraines - Acne and psoriasis IV VITAMINS

MYERS COCKTAIL- chronic fatigue, depression, asthma, muscle spasm, migraines. GLUTATHIONE - for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s , Liver disease, detox MILD &HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C- wellness and cancer IV CHELATION – for removal of heavy metals and cardiovascular disorders


Colonics, benefits are increased energy and detoxification of your body!

8337 NW 12 ST STE 101 - DORAL, FL 33126



• Gynecology/ First Time Program • Bio - Identical Hormones • Vaginal Laser Therapy • Sexual Health/ PRP O- Shot® • Menopause • Natural Thyroid Program • IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy • Natural PRP Facial Rejuvenation/Hair Loss Treatments

global briefs

Recycling Crusade

San Francisco Moves Toward Zero Waste

The San Francisco Department of the Environment’s list of materials allowed in blue recycling bins has been expanded to include plastic bags, paper coffee cups, ice cream containers, milk or juice cartons and textiles; it is also downsizing refuse bins. It’s all part of a shift to using dualcompartment trucks to collect refuse from black bins and organic waste from green bins, with a dedicated truck for recyclables. A national leader in recycling, the city is one of the first to attempt a zero-waste target year of 2020. California has a goal of 75 percent recycling by 2020, having achieved a 44 percent rate in 2016. Los Angeles is making progress with a new commercial waste recycling system. Washington, D.C., has also expanded its list of accepted materials for recycling bins, but still doesn’t include plastic bags. With recent improvements to automated and optical sorting technology, some companies are becoming more accommodating about what they will accept.

Miami's Premier Private Gynecologist

Emmanuela Wolloch, MD FACOG Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Practicing Integrative, Holistic and Functional approaches to Medicine  

1801 NE 123rd Street, Suite 415 North Miami, Fl 33181 T. 305-935-8775 F. 305-705-2825 24

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Jakub Krechowicz/

Hyperbaric Oxygen (O2) Therapy Healing

Crackdown Needed



Glyphosate Found in Breakfast Foods

Of 24 breakfast food samples tested by the Alliance for Natural Health USA, 10 showed the presence of glyphosate. Executive and Legal Director Gretchen DuBeau states, “We expected that trace amounts would show up in foods containing large amounts of corn and soy. However, we were unprepared for just how invasive this poison has been to our entire food chain.” In the study, the chemical, now revealed to be a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization, was found in oatmeal, bagels, eggs, potatoes and non-GMO soy coffee creamer. The presence of glyphosate in dairy products may be due to bioaccumulation in the tissue of animals. DuBeau adds, “Glyphosate has been linked to increases in levels of breast, thyroid, kidney, pancreatic, liver and bladder cancers, and is being served for breakfast, lunch and dinner worldwide. The fact that it is showing up in foods like eggs and coffee creamers, which don’t directly contact the herbicide, proves that it’s being passed on by animals that ingest it in their feed. This is contrary to everything that regulators and industry scientists have been telling the public.”


Recycled Plastics Put to Good Use

Australia’s Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training at Deakin University is practicing an affordable way to increase the availability of potable (drinkable) water in needy areas of the world. The project involves collecting plastic garbage from around the Pacific Islands and turning it into pellets, which are then extruded as 3-D printer filament to make replacement plumbing parts, often in short supply in those locations. That effort is called 3D WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), and the children’s charity Plan International Australia will be the first recipient (Plan.

Corporate Programs Boost Health and Bottom Line

Corporate wellness programs are linked to a 25 percent reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, 25 percent reduction in health costs and 32 percent reduction in workers compensation and disability costs, according to a 2016 meta-analysis of corporate wellness studies by Edelman Intelligence. For details, visit

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Natural device stops a cold before it starts

New research: Copper stops colds if used early.


ew research shows you can stop a cold in its tracks if you take one simple step with a new device when you first feel a cold coming on. Colds start when cold viruses get in your nose. Viruses multiply fast. If you don’t stop them early, they spread in your airways and cause misery. But scientists have found a quick way to stop a virus. Touch it with copper. Researchers at labs and universities worldwide agree — copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, just by touch. Four thousand years ago ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper to purify water and heal wounds. Now we know why it worked so well. Researchers say a tiny electric charge in microbe cells gets short-circuited by the high conductance of copper. This destroys the cell in seconds. Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show germs die fast on copper. So some hospitals switched to copper touch surfaces, like faucets and doorknobs. This cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses by over half, and saved lives. The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When he felt a cold coming on he fashioned a smooth copper probe and rubbed it gently in his nose for 60 seconds. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold went away completely.” It worked

again every time he felt a cold coming on. He reports he has never had a cold since. He asked relatives and friends to try it. They said it worked for them, too. So he patented CopperZap™ and put it on the market. Soon hundreds of people had tried it and given feedback. Nearly 100 percent said the copper stops their colds if used within 3 hours of the first sign. Even up to 2 days after the first sign, if they still get the cold it is milder and they feel better. Users wrote things like, “It stopped my cold right away,” and “Is it supposed to work that fast?” Pat McAllister, age 70, received one as a gift and called it “one of the best presents ever. This little jewel really works.” Sinus trouble, stuffiness, cold sores. People often use CopperZap Copper may even help stop flu if for prevention, before cold signs apused early and for several days. In a pear. Karen Gauci, who flies often for her job, used to get colds after crowded lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu viruses on a CopperZap. No viruses flights. Though skeptical, she tried it were found alive soon after. several times a day on travel days for The EPA says the natural color 2 months. “Sixteen flights and not a change of copper does not reduce its sniffle!” she exclaimed. ability to kill germs. Businesswoman Rosaleen says CopperZap is made in the U.S. of when people are sick around her she pure copper. It carries a 90-day full uses CopperZap morning and night. money back guarantee and is available “It saved me last holidays,” she said. for $49.95 at or toll“The kids had colds going around and free 1-888-411-6114. around, but not me.” ADVERTORIAL


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Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if they use it just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had in years.” Users also report success in stopping cold sores when used at the first sign of a tingle in the lip. One woman said, “I tried every product on the market over 20 years. Some helped a little, but this stopped it from happening in the first place.” The handle is sculptured to fit the hand and finely textured to improve contact. Tests show it kills harmful microbes on the fingers to help prevent the spread of illness.


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Association (HDA), the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD), the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology HOLISTIC DENTIST (IAOMT), the International Academy of Orthosecondhand furniture to extend its life with a bonus of nostalgia. dontists (IAO), and also Diplomat of the Internafrom the early to mid-20th century, which maytional contain lead, or of OralASSURE-A-SMILE Congress Implantologists (ICOI).

MLook for furniture with organic substances such as natural wood finishes, naturally

tanned leather or organic cotton. Look for Greenguard product certification to ensure ASSURE A SMILE NEW OFFICE LOCATION: low toxicity ( 9220 SW 72nd Street, Suite 205, Miami, FL 33173 O: Broadway, 305-274-0047 W: Some businesses, like Upholstery on in Arlington, Massachusetts, conduct money-saving classes for people that want to learn to repair or restore their own furniture. Owner Kevin Kennedy finds, “People bring in their own projects, often wing chairs and side chairs, along with stray pieces of materials. As long as they have ‘good bones’ [solid wood frames], new fabric can add many years.” For those afraid of making mistakes in cutting fabric, “We help them measure carefully first, and that relieves their anxiety.” A carpenter’s rule is to measure twice, cut once.

MGet creative. cites Pentatonic, a furniture line made from 100 percent recycled materials, including glass, plastics and metals, for easy assembly without tools. Standardized components deliver efficient manufacturing and shipping; each part has an identification number with the manufacturer’s date and location, and the type of waste used in production.


In replacing furniture, make sure the old piece gets reused, as well. Sell it via,, local classifieds or a yard sale; donate through or a local thrift store; or just give it away.

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Daily Detox with Bitter Greens and Bitter Herbs by Anna Perelli


very day we are exposed to a myriad of toxins that can wreak havoc on us if left unchecked. From pollution, pesticides and household/commercial chemicals to overindulging and being under stress, toxins in all forms can tax our bodies. When our detoxification pathways become less efficient and our liver overburdened, we feel tired, sluggish, irritable and out of balance.

Participating in seasonal cleanses provides good quarterly maintenance and gives us the opportunity to hit our reset buttons. Beyond these tune-ups, the best way to support the body’s innate wisdom and ability to keep toxins in check is to incorporate daily habits that encourage consistent, optimal detoxing. This is where bitter herbs and bitter greens come in. These are superstar powerhouses for

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liver and digestive support, two of the main pathways our bodies use to help clear out toxins. Bitter herbs—such as milk thistle, dandelion, gentian, chamomile, peppermint and Oregon grape—have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, particularly to improve digestion, support the liver and counter inflammation. Regular use of bitters can help with food sensitivities, supports healthy skin and encourages proper digestive enzyme production; it helps relieve digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating and occasional heartburn. Incorporating just half a teaspoon of an herbal bitters blend before meals goes a long way in supporting liver and gallbladder health, enabling our bodies to clear out toxins efficiently. Making this a staple of daily mealtime ritual is a fun, easy way to promote daily gentle detoxing. Like bitter herbs, bitter greens such as kale, arugula, nettles, chard and dandelion, pack a powerful punch in the way of detox support. The dark, leafy, vitamin-rich bitter greens are exceptionally beneficial for digestion and promote natural detoxification of the liver, which regulates cholesterol, balances hormones, detoxifies the blood and metabolizes fats. Incorporating fresh bitter greens into smoothies, fresh juices, salads, pesto or tomato sauces, and soups are great ways to get a daily dose of the nutritional magic greens have to offer. Serve them lightly sautéed as a side dish. As a bonus, eating more greens will also help balance taste buds and reduce cravings. Detoxing doesn’t have to be intimidating or daunting. Simple, daily lifestyle choices help us help our bodies work at optimal levels. The basics of drinking plenty of purified water; exercising regularly; eating well most of the time; and choosing organic, chemical-free products whenever possible are important; incorporating bitter herbs and bitter greens into our diets can help us feel our best and become the lean, mean detoxing machines nature intended! Anna Perelli is a certified holistic health counselor and owner of the Centre for Natural Healing, an herbal apothecary located in Norwalk, VA. For more information on detox methods or bitter herb remedies, call 203857-0202, or visit

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Reclaim, Revive, Restore Female Intimate Wellness “Women are talking and asking for nonsurgical options. This is the most significant innovation for female rejuvenation and works hand in hand with other non surgical regenerative techniques we employ for our patients.  Finally, women of all ages have the ability to control their bladders and regain sexual well-being and happiness.” —Karen Bravo, MD


he effects of time, childbearing, hormonal changes, surgery and gravity take their toll upon a woman and her sexuality, sensitivity, pelvic floor strength, urinary continence and vaginal dryness and laxity. We have come to accept this as the “normal”, inevitable part of the aging process. But new advances in energy technology will revolutionize the health and wellness of women allowing them to reclaim their younger or “pre-baby” bodies, restore their well-being and revive their relationships.  

Imagine a safe, noninvasive in-office procedure to rejuvenate and revive a woman’s intimate physiology and external appearance after just one application by an experienced physician. It is as comfortable and relaxing as a warm stone massage, often with immediate positive visual changes with no discomfort or downtime.   Originally developed by a uro-gynecologist to address urinary incontinence, this noninvasive treatment uses a radio-frequency to gently stimulate increased vascular flow and collagen formation.  Beyond the improvements to urinary continence, there are significant tightening and toning to female tissues both internally and externally.   Women immediately will notice improvements in the thickness of the delicate mucosal tissues with improved healthy lubrication, intimate sensitivity and response, pelvic and vaginal muscular tone. Most remarkably, these changes are experienced even in women who are post menopausal or cannot take hormones.  The effects following the recommended three monthly treatments are long lasting, up to 2 years or more. Unlike C02 laser treatments which send a burning ablative energy into the tissues, the ThermiVa uses gentle heating to stimulate collagen formation. There is no burning or discomfort and therefore the treatment may be safely applied to the internal as well as the external female tissues.  Patients are fully awake and require no sedation.   Karen Bravo, MD is the owner of KB Holistic located in Miami. She specializes in holistic regenerative medicine and aesthetics. For more information on holistic regenerative medicine and aesthetics, call Dr. Bravo at 305-505-0455. KB Holistic, 15500 S.W. 200th St., Miami, FL 33187. See ads, page 8 and 43.

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The Metabolism Mystery Balancing Body Systems Key to Weight Loss

by Nicole Fevrier Davis


he word “metabolism” seems to confuse many people, appearing to be the mystery part of being human that eludes our personal goals to lose weight. Health and fitness advertisers seem to take advantage of this. There are quite a few supplement or food advertisements that claim to boost metabolism, promise a metabolic burn after a workout or promote supplements that offer a “miracle metabolic charge”. The reality is that these claims are suspect. There is no one supplement, workout or diet that can super charge our entire metabolism, because it is a complex combination of several systems within the body. Metabolism describes the sum of everything our bodies do in order to turn food into energy. There are many things that can affect that process. It is commonly thought that if we decrease calories and increase activity, it should help us lose weight. While that is the case for some, others may have intestinal bacterial problems, hidden food addictions, or hormonal or brain chemical imbalances which inhibit achievement of the goals. Ensuring all of the body’s systems are balanced and in good working order is crucial to a healthy running metabolism. Some of these systems are within our control and others are more elusive as they can’t be found without proper testing. Here is a checklist of things to consider when evaluating metabolism function for a weight-loss goal.

Cardiovascular Training

First check to make sure you are physically active 5-6 days out of the week. The reality is many of us have difficulty finding the time to walk or work out. Once we do find the time, we must work out within a heart rate training range appropriate to our goals. Keep in mind that high-intensity workouts can sometimes miss the mark. People can regularly work out at a heart rate that is simply too high to produce the desired weight loss effects. Be mindful about goals; high-intensity workouts are great to balance the lower heart rate workouts but they shouldn’t be the only thing we do.


Eating is another metabolic sub-system that needs attention. Our metabolism loves food. It is unrealistic for anyone to survive on 30

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

less than 1,400 calories a day for an extended period of time. That can be the main reason why so many people gain the weight they lost back or even more as soon as the diet ends. The body needs nutrients to create energy to be able to accomplish our daily tasks and to work out. When we restrict caloric intake, we are actually sending the brain messages that we are starving; that sends further messages via chemicals like cortisol or insulin to store more body fat so we can survive. Rather than restrict calories and slow the metabolism down, try eating more frequently throughout the day. Eating several small meals full of protein, vegetables and fruits encourages our bodies to utilize those nutrients. The new habit being created sends the brain messages that more nutrients are coming and there is no need to conserve body fat anymore. Gut imbalances can also affect our moods and ability to digest nutrients, thus affecting our energy levels and other vital functions in the body. These imbalances can then have a “domino effect” on chemicals and hormones within the body.

Chemical and Hormonal Balance

What about the times when we are eating properly, working out within the right heart rate range for our weight-loss goals and drinking plenty of water but we still can’t lose weight? Our metabolism may be affected by an imbalance in our hormones or brain chemicals. If we have an imbalance in cortisol, homocysteine, estrogen, testosterone, serotonin, endorphin, or any of the other 100 chemicals and hormones that can affect our metabolism, we will continue to have issues losing weight. This is what is dysfunctional about our current understanding of what is considered healthy weight loss in the fitness industry. The assumption that diet and exercise alone will get us to lose weight is flawed, especially if there are underlying brain and hormonal chemical imbalances. If traditional methods are not helping someone lose the desired weight, it may be time to consider getting blood panels done by a metabolic physician. Many metabolic doctors will not only prescribe appropriate medications for chemical or hormonal imbalances, but they can recommend supplements and specific changes in diet that can help the metabolism work properly. Mental and Emotional Balance Thoughts create our reality and our behavior. Very often, thoughts are the very things we should be changing most if we don’t have other imbalances. Emotional or mental stress has a direct impact on cortisol levels within the brain, and that affects metabolism. Other emotions like depression, anxiety, fear or anger can wreak havoc on our brain chemicals as well. We should be well equipped with coping strategies during our weight loss journey. Try meditation, find inspirational quotes, write down ideas or look for revelations from other people that helped them lose weight. Create a mantra journal of great things and ways to think about the weight loss goal; pull it out when times get tough. Paying attention to all of these metabolic subsystems helps rule out ambiguity of how or what we should be doing. It will also give us the added advantage when trying to lose weight. And knowing these things will help our overall thought process and sense of accomplishment. Nicole Fevrier Davis, principal of MindBody Mastery, is a NASM and AFAA certified personal trainer, Reiki Master and psychic. For more information, visit or call 646-739-7879.

A Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach to Detoxification by Thor Conner


etoxification is a popular way for people to take an active role in their health. There are many great diets, supplements, treatments and programs that have stepped up to guide us through what is a complicated and often misunderstood process. Detoxification is really about balancing the rate at which the body can naturally eliminate toxins with the rate at which they build up, and then encouraging the natural processes of elimination. Start by identifying toxins that are affecting our body and eliminating those which we most easily can. Removing corn syrup beverages and not smoking are two great examples of things we don’t need at all and are prime examples of something within our control to change. Environmental factors like air, noise and light pollution may be out of our control, but we can make some different personal choices. Antiperspirants, lawn chemicals and cleaning solutions are examples where we can choose a less toxic version. The second step is to enhance function through the organs of elimination; skin, lungs, kidneys, liver and intestine (gut). We can encourage liver function, waste elimination and balance intestinal flora with food and herbs, or even rest the system with a fast. The kidneys

can be supported by proper hydration from pure water and fresh juices. Skin can be dry-brushed and bathed regularly. Sweating is great for elimination, whether as part of exercise or in a far-infrared sauna. Deep breathing and postural exercises promote healthy lung function while strengthening the diaphragm. Herbs and nutrients can assist healthy organ elimination, and there are a number of products available to help with the detoxification process. But there is no real “detox in a box”, because detox is not just a two-week process; lowering our total toxic burden is a lifelong series of lifestyle choices. What naturopathic doctors do is guide patients’ with an individualized plan for detoxification, taking into account their body’s current state of health and personal health goals. This can facilitate more effective elimination and continued enhanced function, which truly brings the detoxification process full circle. Not only will we will end at a higher level of health than when we started the detoxification, but the benefits will continue as we incorporate this progress into the rest of our life. Thor Conner, ND, LMT, co-owner of World Tree Natural Medicine. For more information visit or call 630-359-5522.

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January 2018


Start the New Year On a Positive Note, Part II T o commemorate the 125 anniversary of the birth of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), we are featuring the following excerpts from one of Yogananda’s talks on how to start the New Year on a positive note (part I, Dec 2017 Issue). The excerpts are from his talk “Make New Determinations: Be What You Want to Be,” which he gave on December 31, 1934 at the international headquarters of SRF, and which is published in his anthology of talks and essays entitled Journey to Self-realization (Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA, www.yogananda-srf. org. We hope these will guide and inspire you in the New Year! • Bad habits are the worst enemies you can have. You are punished by those habits. They make you do things you do not want to do, and leave you to suffer the consequences. You must drop bad habits and leave them behind you as you move forward. Every day should be a transition from old habits to better habits. In this coming year make a solemn resolution to keep th


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

only those habits that are for your highest good. Infinity is our Home. We are just sojourning awhile in the caravanserai of the body. Those who are drunk with delusion have forgotten how to follow the trail that leads to God. But when in meditation the Divine gets hold of the prodigal child, there is no dallying anymore. Enter the portals of the New Year with new hope. Remember you are a child of God. It lies with you as to what you are going to be. Retain evenness of mind under all circumstances. In every situation be calmly active and actively calm. Banish all disillusionment, all disappointments you might have found in losses and suffering. These constraints on the power of thought and must absolutely be done away with. Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you—to make you realize that you are a part of Spirit and that just behind the spark of your life is the Flame of Infinity; just behind the glimmer of your thoughts is the

Great Light of God; just behind your discriminative reason is the omniscience of Spirit; just behind your love is the all-fulfilling love of God. Your cup of life within and without is filled with the Divine Presence, but because of the lack of attention you do not perceive God’s immanence. When you are in tune, as one tunes in a radio, then you receive Spirit. God’s thought is the essence of everything. It is living, it is infinite. Out of the Infinite Vastness, everything has been drawn. The best way to get rid of your undesirable tendencies is not to think about them; do not acknowledge them. Never concede that a habit has a hold on you. “How can I be made to do what I don’t like to do?” That very thought keeps you going ahead in spite of habits that try to hold you back….You must develop “won’t” habits. And stay away from those things that stimulate bad habits. Do not test yourself with temptation. Do not be bound by this earth. This is just a place where for a time you are to act your part. Do not give undue importance to it. Balance material and spiritual duties in your life; that will bring you supreme happiness. Use your God-given creative ability; that is the basis of success. Whatever has been done, try to improve upon it. The man of creative ability is among God’s best instruments. He makes improvements on himself and on what evolution has thus far given to his earthly environment. God moves through such willing innovators. Meditate more and believe in that strong consciousness that God is always with you regardless of what happens. Then you will see that the veil of delusion will be taken away and you will be one with That which is God. That is how I found my greatest happiness in life. I am not looking for anything now because I have everything in Him. Never would I part with That which is the richest of all possessions. This is my message to you for the New Year.

Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

portunity; embrace possibilities. Venus retrograde on October 5 requests a reevaluation of values over the next few weeks. Election Day looks volatile in November as voters reassert and shake up the status quo. The winter solstice welcomes a new tomorrow from a platform of shared principles. Stellar Events: Jupiter Scorpio to Sagittarius Jupiter symbolizes expansion. Through November 8 it is in Scorpio, which can increase inner transformation and mergers, both personal and business. It can also expand intrigue, crime and secrets. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, heightened optimism triggers risk. Couple risk with wisdom.

The Rise of the Feminine in 2018 By Pamela Cucinell


aturn in Capricorn over the next few years demands integrity and accountability. Decide what matters. Put your heart and sweat equity into it. The year 2018 continues the trend toward increased social action, collective and grassroots efforts. A “2” year in numerology, 2018 can polarize or connect. Division and separation do not generate growth. Two full supermoons open and close January, so expect heightened emotions. The January 31 lunar eclipse stimulates creative expression to reflect community. The February 15 solar eclipse encourages a renewal of independence within the people of the United States. Fresh visions couple with traditional values to catapult changes ahead. The Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog begins on February 16. The Dog mandates integrity, loyalty and the maintenance of clear boundaries. Jupiter retrograde on March 8 signals an ebbing of obvious force; stealth operations increase. Reconciliation or success seems distant at the spring equinox, perhaps the cost of more ambitious goals. Inertia and frustration in April signal the need for walks and exercise. Connect to the earth when the mind spins you out of your center. Every day in early May pops with a new surprise. On the new moon on May 15, Uranus enters Taurus—anticipate the unexpected. Prioritize meditation or an anti-stress routine by mid-June. The summer solstice seals your intentions for this year; don’t be swayed by another’s demands unless they mirror your own. The July 12 solar eclipse shows confrontations with power and demands for security. Although the message is delivered by the July 27 lunar eclipse, compromise is not guaranteed. Go back to the drawing board with the August 11 solar eclipse to determine a message that cannot be ignored. The autumn equinox vibrates a high octave of love and op-

Uranus Rides into Taurus When Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, planets from Jupiter on out are in “feminine” signs. Uranus symbolizes revolution, freedom and change. The shift toward sustainability, collaborative efforts and gender equality gathers momentum through the summer. Not everyone is on board for change. Retrograde Uranus dips back into Aries on November 6 into spring 2019.


The Value in Retracing Steps: Retrogrades When a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective, it emphasizes internal processes rather than a direct path. Delays often occur in the areas of life symbolized by the planet. This can be highly productive when you maximize the value of reflection, or it can frustrate and even thwart action. The planet Mercury symbolizes the messenger, communications and transit, as well as humor, social media and news. People whose business or personal life depends on electronics feel the retrograde acutely. Messages misfire, and directions or appointments go awry. Double-check and back up. Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2018: March 22-April 15; July 26-August 19, November 16-December 6. Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5 to slink back into Libra. Venus symbolizes how one shows love and appreciation. This retrograde indicates a need to deepen communication; an old love may resurface. Avoid expensive goods or design decisions. Check with your astrologer if a wedding or new financial endeavor needs to happen at this time. Venus goes direct November 16. Mars goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on June 26 to revisit Capricorn. Reassess business decisions and reconsider options for long-term goals. When Mars goes direct on August 27, expect an energy surge. When Jupiter is retrograde, it challenges businesses. Hesitation affects investments, speculation, travel or publishing. Resistance stymies sales and expansion. Legal matters limp along. Avoid a product or business launch during Jupiter retrograde. In the sign of Scorpio, strategic investments take time. Research and therapeutic work reap rewards. The retrograde begins March 8 and runs through July 10.   Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist at She provides guidance, helping you chart a course or gain insight through one-time or ongoing sessions. Contact her at or 917.796.6026. Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


ESB Professional/

DIAL DOWN STRESS How to Stay Calm and Cool by Lisa Marshall


hether from natural disasters, divisive politics, unmanageable workloads or a smartphone culture that makes it tough to unplug, U.S. adults are feeling more strain now than they have at any other time in the past decade, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2017 Stress in America Survey. One in three say their stress has increased in the past year and one in five rate the level at eight or more on a scale of one to 10. About three in five, or 59 percent, say they believe this is “the lowest point in the nation’s history” and nearly two-thirds say concerns about our nation’s future (including its health care, economy and international relations) are key sources of their stress. “We’re seeing significant stress transcending party lines,” notes Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D., the association’s CEO. All that stress is having a powerful impact on health, with as many as 80 percent of visits to primary care physicians characterized as stress-related, according to the American Medical Association. 34

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. ~Hans Selye Workplace stress accounts for 120,000 deaths a year—more than influenza, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease combined—according to a 2015 Stanford University study. Yet, empowering news has emerged amid this epidemic of anxiety-related illness. Research shows that by eating right, exercising and changing our mindset about stress itself, we can buffer our bodies from many health hazards. “Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid the things that stress you out. But you can control how you respond to stress before it takes over your life,” says Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., a Mill Valley, California, psychologist and author of the recent book The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity.

Our Brain on Stress

Whether it’s an urgent email from the boss or a rude motorist driving unsafely, tense situations elicit a physiological response remarkably similar to what might occur if we were chased by a lion. Deep inside an almond-shaped region of the brain called the amygdala, an alarm goes off, signaling the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that boost heart rate, usher extra blood to muscles, hasten breathing and spike blood sugar to provide more fuel for the brain to react. Evolutionarily, this response was key to early human survival, providing the energy boost needed to flee predators. Even today, it has its upside, says Greenberg. “In the short term, stress can be exciting and even beneficial, revving you up so you can put your passion and energy into something.” But chronic excess can lead to high blood pressure and blood sugar, inflammation, cognitive problems and a hair-trigger response to stress, in which our body overreacts even to mild annoyances. It can also,

research suggests, accelerate aging by eroding the protective caps on our chromosomes, called telomeres. “Think of the stress response as an elastic band,” says Dr. Mithu Storoni, a Hong Kong physician and author of the new book Stress Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body — and Be More Resilient Every Day. “If you pull it and it snaps back immediately, that’s fine. But if you pull it too intensely or too frequently, it doesn’t snap back, and there are lots of downstream consequences.”

Stress-Proofing Our Body

Eating right can better protect our bodies, says New York City Registered Dietitian Malina Malkani. She recommends loading up on nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods like leafy greens, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds during stressful times, because they can slow our rate of digestion and minimize unhealthy dips and spikes in blood sugar. Beneficial, bacteria-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi are other foundational foods for stress-resilience, says Storoni, because they can dampen bodily inflammation that arises from chronic tension. They can also replenish bacterial strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria which, according to studies of college students, tend to decrease when we feel pushed beyond our limits to handle what’s coming at us. One 2016 study of 171 volunteers, published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found that those that ate yogurt containing lactobacillus plantarum daily for two months had fewer markers of stress in their blood. Another study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 found that when 132 adults drank a probiotic-infused milk drink daily for three weeks and were then subjected to an anxietyprone situation, their brains reacted more calmly than those of a control group. “Probably the most important thing you can do to make your body stress-resilient is to maintain a healthy ecosystem of bacteria in your gut,” advises Malkani, who recommends exchanging dessert for low-sugar yogurt every day and taking probiotic supplements as well as steering clear of sweetened beverages and refined carbohydrates. The spice turmeric is also a good stress-buster due to its anti-

Seven Ways to Banish Stress W

by Lisa Marshall

e can take charge and do even more things to keep stress at bay in the first place, says Christine Carter, Ph.D., a University of California, Berkeley, sociologist and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less. “I’m all about prevention,” she says. “There are many ways to set up your life to be less stressful.”


Multitask less, monotask more:

“The brain was not evolved to multitask and it can be stressful when we try to do so,” says Carter, referencing a Stanford University study. “At the end of the day, we end up feeling fried.” She recommends setting up a “fortress against interruption” for an hour or two each day when we feel most alert. Put the phone on mute, don noisecanceling headphones and ask coworkers or family members to not interrupt your focus on an important priority.


Don’t be a chronic media checker: Eighty-six percent of

Americans say they constantly or often check their email, texts or social media accounts, according to the latest Stress in America Survey. Half of U.S. workers say they respond to every email within a half-hour. Carter recommends instead scheduling a block of time at the beginning and end of each day for the task. During weekends and evenings, disable email and social media notifications. Research shows the more often we check, the more stressed we are. One recent study of British office workers found that checking email almost immediately boosts heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels, while refraining causes the stress response to subside.


Limit choices: Making decisions can

be stressful, and we are all faced with an increasing number of them every day. To limit a personal decision-making load, get boring. Devise a meal plan that doesn’t vary from week to week (unless it’s a happy creative outlet). Stock the wardrobe with favorite styles of shirts and shoes in different

colors. Select and stick with one brand of natural toothpaste or granola.


Don’t overthink things: Ruminating on past events and relationship problems can be a great source of stress in the present moment. If there’s nothing that can be done about it, stop thinking about it. Literally visualize a stop sign when the thought bubbles up.


Daydream: Idle times, like standing

in line, sitting in traffic or showering can allow our brain to rest and recover from hassles. Embrace such opportunities and don’t clutter them up with technology; leave the phone and radio off.


Meditate: Invest 10 minutes daily to sit still, focus on breathing, visualize an image or stare at an object and try to keep thoughts from drifting. Brain imaging studies published in the Brain Research Bulletin show that “Through [such] meditation, it’s possible to rewire your brain to create a new, stronger circuit that keeps your emotional reactivity under control,” says Dr. Mithu Storoni, who has published a book on the topic.


Heighten spirituality: Whether it’s regularly attending religious services, yoga meditation sessions or quiet walks in the woods, a spiritual practice can be a powerfully effective means of coping with stress and mitigating its health impacts. Duke University research shows that people regularly engaged in a spiritual practice are more likely to survive heart surgery, recover better from stroke, have shorter hospital stays and become depressed and stressed less often. “Spirituality connects you to the broader world, which in turn enables you to stop trying to control things all by yourself,” explains Dr. Roberta Lee, an integrative physician, in her book The SuperStress Solution. “When you feel part of a greater whole, it’s easy to understand that you aren’t responsible for everything that happens in life.”

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Finding Your Meditation Style Heart Healty Foods and so much more!



inflammatory properties and ability to help normalize blood sugar, Storoni notes. Despite our natural craving for comfort food, it’s a good idea to go easy on saturated fats in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic situation, because stress slows fat metabolism. In one recent study, Ohio State University researchers asked 58 women about their previous day’s stressors, and then fed them the fat-loaded equivalent of a double cheeseburger and fries; the stressedout women burned 104 fewer calories. “If a woman had a stressful day at work every day and ate a meal like this, she could easily gain seven to 11 pounds in a year,” says study author Jan KiecoltGlaser, a professor of psychiatry and psychology and director of the university’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine. Exercise, too, can help combat stress-related illness. But Storoni attests that not all exercise is created equal. One recent study in the Journal of Physiology found that in animals daily moderate exercise (the equivalent of a light jog) can boost levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a critical brain protein diminished by stress and sleep deprivation, significantly more than weight training or intense exercise. On the flip side, excess strenuous exercise (laps around the track or an intense gym workout) can boost inflammation, whither brain cells, and aggravate the physical impacts of stress, says Storoni.

People with a stress-hardy mindset may temper stress as an “excite-and-delight” challenge in adventurous situations. Others “tend-andbefriend”, reaching out to help and comfort in times of tragedy. Studies show that when participants are told, “You’re the kind of person whose performance improves under pressure,” it does—by as much as one-third.

~Harvard Medical School Healthbeat

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“If you want to exercise to relieve the stress you just experienced, keep it at low intensity,” counsels Storoni. If possible, work out in the morning, as it can boost melatonin levels at night, helping you get to sleep faster, she notes.

Stress-Proofing Our Mindset

While diet and exercise can buffer our body from the impacts of chronic stress, a shift in mindset can keep it from becoming chronic in the first place, says Greenberg.“The goal is not to eliminate stress, but to put it in its place—to use its energizing and motivating aspects to take care of what needs to be done, and then relax,” and stop paying attention to it. This, she says, requires being mindful of what’s happening in the present moment. “When you feel your heart racing at the sight of another urgent demand at home or work, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and tune into what’s happening in your body,” advises Greenberg. She notes that when the highly reactive amygdala “hijacks the brain”, we often say and do things in the heat of the moment that we later regret. Waiting just a moment (like counting to 10) allows the more rational part of our brain (the prefrontal cortex) to kick in. “It allows you to go from panic to, ‘I’ve got this.’” Greenberg observes that we often feel most stressed when we feel out of control. When faced with a daunting task, it may

help to make a list of the things we have HOLISTIC PODIATRIST control over and a list of the things we can’t control—then make a plan to act on the START WITH YOUR FEET Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM manageable one and let the others go. The Wellness Center at Post Haste “Mindfulness is also about keeping 4401 Sheridan St. Hollywood, FL 33021 our self-judging and ruminating mind at 954.526.5800 bay, which may keep repeating, ‘I’m not One of the only holistic podoing enough,’” she says. “Realize that diatrists in the country who you do not have to listen to every thought merges traditional and holisthat comes into your head. Ask yourself, tic podiatric medicine, along with a patient-specific biome‘What is the most important thing for me chanical foundation. Offering to focus on right now?’” long distance “customized Hyperbaric Oxygen (O2) orthotics” on website online Greenberg also says it’s important store. #StartWithYourFeet Healing to aim to broaden and brighten ourTherapy view for Wound Care and Neurological Conditions in tough times, explaining, “Feeling stress Hyperbaric O2 Therapy biases your brain to think in terms of avoid(%100 Pure O2) HYPERBARIC ing threat and loss, rather than Non-healing what you wound - Recent plastic surgery OXYGEN THERAPY Sports ” injury - Stroke - Autism - Cerebral palsy can gain or learn from the situation. Start HYPERBARICS OF SOUTH Near-drowning epsode- Multiple sclerosis by jotting down three ways this challenging FLORIDA
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How They Differ from Health Store Supplements by Linda Sechrist

Savvy consumers seeking products that might help them achieve and maintain good health may be noticing two new categories: medical food and nutraceuticals.


edicalized terminology is now being used to describe certain products we may already have been buying from brand-name dietary supplement companies and retailers, and they have a higher price tag. One common example: powdered protein mealreplacement shakes that can cost up to $16 more than a retail store brand, as nutraceutical and medical food purveyors want to differentiate their products as having clinical research and development behind them. This raises the bar on the quality of contents and assures consumers of third-party testing for proof of ingredients. Although both are regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, there is no legal distinction between dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, yet each serves different purposes. Dietary supplements, comprising vitamins, minerals and/ or herbs and botanicals, are intended to enhance wellness among healthy adults.


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Nutraceuticals encompass nutrients, foods or parts of foods used as medicine to provide health benefits beyond nutrition and combat chronic disease. Some of the most popular formulations involve botanicals like ginseng, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort and echinacea. “Medical foods, formulated for dietary management of a specific medical condition for which nutritional needs are unmet by a normal diet, are regulated under the Orphan Drug Act of 1983,” explains Bill Shaddle, senior director of medical education at Metagenics, Inc. “Our nutraceuticals and medical foods are supported by verifiable science that provides solid evidence regarding the therapeutic benefits produced by ingredients in our products.” The word nutraceutical, blending nutrition and pharmaceutics, was coined in 1989 by Stephen L. DeFelice, the founder and chairman of the nonprofit Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, in Mountainside, New Jersey, which promotes clinical research and development of dietary supplements and

Kseniya Tatarnikova/

healing ways

foods specifically for their health benefits. Reputable companies that manufacture private-label nutraceuticals, such as Metagenics and Xymogen, among others, research and develop products for functional nutrition and quality. While such products are solely distributed through partnerships with healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists, some of the evidence-based, professional-grade formulas are available through online physician websites. Metagenics and Xymogen collaborate with institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Bastyr University and National College of Natural Medicine in conducting clinical research that demonstrates how their formulas impact healthy aging, cognitive function and overall health.

Federal Regulations Medical foods and nutraceuticals, orally administered dietary products formulated to support the management of conditions such as compromised gut function, age-related muscle loss, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are

subject to standard food and safety labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Although they may be used under medical supervision, patients don’t need a prescription. Many healthcare practitioners, including dietitians, currently recommend them under a physician’s direction. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which are accountable to the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, patent-protected and supported by expensive testing documentation, nutraceuticals are not. However, many manufacturers do choose to undergo costly testing. Like all dietary supplements, the majority of which do not undergo third-party testing, they are regulated by DSHEA, which defines and regulates labeling and claims of benefits related to classic nutrient-deficiency diseases.

Private Quality Control Xymogen is strictly a physician’s line of nutraceuticals, explains Cheryl Burdette, a doctor of naturopathy and director of clinical research and outreach for the company. “In our manufacturing process, to avoid contami-

nation and validate ingredients, every batch is third-party assayed by an independent laboratory, whereas some companies only do this for every fifth or 20th lot. Xymogen’s validation extends to packaging and controlling the level of humidity because it affects how ingredients oxidize,” says Burdette. Gary Kracoff, a registered pharmacist and naturopathic doctor at Johnson Compounding & Wellness, in Waltham, Massachusetts, researches the nutraceuticals that he carries and recommends for his clients. “I like professional-grade nutraceuticals because their formulas are researched and science-based. They are excellent products for specific purposes. Individuals that take the medical foods come to appreciate their disease-modifying therapeutic results. While pricier, they include healthier sources of carbohydrates and fats, as well as natural, rather than synthetic nutrients to provide what the body needs to return to a state of balance,” says Kracoff. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings who blogs at

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10,000 Steps and Counting Keep Moving to Stay Fit


by Kathleen Barnes

e have become a nation of couch potatoes. The average American takes only 5,900 steps a day, somewhat better than the sedentary Brits that average less than 4,000. The notion that overall we need to take 10,000 steps a day to be physically fit started with manpo-kei, a 1960s Japanese marketing tool to sell pedometers. While the 10,000 steps concept lacks specific supporting science, it’s widely acknowledged that we are healthier the more that we move. Affixing a target number to it helped spread the notion of the benefits of walking, says Catrine Tudor-Locke, Ph.D., a walking behavior researcher at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Tudor-Locke is a proponent of the walking goal, although she readily admits the real objective is to get people moving more. “Any opportunity to walk more, more frequently and farther, wherever that is—it all adds up,” she says.

Making 10,000 Steps Possible For those already physically fit and physically active, 10,000 steps is a no-brainer. However, it’s never too late to start for those with exercise programs that have been supplanted by a too-busyto-workout lifestyle. There’s probably no easier exercise than walking, says Dr. Melina Jampolis, the Los Angeles author of The Doctor on Demand Diet. “Walking is the number one exercise I recommend to most of my patients, because it is exceptionally easy to do, requires only a supportive pair of quality sneakers and


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

has tremendous mental and physical benefits that increase just by getting outside in the fresh air.” The biggest bang for the increased effort is the first 3,000 to 4,000 steps between the sedentary baseline and 10,000 steps, Tudor-Locke explains. “Still, 10,000 steps is the magic number for the average American,” says Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. “That specific number of steps seems to help break down insulin resistance, an underlying cause of Type 2 diabetes. We’re not exactly sure how this happens, but we know that this amount of exercise takes the glucose from the blood where it is a hazard to the cells, so that it becomes less hazardous.”

Exponential Health Benefits Many more well-documented health benefits of a walking program include: 4 increased heart health 4 lower blood pressure 4 stronger muscles 4 improved balance 4 weight control 4 natural stress relief Several studies from places like Harvard Medical School’s affiliate Brigham and Women’s Hospital also show that a brisk walking program nearly cut in half the risk of early death in breast cancer patients. Most exercise experts note that a walking pace that leaves the walker only slightly out of breath reaps the greatest rewards. “One hundred steps a minute is a good cadence,” advises Tudor-Locke. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly, or 30 minutes five days a week, for virtually everyone. Many experts don’t believe it’s necessary to move for 30 minutes straight. Ten-minute increments work fine; so a quick morning walk around the block, another outing during the lunch hour and a refreshing walk with the dog after work can do the trick. Some evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion suggests that varying walking speed is even more effective in overcoming insulin resistance and burning calories.

Counting Up Roizen recommends wearing a pedometer or using a free iPhone app (no need for a fitness band), mainly to keep up awareness of our daily step count. There’s no age when we don’t need to walk anymore. If a consistent 10,000 steps does wonders for health, some ask if more would be better. “Ten thousand is the answer for health and longevity, but 12,000 or more makes a difference for fitness and calorie burning, so go for it!” Roizen says. Kathleen Barnes is the author of numerous books on natural health, including Our Toxic World: A Survivor’s Guide. Connect at

Odua Images/

fit body

Breathwalking Adds Benefits T

his kundalini yoga breathing technique, when combined with a brisk walking program, changes the basic rhythms of the body, even at cellular levels, according to the Kundalini Research Institute, in Santa Cruz, New Mexico. Breathwalking, a particular combination of breathing and walking, improves several brain functions, according to research the institute conducted with the University of Arizona. Breathwalking, compared to normal walking, increases executive function by as much as 80 percent and improves cognitive function, judgment and mental focus. Other findings by the institute are that breathwalking improves vision, including depth of field and clarity of detail, as well as muscle balance and heart function. “If aerobic exercise resembles the pure power of a single frequency emanating from a strong radio station, then breathwalking looks like many frequencies mixed into complex and richly textured patterns. One is a tone; the others add melody, chords and harmonies. It is like comparing loud noise to sophisticated music,” notes the organization’s website.

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Wave breath: Inhale steadily through the nose to the count of four while taking four steps, exhale through the mouth to a count of four while taking another four steps. Stair breath: Make four distinct inhalations through the nose to a count of four while taking four steps; and then exhale through the mouth in four sharp exhalations while taking another four steps. Dr. Jim Nicolai, who is affiliated with the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, in Tucson, has created a helpful instructional video at


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by John Douillard

he New York University Langone Medical Center recently reported that 74 percent of Americans experience some form of digestive distress, a quarter are obese and more than 100 million U.S. adults are pre-diabetic and don’t know it. While many blame such problems on eating wheat, some food scientists disagree, including those citing two major studies by Harvard researchers; following more than 100,000 people for 25 years, they concluded that those eating the most wheat compared to low-gluten folks had a 13 percent lower diabetes risk and no greater risk of heart disease. While the standard American diet, which includes highly processed wheat, is likely responsible for many of these health concerns, plenty of science links a diet rich in whole grains, including whole wheat, to weight loss, better digestion and lower blood sugar. The Mediterranean Diet, replete with whole grains and wheat, is still revered as one of the healthiest-known diets. Centenarians that live in the famed “blue zones”, recognized for their longevity-enhancing environment and lifestyles, eat a non-processed, whole-food diet rich in whole grains and wheat.

Many Americans that are gluten-sensitive today digested wheat fine when they were young. At some point, our ability to digest foods that are a bit harder to digest, like wheat and dairy, became compromised. It’s possible to reboot.

Delete Processed Foods

The first step toward reestablishing digestive strength is avoiding all processed foods. A study in the journal Diabetes Care linked a processed food diet to a 141 percent increase in belly fat, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. It further showed that a diet of whole grains, including wheat, reduced the risk of these health concerns by 38 percent. Monitor these ingredients to achieve a healthier diet. n Avoid all added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Allow nothing more than six grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving. n Avoid fried foods and baked goods made with refined cooking oils used to preserve them like bread, muffins, cookies, energy bars, most packaged foods and chips. n Eat bread that’s only made of organic whole wheat, salt water and starter.

Restore Liver and Gallbladder Function

Highly processed vegetable oils are used as preservatives in most packaged foods, including bread. Processing these oils renders them indigestible. Linked to congestion of the liver and gallbladder, they disable liver bile so it can’t break down either good or bad fats, also making it insufficient to buffer stomach acids. Without adequate bile production to neutralize stomach acid, the stomach won’t produce the needed acid to digest proteins like gluten and the casein in dairy. This malady has effected a huge spike in gallbladder surgeries and epidemic levels of obesity, high blood sugar and food intolerances. To boost bile flow, enjoy these foods daily: n Eat one red beet and one apple a day— either raw, cooked, juiced or blended. Add celery and make a bile-flow smoothie. n Consume one teaspoon of both coconut oil and high-quality olive oil per day. n Eat more artichokes, bitter roots and leafy greens. n Drink fennel and fenugreek tea with meals.

Strengthen Stomach Fire

Instead of taking digestive enzymes or a hydrochloric acid-based stomach acid pill, stimulate the stomach to make its own acid and the small intestine and pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. This is best done regularly with the following five spices:

n Use ginger, cumin, coriander, cardamom and fennel. Studies published in journals such as Molecular Nutrition & Food Research and the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry suggest that when these five spices are used together —as a supplement, in cooking or to flavor food—they act as a total upper digestive reset. These five-star spices: 4 Stimulate digestion 4 Increase bile flow, pancreatic and small intestine enzyme activity, and fat and sugar metabolism 4 Decrease H. pylori, an opportunistic acid-producing microbe, from adhering to the stomach 4 Decrease gas and bloating 4 Support optimal weight, microbiology health, growth of good gut bacteria and elimination 4 Act as powerful free-radical scavengers Following these simple steps of nutrition will set gluten sufferers on the right path to retraining the body to digest and enjoy wheat again. John Douillard, a Boulder, CO, doctor of chiropractic and creator of the wellness website, is the former director of player development and nutrition advisor to the New Jersey Nets NBA team. He is author of the book Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet. Learn more at


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Food to Manage and Heal Chronic Pain

Reduce Inflammation, Increase Quality of Life by Jessica Moon


hen we are living with chronic pain or illness, energy and resources can be very limited. While we would probably do just about anything to heal, the very act of getting out of bed can be all consuming. It is easy to see how considering the role of food in the management of chronic pain and illness can fall down on the list of priorities. In some cases, though, food and diet could literally end up being the most effective medicine. Using specific diets to manage chronic conditions is not new. Traditional cultures relied on food as medicine and within the past 100 years, more modern science has seen effective diet protocols developed to treat ailments such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and autoimmune conditions, to name a few. For example, the ketogenic diet was introduced in 1921 by Russel Wilder of the Mayo Clinic as a dietary treatment for managing epilepsy. While indeed restrictive, the diet alone has been shown to reduce number of seizures by 50-90 percent in patients. The GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) diet and SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) are two protocols developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and Elaine Gottschall, respectively. These diets target the role of gut health in the prevention, management and recovery of conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, psychiatric disorders, allergies, asthma and Crohn’s disease. They have had much success to date. As it pertains to autoimmune conditions that are often intensely painful, former medical researcher Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., developed the Paleo autoimmune (AI) protocol diet. While perhaps not yet widely recognized by the conventional medical community, there are numerous anecdotes and testimonies in her book, The Paleo Approach. Her protocol is gaining more of a mainstream following likely because an increasing number of people are finding relief. Based on the Paleo diet—no grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar or processed food allowed—this AI protocol takes it a step further and eliminates food groups that tend to cause a bad reaction in autoimmune patients. Inflammation at the Root While the specifics of various diets differ depending on the condition or symptoms they are meant to manage, they share an important commonality: they all assume that inflammation is the culprit in the onset and progression of disease. Anyone that suf44

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fers from arthritis can tell you about inflammation. What is less acknowledged, however, is the role of inflammation in most other chronic illnesses including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, mental illness, epilepsy and autoimmune conditions. “More diseases have inflammation at their root than we think. Inflammation, as it turns out, is the culprit behind many of the life-threatening conditions we thought were closed cases…Even conditions that that aren’t strictly categorized as inflammatory diseases frequently have a significant inflammatory component, which is often the root of chronic pain and deforming tissue damage,” according to Floyd H. Chilton, Ph.D., the author of Inflammation Nation. Understanding the role that food can play in helping to manage and even heal a chronic condition can be daunting at first. With “information overload”, it is sometimes hard to know where to start. An important first step is to commit to the process. When getting started, it’s necessary to realize that it may take some time to identify where the dietary adjustments need to be made. There will be breakthroughs and setbacks and, at times, it may seem like a futile effort. While palliative medications may be helpful and necessary, true healing can only begin when the underlying cause of the disease is identified and addressed. Next, try to identify any food allergies or sensitivities. Seek the help of a nutritionist, conventional doctor, naturopath or all of the above. There is a great deal of divergent opinion on the validity and value of allergy tests, as well as how to interpret and apply the results. The process of identifying “offending foods” is far from a perfect science and it’s best to get different perspectives. The effort could be well worth it. By eliminating foods that cause the body to react, the underlying inflammation can begin to cool and the body can begin to heal to the best of its ability. Whether or not allergies or sensitivities have been identified, there are some dietary habits that are generally health promoting for most. For those with chronic pain and illness, it is especially important to make sure the diet is extremely rich in nutrients. For many reasons—such as physical and mental stress, effects on cellular metabolism and the inability to shop or cook—people with chronic pain and illness are at a higher risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Focusing on very nutrient-dense foods like high-quality vegetables, bone broth, fruit and meat is essential. Avoid foods that are considered “inflammatory”, such as sugar, alcohol, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and anything that causes a bad reaction. Luckily, there are lots of resources available now to help you on your journey of healing through food. Fascinating new culinary techniques are making even the most restrictive diets interesting and delicious. Cookbooks, consultants, online groups, magazines and meal delivery services are making it easier than ever for people to enjoy a diet that, at one time, may have seemed unrealistic. As Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” Jessica Moon, MS, is a clinical nutritionist practicing who specializes in helping individuals and families manage food allergies/ intolerances and special dietary needs. Connect with her at Jessica@ or 203-979-6181.



Expect a Miracle


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Five Ways to Manifest Our Desires Syda Productions/

by J. Marie Novak


When we take a positive step in our lives—it can be anything—a way forward will often appear that may be unrelated to the blessing we receive. For example, clearing out clutter may clarify a career move. Taking a course to build a new skill may introduce us to a new friend. In beginning a new exercise routine, we may discover self-confidence in other areas of life.








Stop Using Excuses to Do Nothing



Help Others Receive the Miracles They Pray For

Experience the bliss of being a giver. Share what others need. Sponsor a child’s education. Give unused belongings to people that desperately need them. Offer words of encouragement. It all matters more than we realize.

Trust Intuition







Gratitude deserves its positive buzz. When we’re grateful, our energy changes and our light shines. Our perspective shifts from scarcity to abundance. We bring forth divine blessings by being tuned into the giving nature of the creator of all. When we live in a state of gratitude, good people, opportunities and blessings arrive.

Step out of routines, broaden horizons and bust through comfort zones. Bumps and bruises may occur, but bravery is rewarded. Miracles are not beyond our grasp, but we may need to extend our reach in ways we’ve never done before.


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Be Grateful for Everything


Step Beyond Routine

A •J


ccording to a Pew Forum study, nearly 80 percent of Americans believe in miracles. When we think we can’t handle burdensome difficulties on our own, we often seek help from a higher power, pleading: Cure me or my loved one of this illness. Aid me in providing for myself and my family. Bring me someone to love. Help me resolve this intensely painful situation. Protect loved ones from the harm they’re subjecting themselves to. If we want miracles to unfold in our lives, we must actively participate in their manifestation. Here are five ways to manifest more miracles in our lives.


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I Get Paid to Travel Ask me Ho

When we listen to our intellect instead of our inner heart-and-soul guidance system, we get turned around and off course. We all Hablamos have an inner knowing that can help us get Español where we want to go. Divine wisdom always trumps the human mind. When we tune into it and trust what it’s telling us, we invite miracles into our lives. We all have the power to participate in creating miracles for ourselves and others by bringing to fruition what did not seem remotely possible. It’s easy to start by practicing these five miracle-creating strategies.



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Laura J. Marie Novak is an author, life transformation mentor and founder of Call the Believe Today: and Create online community. Learn how to believe in and create the life you were born to live at

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healthy kids

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A Smile as Sweet as Spring. Find Your Natural Match!

Healthy Weight Kids

Food Choices that Prevent Obesity by Amber Lanier Nagle

Small changes in daily eating routines translate into healthier weight for America’s kids.


oin the largest database of health-conscious and eco-minded, spiritual singles and manifest an extraordinary relationship!

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n 2010, President Obama and Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move! as their signature initiative to tackle epidemic levels of U.S. childhood obesity. While modest progress has been made, it remains a public health crisis. A brief by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the obesity rate remained fairly stable at nearly 17 percent between 2011 and 2014 for children 2 to 19 years old. Caused mainly by inadequate physical activity, unhealthy diets and rare genetic factors, obesity increases the risk of significant health problems, including high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, plus joint and breathing issues. “We must launch our own family anti-obesity campaigns,” urges pediatrician Ricardo Riesco, co-owner of Peds Care, in Dalton, Georgia. “Along with increasing activity levels, we can encourage healthier eating habits at home and lead by example.”

Portions Matter In today’s “supersize-me” climate, teaching youngsters about appropriate portion sizes is imperative in fostering healthy eating habits. “It’s often hard for parents to find time to cook a meal at home,” Riesco acknowledges. “Too often, parents will pick up fast food for dinner, which is typically higher in calories and fat, plus the portion sizes are far too large.” When parents can’t prepare a meal from scratch, a frozen, boxed meal can be a better alternative than fast food. “The portions are more appropriate, so there’s more control of how much a child eats.” Tasty frozen organic meals are now available at many grocers.

Rethinking Family Plates “A large part of the obesity problem stems from children consuming sodas and refined, processed, junk and fried foods,” says Daemon “Dr. Dae” Jones, a Washington, D.C., naturopathic physician and au-

thor of Eat More Plants. “They are low in nutrients, and high in sugars and calories that pack on the pounds.” Jones says the best way to combat obesity and form healthy eating habits is to replace processed foods with a whole foods diet plentiful in colorful fruits and vegetables, with sides of whole grains, nuts and seeds, and beans and legumes. “These foods are high in vitamins, nutrients, fiber, proteins and healthy fats. Lean meats, chicken and fish are good choices for protein, as well.”

low-nutrient treats can also help children develop healthy eating habits for life and prevent obesity,” says Registered Dietitian Wendy Palmer, manager of child wellness and a certified health education specialist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. “A medium-sized apple or banana, or a cup of baby carrots with hummus, is a nutrientrich snack for kids. Avoid snacks that have no nutritional value or are coated in sugar.” For more good ideas, see Tinyurl. com/HealthySnackingOptions.

Breakfast and Snacks

No Sugary Drinks

Breakfast provides fuel for the body and helps young minds concentrate and learn, so experts warn against skipping or skimping on it. “I tell parents to, ‘Get out of the box,’” says Doctor of Naturopathy JoAnn Yanez, executive director of the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges. “Offer them a balance of fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates.” She suggests making a batch of pancakes using an extra egg or almond meal for protein, served with fresh fruit and nitrate-free sausage. “I also recommend steel cut oats,” she says. “I make them in advance, and in the morning add in all sorts of good stuff such as fresh fruit, almond meal and almond milk.” “Although almost everything can be enjoyed in moderation, decreasing or eliminating high-calorie, high-fat,

“There’s a strong correlation between sugary drinks and overweight, obese children,” observes Palmer. “I recommend that parents remove all sugary sodas, sports drinks and juice boxes from their children’s diets. Water and unsweetened seltzer water are great alternatives.” Palmer notes that many eating patterns are set before a child turns 3, so limiting all sugary drinks, including juices, is an important component of teaching young children healthier eating habits that will last a lifetime. Studies suggest a strong link between obese children and obese adults, so for parents concerned that their child’s cute baby fat has turned into something more, the time to act is now.


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A National Yoga Alliance registered School, Aum hOMe Shala offers a yearround 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) to develop and provide programs that reach underserved populations through public schools, after-school programs, universities, and hospitals. See ad, page 13.

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Amber Lanier Nagle is a freelance writer in Northwest Georgia (

Media Promote Junk Food Olesia Bilkei/


by Amber Lanier Nagle

econdary causes of childhood obesity include pervasive junk food marketing. A recent study in Obesity Reviews showed that young people exposed to advertising for foods and beverages high in fat, sugar and salt had a higher incidence of selecting the advertised products instead of healthier options. Parents can use simple strategies to limit their kids’ exposure to this mesmerizing influence.


Reduce Screen Time—Decrease the amount of time children spend viewing TV, computers, tablets and smartphones.


Teach Kids About Advertising—Watch some ads with children. Talk to them about misleading messaging, underscoring how most advertisers’ intentions aren’t in the audience’s best interests. Photograph by Ranjana


Fast Forward Through Commercials— Take control and bypass ads using a DVR player or streaming service; mute the TV during ads. Primary source:

Based on the philosphy of Sri Chinmoy

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green living

Kick the Plastic Habit Choose Earth-Friendly Alternatives

Mohamed Abdulraheem/

by Avery Mack

by Susan Jones

G Find It In Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

Adopt-A-Manatee® for Everyone Special

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) Photo © Cora Berchem


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rocery bags, bottles, cups and straws comprise much of the 9.1 billion tons of plastic manufactured worldwide in the past 65 years. Once discarded, 79 percent resides in landfills and litters the environment, with more created daily. Annually, the equivalent of five grocery bags of trash for every foot of coastline worldwide enters the oceans, killing 100,000 marine animals. A 2016 World Economic Forum report says that by 2050, the world’s seas could contain more plastic than fish. At the 2017 Our Ocean Conference, the Ocean Conservancy and its partners announced a $150 million preventive plan. “This is a major breakthrough for trash-free seas,” says Susan Ruffo, the conservancy’s managing director of international initiatives. “Our research found improved waste management in Southeast Asian countries [Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China] can halve plastic going in the ocean by 2025.” When the United Nations launched the Clean Seas campaign in 2017, Indonesia pledged $1 billion to reduce plastic waste by 70 percent within eight years through education, taxes on plastic bags and investing in alternative products. Increased awareness is crucial to buy and discard less, create alternatives and recycle more to support the planet’s overall health.

Expanding Footprint Lacking space, technology and equipment to transform waste into reusable materials, U.S. municipalities typically ship it to a sorter for processing elsewhere; often to China, where new regulations restrict what’s accepted, leaving trash haulers scrambling. Although recyclable, these are the worst plastics: #3, Polyvinyl chloride, used in plastic wrap, toys, squeeze bottles and packaging for peanut butter, contains lead and phthalate esters (chemical compounds) that affect development of testosterone, according to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. #6, Polystyrene, in Styrofoam, plastic utensils and disposable or carryout containers, is toxic to our brain and nervous system; ask what restaurants use. #7, Polycarbonate, found in the lining of canned foods, sports drinks, juice drinks, ketchup bottles and clear sippy cups, contains bisphenol A (BPA), a proven endocrine disruptor.

Small Changes Make a Difference Recycling weakens plastic grocery bags, necessitating double-bagging to avoid spills. Average families annually accumulate about

1,500 plastic bags, with 99 percent ending in landfills, as litter or stuffed in the pantry, according to the Center for Biological Diversity. Worldwide, many countries ban or tax bags. “Annually, 50 billion water bottles are sold globally, including 30 billion in the U.S. That’s 1,500 individual water bottles thrown away per second,” says Deanna Latson, co-founder of ARIIX, which makes water purification systems, in Bountiful, Utah. “One filter can purify the equivalent of thousands of them a year.” The U.S. annual bottle recycling rate is 23 percent. Beth Terry, of Oakland, California, author of Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, offers 100 tips at, including this planet-saving advice: 4 Opt for bar soap instead of liquid, soap nuts in lieu of plastic-packaged powders, and baking soda and lemon or vinegar rather than sprays to clean. 4 Ask the butcher to wrap meat in paper, forgoing trays and plastic wrap. 4 Buy fruit and vegetables at farmers’ markets; return containers for reuse. 4 Turn out-of-fashion garments into cleaning rags; skip plastic scrubbers. 4 Carry reusable water bottles and cloth shopping bags. 4 Avoid over-packaged frozen foods. 4 Use glass jars for leftovers and storage. 4 Buy kitty litter packaged in paper. 4 Choose stainless steel pet food and water bowls.

As a substitute, glass is endlessly recyclable, but facilities are few. Find resource centers at “Plastic innovations stop at invention and don’t follow through to end-oflife solutions,” says Tom Szaky, CEO and founder of TerraCycle, in Trenton, New Jersey. It accepts both basic and difficultto-recycle waste including pens, laboratory waste, cigarette butts, art supplies, small auto parts, bathroom cleaning waste, toys, candy wrappers and coffee pods (

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Tell companies when products have excessive or harmful packaging. In Delray Beach, Florida, Saltwater Brewery created biodegradable, safely edible wheat and barley six-pack rings to replace traditional plastic rings that are hazardous to wildlife. Restaurants routinely provide fresh plastic straws with refills. BYOS (bring your own straw), whether plastic, stainless steel or paper, and let management know why. Americans daily discard 500 million plastic And don’t forget about our guys. straws ( “Consumers are willing to change if opAvailable great grease 11/1 tions are available,” observes Szaky. “Manucutting soaps for the SEC-Miami Lakes facturers need to offer high-quality, reusable men you Love. 245-1243-NA-GenHC-4x3 Natural Awakenings products designed for reuse equal or superior 4.75 x 3.25 items.” in value to single-use, disposable PK 6/1

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Jump Start Your Health Care Career Health care careers include:

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natural pet

FOSTER: Are you willing to provide a temporary home to one of our dogs? DONATE: All funds donated to RRPAD go directly to providing food, shelter and medical treatment to our animals. VOLUNTEER: Volunteers make an enormous contribution to the success of our project, and we always welcome dedicated volunteers. BECOME A PARTNER: Together, we can save lives and give these abandoned animals a chance to find a safe & loving home.

Don’t Overfeed Fido Plus Other Tips to Keep a Dog Cancer-Free


A YEAR OF INSPIRED LIVING A Year of Inspired Living

will help you discover the life you want to lead, the person you want to be, and the impact you want to have on the world. This delightful book is a compilation of essays, they range from the profound and poignant— love, faith, loss—to the heartwarming and hilarious—middle-age angst, motherhood mishaps, dog-poop scofflaws— and more. A Year of Inspired Living offers personal reflection questions and space for the reader to journal and help them create their most inspired year.

In studies across species, caloric restriction has been shown to help prevent tumor development and progression. Obesity is strongly linked to increased cancer risk in humans and is assumed so in dogs. For people, cancer is also connected with excessive glucose, increased insulin sensitivity, inflammation and oxidative stress. Overfeeding a dog is not a loving thing to do.

Available at $12.95

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys


ancer is the leading cause of canine fatalities in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Often diagnosed too late, the risks, heartache and expense of aggressive traditional treatments have many people searching for healthy alternatives. Although the causes are not well understood, we can give our companion the best possible chance of prevention.

1Avoid Pet Obesity

Author and Natural Awakenings Long Island Publisher, Kelly Martinsen


by Karen Becker


Choose an AntiInflammatory Diet

Creating or promoting inflammation raises cancer risk by facilitating abnormal cells to proliferate. Current research suggests

cancer is actually a chronic, inflammatory disease. Because cancer cells require the glucose in carbohydrates as an energy source, limit or eliminate carbs present in processed grains, fruits with fructose and starchy vegetables. Cancer cells generally can’t use dietary fats for energy, so appropriate amounts of good-quality fats are nutritionally healthy. Another major contributor to inflammation is poor-quality, processed pet food, which is typically high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3. Omega-6s increase inflammation; omega-3s do the reverse. A healthy, moist dog diet contains real, whole, organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) foods, preferably raw—also plenty of high-quality protein, including muscle meat, organs and bone; moderate amounts of animal fat; high levels of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids, such as those present in krill oil); and some fresh-cut ground veggies; plus antioxidant-rich fruit. Consider adding both vitamin/mineral and other supplements like probiotics, digestive enzymes, medicinal mushrooms

and super green foods. Work with a holistic or integrative veterinarian to determine the best regime.

Exposure 3Reduce to Toxins

Harmful toxins include chemical pesticides like flea and tick preventives, lawn chemicals, tobacco smoke, flame retardants and all common household cleaners. A six-year study by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, at Tufts University, showed that exposure to lawn pesticides, specifically those applied by lawn care companies, raised the risk of canine malignant lymphoma up to 70 percent. Conventional flea and tick preventives are pesticides, whether spot-on treatments, pills, dips, solutions, shampoos or collars. Chemical spot-on products attracted U.S. Environmental Protection Agency attention based on reports of 40,000 adverse events in 2008, including 600 animal deaths. Because avoiding all toxins is nearly impossible, consider periodic detoxification based on a vet’s recommendation. For a dog with constant exposure to toxic chemicals all summer, a daily oral detox protocol is sound. If the only source is a monthly dose of a flea and tick product, limit a detox to the week after each pill or topical treatment.

Unnecessary 4Refuse Vaccinations

To properly maintain a dog’s first line of defense—the immune system—don’t overstimulate it with vaccines. Tailor vaccine protocols to minimize risk and maximize protection, considering the dog’s breed, background, nutritional status and overall vitality. A good protocol with healthy puppies is to provide a single parvovirus and

distemper vaccine at or before 12 weeks of age, and a second set after 14 weeks. Cautious vets then order a titer test (at a lab that uses the immunofluorescence assay method) two weeks after the last set of vaccines. If the dog has been successfully immunized, it’s protected for life. If titer tests indicate low vaccine levels (unlikely), try a booster for only the specific viruses that titered low, and only those to which the animal has a real risk of exposure. Combination vaccines (four to eight viruses in one injection), a standard booster at many veterinary practices, is not recommended.

Physical 518 Maintain Integrity Until at Least to 24 Months of Age

Studies from Purdue University, the University of California, Davis, and others show a clear link between spaying/neutering and increased cancer rates in dogs, especially large breeds. These include increased risk of osteosarcoma in Rottweilers neutered or spayed before their first birthday; double the risk of bone cancer in neutered or spayed large, purebred dogs versus intact (not neutered) dogs; and three to four times the cancer rates for spayed female golden retrievers versus intact females. Opting for ovary-sparing spays (hysterectomy) is another option that preserves sex hormones while rendering the animal sterile. Applying these five suggestions in caring for a dog throughout its life offers a pet a good chance for a cancer-free and overall healthy, high-quality life. Karen Becker, a doctor of veterinary medicine, is a proactive, integrative practitioner who consults internationally and writes for Mercola Healthy Pets (

Friends are the siblings God never gave us. ~Mencius

Get-Smart Supplements Curcumin: This potent constituent in turmeric (the yellow spice that gives curry its flavor) has been shown to combat many of the problems that contribute to brain degeneration, including inflammation, free radical damage and high blood sugar. It also boosts growth of new brain cells. Take 500 milligrams (mg) twice daily or eat a diet rich in curry. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): This omega-3 fatty acid serves as a key building block for brain cell membranes. Take 1,000 mg daily (derived from sh oil or algae) or eat lots of fatty sh. Coconut oil: It’s rich in medium-chain triglycerides, an efficient, clean-burning fuel source for the brain. Take one or two teaspoons daily. Probiotics: These help fortify the intestinal lining, reducing the gut permeability and inflammation that can impact cognitive health. They also support production of key neurotransmitters and the brain-derived neurotrophic factor brain growth hormone. Look for supplements or foods containing Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus brevis, Bidobacterium lactis and Bi dobacterium longum. B vitamins: High levels of the amino acid homocysteine have long been linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease; have levels checked and if they’re elevated, B6 and B12 can reduce them.

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wise words


on Why Science Finds Faith a Healthy Choice by April Thompson


hysician Harold G. Koenig, an international authority on religion, health and ethical issues in medicine, has dedicated his career to understanding the relationship between faith and health. Koenig, who has surveyed the scientific literature, shares the mounting evidence linking the power of faith to better health and well-being. Koenig struggled for three decades to determine his life’s purpose before a spiritual transformation in 1984 set him on a Christian path. “As I’m able to surrender my will and follow God’s lead, I’ve found an increasing flow of blessings. Even in those times when I’m self-centered, the blessings continue. I can only attribute it to the incredible undeserved grace and mercy of one who understands and forgives,” he says. He’s the director of Duke University’s Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, an associate professor of medicine at the Duke University Medical Center, in Durham, North Carolina, and author of nearly 50 books. Titles include The Healing Power of Faith, The Handbook of Religion and Health, and the recent You Are My Beloved. Really?, musings on the nature of divine love.

What maintains people’s faith in the face of worldly adversity? Adversity can increase people’s faith; when things are going well, people don’t feel the same urgent need for religion. Why do hurricanes happen? Why do people experience chronic pain? When someone is in the midst of challenges, there is no easy explanation, even though there can be many answers. Sometimes all you can do is to have faith that a good God reigns, despite appearances. That can lead to a sense of well-being and spiritual purpose, even in the midst of bad material experiences. How you’ve dealt with life prior to a challenge matters. If you follow a spiritual 52

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

path and practice, when bad things happen, you can lean on your foundation of faith; you’re better prepared. Once you’re in the middle of it, all you may feel is the pain and a desperate desire to get rid of it. One of the most precious gifts we have as humans is the freedom to choose. We can be selfish and strictly pleasure-seeking, or we can be kind and altruistic. We can turn toward or away from our divine source.

What have you concluded from decades of studying the relationship between faith, prayer and health? Our research and that of many other major academic institutions, including Harvard and Columbia universities, shows that people of strong faith enjoy better social, physical and mental health, all else being equal. It drives healthy behaviors and attitudes, which leads to better health. A person’s religious beliefs and spiritual practices affect them across their lifespan. It begins in utero, based on parental behavior and care, and shows in the

sense of trust we have as infants. In this way, parents’ faith-based moral values also can favorably affect their children’s levels of stress, depression and drug use later on.

Is there a tension between the yearning for scientific certainty and the intuitive nature of faith? I feel that tension constantly as a scientist and a believer. I’m always challenging myself; you have to be objective as a scientist, to observe without reading into things. But the wisdom of the scriptures has endured through thousands of years, applied by believers through the ages in many different groups and cultures. About 80 percent of Americans today believe in God, nearly 90 percent in a higher power, and 84 percent of the world’s people have religious faith. Such faith must serve some kind of function for it to have persisted throughout the millennia. There is much that is still unknown, and may not be knowable from a scientific perspective. You need to use common sense and intuition. It requires a leap of faith, but once you do it, everything falls into line—though I admit as a scientist I keep trying to understand things from a rational perspective.

What are the pathways by which spirituality contributes to health? Science supports firsthand experience; that the virtues instilled by a religious path ultimately lead to better decision making, relationships and greater well-being. They help to neutralize negative emotions. These benefits accrue through adulthood and yield fruit into old age. The coping mechanism that spiritual practices provide is also important. It helps us to tolerate and navigate difficult situations and integrate meaning and purpose into daily life. I don’t think science can prove to us that faith leads to divine healing. But through natural mechanisms alone, ones that we can understand and study, tremendous evidence exists to show that it benefits health and maybe even longevity. Connect with freelancer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

When It Comes to “To-Do” Lists, Less Is More by Susan Lasky


don’t know about you, but my master “to-do” list is about 50 pages long. Actually, I call it my “mind dump” list, because it’s where I write down everything that’s cluttering my head, without editing, just to regain some thinking space. The list of tasks I set for myself each day is much more doable. As a professional organizer and productivity coach, I know that a common mistake people make is to create a to-do list that sets them up for failure because it is unrealistic. I advise my clients to convert their long to-do list into a short “action” list, in order to get more done.

Here’s the technique I teach them:

First, look at that master to-do list and group like with like by category (e.g., self-improvement, home-related, financial.) Then, pull out the tasks or projects that you want to accomplish in the next two weeks. This is your short-term “to-do” list. Since it includes more items than you could get to in a day, even if you were highly productive, which—just being realistic—you’re not always, parse it down further. This doesn’t mean eliminating things you have to do (although give thought to whether you can eliminate, modify, delay or delegate). It does mean redistributing the tasks so you’re only looking at a doable to-do list. Let’s rename it your “daily action” list. (Some of my clients like to call it their “daily grounding” list, since it helps bring them back on track to their primary priorities for the day). By intentionally limiting your to-do’s, you are more likely to accomplish the items that remain on your list. Less is more! Less is more in many other ways, too. Less stuff means less to clean and less money spent on buying and storage, so more free time and money that can be used for experiences. Less perfectionism (I’m not talking quality!) means less frustration and more productivity. 

Think about it—where else do you see that less can be more?

Since 1991, Susan Lasky has been helping adults get things done, using strategies that work with the way they think. She speaks and writes on topics related to ADHD, executive function, productivity, organization, time management and work/life/self-care balance, and she runs an online action/accountability group, the TUIT Project, at She can be reached at 914.373.4787, or

Biodegradable Bottle Algae-Based Jars Quickly Decompose


ri Jónsson, a 32-year-old student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, has invented an all-natural water bottle that holds its shape when full and decomposes when empty. He debuted his creation at the DesignMarch 2016 festival in Reykjavík, Iceland. The only two materials needed to create the bottle are agar, a gelatinous substance that comes from red algae, and water. “I just followed the path in what I was researching, trying to nd new ways to use materials,” says Jónsson, who combined the two ingredients, heated the mixture, poured it into a mold, and then quickly cooled it. The H2O binds and thickens the agar when cooled, retaining the shape of the water bottle mold, explains Jónsson. When the nished bottle is empty, “It will rot like other foods.” The bottles can sustainably decompose in soil, although Jónsson has yet to determine exactly how long that process will take. A plastic water bottle takes more than 1,000 years to biode- grade, and in the U.S., more than 2 million tons of the containers are languishing in land lls. Source:

Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


Conscious Cinema Editors Choice Thought-provoking transformative films celebrating our by L. Palmer “Now more than ever we need to talk to each other, to listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema is the best medium for doing this.” — Martin Charles Scorsese is an American director, producer, screenwriter, and film historian, whose career spans more than 50 years. Despite having empowering messages, spiritual/transformational films have an inherent and impactful side effect which raises our consciousness and helps us explore our purpose and evolution. Spanning the range of topics like self awareness, empowerment and enlightenment, they influence our human evolution revealing the real purpose of our path. Personally, they evoke a self worth beyond the mundane extending my soul into the realm of endless possibilities. Since my late teens I’ve felt drawn to these types of films, so I have managed to compile quite a list. As I got older, and watched them again and again, their message took on a different meaning each one impacting my life in a different way based on my perspective at the time. For this reason and because sharing has such a positive attribute I thought it would be fun to share my list of favorites. As we begin a new year 54

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Beginning with What the Bleep do you Know? (2004) tackling the questions of our purpose, where do we come from, and what is reality. This is one that I’ve watched repeatedly. Part documentary and part story with connections to neuroscience and quantum physics the film sends the viewer on a quest to rediscover spirituality, human consciousness and our day-to-day reality. From the same director as What the Bleep, Mark Vicente there is Ramtha: Create your Day (2005) where we are invited to truly open our minds. The film serves to reinforce what many of us already know while inviting others to explore the idea that the best source of your life is YOU. Vicente also directed What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole (2006), an extended version of the original with added interviews and segments. Excellent. The Secret (2006) includes some of my favorite world leaders in the fields of business, economics, medicine, psychology, history, theology, and science. The film reveals amazing real life stories of people who have changed their lives in profound ways. By applying The Secret they have overcome obstacles and achieved what many would regard as impossible. It’s a fascinating and powerful film which helps you put into practice all that you learned. I AM (2010) is the type of film Marianne Williamson calls “…a spark of light and a work of love,” while Ellen DeGeneres simply says “Amazing.” I AM is the story of a successful Hollywood director, Tom Shadyac (LIAR LIAR, NUTTY PROFESSOR, BRUCE ALMIGHTY), who experienced a life threatening head injury, and his ensuing journey to try and answer two very basic questions: What s wrong with our world? and What can we do about it? With a small crew in tow, he visits authors, poets, teachers, religious leaders, and scientists

from around the world seeking answers while reflecting on his own live choices of greed and excess. “We started by asking what’s wrong with the world, and ended up discovering what’s right with it,” explains Shadyac. This film shows you the way back to love, compassion, kindness and getting along, and how these are innately stronger and more powerful than their counterparts. The film reveals the profound reality that humanity yearns for the positive over the negative, and in this day and age this couldn’t be more apropos. HEAL (2017) where Director, writer, producer Kelly Noonan Gores and producer Adam Schomer explores how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions strongly affect our ability to heal. Viewers follow two high-stakes journeys of healing to witness what works, what doesn’t and why. The film feature experts like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Bruce Lipton sharing their perspectives on how our beliefs and emotions have a direct and profound effect on our biochemistry. If we change our perceptions about life, we can change the signals that turn on and off genes, they say. This is more than an inspiring story where the main character survives stage-4 cancer by changing only her perception about life, it’s a film about how collectively we can shift that paradigm and individually take control of our own health. Heal is a film not just about positive thinking, but more about empowerment that can literally save your life! Don’t miss it. The Human Experience (2011) in today’s atmosphere of hostility and violence, this film by a group of young men who endeavor to understand the true essence of the human spirit, takes us on a journey of recognizing the value of each individual. They visit forgotten souls such as homeless New Yorkers, Peruvian orphans and isolated Ghanaian lepers and spotlight their heartwarming stories. The film explores with forgiveness, faith and hope what it means to be a human being. It features

insight and commentary from spiritual leaders and philosophers like Anna Halpine, Dr. William Hurlbut, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Dr. Alveda King, and Rev. Richard Neuhaus. You’ve never truly seen humanity until you see this film. The Shift (2009) where Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. This is a compelling film showing the powerful departure from our obsession with self, status and always wanting more in stark contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Absolutely a must for your collection. These are just a few of my favorites as the list is too long to share. I extend an invitation to each of you to create your own list of transformational and inspiring films while seeking your own truth and purpose. Keeping a journal of these films will inspire you to watch again and again when facing difficult crossroads. Include films that support your spiritual and emotional growth and which impact your core.

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L Palmer is the editor and publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine covering Miami and the Florida Keys. Email comments to publisher@ Online Resources  – Movies That Inspire, Heal, and Empower Your Life  - Spiritual films that connect us with the world around us and which inspire love and compassion.  - Specializing in films celebrating enlightened consciousness, secular spirituality and culture.  – Discover exclusive inspirational films, critically acclaimed documentaries and thought-provoking shorts.

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Initial detox

The initial detox is what sets the stage for our long-term success. Do not skip it or try to ease into it and then just coast along. Make a commitment to new healthy habits and undergo a major transformation. The initial detox will be a definitive break from the eating and lifestyle habits that have controlled our lives for decades.


There is a lot to be done to keep our hard-earned gains. Just like a car, our bodies need regular maintenance and occasional tuneups. The initial detox is the hardest part because it puts the most restrictions on our diet and lifestyle. During the maintenance phase, some of the requirements, such as alcohol prohibition, are eased; many of the previously eliminated foods that we enjoy may be brought back.

There is No Finish Line! How to Sustain Positive Gains Against Toxicity

by Tatiana Fleischman


e’ve completed our first detox program and feel proud for following it to a “tee” and feeling better as a result. We’ve probably learned to stay away from foods that make us sick. We have our vitamins. But are we done? There’s no doubt we loosened the grip a gang of toxins once had on our bodies. We’ve made big gains. But do we really expect the toxins to just say “thank you for a good fight” and leave? If we do, that’s where we start losing the long-term “war”. Toxins always look for cracks in our defenses to creep back, and we may not even notice it right away. How can it be otherwise? We are up against thousands of chemicals released into the environment and used in pesticides and cosmetic products as well as over 3,000 chemicals directly added to our food. So how can we monitor our toxic load and catch the problem before we start experiencing the symptoms of toxicity, including weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, aches and bloating? The battle against toxins is often tough and never seems to end, but it is not hopeless. It is still possible to fend off the toxins encroaching by air, water and ground, and entering the body through the mouth, nose and skin. The key to success is staying organized; make a plan and stick to it diligently. There are two approaches, subjective and objective, and for best results it is best to combine both through use of a symptom survey (subjective) and laboratory testing (objective). The former asks us to score several symptoms typically associated with toxins. The individual scores are then added up; the total score serves as an indicator of overall toxic load. We can then take the survey from time to time to see the direction our bodies are going. Lab testing is an important objective tool for measuring exposure to toxins. Both our blood and urine can be tested for environmental toxins, including pesticides as well as toxic metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic. Any approach that staves off creepy toxins must include three major parts.


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

Detox boost or tune-up

Although the initial detox, maintenance and boost phases differ in their methods and goals, they all share basic principles. Following them will help keep the body healthy regardless of the detox program being used or what phase of detox we are in. These ideas can be applied even before we commit to a full detox program. 1. Replace toxic inflammatory food with healthy choices. 2. Eliminate all refined sugars, flours, caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and processed food. 3. Replace supermarket groceries with local, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy oils. 4. Replace tap water with filtered water. 5. Support the liver by using nutritional shakes or special formulations that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 6. Stay hydrated by drinking six-eight glasses of filtered water per day to eliminate toxins. 7. Have at least one bowel movement a day to eliminate toxins. If that is not happening, magnesium citrate, buffered vitamin C or fiber may help. 8. Sweat out toxins by exercising. When we sweat, the body releases a number of toxins, including heavy metals and environmental chemicals. Just like exercise, infrared saunas can help the body eliminate toxins through sweat. 9. Detox the mind by connecting to nature, taking a break from the news, practicing silence and meditating. Get plenty of sleep. Our bodies detoxify themselves much better when they are in a relaxed state. Detoxification is not an event but rather a process and there is no finish line to be reached. Rather, good habits that support detoxification should become an integral part of our lifestyles. While we cannot completely stop every toxin from reentering our bodies, it does not have to be a losing battle. We win by staying both vigilant and diligent, and by undergoing regular maintenance and detox boosts. Tatiana Fleischman, MD, is the founder and medical director of Integrative MD, an integrative and functional medicine practice. Connect at,, or 203-275-6666.

Feed Your Resolution Eating vegan, paleo or gluten free? Following Whole 30? We’ve got you covered. Visit for recipes and inspiration.

A quiet evolution is afoot, and it’s all about Enough!

“There is no clearer or more hope-filled guide for thriving during these confusing times of breakdown-breakthrough.” - Linda Sechrist, Senior Staff Writer, Natural Awakenings Magazine Annual Natural Living Directory

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Finding Calm in a Hectic World

Introduction to Meditation

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Learn the Basics to Quiet Your Mind and Improve Focus

Reiki Treatment and Classes


Enhance Your Well-being with Healing Energy Peggy Gaines, RN BSN

1390 S. Dixie Highway Suite 2108 Coral Gables, FL 33146 (305) 609 4433

HELP WANTED EVENT COORDINATOR -NOW INTERVIEWING. Looking for more of a challenge or a chance to fully utilize your skills, while becoming part of something greater than yourself? Qualified candidate will manage and oversee all aspects of each event: from organizing to planning, including procurement of vendors and locations, etc. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. Work for a high % of revenue generated. 305-598-3315. Have resume ready to email. PHONE SALES- Natural Awakenings is looking for a part-time Salesperson. Flex- hrs, base salary plus commission. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. Call 305-598-3315. Have resume ready to email.

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FOR SALE BEACH CONDO FOR SALE. Ocean Front South Beach Living with outstanding amenities: private pools, direct ocean access, right on the boardwalk, state-of-the-art exercise room, security, renovated common areas, across the street from the Edition Hotel. Magnificent 7th floor views, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, large walk-in closet, ceramic floors and separate kitchen door access. Close to restaurants and shopping areas. 786-238-8542. WOW! YOGA PANTS AND TOPS! Embedded with mantras, sacred symbols and positive messages. Shop Online:


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25 mg and Extra Strength Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD per Capsule Cavinol™


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CBD Maintenance

Dropper Bottles

Get Healthy—Not HIGH!™

Hale’s Health Foods • 305-821-5331 Acu Healing Plus • 786-268-2331 16427 NW 67th Ave, Miami Lakes 33014

Beehive Natural Foods/Juice Bar • 305-666-3360 6490 Bird Road, Miami 33155

Key To Health • 305-361-1765 328 Candon Blvd, #119, Key Biscayne 33149 For Serious and Chronic Conditions PharmaceuticalGrade Spectrum of Cannabinoids Syringes: Therapeutic, Cavinol™, Teracel™ Tri Lab Tested complete with Suggested Protocols

Cavinol™ Hemp

Dr. David Sontag, AP • 305-949-2990

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Martin Dayton, DO Dayton-Dandes Medical Center • 305-931-8484 Dr. Bruce Lieske, White Street Chiropractic • 305-292-7222 1217 White Street, Key West, FL 33040

Dr. Karen Bravo KB Holistic • 305-505-0455

Remedy Nutrition • 305-396-7028

15500 SW 200th Street, Miami 33187

Sugar Apple Organic Rest and Market • 305-292-0043 917 Simonton Street, Key West 33040

Bruise Creme

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Great for Great Chronic for Fatigue IBS/GI and Problems Fibromyalgia

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ISO Certified Lab Tested • Supercritical CO2 Cold fluid Extraction • U.S. Government Patent #6,630,507

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calendar of events

save the date SATURDAY, JANUARY 6 SOLDIER RIDE 2017 WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT REHAB THROUGH CYCLING -10:30 AM - 12:45 PM - The Key West Military Affairs Committee presents Soldier Ride 2018 – Wounded Warrior Project. Be a part of the 30 Wounded Warrior Project and choose a section of the route they will take to cheer them on. On Saturday 6, 2018 the Wounded Warrior Ride begins at  10:30 a.m.  from Boca Chica NAS and ends at Bayview Park at 11:45. A Welcome Ceremony will immediate follow. The Community Ride will begin at 12:45 p.m. Decorate with red, white, and blue. Please contact Phil Goodman at 305.600.8441 or goodmanpl@ to find out where along the route we will need flag waving boosters and admirers. Soldier Ride is a unique four-day cycling opportunity for wounded service members and veterans to use cycling and camaraderie to overcome physical, mental, or emotional wounds. The rides are exhilarating and a great way to help warriors gain confidence and realize you can do this

To submit an event listing email: event date, name, brief description, location, cost and contact to advertising3@namiami. com. For additional listings visit

JANUARY 12 & 19


Free therapeutic yoga class for sciatica - 11:45 am12:45 pm - including muscle strengthening, muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises. Aum Home Shala, 3104 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove, FL 33133. 1-305-441-9441.

SMART RIDE 14 - Bike Ride, January 19th and 20th There’s no time like the present to become part of 14 this coming January 19th and 20th, 2018 SMART RIDE 14. Join hundreds of fellow riders and crew as they take an annual journey from Miami to Key West. 100% GUARANTEE that every penny raised will help those affected, infected or at risk for HIV and AIDS in Florida. To register or for more information, visit

JANUARY 12-25 Miami Jewish Film Festival - Hosted by the Miami Jewish Film Society, this year’s edition of the Miami Jewish Film Festival will include screenings at various locations throughout the month of January. Show times and ticket prices vary. Miami Jewish Film Festival, 4200 Biscayne Boulevard | Miami, FL, 33137, 305-573-7304.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 Free healing session with Cristovao Brilho - 5:00 pm – Courtyard by Marriott of Coral Gables - 2051 S Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, 33134, Call 786-2958665, Must arrive by 5:00 pm. Free parking

JANUARY 13-15 The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival will bring Sci Fi fans from around the nation to Miami for a weekend of fantasy-themed films and forums. The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival is an experience, not only for the attendee but the filmmaker too, who believe science fiction and fantasy-themed film is the pinnacle of imaginative storytelling truly requiring innovation. They have meticulously selected films that represent the very essence of science fiction. Show times and ticket prices vary, see website for details. Art Deco Weekend- includes lectures by leading scholars, films highlighting the 1930’s, musical attractions, performances/activities for children, and a parade. Ocean Drive will be lined with vendors of antiques and collectibles from the Art Deco and mid-twentieth century eras. Along Ocean Drive, between 5th & 15th streets, Miami Beach. 305-672-2014.

JANUARY 20 - 22 International Chocolate Festival - Indulge in chocolate delicacies during the season’s most delicious event! Enjoy fine chocolate samples from artisan chocolatiers, lectures on chocolate making and demonstrations from Miami’s master chefs and chocolatiers! 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida 33156, 305- 667-1651

SUNDAY, JANUARY 21 Meditation Seminar with Roy Eugene Davis A direct disciple of Praramahansa Yogananda – 1 – 1601 Belvedere Road (Near West Palm Beach Airport) Center For Spiritual Awareness 706-782-4723

JANUARY 21 - 22 Pinecrest Gardens Fine Arts Festival 10am5pm - Free - One of Florida’s premiere juried art shows and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by spectacular visual arts in the most lush and luxurious setting, amongst the winding paths and exotic foliage. Live music, food and fun. Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Road, 308-669-6990

FRIDAY, JANUARY 26 Pilates Mat Teacher Training: Weekend 1 of 2. Get certified to teach a safe and effective group Pilates mat class!  Call 786-383-3088for price and schedule. 12579 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami.




YoungArts Week - Support the vibrant local Miami arts community during YoungArts Week by experiencing the work of the next generation of artists through performances in voice, jazz, theater, dance and classical music, as well as film screenings at New World Center, writers’ readings in the YoungArts Jewel Box, and a visual arts, photography and design exhibition curated by Pérez Art Museum Miami. Ticket prices vary. National YoungArts Foundation, 2100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137, 1-800-970-2787.

Family Fun Fest - This free event takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. once a month from December through April, at the Dante Fascell Visitor Center. It features five handson activity stations for families to complete together. Participants receive a passport that they get punched as they complete each station. Those who get all five punches earn a specially-designed button to remember their day. Special activities for toddlers help make sure that the entire family gets to learn and have fun.

Coral Gables Festival of the Arts: For a weekend full of artsy entertainment, enjoy the finest of visual arts during the street festival as well as a special feature area presenting The Art of Fine Wine & Craft Spirits event (tickets start at $59 per person). The street festival is free and will take place on Gerald Avenue between Ponce de Leon and Le Jeune Road.

JANUARY 11 & 18 Free yoga therapy and body image class - 1-2 pm - Focusing on expanding body awareness, selfacceptance, and empowerment. Aum Home Shala, 3104 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove, FL 33133. 1-305-441-9441 Free yoga class to address teen scoliosis - 4-5pm - Teens also build strength and flexibility and cultivate mindfulness. Aum Home Shala, 3104 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove, FL 33133. 1-305-441-9441.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12 SOMIartwalk is a Free event in the heart of South Miami Town Center. Held on the second Friday of each month from October through March, pedestrian-friendly South Miami bustles with local artists, as participating retail venues open their doors and invite you to stroll around SOMI. From 6-10p the area business district opens its retail shops and sidewalks to established and emerging visual and performing artists


Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

JANUARY 14-15 Redland Heritage Festival - Join the annual tradition and celebrate the Redland’s rich heritage at the Fruit & Spice Park in Homestead. Enjoy arts and crafts, historical exhibits, great food and a wide variety of tropical plants. The festival runs each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are $8 per person and children under 11 are free. Beaux Arts Festival - This Festival of Art offers art for many budgets, live eclectic music and other free entertainment, children’s art experiences, and fabulous dining options. There will be cash awards totaling $20,000, as well as the famed Student Artist Showcase. Free. Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami in Coral Gables. 305-668-8499

JANUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 11 Frost School of Music’s Festival Miami - The University of Miami’s Frost School of Music presents the annual Festival Miami featuring featuring international musical guest artists, master faculty artists, and award-winning student ensembles. Show times and ticket prices vary.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 Free therapeutic yoga class for sciatica - 11:45 am-12:45 pm - including muscle strengthening, muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises. Aum Home Shala, 3104 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove, FL 33133. 1-305-441-9441.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. 10 weekends. Yoga Alliance approved.  Learn how to teach for EVERY body! Call 786-383-3088 for price and schedule. 12579 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami. 786-383-3088

floridakeys JANUARY 4 – 14 The Key Largo and Islamorada Food & Wine Festival - The 10-day food, wine and spirits showcase features 30-plus savory events to please virtually every palate and budget, spread among numerous Upper Keys venues with fresh, locally

sourced seafood and international-style dishes. The festival’s outdoor ‘A Grand Tasting,’ is set for Jan. 14. What better reason to ‘Uncork’ and unwind in the Florida Keys. For a complete events schedule, visit website. 305-522-1300

SATURDAY, JANUARY 6 Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride Key West - is a unique four-day cycling opportunity for Wounded Warriors to use cycling and the bonds of service to overcome physical, mental, or emotional wounds. Starts in USCGC Ingham/Truman Annex Mole Foot of Southard Street, and ends at Mallory Square Key West. Call 877- 832-6997 or See website for details.

JANUARY 6 - 7 The Florida Keys Celtic Festival – At the Marathon Community Park, MM49, featuring several outstanding Celtic bands, as well as St. Andrew’s Pipe Band of Miami; athletics and hurling demonstrations. Celtic merchandise vendors, Celtic & local food fare and beverages. Family-friendly event. For more information, contact 305-509-7479

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JANUARY 12 - 13 Annual Key West Historic House & Garden Tours - $25. Tour a series of elegant and unique private homes of Key West. Complimentary Conch Tour Train transportation is provided to whisk you from house to house. Proceeds help benefit the Old Island Restoration Foundation. Contact (305) 294-9501.

JANUARY 12 - 14 Baygrass Bluegrass Festival - Featuring several great Oldgrass, Newgrass and a blend of next generation Bluegrass as well as some tasteful variations of the genre. Monies raised help fund music, dance and art scholarships for local students; main event is located at the ICE Amphitheater, MM 87 bayside at Founders Park. Attendees can bring blankets and lawn chairs, but coolers are not permitted. Food and beverages available for purchase. Robby McClung 305-587-0901

JANUARY 13 - 14 The Annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival Family-friendly event featuring local seafood caught and prepared by Keys’ commercial fishermen and sold at reasonable prices. Live entertainment, marine-related arts & crafts, raffles, and kids’ activities.11 am- 8 pm at Bayview Park on Jose Marti Dr. & Truman Ave, Key West 33040. Contact (305) 872-9026.

JANUARY 27 - 28 Annual Key West Craft Show - Free. Juried artisans and crafters display their talents at a popular show on lower Whitehead and Caroline Streets in historic Old Town. The show, which attracts buyers from locals, cruise boats and tourists, was rated by Sunshine Artists in the top 100 shows. Contact (305) 294-1241.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 28 Monthly Artisan Market -- The Key West Artisan Market Green & Sustainability edition, a vibrant, open air bazaar from residents representing the diversity of creativity, ingenuity and locally made products of the Keys & Key West. Held the first Sunday of the month, during season (thru May) outdoors at the Restaurant Store, 1111 Eaton . St. in Old Town Key West. Free family & pet friendly event.

Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


on going events NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls or faxes, please. Or visit swfl. to submit online. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)- Bilingual Support group. 305-666-1778.

sunday Wholistic Healing Workshop - Individual evaluations.  6pm-8pm, $35. Reservations required 305587-4639, Wholistic Energy Healing Center, Hallandale. Shiva’s Circle of Fire: Yoga and Meditation in Motion. 10-11:30 -1760 NE 144th St, North Miami, FL 33181. Call to schedule. 305-710-0516. Donation only. Women Only – Free Chi gong for cancer survivors and voice lessons for healing and empowerment. 2:30 - 4:30, N & S Miami locations. Call 305-948-6878 Dharma Meetings – 2pm. Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center 3239 West Trade Ave. Unit 10, Coconut Grove. FREE. 305-775-7541.

Self-Defense for Women classes- Free. Also Wed. 7:15 – 8:30 pm at Bayfront park in downtown Miami. 305-358-7550

tuesday Free Stress Relief with Aromatherapy – 7pm American Apothecary 12232 SW 132 CT, Miami FL 33186. Reservations call or text 305 598-2822 American Buddhist Inspired Meditation – 6 7:45pm – Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 7701 SW 76th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33637. Bob 305-234-0610

Jazzercise® - $5. 10am. South Miami Community Center 5800 SW 66 St. Call Cathie 305-666-5457.

Support group for Anxiety and Depression -7:30 to 9:00 pm $30 fee, Zenith Miami Counseling and Coaching Center 1392 SW 22nd Terr, Miami FL 33145 (2nd floor) Dr. M. Cheour at 786-230-6591.

Miami Center for Spiritual Living- 10:30amFree. Non-denominational. 2490 Coral Way, Miami, 786-206-6355.

Yoga and Meditation Class – 7 – 7:45. Free. West Dade Regional Library, 9445 Coral Way. RSVP Lawrence 305-926-3578.

Sunday Services at SOUL Church – 11am at the SOUL Service at the Elks Lodge, 6304 SW 78th St in South Miami. Free pot-luck lunch. 305-221-6516.

Are you a VET living with PTS? If so, call Banyan Holistic Healthcare Center for help, Miami Lakes or Pinecrest location. Call now to schedule, (305) 663-5696.


Laughter Yoga Sessions - $5.00 each - 9:30-10:15 AM, North Shore Youth Center 501 72nd Street, Miami Beach 33141, 305-861-3616.

Mindfulness for Stress Alleviation - $20/session 6 to 7:20 pm - 260 Palermo Ave, # 12 Coral Gables 33155. Changes guaranteed after 4 sessions. Course in Miracles - 8pm. Free. 7855 SW Coral Way. Contact Mercedes 786-200-8410 or Nimia 305-261-3190. Connected Warriors Free Yoga for Veterans, Service Members and Families. 5:30-6:15 pm Sampoorna Yoga Miami, 10107 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33173

wednesday Guided Meditation - All levels welcome- 7 pmDonations-3390 Mary Street Suite 116, Coconut Grove- Please RSVP 305-607-8627 Connected Warriors - Free Yoga Classes for Veterans and Families of Veterans - 3pm at Brickell Hot Yoga 301 SW 17th Road, 33129 305-856-1387. 

Power of Meditation – 9 - 9:45pm – 2 & 4 Monday. Conference Call – 312-757-3121 code: 698805965. Free.

Free orientations for PTS and pain relief with discount services for military or vets. The Banyan Holistic Please call 305-663-5696 to schedule

Massage Relief for Combat Veterans - 50% off therapeutic massages for our combat service personnel. Call 305-351-0819.  Shala Spa 1119 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Free Veterans Sailing – with Team Paradise, the Paralympic Sport Club of Miami. 12 – 12pm Team Paradise Sailing, Inc. 2620 S. Bayshore Drive, Miami 33133.  305-776-8778.

Military Mondays at Hirooka’s - 50% off Kitesurfing or Paddleboarding for all Military and Public Service Personnel - Hirooka Surf & Sport, 2377 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL. 954-444-3942

Drub-Dhe Meditation- 7:25-9:30pm. Free-donations are welcome. Regency House 353 West 47th St., Flat 7A, Miami Beach. Contact: Robert Phuntsog Ngo-drub 305-213-2577.

Bereavement & Grief Support- 7pm, during school year. Children’s Bereavement Center, 7600 S. Red Rd, Suite 307. To register: 305-668-4902.

Hatha Yoga – 6-7:30pm – Free - King David Foundation, 17971 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL Suite #117. Bennett - 305-949-0950. 



Miami-Dade/Florida Keys


Free Acupuncture for Combat Veterans – 1-2pm, Acupuncture Center for Wellness, Inc., 16663 NE 19 Avenue, Suite 111, North Miami Beach, Fl. 33162, (305) 940-7763. Healing With Dance - South Miami Hospital for physical limitations from illness/surgery. No dance experience necessary. 9:30-10:30am. $5. 786-662-8106. Jazzercise® - $5. M&W 6:30pm. South Miami Community Center 5800 SW 66 St. Ongoing classes available all week. Call Cathie 305-6665457. Meditation for overall well-being- 7:30- 9pm. 8150 SW 92 St, Miami. 786-556-7318. Donation. Healing Meditation – 6pm – American Apothecary, $5, 12232 SW 132 CT. Miami, FL 33186, 305-598-2822

thursday Free Stress Relief with Aromatherapy – 7pm American Apothecary 12232 SW 132 CT, Miami FL 33186. Reservations call or text 305 598-2822 Connected Warriors Free Yoga for Veterans, Service Members and Families. Chair Yoga – 10-11am - Sampoorna Yoga Miami, 10107 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33173 Introduction to Bach Flowers - 3rd Thursdays 10 am-11:30 am - Free - 3390 Mary Street Suite 116, Coconut Grove- Please RSVP 305-607-8627 Nutrition Solutions for IBS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Migraines - $15, 7-8PM, Coral Gables, Alison Grewal, RD: 786-546-6800. Weekly Yoga Classes $10 per Class! - 5:306:45pm Five Sisters…a spiritual journey. 8805 SW 132 ST, 786-250-4170 Postpartum Yoga at Key Biscayne, 10:15 - $20, 305-299-7826 Laughter Yoga Sessions - $5.00 each - 9:3010:15 AM, North Shore Youth Center  501 72nd Street, Miami Beach 33141, 305-861-3616

friday Monthly Yoga Class for Special Needs Teens Limited Space Call to Reserve - Just OM Yoga Studio, 7227 SW 57th Ct, South Miami. (305)665-4982 Overeathers Anonymous - 7:30 pm (South, Steps/ Traditions)  Don’t Eat No Matter What Group. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church   10700 SW 56 St, Miami, 33165, Room 9. Michael (305-815-2733) Monthly Free Reiki Healing Circle - 2nd Friday of the month at Five Sisters…a spiritual journey, 8805 SW 132 ST, 786-250-4170 Chair massage – 5-9pm - Enjoy 5 minute complementary chair massage every Friday Pecan’s Day Spa, 305-284-8636, 7800 SW 57th Ave Suite 120, Miami, FL 33143. 

Free Acupuncture for Combat Veterans – 1-2pm, Acupuncture for Wellness Center, Inc., 7550 SW 57th Avenue, Suite 116, South Miami, FL 33143, 305-669-6699. Dharma Meetings – 8pm. Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center 3239 West Trade Ave., Unit 10, Coconut Grove. FREE. 305-775-7541. Family Night- 3rd Friday of the month. 3-9pm. Free admission & parking. Miami Children’s Museum, 980 Macarthur Cswy. 305-373-5437.



Cardio-Sculpting Class 8:30-9:20am. Pirate Wellness Center, MM21.4 Cudjoe Key.  1-305744-3348

Ancient Indian Meditation - 6:30-8:30pm. 1-305-292-6958.

Aerobic Dance - 1-1:55pm. CoffeMill Dance. 916 Pohalski St. 1-305-296-9982.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) - Free jazz concerts on the last Fri. Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125 St. 305-893-6211.


Coral Gables Art Walk – An art walk centered around downtown Coral Gables, with all the galleries between Miracle Mile and Ponce de Leon Rd. Free trolly transportation.

Healing Yoga/Meditation – 9am. donation The Village Square, MM81 Bayside. 1-305-853-1003.

Tai Chi for Inner Harmony - 9:30-11am on Sugarloaf Key. Call Lydia at 1-305-745-2811. Toddler Playtime Stories- Ages 10 months to 2 years and their caregivers. Free. 10:30am12:30pm. Key West Library, 700 Fleming Street, Key West. 1-305-292-3595. 



Free Guided Relaxation Class - 7 -8 PM at Islamorada Fitness MM 85.9 bayside. Bring a towel or exercise mat and a pillow. (Sponsored by Keys To Peace. 305-619-0534.

The Long Walk Home Interactive Workshops for Veterans & Family– 6 – 7:30pm – Free – Transition to Civilian Life. Open to public. 97.671 Overseas Hwy. Oceanside. 305-504-3795

SW Community Farmers’ Market- in Tropical Park, 7900 Bird Rd. Every Saturday, 9:00am3:00pm. 305- 663- 0917. EBT/SNAP welcome.

Mothers and Babies Group - for new moms, their babies and expecting mothers. Free. 1-3 p.m. Healthy Start, Gato Bldg, 1100 Simonton St., Key West. 1-305-293-7516 or 1-305-293-7511.


Ayurvedic Sessions - Call to set up appointments -Just OM Yoga Studio, 7227 SW 57th Ct, South Miami. (305)665-4982

Stories for Children - 10:30am. Key Largo Library, 101485 US1. 1-305-451-2396. Also Thur, 10:30am, Stories for children ages 2 ½ -6.

Yoga Therapy for 50+ - 10am-11:15am - 1760 N.E. 144th St, North Miami, FL 33181.  Call to schedule.  305.710.0516. $10.00 Donation.

Meditation- Free. 7pm. Unity Church, 9591 Overseas Highway, Marathon.

Yoga with Drishti- 9:00 am - at Biscayne Park Recreation Center, 11400 NE 9th Court. 305-335-7618.   Lincoln Road Art Walk- 1st Sat. of the month. 7-10pm. 40+ local artists, museums and galleries in South Beach. ArtCenter/South Florida 800, 810 & 924 Lincoln Road. 305-674-8278. Open House/Exhibitions – 2nd Sat. Meet ArtSouth studio artists & staff. Free. Refreshments. 240 North Krome Ave. 305-247-9406. Miami Art Museum - 1pm. Free. 2nd Sat. 101 West Flagler St. 305-375-3000. Yoga-Style* Exercise, Prenatal - South Miami Hospital. 10:45 am-12:15 p.m. and 5:30-7pm. $10. 786-662-8106.  

floridakeys sunday Big Pine Key Flea Market- 8am. South of the only traffic light in town on U.S. 1. Family Swim YMCA. 2-4pm. $3 Adults, $2 Kids. FKCC swimming pool. 1-305-295-9622.   Movies at The Spiritual Garden - Spiritual up lifting movies. 1st and 3rd Sun. 7pm. Good will offering is $5. Unitarian Universalist fellowship 801 Georgia St.  1-305-394-2005. Nightly Sunset Celebration - Free. Enjoy a spectacular sunset entertained by the various carnival performers and vendors. Mallory Square, Key West. 1-305-292-7700.

Tai Chi – 7pm. $15. Coffee Mill Dance and Yoga Studio, 916 Pohalski St, Key West, 1-305-2969982; 1-305-735-3519. .

Salsa Dance Lessons- 7:30-9pm. Paradise Health & Fitness. 1796 N.Roosevelt Blvd. 1-305-296-6348.

saturday Healing Yoga/Meditation – 9am. $10 Islander Resort, MM82.1 Oceanside. 1-305-664-2031 Family Hour- For children of all ages. Free. 1pm. Key West Library, 700 Fleming St, Key West. 1-305-292-3595. Story Hour - ages 5 years & up. 10:30-11:30am. Games & stories. Marathon Library, 3251 Overseas Hwy. 1-305-743-5156.   Key West WPA Walking Tour – Old Town Key West. 10am. $20. 1-305-296-3573.

Nothing is more powerful than a BELIEF in what you do… is looking for

Sales People in Miami Florida Commission-based position, with great earning potential for the right person. Must be outgoing and enjoy working 1-on-1 with area businesses.

Must have a genuine desire to help others succeed.

Email Your Resumé to: Annual Natural Living Directory

January 2018


Angie Angelis Law Attorney at Law

13554 SW 47th Lane, Suite 100 Miami, FL 33175


“ As a Holistic Attorney, my approach is to resolve conflict fairly and with a minimal amount of controversy and expense.”

Fax: 1-305-330-9248 • Foreclosure Protection / Defense • Uncontested Divorce Settlements • Loan Modifications • Wills and Probate • Short Sales • Criminal Misdemeanors • Real Estate Contracts • Third Degree Felonies • Buyer / Seller Representation • Consumer Law • Landlord / Tenant Issues • Traffic Matters • Real Estate Litigation • Disputes • Business Matters • Debt Settlements Member Attorney for US Legal Plan “The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.” 64

Miami-Dade/Florida Keys

January 2018 Natural Awakenings Miami  
January 2018 Natural Awakenings Miami  

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