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atural Art Course Spring ~ Summer 2018 ~ De Blijberg

Legends & Tales

I. Summary II. Materials III. Art Supplies IV. Gallery V. Contact

I. Summary

Theme ~ Illustration inspired by legends and tales (4 options) Technique ~ Sketching, drawing, painting Materials (a) ~ Pencil, chalk, metallic gel pens, natural pigments and temperas, brushes, wooden tools, lighter white, medium brown and black paper sheets, recycled cardboard style A4 Achievement ~ Understanding of concept and project phases, working with story, learning and using different techniques, discovering unique style, working on details, creating own paints Relaxation ~ Reading fairy tales, playing with pigments, learning structures of paper, imagine

II. Materials (b)

The magic rice kettle and The baba Yaga, (Wonder Tales from Many Lands by Katharine Pyle) Freyja's necklace (Asgard Stories, Tales from Norse mythology, by Mary H. Foster and Mabel H. Cummings) Ohnivak (Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen, by Alexander Chodsko and Emily J. Harding)

III. Art Supplies

~ Nordic ecolabel certified colors ~ Mineral pigments (suitable for children) ~ Reusable or upcycled wooden tools ~ Recycled paper

IV. Gallery

You can see the project phases IN THIS GALLERY. (Password sent via email.)

V. Contact

~ Email ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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