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Turmeric – An underrated savior. Continues from chapter 1 Why is turmeric closely associated with religion in Tamilnadu, a southern state in India? Why is it being given a royal treatment in prayers and festivals? Let us dig into that. Turmeric has been used traditionally for many ailments in Tamilnadu. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Particularly, it is very effective for Liver and stomach ailments. The magic of turmeric comes from the antimicrobial property it posses. Siddha medicine hugged turmeric long long ago. If evidences are to be believed, turmeric has been used in Siddha medical system since 1900 BC. Its antibacterial property is a life saver in conditions like skin allergy, gastric troubles, aches, wounds, pains, sprains, etc. Chicken pox, a widely spread disease in south India is controlled very effectively with the help of turmeric. It is a common practice in Tamilnadu to use turmeric and neem leaves to combat chicken pox. It is proven to be very effective and acknowledged by the medical fraternity. Another wide usage of turmeric is in cooking. It is a very common sight in South india to see turmeric sitting in the center of cooking table. One of the notable preparations is turmeric milk. Hot milk mixed with turmeric and pepper is used to relieve from heavy cough and fever. Turmeric paste is used in open wounds. I remember an incident from my childhood. It was in a small village in Madurai. I was around 10 year old. It was holidays in grandparents home. We were a group of 8 kids from the street playing under a mango tree. When one of our friends fell from the tree, he landed on sharp edged stone.

His right leg knee was hit and started bleeding heavily. We were all panicked and didn’t know what to do. We carried him to my home and reported to my grandma. She saw him bleeding and then gave him first aid. Cleaned the wound with fresh water and wrapped a white cloth around the wound. She said he would be alright. One full day went and the next day, the wound was bigger and it looked like some third party particles went in his wound and that caused the wound to septic. As we were brought up in cities like Chennai, we were used to going to doctor for everything. As I was expecting my grandma to take him to hospital, she did something else. Ever so calm, she opened the home made bandage and cleaned the wound again. She applied a yellow cream all over the wound. Then left the wound in open. I was wondering what was she doing. After 12 hours, in the evening, we were in for a surprise. His wound was almost gone. The cut was closed. The puss around the wound was vanished. And he seemed very much normal. What was the magic.. it was the turmeric, revealed my granny. Turmeric worked the magic on his wound. Its antibacterial formula worked tremendously on the wound and cured it. This is one of the many incidents in my life involving the super medicine, turmeric.

Most precious things in India. (Turmeric)  

Turmeric Chapter 2- Turmeric has been used traditionally for many ailments in Tamilnadu. It has been practiced for thousands of years.

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