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Investment Analysis About the Blockchain Investor Network Package

The Problem •

Fundraising is the Largest Problem New Blockchain Startups Face (As Told By You!) •

ICO Market is Parched

50% of Initial Coin Offerings Failed Since 2017

Low Crypto Liquidity

Harsh Compliance Measures


Fundraising While Building a Startup

Working While Building a Startup

Part Time Team Members

Building a Startup With Limited Runway

No Leads to Investors and Service Providers

Few Investors in Your Location

Source(s): 200+ Phone Calls with Natu Innovations Applicants

(Part 2)

Unfavorable Government Policies

Slow Regulation Adoption

Slow Market Adoption

Nonprofit technology Foundations Looking to Pay for OpenSource Developers

Locating Investors

Raising Capital in Bear Markets

Source(s): 200+ Phone Calls with Natu Innovations Applicants

(Part 3)

Inability to access classic Canadian Venture capital Because of the nature of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Startups

Administrative Costs

Marketing Costs

Introductions to investors

Restricted Fundraising Timelines

Gaming Industry Startups Not Appealing to Investors

Source(s): 200+ Phone Calls with Natu Innovations Applicants

(Part 4)

Proper Networking with the Right People

Development Completion

Speed to Market


Market Makers and Exchange Access

Source(s): 200+ Phone Calls with Natu Innovations Applicants



The Solution Blockchain Investor Network

• Direct Introductions: We can introduce you to groups that help the top blockchain companies of all time. For example, Ex-NYSE employee's market making service. •15,000+ Contacts: Blockchain VC's, Funds, Family Offices and Investors •2,000 Funds: We work with people who have invested in blockchain/distributed ledger technologies. •$54m Raised: We are partnered with VC's that helped 22 ICO's raise $54m. •Compliant: The only GDPR compliant list of contacts in funds that have invested in blockchain companies. Source(s):

Proven Strategic Positioning •

Manual and Direct Introductions

15,000 Emails and Numbers Sourced Compliantly

Proven Strategy that helped 22 ICO’s Raise $54m




Kevin’s $100k+

Exclusive Service Providers (under mNDA’s) •

ICO/STO Launch Pad

30+ Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing Connections

Liquidity Providers for Investor/Trader Acquisition Strategies and Token Price Growth

Fiat to Crypto Gateways

Facilitation of Large Trades ($100k-$25m)


Liquidity Example (Before)


Sporadic, illiquid, incomprehensible, and unapproachable to traders.


Liquidity Example (After)


Asset with more direction, liquidity, and capital flow, stability


Designed to attract additional traders and investors


Proven Strategic Positioning + Exclusive Service Providers (mNDA)


“Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.” –Steve Jobs

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Blockchain Investor Network Package  

Blockchain Investor Network Package  

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