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The impact Natural Art is part of a wave of companies that are supporting the work of communities in Rural Guatemala, decentralizing the effort from urban areas and taking it to the native towns of the artisans, preventing migration both inside and out Guatemala.

This also means boosting THE economy



employments For 1,913 women and 337 men



from each

$1.00 in sales from artisan production

is used for health, food and housing by each family

Helping women


300 women



Women participate in 30 productivity chains

at least, are trained in new techniques, administration, marketing, trends and other topics

is promoted

With work and gender equality can be taught.

And connections are made Connects college students with artisans creating bonds and innovation, both in design and sales. Traditional manufacturing techniques are preserved. We connect villages from:

Quiche • Chichicastenango • Santa María Nebaj • Cunén • San Juan Cotzal • Uspantán • Chajul • Zacualpa • Sacapulas

Totonicapan • Momostenango

Quetzaltenango • Concepción las Rosas



Direct impact of NATURAL ART

Natural Art works with several communities across Guatemala, bringing the work to them. We work with 20 communities with 15 to 20 women on each.

Each women is a head of household and has 4 to 8 children.

Participating women can work from home and take care of their home

Women are trained with cost administration, material and design and quality control.

4 traditional manufacturing techniques are being rescued: tejido combinado, maguey, tejido de cuadros and wool.

2 new manufacturing techniques are being used: tecomate and bamboo.


All of its elements come from nature, found in different parts of Guatemala. Most of its components are made in Triรกngulo Ixil, but we also work with people in Chimaltenango, Totonicapan, Quetzaltenango and Zacapa. The whole process of creation represents an effort to keep a minimum impact on the ecosystem and developing the communities that harvest the artisans.

These communities are hard to reach, resources aren’t always available, but the creativity passed on generation upon generation gives them the tools they need to solve any situation. From doing things by hand, to creating tools from bicycle parts, they always find something that works.

Labor is made inside their own houses, mostly by women, who care for their homes, children, even their livestock, while working on the pieces.

The feeling of family comes in each item. We were inspired to create designs that honor both the hours spent in the making, like the elements nature gave us, and the results we got where filled with an elegance that stands over time.


Behind the names Virgilio Rodriguez Macal is a Guatemalan author known for his nature inspired tales. Most of them take place in the forest. The central characters can vary and go from animals to people, but they all come from Guatemala. In this collection the names come from the book “The Snake-bird Mansion� which has the tales of several animals that live in the forest. Our bags are named after animals or elements present in each tale and in everyday life in the forest. Some of them are also present in Mayan Cosmology.

TIX (COATI) A combination like no other, this stylish clutch has a collage made from dried tecomate and framed with smooth black leather. It has a handle, making it versatile and wearable day or night. A must have for women with exiting lifestyles.

ITZUL (COATI Solo) A totumo and leather luxury clutch. With an exclusive design made for women who stand out everywhere they go. It has a collage made with the harvested and dried fruit of totumo, reminiscing the forms found in flora and folium, bringing to life a true piece of wearable art.

SOK (Nest) With an alluring design, this satchel is filled with intricate details that are mesmerizing. Made with leather and natural fibers, details are made by hand based on the traditional geometrical designs that characterizes Guatemalan textiles, giving it a refined air that complements a casual, yet sleek outfit.

BATZ (Monkey) This practical and spacious hobo bag is made with a beautiful and casual design found in the traditional bedspreads from Momostenango. Made with hard and durable wool, leather details and quality rivets, this bag is the perfect companion for a modern woman needs on the go.

alau (tepeZcuintle) This satchel has the space to carry everything in style. It is made with Momostenango wool, maguey or repurposed huipiles and its details are created with quality leather, completed with fine rivets to finish with a touch of class. The handles are handmade, much like the wool, by craftswoman, giving the tote a distinct look.

Natural Art Style Catalog  

Within the misty mountains of Guatemala, the woods are full of inspiration: the shapes, colors and textures that live inside, provide a blen...

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