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little stories~ Summer ~ Autumn 2019 ~ Harbour

I. Summary II. Art Supplies III. Gallery IV. Idea V. Contact

I. Summary

Theme ~

Little stories

Achievement ~ Understanding of concept and project phases, working with a visual story, learning and using different techniques and materials, discovering authentic artwork concept, working on details, playing with letters (basic of typography). Relaxation ~ Recaling holiday moments and objects, mixing and blending colors, exploring structures of paper and wood Technique ~ Sketching, drawing, painting, modeling, decorating Output ~ Large format poster, clay model, painted wooden box, designs & sketches

II. Art Supplies

Pencil, pastel, metallic gel pens, temperas (Nordic ecolabel), aquarelle colors, brushes, wooden tools, white & off-white sketch and aquarelle paper sheets, fine quality clay, wooden box, natural seasonal objects

III. Gallery

You can see the project photos IN THIS GALLERY. (Password sent via email.)

IV. Idea

Collecting ofa few* seasonal natural objects as chesnuts, leaves, rosehips, writting a small diary about the collection, with sketches and botanical name. Displaying it in a jar, or a shelve by color and type. Place it in a small wooden box; leave it plain or paint it** in a soft seasonal aquarelle tones and give it to someone as a gift. *supervision ofadult is required, do not collect plants which are not edible, or ofwhich you are not sure **simple water colors suitable for children, best with eco certificate

V. Contact

~ Email ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

All photos ~ archive of A.Dumon Natural Art Room Š 2019

~ I will not be responsible for the consequences ofany action based upon information found in this brochure ~ sharing ofa complete brochure under CC BY-NC-ND

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Art Lessons ~ Little stories  

Art Lessons ~ Little stories