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I. Introduction II. Summary IV. Themes V. Materials & Instruments VI. Reviews VII. Gallery VIII. Contact

Anna fell in love with puppet theater when she was a small child. Every weekend she would go with her father to see a show in Prague's Old Town. She grew up in a landscape full offairy-tale like sceneries. Her grandmother was a founder and member oftheater dilettants and a teacher. Miwa happily grew up in a musical family in Yamaguchi. Her mother studied composition, her home was full ofmusic and diverse instruments which allowed her to experiment with many different instruments at an early age. After a pedagogic course, Anna first worked with primary school students individually, later guided classes in a gallery and also worked on conceptual events with young people. She worked on various projects as an Art Director, visually translating conscious topics, gaining comprehensive experience while combining digital media with art techniques. In Holland Miwa studied at the Conservatoire in Den Haag and in Codarts in Rotterdam as a Baroque musician. She studied as a soloist with Jeanette van Wingarden and with Thera de Klarck. Ensemble with Han Tol, chamber ensemble with Pieter Jan Belder and Marieke Spaans. With Reinhardt Boekelman she studied music theory and with Joan ten Hoonte musical pedagogy.

Miwa started teaching at Blijberg international basic school in Rotterdam in 2000. As well as teaching in other music schools and private practice at home, she has continued teaching at De Blijberg. Miwa crossed paths with Anna when she came to teach the art class at the school. Anna came to live in Rotterdam and started teaching Art lessons (school curicuum lessons 18/19) at De Blijberg in Spring 2018. Her group lessons are based on modern artistic projects, classical technique basics and finding children's own unique styles. Anna and Miwa admire the possiblities in the puppet theater concept, as all children can become involved, using their imagination fully. They believe that this project style ofdeveloping a whole show, has many different possibilities as a teaching method. Anna Dumon & Miwa Hirano

II. Summary

Experience ~

Natural objects study Landscape model experience Creating of characters / puppetry basics Story based on seasonal celebration Musical experience with rhythm and sound Musical elements of storytelling Theatrical narration Acting sketches

Technique ~

Sketching, drawing, painting, crafting Experience with musical instruments Musical and theatrical voice

Achievement ~

Understanding of concept and project phases, creating a story and characters, learning and using different techniques creating a small theater scene and puppets, discovering unique style, working on details, developing melodies to suit the story.

IV. Themes

Celebrating seasons ~ A puppet theater play dedicated to seasons, inspired by fables, with strong focus on original visual and auditive storytelling.

Traditional fairy tales e.g. The Fairies of Merlin's Crag ~ Inspired by tale from Scottish Fairy book (Elizabeth W. Grierson), bardic tradition and Gaelic folklore, dedicated to detailed scene, puppetry, music and acting.

V. Materials & Instruments

Materials ~ Pencil, wax pastels, temperas, brushes (Nordic ecolabel certified colors) Sketchbook paper sheets A4, recycled / upcycled paper, cardboard, wood Natural decorative materials Studio lights, led effects

Wind and rhythmic instruments ~ Recorder, tin whistles, ocarina, ukulele, ocean drum, tambourine, xylophone, triangle, (body) percussions, imitating nature sound

It was a beautiful and serene show. Thank you for your hard work your passion and enthusiasm are very clear to see and you bring out and celebrate the kids' individuality and talent." ;

Claire Sansone (parent review)

Anna & Miwa's puppet show presentation was the perfect combination ofart & music. It touched all ofthe senses - the theme, story, music, puppets and backdrop was delight to hear and see. The audience ofall ages, young and old, were completely captured. It felt peaceful & refreshing. There are many benefits for the artists as well as the audience from the work Anna & Miwa have done."

Renata Bienefelt (teacher review)

V. Gallery

You can see the project photo documentary IN THIS GALLERY. (Password sent via email.)

VI. Contact

~ Email

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Profile for Natural Art Room

Art Lessons ~ Theater project  

A (puppet) theatre project inspired by fables and fairy-tales, with strong focus on original visual and auditive storytelling.

Art Lessons ~ Theater project  

A (puppet) theatre project inspired by fables and fairy-tales, with strong focus on original visual and auditive storytelling.