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I’m not lazy…. Time seems to be flowing faster than ever. I remember the New Years Eve as though it was a couple of weeks ago. I don’t doubt that many others of my age feel the same. Is it just for me or for others of my age or for all others is something that I don’t understand. I wish I could live 2 lives simultaneously to understand this. But, I’m sure time is a bit faster for gen X. One might tend to ask what makes me so certain? A bit of reading that I do has some reference to “In this Fast Paced World” so I assume there was a different world that was less fast than what its now. Or would they have referred to an outside world, it can’t be so because no one is concrete with that. Too much of going around in circles? Ok, what I’m trying to say is we are moving towards or have strong inclination towards things that costs less time. Can be that this generation is a bit lazy? Yes it is, no it is not… Confused, even I’m now. In one sense yes we are brisk, things such as adaptability for instance. In the other sense no is because, I used to hear my grandma saying that “we used to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning every day”. I can’t just imagine being that way. I’m not going to talk here about the active part, but more about our inactive part (being more precise - laziness). The laziness that is costing us our health. Welcome to 21st century Gen X. Many would agree, but let me tell you what makes me feel that way. There was a TV commercial in 1982 in India that caught the attention of entire nation. It was none other than the revolutionary Noodles brand 'Maggi'. The 2 minutes noodles instantly became a household. It saved time, it tasted good and our kids loved it. Yes. All were happy, but…. we were becoming lazy. What I’m trying to say is that gen X is becoming lazy and is risking health. The irony is that we are getting more informed day by day. The information explosion has started touching lives. But that did not stop us from doing the wrong things saying, I know, but I don’t have time, but is that completely true? Or is that we have become more lazy and are ready to risk health for petty things. The thing instant noodle carried with it is one of the reasons for the disturbing statement above about our generation: “One of the most unfortunate generations in view of health”.

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Time seems to be flowing faster than ever.