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atural Art Course Spring ~ Summer 2018 ~ De Blijberg

Early inspiration, forms the way how we can see and illustrate our surroundings.

I. Introduction II. Try-out dates, course frequency III. Course Theme IV. Art Supplies V. Course Fee VI. Contact

I. Introduction

Natural Art Course is designed for creative and sensitive children. Our main direction is to fully discover childs visual abilities, gain new experiences, to uncover and enhance their own unique style. Natural Art Course is about how to encourage confidence and trust in their own talents and to let them imagine.

II. Try-out dates, course frequency

1 st free try-out lesson 6th of March, 3.1 0 pm ~ for children signed before 1 8th of February 2st free try-out lesson 1 3th of March, 3.1 0 pm ~ for children signed after 1 8th of February Meet up 3.00 pm ~ 3.1 0 pm, in front of first school building (the usual entrance from courtyard), or in room G21 in the third floor. If possible, please attend the try-out lesson with your child. Pick up 4.00 pm ~ 4.1 0 pm, in front of the first school building (front door towards the main entrance).

Why there are two try-out lessons?

Because there have been more sign ups already from previous weeks, I have to split the try out lesson in two. My concern is to have enough time for each student and let them all enjoy the lesson fully. Thank you for your understanding. Course frequency

Based on final list of students signed for full course, there will be a primary lesson each school Tuesday. If there will be more students, I will inform you about another day, when will be possible to have the following course weekly too.

III. Course theme

~ Arts & Crafts ~ Nature & Conscious Themes ~ Color Experiments ~ Relaxation Techniques

IV. Art Supplies

~ Nordic ecolabel certified colors ~ Mineral pigments (suitable for children) ~ Reusable or upcycled tools ~ Edible ingredients* ~ Local products * While inventing our own paints, we will be working with non toxic plants, fruits and vegetables, specified in full course form.

V. Course fee

Spring ~ Summer term Lecturer ~ Anna Dumon Monthly fee (4 lessons), will be 65 Euro per child including art supplies. Siblings have 1 0% discount. The monthly fee will be decreased for May, June and July (due holidays). If the lecturer or student is absent (with 24 hours prenotification), there will be a replacement or an opportunity to catch up on the lesson another time. Payment details will be send after try-out lesson. You can cancel any time during the term, the cancelation will apply from the next month of the course. .

VI. Contact

~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram Please contact me at, or use a contact form on my website.

All photos and illustration ~ archive of A.Dumon Natural Art Room Š 2018

Art Course ~ De Blijberg