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THE healthy, green and peaceful living magazine of Greater Las Vegas!

to THE healthy and green living magazine of Greater Las Vegas! We are honored by your interested in Natural Awakenings and our marketing opportunities. We want to make it easy for you to use and benefit from our educational, inspirational, resource and community builder publication. From the original artwork selected for our eye-catching cover to the appealing editorial by national authors, local authorities and advertisers throughout, we are the perfect guide to living a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. Each month Natural Awakenings chooses editorial by and for our advertisers, adding additional value to your marketing campaign by bringing topics of importance to the attention of our readers. We create each issue around you, the advertiser. Our 93.5% renewal rate is evidence that our strategies work and

THIS IS WHAT SETS US APART: Letter from Publisher – Each month the Las Vegas edition publisher shares her thoughts on the featured monthly topic. She’ll share her entertaining and informative perspective with a nod to stories from her own experience. News Briefs – Local and national news keeps our readers up on cutting edge perspectives in the fields of natural health, alternative medicine, fitness and related fields. We welcome advertisers and community contributions of newsworthy information. Health Briefs – Timely news items introduce and hook readers up with the latest treatments and tools for specific health and wellness concerns. Includes practical tips that you can use today to advance a healthy living lifestyle. Global Briefs – The rain forest is half a world away, yet our health depends on its health. This department keeps readers wired with relevant current events and opportunities for action vital to our planet’s well-being. Feature Articles – Interesting, informative, often exclusive articles take advantage of Natural Awakenings’ national scope and local interest in our community.

Monthly National Columns – Each month, Natural Awakenings’ advertisers and writers provide the tools you need to assist you on your personal path to wellness. We feature articles by both nationally known authors and local leaders in the natural health field. Additionally, we bring you news and events that are happening in our community and around the globe. National columns include: Conscious Eating, Healing Ways, Green Living, Healthy Kids, Wise Words, Fit Body, Inspiration, Natural Pet. Local columns include: Green Vegas, Animal Guardians, Humanitarian Spotlight, Local Insight, Local Perspective. Display Ads – You, the advertiser, make this free publication possible and for that we are grateful. We have special packages to fit any budget. Community/Business Spotlights – Articles about our advertisers, packed with insight into local businesses, practitioners, products, etc. Spotlights showcase how you can be of service to our readers and community. This is an opportunity to connect with our readers on a personal level, allowing a peek into what inspired you to create your business. Personal/Business Profiles – Exclusive interviews with local leaders, experts and authors who know how to live well naturally,

offer anecdotes, nuggets of wisdom and expert how-to’s for enhancing life. This is an opportunity to showcase your credentials. Shout-Out – This is a brief mention of you or your business. A Shout-Out provides a chance to highlight the best features of your business. Calendar of Events – There is so much to do in Clark County; classes, weekend workshops and special events. Our readers tell us they carry their magazines with them so they can easily refer to the calendars! Classified Ads – Classifieds are an inexpensive way to let readers know what you have to offer. It’s a great source to locate “that’s exactly what I need” types of services, products and opportunities. Community Resource Guide – Here’s a quick reference to the best health and wellness resources in Clark County. It’s a quick way to find businesses, services and products. This includes a “See ad, page -” to refer readers back to your display ad. Distribution Locations – Natural Awakenings has a wide distribution throughout Clark County. The Greater Las Vegas edition is picked up each month at local health food stores, fitness centers, book stores, health care facilities, advertiser locations and wherever free publications are generally seen.

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Enhancing Relationship newsbriefs Length: 500 totion with Dr. Shelley inspira Length: 50 to 250 words s 750 words t S Get a Free Month of Coaching gh es tli n po er ss ild es W busin What’s new? Share it with S p o t l i ginh S t id s ewalk us! Did you open a new Cracks featured in Natural office, recently become A w a k e n iSmnallgNasture Reaches Out to City Kids certified in a new therapy, s h o w c a s e yo u r or do you have a special C business, services event coming up? We and product. of ge Ed g ttin welcome any news items Working on the Cu Articles are E IN IC D relevant to the subject E M W E N written in layman’s matter of our publication. te r m s, by o u r T We also welcome any hot staff, and impart Helene Neville Bids tips or suggestions you Adieu to Finish Race information in a may have for a news item. A way that does not sound selfof health care is to take a group The clinic’s purpose rent clinical diffe serving.Includes with s, field different is practitioners from under one roof, as g them together expertise, and brin Clinic. a brief biography done at the Mayo Personal/Business Profiles H e a l Yo u r M i n d , B o d y & S p i r i t at the end of your article with page reference to lead readers to your display ad. Length: 350 to 400 words • REIKI HEALING & CERTIFICATION Profiles featured in Natural Awakenings showcase 702-405-9375 • you within your business or field of SHOUT-OUT expertise. This is Length: 250-300 words he motional omponent of ssential ils an opportunity for The Shout-Out feature in Natural Awakenings provides readers to get an details regarding a special feature of your business overview of what nhaling a whiff of sweet basil and fastest path to memories and emotions. soothing effect can release and relieve oregano, coupled with the moist, Recently, the use of essential oils for stress and trauma. or ansmellupcoming Times, dates, special features, you offer. Includes pungent of pipe smoke may event. emotional well-being has garnered a Massage therapist Lauren Bailey evoke childhood memories of walking surge in popularity. Dr. Joseph Ledoux, of Peters was drawn to the spiritual aspect into grandma’s housespeakers, for Sunday dinner. New York Medical University, was one of of the essential oils. “Aromatherapy guests, sponsors, charities, etc., should all a brief biography at The response is powerful; we can almost the first to suggest that using aroma could has been used for thousands of years taste the macaroni and gravy simmering be a major breakthrough in helping to in temples and spiritual practices,” she be highlighted. a suppressed brief feeling biography or company on the stove. Not only is there a physicalIncludes release hidden and says. “The quality of the oils determines the end and page reaction to the smell, but an emotional and memories of emotional bondage. how it affects your body and brain, so response, as well. The cell structure of plant-based es- choose wisely.” As with our food, oils description at the end of your article. reference to lead Our sense of smell is the only one sential oils is similar to that of human cell produced from plants and flowers that of our five senses that taps directly into structures, enabling the human body to are organically grown and sustainably the emotional control center of our recognize and process the oils. The oils produced are recommended. readers to your brain. Our olfactory senses are stronger attach to cell receptor sites and elicit the than the other senses and provide the emotional responses needed. They calm Kristen Hallett Rzasa is owner of Interdisplay ad. the amygdala, located in the temporal Play Health, a whole life wellness comunity , held at comm Welln ess Series on ipating businesses libraries and partic . a variety of topics Soluti ons is an h Healt ior Super es facility that provid health ated integr ds, l health care metho innovative natura on g with medication, rather than treatin nal al medicine, functio three tiers; physic n. ilitatio logic rehab medicine and neuro ent rt outpatient treatm The state-of-the-a on to care for patients facility is designed to naturally level ic chron a primary and diseases like Parkin heal degenerative d , neuropathy, thyroi son's, MS, autism leave others. “We will dysfunction and facto discover what no stone unturned storm t g the perfec tors played in creatin Not a person’s body. of dis-ease within says DeMartino. all factors are the same,” is to take a group The clinic’s purpose from different ioners practit of health care ise, nt clinical expert fields, with differe er under one roof, and bring them togeth Mayo Clinic. Onsite as is done at the are and blood work diagnostic testing e ts can receiv the available so that patien accurate evaluation most convenient and we “Once states, available. DeMartino ng of the problem, get a clear understandi create the most can our medical team plan to achieve the care ive ehens compr nent results.” by martin miron fastest and most perma exclu sively in Servic es offere d h Solutions and Well Rounded Nevada at Superior Healt ss of pullWellness Professionals g center. He is include ionic detox, the proce Superior Health a, a natural birthin he proprietor of Momm l r metals out of body; rson, Docto the Neurologica ing toxins and heavy t, a nona master trainer for Solutions, in Hende also curren micro rtino, t DeMa frequency-specific Centers. frequency of Chiropractic Rober on Relief in g al based que trainin eventu his y toward his invasive techni The doctor also uses began the journe rates tissue repair of techntered debilitating logy, a collection technology that accele career when he encou six quantum neuro g; biological medievery than healin r restore more and cellula for te and to niques that evalua migraine headaches restoring balance ng it to on school and many cine, a system of in the body, allowi years, missing out a- major nerve nment to help with doctor activities. Medic the internal enviro itself. He is the only infections; and normal childhood his better heal ces in this area of ial, viral or fungal the pain, nor could in Nevada who practi “My place and bacter tions didn’t curb ons, a natural alterof the problem, until homeopathic injecti DeMartino says, g. healin doctors find the root treat to ractor. Upon being for being here is he visited a chirop d entire purpose who excel with people ines, he was inspire chronic disease. I cured of the migra others like him. no place else to go.” to find ways to help al board chair have the Foundation As a member of DeMartino is a medic e Associaa national s, Diseas sional son's Profes for Wellness for APDA Parkin has advisor for Whole ation, DeMartino tion of Nevada, health m nonprofit found speaker for The and Sun City Anthe presented as a guest Foods Henderson the Foundation for and volunteers for


Greater Las Vegas

and trigger point native to cortisone ed to stimulate the injections, design and muscle. “Evrepair of scar tissue in science, based is do erything we g at disease from objectivity and lookin says DeMartino. ” angle, nt differe a logy, each With quantum neuro to have his or person will be found of neurologic s her own unique pattern r can apply docto weakness. Then the provasive non-in specific safe and ate the nervous tocols to help stimul healing processes system’s natural s that have action the ilitate and rehab or lost. These inbecome weakened ms associated clude muscular proble strength, sensory by greg hanscom with movement and ng l world. It’s crawli on pain or numb nect with the natura h problems focusing taught that nalk or drifting throug , which control ity kids are often past us on the sidewa ness, the cranial nerves beyond the city , and neurologiright under our nose. ture is out there all of our five senses kids can like educator the air city s, e organ where scienc is to one limits, but That, she says, cal problems related everyday with nature—if how ction me. shows er conne syndro forge a lasting and photograph irritable bowel on. As one of the focuses more to transform. Quantum neurology they’re paying attenti nature has the power Steinwald Steinwald out of than pathological, to get kids to tune in, You can take Molly on functional, rather out many ways arm them with digital ional neurology never get the city directs programs that the city, but you’ll nerve issues. Tradit them to take pica free-school-lunch and tumors or some as and challenges camer her. Growing up as of find looks for lesions New the nts of nature they of Manchester, that will cause tures of the fragme kid on the outskirts disease process the departure a do very is a ch is approa which notes, “I didn’t on the streets. The Hampshire, she nerve itself not to work, some that “nature” climbing thing.” rule out. However, the belief held by skiing and mountain important thing to —places or watch- from spaces tumor or solace green or bone found is defined as parks Instead, she if there is no broken the the sidewalk or everyday lives. the reason why ing ants parade across on a leaf. Yet apart from our pathology, then of the Univerte lines g correctly still has Lisa Graumlich, dean tracing the intrica nerve isn’t workin Environfrom high school, sity of Washington School of the application of mewhen she graduated not been found. The says Steinon and infrared d as far as she could ment, in Seattle, Washington, diums such as vibrati rapid cellular Steinwald travele in environmental g a degree such is making waves city streets, earnin wald those kid. light therapy cause from l r’s degree “She was an urban s see neurologica y, and then a maste education circles: biolog from a healing that doctor in ne in rats someo someof the past, was ching kangaroo She brings the voice change which, in in ecology resear the table.” be achieved. Mountains. economic class to thing that could never intuitive Arizona’s Chiricahua s tugged at her. different makes offers it ons says Soluti lich Graum Superior Health Still, the city alway level ,” cting with streetd about big nature al Health Seminars sense that conne free public Natur “I was really excite bond with . I kept coming back nature will help build a lasting four times a month is from 6 to 7 p.m., Steinwald says. “But I . The next challenge is Natural Soluane nature that the natural world On April 1, the topic to small-scale, mund e kids with 8, I needed to get back figuring out how to provid Disorder; April felt I kid. a as tions to Thyroid knew : “It may be as e; never see this stuff.” more of these experiences Parkinson's Diseas from the New Solutions to to help people who pathy Naturally; is doing just that. simple as a mom walking home two Today, Steinwald and April 15, Treat Neuro ies grocer ching Soluof Permanent ng a Ph.D. resear bus stop with bags April 22, Natural and She is now pursui she has time tes. with nature in built children in tow, feeling like tions to Type II Diabe human interactions e alk crack with them.” director of scienc to look at a sidew environments. As the city is really ch at the Phipps “A lot of nature in to ns is located at education and resear lvania, observes. “I want ald Pennsy Steinw rgh, ” Superior Health Solutio Pittsbu small, in if their nature Conservatory, n Ridge Pkwy., Ste. these kids that even d with reimagining 1661 West Horizo she has been charge educa tion and show nd Plaza, in Hend good nature.” tal 280 Inside Highla is small, it’s still darne urban enviro nmen seminars (required) basic for derson. RSVP to is a senior editor at-risk youth. Her to om email out or Hansc ng 04 Greg reachi 43-99 to a by calling 702-6 , WA. doesn’t have to go, in Seattle assumption is: One For more a city park, to conMichelle@shslasve 43-9900 or visit national park, or even information, call 702-6 See ad, page 21. enings April 2014 natural awak

The Healing Tree of Nevada is offering a month of free health coaching for five individuals beginning June 1. Each person selected must need help in one of the five key areas: experiencing a stress-free pregnancy; raising diseaseresistant children; achieving and maintaining peak athletic performance; generating lifeenhancing health; or designing and implementing a self-mastery chronic disease program. O w n e r Gregory Rubino states, “This one-month individualized coaching program provides support that jumpstarts you toward optimal health by targeting specific needs, setting personalized goals, uncovering sabotaging triggers and filtering through conflicting nutritional information. Each programs consists of two 50-minute sessions; e-mail support between sessions; simple, but informative handouts; healing gifts; discounts on supportive supplements; and most importantly, my personal commitment to your health and success.” To enter, send an email stating in what area help is needed, along with a brief summary of how this free, no obligation, one-month program will provide benefits. The names of the five most compelling answers—one from each category—will be offered a free month of health coaching. The deadline to enter is Apr. 27; email Greg@ Location: 170 S. Green Valley Pkwy., Ste. 300, Henderson, NV. For more information, call 702-469-3628 or visit See ad, page 25.

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• Release Pain, Fear & Anger • Overcome Unwanted Habits • Reduce Stress • Awaken Intuition • Boost Confidence • Improve Memory

Rev. Victoria Stitzer, Master of NLP, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master-Teacher





Greater Las Vegas


by kristen Hallett Rzasa


lobe of the brain, that is associated with emotions, aggression and memory. Their

pany focused on fitness, nutrition and fun for women (


dōTERRA is More Than Just Products: It’s a Mission Christina Frei, a wellness advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils, helps educate and empower people about natural and healthy ways of living by offering free classes to share her knowledge. She mentors those that want to become wellness advocates themselves and provides support for her students throughout their journey with dōTERRA Essential Oils. “I am here every step of the way for anyone interested in dōTERRA, whether they only use the products personally or if they want to get involved as a business,” says Frei. “My intention is to educate and empower people, giving them the tools they need to change their lives.” According to Frei, her classes teach people why they should want to use essential oils, how to use them and why dōTERRA Essential Oils are preferable to others. dōTERRAprovides therapeutic-grade essential oils and wellness products to people that care about improving their health and the health of their loved ones. According to Frei, “dōTERRA is more than just an essential oils company, in fact, their number one

selling product is their Life Long Vitality Wellness Supplements. They also have health, beauty and even cleaning supplies.” Frei was drawn to dōTERRA while searching for a more natural solution to her ongoing headaches. She was fed up with numerous side affects from prescription drugs. “I discovered that dōTERRA is about a wellness lifestyle, and that they look for the root cause of an ailment, not just focusing on the symptoms,” says Frei. “I’ve found the essential oils to be safe, inexpensive and more effective than prescription drugs. I am able to use them safely without harmful side effects.” Frei shares that dōTERRA has made a positive wellness change in her family’s life, saying, “Along with the friends and family I have helped with the oils, I am dedicated to the sharing of them and I am committed to being a part of their journey.” For more information, call 702-526-2196, email ChristinaFrei@ or visit or

To highlight your business with a shout-out call, 702-305-5828. 36

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natural awakenings March 2015

exolo Shelle help more s relations not limi the clin conduct home a as reque Her we on May not foc wrong in but rather how to increase sex, love and i playful, yet transformative way. Shelley, author of Anti-Aging & Health B world traveler and has been working intima and teaching seminars for more than 20 from New Zealand, she now calls Las Vega all that it has to offer.

For workshop location and more informati 8653, email or visit See ad, page 24.

Z a Hele nurse and who final the cont State will b 4 p.m., April 18, at Boca Park. There will b at 3:30 p.m. Neville is on the way to establishing a running almost 10,000 miles as a cance and grandmother. She states, “Along my r patients, care givers, firefighters, military, and nurses. I also raise money for my chari Rouse Neifert Memorial Fund.”

Admission is free. Location: 750 S. Rampar Las Vegas. For more information, visit OneO

GREEN VEGAS Length: 500 to 750 words Green Vegas features area businesses, organizations, services or products that practice earth friendly protocol. Articles are written in layman’s terms, by our staff or contributors. I n c l u d es a b r i e f biography at the end of the article.




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Calendar Events The calendar is a wonderful resource for filling your workshops and events. (Display advertisers receive 5 free listings per month.) Ongoing Calendar Classes that meet on an on-going basis are placed in this section.

Calendar Events Event Listings Include: 1. Title of Event 2. Time 3. Brief Description 4. Admission Price 5. Location 6. Phone & Website natural aw akenings

April 2015

markyourcalendar A Taste of ThetaHealing Trish Turpel, ThetaHealing Instructor leads you through the basics of ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is the fusion of quantum physics, meditation and prayer used to remove manifestations of emotional, spiritual, physical pain or disease.

Shamanic Healing Ceremony: Full Moon Ceremony with Laini Risto – 7-9pm. Let your spirit feel the ancient connection with Grandmother Moon as she rises in the sky casting the magic of soft light and shadows. Set the tone to detail that brings lessons and rewards. Donation. Intentional Healings Center, 3450 E Russell Rd, 110, LV. Jodi Friedman: 702-274-4545.


Alkalize & Drop Off Pounds! – 7-9pm. Learn how to pH-balance the fluids in your body & why life and health depend on it. Learn what you can do to reverse and prevent many health conditions. Includes guided imagery for easy memorization. $13.50. 3920 Amy

YOUR BUSINESS NAME Contact Name Address / City Phone / Website URL

Description: 30 words. The Community Resource Guide listings are a reference tool allowing our readers to find you when they are in need of your product or service. Page number of your display ad here (if applicable).



4 name/address lines and up to a 30-word description SUNDAY, APRIL 19

Please call ahead to confirm SATURDAY, APRIL 18 dates and times. All calendar




calendarofevents events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to the next month's publication and adhere to our guidelines. Submit listings online at

Natural Resource Guide

April 18 • 1pm.

Free Center for Spiritual Living 1420 E. Harmon Ave, LV

Body Balance: 702-656-6788

markyourcalendar doTERRA for

PUBLICATIONS markyourcalendar NATURAL AWAKENINGS Private ThetaHealing Sharon Bruckman, Publisher Sessions 4933 Tamiami Tr. N., #200

Naples, FL 34103 Trish Turpel is ThetaHealing Instructor 239-434-9392 offering limited in-person ThetaHealing sessions. Using applied quantum physics, meditation and prayer, Natural Awakenings is a free Trish is able to identify and remove publication distributed locally unconscious beliefsand to gain shifts in supported by our advertisers. perception of the Ithighest providing healthis dedicated conscious individuals with insights April 19 • 10am-5pm and information to improve the quality required of life physically, mentally, 1hr/$135 $60 deposit emotionally and spiritually. Private Residence in Northwest

Body Balance: 702-656-6788

The Natural Resource Guide – Living Food Class: Hot & Cold Breakfast – 1-3pm. Experience a wide variety of Raw Uncooked Networking Hot & ColdNatural Breakfast. Amazingly delicious, nutritious, enzyme-rich, detoxifying & Vibrantly at itsexperience Best! Alive. Includes recipes, hands-on and

eat-all-u-can multi-course meal. $25. Amy Marie Ct, LV. Victoria: 702-659-2390.


Don't Exercise. LYMPHACISE! – 2:30-4pm. Lose excess weight, inches and fat though breath and selflymphatic massage—without exercise. Experiential

Guide to Natural Awakenings - Greater Las Vegas  

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