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FROM THE EDITOR There are times, as a publisher, when you realize that there isn’t any other job you’d rather be doing. This month was that time for me. Our sustainable issue put me in touch with business after business and individual after individual throughout Northern California who were making amazing strides developing their business and taking significant financial risk, all in the name of being environmentally sustainable. More importantly, these people didn’t have to be sustainable at all, in fact, they likely would have made significantly more money if they weren’t. However, they all shared a sense of responsibility for the world around them and to their fellow human being, a characteristic that should be celebrated and mirrored by each and every one of us. Leading a more sustainable life can start right at home by taking small steps in your day-to-day life that reverse any negative impact you have on the environment around you. Use energy efficient bulbs and appliances, bike more, drive less, recycle everything you possibly can, plant a tree and most importantly, help others learn to lead a sustainable lifestyle as well. We took ourselves to task this month and made some big decisions on how we could be more sustainable as a publication. #1 We decided to plant three trees for every one tree used in the production of our magazine; one tree to replace the tree we used, another tree to offset our carbon footprint and one tree to offset someone else’s. #2 We’ve elected to print the magazine with soy based inks; they’re better for the environment and feel great on your fingers. #3 We’ve decided to hand out one thousand FREE reusable shopping bags at the Saturday Morning Market each month in the hopes that it spares the use of countless plastic bags. In fact, you may have found our magazine in one of those bags just now, and if you did, we’d like to thank you for shopping at the most sustainable grocery locale in town. We can all do something to make a difference, and we’re looking forward to exploring what more we can do each month from here on out, and hope you will too. One other change that is worthy of note in this month’s magazine; you may have noticed that our real estate section looks a little bare. That’s because it has it’s very own side to the magazine now. Flip this baby over and you’ll find all the real estate your heart desires in our new real estate section of Upgraded Living Magazine! We hope you enjoy the great content we’ve put together for you in this, our sustainable issue, and the advertisers who made it all possible. Stop by our booth at the Thursday Night Market and say “Hello!” We’d love to see you!

Aveed Khaki

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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Design Q. & A. Your questions answered by our design pro, Melissa Snow

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Fit for the Flowers Don’t forget to stretch


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With interior design pro, Melissa Snow

Melissa, I recently purchased my first home and really want to make it perfect. The problem I’m having is not knowing exactly what my design style is, which makes it hard to shop for anything….any suggestions??? - Jocelyn, Chico, CA

Have a design question of your own? Email for your chance to have it answered by a local Interior Design professional

Jocelyn, this is a great question. I actually have a lot of clients that know what they like and what they want, but just aren’t sure what their specific “design style” would be. Before you can have the home of your dreams, you need to know your style preference. Here are a few simple techniques to help you determine your look:

1Cast a wide net when looking for

ideas. Be encouraged to stop by your favorite local book store. Grab a coffee or tea and browse through their magazines and books. Don’t focus only on decorating publications, but movies, art, fashion, nature and travel are also rich resources. Don’t think about it too much- just grab what you love: purchase your favorites and tear out or copy. Also, save images from the Internet, gather photos and post cards. Collecting textiles, paint chips, even wood tone samples are helpful.

2 Start a file to save all of these favorite

things. Depending on how you like to organize, you can use a basket, an accordion folder, or even an inspiration bulletin board.

3 Look for themes in the images you’ve

collected. After you’ve spent some time laying out all your favorite items, take stock. Have you picked several things that feature the same color? Do you notice the furniture is more clean lined or rustic? Are the fabric patterns more tribal or traditional?

Another great way to determine your style is to take some of the online style quizzes out there. Not only do they give you the results, they link you to example rooms that fit your sense of style. Thanks to HGTV, here is a great quiz link: Remember, design is supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously. Your home should represent you and your lifestyle….have fun and remember to first shop locally!!




With new spade and shovel in hand, you may find it wise to prepare your body for gardening chores. Though I use the word “chore”, it is most likely that gardening is not considered “work” or even “exercise” to you (though you burn 240-400 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the activity). Gardening is a mentally healing hobby, and there is no need for you to suffer physical pain from an activity that produces such a pleasant outcome. Fear not!!! Stretching and strengthening exercises (push-ups, arm and wrist curls, squats, toe/heel raises, and abdominal crunches) will give you the added advantage of feeling well physically as you mentally enjoy the artistic results of your labor. You may be telling yourself that you “exercise regularly so I don’t need to get in shape for gardening!”. This may be true; however, a change in activity can stimulate muscles and joints in a way that they are not accustomed, thereby producing irritation and/ or inflammation. A method for avoiding pain and strain the “day after” may involve your proper technique, posture, and form. Without proper preparation and warm-up, the twisting, turning, bending, and reaching required in digging and planting may produce less than desirable results. The possibility of neck, upper and lower back strain, or shoulder and leg pain may all be avoided with proper warm-up. Begin warming-up your muscles by simply walking around your garden while swinging your arms. Next, stretch for approximately 4-5 minutes to reduce muscle tension. 18 6


After you have properly warmed-up and stretched, try these tips to help make your “garden fitness” session more enjoyable. To avoid straining your back muscles, bend your knees and use your leg muscles as you pick up objects. Strong abdominal muscles will also help protect your lower back. Take periodic breaks every 2030 minutes. If you stay with one task long, such as weeding, and you kneel on one knee, occasionally change to the other knee… change the hand you are pulling with. If you find yourself bending or squatting often, try sitting in a low chair. Altering your position will help protect your back, and change the muscles you use. Durable gloves will protect your hands and knee pads will also aid in making your gardening more comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes, a hat for sun protection, and don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent. Raised flower beds and planters (18-24 inches high) will be userfriendly to your back. Lastly is the need for proper hydration. Bring a water bottle with you, and keep it close at hand. Tight muscles build up toxins, and water helps clear out these toxins. Drinking water as you work will help keep these toxins at bay, and prevent muscle tightness from even beginning. With a little stretching and strengthening preparation you will be ready to welcome the magic which unfolds as you weed your garden and feed your soul. Feel proud of your accomplishment in being fit for the flowers.






Sierra Nevada Brewing Company By Aveed Khaki


ierra Nevada Brewing Co. is synonymous with sustainability. From the early days of the company’s inception, thirty-one years ago, into the present and even in their planning for the future, Sierra Nevada has upheld the highest standards in sustainability, yet still has the humble nature to admit they are not perfect and can still do more. It just so happens, that they plan to. Ken Grossman, owner and found of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. long believed that social and environmental responsibility were cornerstones of a successful business. It was this sense of responsibility that encouraged him to find ways to not only minimize the impacts the brewery would have on the environment, but in many cases turn back the clock entirely by investing in and integrating the most efficient technologies and waste reduction measures. The brewery strives to leave the smallest footprint possible without jeopardizing quality by conserving water on-site, generating its own electricity, continuing to use energy efficient machinery, recovering heat and carbon dioxide emissions and practicing proper environmental stewardship through its waste reduction, recycling and sustainable agricultural practices. As a giant in the field of craft brewing, it is exciting to see the strides the brewery has made in using its pull with farmers to bring

about more sustainable farming practices. In 2009, Sierra Nevada Brewering Co. launched the Farm with Your Brewer program. Focusing on eight major requirements, the brewery was able to partner with barley farmers no more than 40 miles in radius from its Prairie Malt Facility and require that these farms elect to invest in sustainable farming practices to participate in the program. If the grower elects to follow the proposed sustainable practices, Sierra Nevada pays a financial incentive up front to assist in covering the financial risk associated with changing their farming methods. If the farmer can harvest barley that meets the needs of the brewery, they receive a premium price for the barley purchased, encouraging the farmer even further. Looking at the astounding size of the brewery itself, one would be hard pressed to not recognize the immense needs it must have for energy. From the lighting to powering the machinery and everything in between, energy demands from a facility like this would be rather monumental. In 2005, Sierra Nevada cited this need for energy and became the first brewing company in the United States to install hydrogen fuel cells. The facility, which runs on natural gas, is capable of generating 1.2 Megawatts of electricity. To make sustainable even more sustainable, recovery units were installed to recover the 750°F exhaust

Left: Ken Grossman, founder of Sierra Nevada proudly stands in front of his recent fuel cell installation that provides 48% of the brewery’s total electricity needs. Top: A snapshot of the recent 2.0 Megawatt solar installation that accounts for another 20% of the brewery’s energy needs. Bottom: Sierra Nevada Brewery and Taproom.

leaving the units, produce steam from this exhaust, and finally recycle it back into the brewing process. By the end of 2010, the fuel cells were producing 48% of the brewery’s electricity needs. In 2008, Sierra Nevada finished what is currently one of the largest privately owned solar installations in the country with 2 Megawatts of photovoltaic panels. The solar installation makes up another 20% of total energy needs for the brewery. Our favorite part of this, is not just the impact Sierra Nevada is having on our local community, but on people throughout the world. Currently, as an internationally shipped product, Sierra Nevada beer is able to not only educate the taste buds of its purchasers, but their understanding of the environment around them as well. From their stewardship programs to their commitment to quality through sustainability, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a pioneer and trendsetter worldwide, proving that quality and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive, but rather, that one may in fact help create the other. For more information on Sierra Nevada’s commitment to environmental stewardship and comprehensive sustainability plan, please visit their website at



Alternative Energy Systems


By Aveed Khaki

180 Erma Court #150 Chico, CA 95928 Phone: 345.6980

Solar Energy Savings what a 5kW solar energy system saves over it’s average lifetime

333,766 lbs of Carbon Dioxide - the leading greenhouse gas 1,071 lbs of Nitrogen Oxide - which creates smog 970 lbs of Sulfur Dioxide - which causes acid rain 66 lbs of particulates -which cause asthma emissions from 543,070 miles driven in an average car



ndoubtedly at this point in your life you've already heard about solar energy and it's many benefits, else, you may need to crawl out from hiding where the sun can't reach you. It's in the news, darker rooftops are starting to pop up all over the place, and as your electricity bill climbs higher and higher each year, the word has probably grown proportionally in size in the back of your head. What you may not have heard though, is exactly what a solar powered array can do for your bottom line. Living a sustainable lifestyle is important, but as we all know, living itself, is paramount in reality. As solar energy has taken hold and become more readily adopted and available, so too has its affordability. Locally owned and operated solar system provider, Alternative Energy Systems, Inc. (AES) has been installing such systems throughout Chico and its surrounding communities for the past seven years. Founded by Lance McClung and Tim Hamor in 2004, AES set out to provide solar energy systems to local residents while using local resources. Their in-house installation team guarantees local accountability and unparalleled response time should any issue arise along the way. They were kind enough to sit down with us and shed some light on how practicing social and environmental responsibility through solar power is also the perfect way to practice financial responsibility at home. In its current form, solar power is harvested through the use of photovoltaic solar arrays that collect energy from the sunlight that lands upon them. The harvested energy is then converted into electricity that can be used throughout your home, or credited to your PG&E bill by dispersing it back into the power grid when you aren't home to use it. With PG&E rates rising on average 6.7% annually for the past 30 years, and a sharp spike in 2000 that sent rates skyrocketing nearly 40%, there's nothing better than locking in your rates against these price


hikes by giving back what you take from the grid. An appropriately installed solar system will do just that, and in many situations, eliminate your electric bill entirely, allowing you to invest that monthly expenditure elsewhere or set it aside for retirement. Better yet, there's a financing or leasing option to fit every budget, all of which are designed to put your electric bills in the green at the end of the day. Sustainably, these systems will allow you to sleep soundly on a guilt-free conscience knowing that your decision to harvest a natural energy source will keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide and other pollutants out of the earth's atmosphere, bettering your life and the lives of those around you for generations to come. Recently, Alternative Energy Systems, Inc., in conjunction with a grant from PG&E and discounted arrays from solar manufacturer SunPower, raised the money necessary to provide the Boys and Girls Club of Chico with a complete solar package that would almost entirely offset their dependence on standard delivery electricity. The solar array will, over time, offset the carbon emissions equivalent to 1.6 million miles of driving in a standard car and continually provide an offset equivalent to planting 8.8 acres of trees. Equally important, the money saved will allow the Boys and Girls Club to expand their programming and fill any gaps in funding that they may have had before. These days, the 30% federal tax credit, combined with the various available rebate programs in California, make solar power an almost unbeatable option for alternative energy. To top it off, a solar array adds value to your home in addition to the tangible income you’ll see adding up monthly in your bank account. If none of that convinces you... won’t you think of the children? No, seriously; grab a quick glance at what a 5kW solar energy system saves in the side bar and if your current system doesn’t keep you up at night thinking of the children, we don’t know what will. :)

AES helped me get FREE electricity for 12 months with their same-as-cash program*

We Make Solar Easy!

See your AES representative for details.

• Free Solar Analysis • Financing Options Available • Serving Butte, Glenn, Tehama & Shasta Counties

(888) 225-4984 *On approved credit

License #853351 (C-10), (C-46)


Basik Recycling


ylan McFann embodies what the Chico State Business Department strives year-after-year to create, a young entrepreneur with the ability to spot a gap in a niche market and fill it. At 24 years of age, he has done just that by opening Basik Recycling, Chico’s newest (and potentially most comprehensive) recycling center. Basik Recycling focuses on providing Chico residents with the ability to recycle all non-hazardous recyclables including cans, bottles, cardboards, metals and e-waste in a convenient, clean and friendly one-stop drive-thru location. Located just off of park avenue, the facility is a convenient drive from anywhere in town and the drive-thru

ensures that you’re in-and-out in record time. Better still, they also offer some of the best return prices for recycling in town. As McFann puts it, “People don’t always consider recycling as a necessity or the most fashionable of things to do, but we’re working to change that. We’re bringing a creative approach to community driven recycling in Chico and we think Chicoans will take notice.” McFann and his young crew of entrepreneurs have their sights set on expanding throughout Chico over the next couple of years. With the return they provide on recyclables and their fresh take on sustainability, we can’t imagine they’ll be anything less than wildly successful.

Granite Transformations

photo by Beiron Andersson

By Aveed Khaki

Dylan McFann, owner of Basik Recycling

Conveniently open 7 days a week, visit them at 2264 Park Avenue in Chico, or check them out online at

629 Entler Avenue Chico, CA 95928 Phone: 892.1600

By Aveed Khaki


hen it comes to giving your home a much needed face-lift, there are few projects that make a bigger impact than a kitchen makeover. Unfortunately, kitchen makeovers also account for some of the largest amounts of waste in regards to any home renovation project, with counter tops and cabinetry generating the most. Thankfully, The Granite Guys at Granite Transformations in Chico are changing this, one remodel at a time. Granite Transformations granite counter overlays sit directly on top of your preexisting counter tops, and do not require any messy demolition work whatsoever. Better yet, these granite overlays can be placed on top of any level surface throughout your home, including tables, and most installations are completed in just one day! The granite counter tops are heat, stain and scratch resistant and are completely not porous, being delivered permanently sealed and maintenance free directly from the manufacturer. In other words, not only do these counter tops add value and beauty to your home, but they are significantly more sustainable in that you don’t have to use chemicals to treat



or clean them afterwards. Simply wash them with soap and water. Recently, Granite Transformations in Chico began carrying recycled glass counter tops as well. Composed of up to 72% post-consumer waste recycled glass, these counter tops can also be installed directly over your previous countertops and in some cases, provided some pretty neat lighting effects (ask the guys when you stop in). To finish off the remodel, they’ve also begun refacing cabinets; completely eliminating the discarding of old cabinets for new ones. This process produces a more durable cabinetry that outlasts common wood cabinets and can be created in seventeen different colors/stains. When it comes to renovating one’s home it is often difficult to plan the most sustainable means of tackling the project. At Granite Transformations, they take the guess work out of the project and provide a wide array of options that will not only cost you less and take less time to complete installing, but will also be worth the investment in time and cost to maintain in the future.


Evans’ Furniture By Aveed Khaki


amily owned and operated” is a sign seen less and less often these days. Whether it’s because a big box store came in and took over, or because family members decided to go separate ways, “Family owned and operated” has become a bit of a unicorn, but certain companies, like Evans’ Furniture in Chico, renew our faith in this tried and true phrase and cause that nostalgic feeling to sweep back over us all over again. Evans’ Furniture IS family owned and operated, and has been for forty-five years. A staple of Yuba City since the mid 1960s, Evans’ recently opened its doors in the Chico area, and has already been making a name for itself as Chico’s largest furniture store. The most striking thing about Evans’ though, is not so much the immense size of their store, but the values and ethical treatment of customers provided therein. While visiting the location, I had the pleasure to watch general manager Harry Swinney

do what he does best, take care of his customers with a smile and an understanding of customer service that you don’t often see these days. As Harry later told me, “My philosophy is simple; the customer is always our number one priority, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy.” If only we saw that value given to customers more often! The Evans family has deep roots in Northern California, with generations spanning back to the late 1800s. No doubt, the legacy handed down to Harry by his family and growing up in the area have had a strong role in instilling the values that he displays so openly today. The furniture business is not an easy one, which makes it even more impressive to see it run the way it is at Evans’ Furniture. There’s a sense of deep pride in doing business here, and it shows. Doing business like mom and pop used to; when it comes to sustaining business in a given area, we can’t imagine a better way.

Norton Construction By Aveed Khaki

photo by Beiron Andersson


2101 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy Chico, CA 95928 Phone: 895.3000

he first thing you’ll notice as you walk onto a Norton Construction site, is the lack of stereotypical construction. The important thing to note, is that this is not by accident. Laurie Norton has been a contractor in the Chico area for 26 years, building sustainability into our community and educating those around him, one home at a time. As a certified “Build it Green” builder and environmental steward, Norton takes sustainability in construction to a degree that most of us simply would never imagine. On his construction sites, everything is accounted for, and waste is completely minimized by design. This decrease in wasted product affords him the ability to build a sustainable, super energy-efficient home for the same price as an identical house built without sustainability or energy-efficiency in mind by a standard builder. Better yet, his projects end up saving his homeowners an average of $1,000 per year in electricity bills alone on a $230,000 home. Over the thirty years of a standard home loan, this amounts to $30,000 or one free mortgage payment per year; a

Evans’ Furniture’s Chico location

543 Alder Street Chico, CA 95928 Phone: 893.0211

welcome savings no matter how you cut it. Perhaps most importantly though, in our current economic climate, is Laurie’s philosophy on local spending. At least 60% of all materials used to build a Norton Construction home are sourced from a local vendor. Concrete, lumber, windows, doors, cabinetry and more are all sourced locally and any waste material, which his constructions sites seem to lack entirely, are recycled whenever possible at the proper local recycling facility. In fact, waste makes up less than one quarter of one percent of the building’s budget. Equally as important is his penchant for buying products made in the USA rather than outside our country’s borders. What does this mean for the homeowner? They can move into their house knowing that not only will they be living in a house that saves them money month-after-month, but that the building of their home also provided jobs and money to people and businesses in our own community. Keeping it sustainable, and creating jobs locally is something we should all get behind. Thankfully for us, there’s already a builder out there doing just that. 13


CSUC’s Sutter Hall By Aveed Khaki


hen it comes to sustainability initiatives, there are few locations that have a future outlook and plan like California State University Chico (CSUC). A cornerstone of the Chico community for over 120 years, CSUC has recently began the monumental undertaking of making the campus as green sustainably as it already is aesthetically. Starting in 2009 with the construction of the new Student Services building, CSUC made a definitive decision to cut emissions drastically and create a physical representation of its newfound commitment to sustainability. More recently, Chico State has seen a major expansion in the area of student housing, erecting Sutter Hall, the newest addition to Chico State’s on-campus housing 14

options. Sutter hall is home to hundreds of students each year as well as serving as the new focal point for on-campus dining to over two thousand students each and every day. This new dining facility, in our opinion, is one of the most impressive sustainable construction projects we’ve seen thus far in Chico. It turns out the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) agrees, recently awarding Sutter Hall with the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. In fact, the Sutter Hall project is the first “residence hall style” student housing facility to receive LEED Gold in the 23-campus California State University System. Attaining such an elite status with the USGBC is no simple feat, and a tour of the


complex will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Nothing has been overlooked here and no cost spared. Aesthetically, the building evokes feelings of blissful happiness and promotes a genuinely welcoming demeanor. Sunlight floods through the oversized windows, bathing the interior, floor-to-ceiling, in a natural glow that makes one feel that they are enjoying a picnic outdoors rather than a visit to a university cafeteria. Ambient light sensors throughout the main cafeteria detect the intensity of this natural lighting effect and adjust the overhead lighting intensity in kind, minimizing electricity consumption and maximizing the cost effectiveness of the building. The dining hall relies on a web of kitchens to operate more efficiently than one


sole production area. One large production kitchen feeds four sub kitchens, each with its own smaller food production area that ensures optimal energy efficiency amongst all five by splitting the workload evenly rather than over saturating one in particular. Early on in the planning process, Chico State elected to forgo trays in the dining area, instead deciding to plate food individually. This step provides better portion control for students and minimizes the amount of food waste that is created during each meal while conserving a mind boggling amount of water, soap and man hours in the process. An automatic compost system breaks down what little food waste is created and repurposes it for use at the Chico State University Farm to enhance soil content, thereby providing healthier produce which again, will feed students in the future. Large batch cooking cauldrons allow immense volumes of soup and similar foods to be created and flash chilled, decreasing

the amount of time and energy needed to feed such a large group of students. The basement houses multiple freezer and refrigerator rooms, mirroring the upstairs layout and providing continuous storage for food; a huge shift from the previous dining hall that required five or more food deliveries per week to only two per week this upcoming semester. An entire room in the basement level of the building is also dedicated to beverage supply for the entire cafeteria, mixing each beverage flavor within the room and using carbon dioxide to not only carbonate the beverage but push it into the machines as well, saving countless deliveries that would be necessary otherwise. Finally, no building of this magnitude would be without an extra feather in its cap, and Sutter Hall is no exception. Sitting in the belly of this building lies a massive space full of ducting and air scrubbers that take the particulate matter released into the exhaust hoods from the kitchen production

areas, scrub the air free of these particles and associated odors, and releases the air back into open environment and through the top of the building. The result? Continuous operation of the dining hall without at all altering the scent of the environment around the building, and as anyone who’s ever passed by a high-production restaurant knows, the lack of this scent alone can be enough to help students make better decisions in their day-to-day eating habits. CSUC is currently putting Sutter Hall’s meal program to task, utilizing local produce and ingredients whenever possible. They are currently working on repurposing the oil used in their kitchen to help fuel biodiesel vehicles and utilizing all of these great advances in sustainability to help teach current and future students how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Fresher ingredients, a significantly lower carbon footprint and education that makes a difference? These are changes we can all be proud of.

400 West First Street Chico, CA 95929 Phone 898.4636

Opposite page: Oversized bay windows bathe walkways and seating areas with sunlight, minimizing the need for artificial light. Left: One of four sub-kitchens that plate and serve meals to over 2,000 students daily. Each sub-kitchen has its own theme, and affords the dining hall flexibility in changing themes at any given time to continually provide students with new and exciting meal options. Above: The exterior of Sutter Hall somehow blends seamlessly with the surrounding buildings while at the same time making a bold statement as to the future design and forward thinking of California State University Chico. Even the exterior of the building provides significant green advancements and energy savings within. photo by Beiron Andersson



The Sustainable Choices exhibit at The Gateway Science Museum by Emily Spesert

Does the word “sustainability,” give you images of hipsters protesting in the big city or Hollywood elites and the Nobel Peace prize? Well, the Gateway Science Museum at CSUC has been hosting a “Sustainable Choices” exhibit during the months of June, July and August that makes the idea more approachable for all of Butte County. Essentially, the idea behind “sustainability” is finding a level of comfort in life that keeps the world from running out of resources or suffering irrevocable ecological damage. This requires some serious thinking in terms of what can be done on a personal level. How high are your monthly utility bills? How much packaging comes with your average shopping trip? Where do the stores you shop from source their products? How often are things breaking around the house or office, only to be replaced by something else that breaks? How much storage space do you rent or own to hold all your stuff? With the recent price hikes on electricity during peak hours, it gets expensive to do everyday tasks during the day – from washing clothes to baking cupcakes to running the ceiling fan over the couch. It can be oppressive! But, have we thought about how

we can save money? We could hang up our clothes instead of putting them in the dryer. We could wash with cold water. We could wear clean clothes one more day before we wash them. Sustainability is about trade-offs and options. We have the freedom to decide. Which brand of grocery-store shampoo should I wash my hair with? There are so many options there, but probably an allnatural, chemical-free shampoo from the health-food store would work better in the septic tank or municipal sewer. A start to living a more sustainable life is to keep educating ourselves about the choices available. Making the change to think things through may feel like a nuisance at first, but small changes made slowly over time become easy. The most important question to ask when wanting to make a purchase is: “Do I need this?” Not only will the answer to this question be good for the bank account, it will also be good for sustainability. If the item in question is not needed and not purchased then it will never go into your personal storage. If a product is chosen because it has very little plastic around it or because it was made locally, it just might be higher quality and longer-lasting than some of the alternatives. For example, if you are in need of a new mattress and choose to watch one custom-made at a local factory, then it’s more likely that it will be made well - simply because you watched the production and you wouldn’t settle for anything inferior under your watchful eye. You will also reap the benefits of not need-

ing resources such as gas, shipping crates, and middle-men to get it to you. In considering sustainability, buying locally is clearly the best option. Making purchases at local businesses will inject money into the local economy and form relationships within the community. Often, business owners will know of people around town who can help with something else you need: a furniture builder might recommend a general contractor; a landscaper might recommend a pool maintenance provider; a restaurant-owner might recommend a local, organic farm to provide fresh vegetables for the family dinner table. Often, this local networking leads to lasting friendships and loyalty among residents within the area. One thing that is guaranteed to be present is the opportunity to get involved in politics. Regardless of whether you agree with the current leaders or not, they influence governmental policy regarding sustainability. Local people start grassroots movements and your vote matters. Already learning about the issues will be of great value for choices about the commodities market when the vote comes around again. The Chico City Council holds meetings every first and third Tuesday of every month; it would be a place to dip a toe into the proverbial political pool. Meetings include topics such as: city planning, management of waste, security, and management of various local resources such as electricity and water. Stop by sometime, you might be more interested than you thought you’d be.

For more info about the Sustainable Choices exhibit, go to 23 16




hink of a child you know who is younger than 24 months old today. If everything goes according to estimates, the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility will be full before that child turns 25 years old.  As the population in Butte County grows, so does the trash.  Every day, we add about 420 more tons of waste to the facility, in a convoy of about 175 vehicles. On an individual scale, this divides into about 4 pounds per person in Butte County every day. With almost 15 million cubic yards of space left at the facility, Butte County’s only dump is officially estimated to reach its capacity (25 million cubic yards) by the year 2033.  The month of August brings us just past the middle of the facility’s peak season for tonnage accepted (May-October). It is possible to receive up to 1,500 tons per day in 600 vehicles, which would amount to almost 14 pounds per person per day. 18

This may seem overwhelming, but we can make a difference. We begin by recycling everything that we can. In fact, during the past 4 years, residents of Butte County have already been recycling and generally sending less waste to the landfill. Regardless of whether this has been caused by voluntary awareness or by reducing contributions due to the economic down-turn, the facility has been impacted tremendously. Since 2006 (the year with the most tonnage delivered), there has been close to a 25% decrease in the amount of waste being buried in the ground. “At the current rate of disposal,” wrote Bill Mannel, Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) via email, “the Public Works Department anticipates that there is capacity at the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility…many years beyond 2033.” Should we conclude that the crisis is resolved? No. We need to do more. The “current rate of disposal” is already a 25% decrease from the totals of 2006, but we still contribute too much waste to the facility. When asked how much recyclable ma-


terial is being buried instead of recycled, Mr. Mannel replied, “If considering all the wood, metal, fiber, and compostables that could be recycled not considering economic viability: 60% to 70%.” This means that the 14,500 tons annually recycled at the facility is only 30 percent to 40 percent of the amount possible. There is no one at the facility to sort through our municipal garbage; we, the people, have to do the sorting ourselves to ensure that it goes to the proper section of the facility. As manager of the facility, Mr. Mannel emphasizes the involvement of Butte County citizens in maintaining the facility as an asset. “To protect the asset,” he advocates, “the public should be mindful that many common products we use everyday can have negative environmental impacts if disposed of improperly. California state agencies continually identify materials that should not be buried in a landfill; household hazardous waste, motor oils, paints, batteries, solvents and cleaning agents being the most common.” This leads to the second step we can


take: be aware of what we send to the facility. To reflect our activities as Butte County residents, recent changes at the facility include various implementations and a name change from the Neal Road Landfill to the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility. This reflects the community’s intensifying focus on sustainability. New services include cardboard recycling and finalizing plans to create the means for recycling construction and demolition materials. Yard debris is gathered in the amount of approximately 4,520 tons per year and is processed then sent away to be utilized in electricity generation. Aside from the other waste at the facility, we have diverted and recycled 248 tons of e-waste (electronic waste) and 138 tons of tires during a 12-month period. Nonetheless, in spite of our conservation efforts so far, our waste levels necessitate an expansion of the facility. An unused section of land on site is currently being excavated in preparation for harboring our waste – storage that comes at a price of between $400,000-$500,000 per acre. This

is a process that occurs every time that an excavated section (i.e. “waste cell”) gets filled up. Within the next 6 years, existing septage settling ponds (currently accepting about 16,900 tons in a 12-month period) will need to be removed to make room for the burial of more waste. Mr. Mannel highlights the importance of environmental awareness: “Our landfill has an extensive monitoring network, with groundwater monitoring wells and landfill gas detection probes installed on the property boundaries and within the landfill footprint. In the near future, plans are to develop a transfer station at the facility which will allow for facility staff to recover many more materials for recycling and other beneficial uses.” Monitoring and transactions are all computerized, aiding in the collection of gasses (such as methane) generated within the landfill. A facility to convert these gasses into energy is currently being constructed with hope to be operational by Spring 2012. Certainly, the third step is to consider what we want to buy before we make the

purchase. Is it environmentally-friendly, durable, long-lasting, and timeless? Or will we be sending it to the landfill when it breaks, wears out, or simply goes out of fashion? It seems best to send as little to the landfill as possible. In the meantime, the Neal Road Recycling & Waste facility welcomes our categorized refuse as its treasure. According to Mr. Mannel, “What was once trash is now considered a commodity. Instead of burying many items that used to be considered garbage, there is competition for these items as a feedstock for recycling or renewable energy projects. In the next twenty years, there will be continued focus on zero waste and wasteto-energy projects.  Butte County Public Works is already looking down the road and making preparations accordingly.” For information about what you can recycle at the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility, please go to:




FranUksing a lin o Footrca Pilatbeall ca orrec s strnethelp totor stren ch and your gthen feet.

By Miranda McGovern

• Stand upright, keeping both legs straight. Move ankle only. • Stand upright, bending front leg. Move ankle only.

“The genius of the Pilates Method is that the work itself, if executed correctly, helps balance the entire body from the bottom of the feet to the crown of the head.” Kathryn Ross-Nash (expert Romana’s Pilates level two instructor-trainer)

Pilates is excellent for helping to correct and prevent foot problems: “I believe we need to remind our clients regularly about the importance of taking care of their feet. We need to train the feet just as we do the rest of the body. Footwork is a powerful weapon in the battle to relieve or obviate a client’s pain, or it can simply help move a healthy person forward with strength and proper alignment,” says Ross Nash.

Body Position Options

photo by Social Form

The foot corrector or the small/mini Franklin ball is helpful for people with plantar fasciitis. The exercises massage the bottom of the foot and improve circulation, propulsion and ankle stability. These exercises also assist the alignment of the foot, ankle, knee and hip, elow are a few suggestions for working with the foot corrector and/or the Franklin ball while under your foot.

Arm Position Options

Foot Position Options

• Place hands on hips. This position helps with alignment. • Stretch arms out to sides. This position helps with balance.

(Placement Franklin ball) • Under arch of foot with heel down (Achilles tendon stretch); • Under arch of foot with heel up (Achilles tendon stretch and ankle control); or • Under heel of foot with ball of foot touching floor (promotes ankle stability and leg strength).

Pressing Exercises • Choose one each from above body, arm and foot positions; then begin by simply pressing and releasing foot corrector pedal or Franklin ball. • Initiate each movement from core.Ensure that shoulders and hips remain square throughout movement. • Lower and lift pedal or press up and down on Franklin ball evenly. • Build strength by increasing (a) amount of time you hold the press in each position and (b) number of times you press pedal or ball. See Studio M’s ad on page 5 to start your Pilates journey today. 20


Before embarking on a Pilates foot protocol program I always recommends that students consult a doctor to be certain that whatever their condition, the diagnosis is correct. For more information or attend the Happy Feet Workshop or contact Miranda McGovern Studio M Fitness & Pilates.



Light Emitting Diode a bright idea

Like it or not, one of the longtime cornerstones of U.S. ingenuity is finally getting a makeover, and lighting will never be the same again! OK, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic, but changes are coming, and it’s wise to start taking notice. The Edison bulb, or incandescent bulb as we have come to call it, has remained unregulated since 1879; one hundred thirtytwo years of pure, unadulterated freedom. While every other product seems to have been touched by the hand of congress, the common light bulb has hung in plain sight, looking down on us from above without reprimand. Unfortunately for the incandescents, those days are over. In 2007, President Bush passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, which gradually increases energy-efficiency standards into the future. Eventually, all new bulbs will have to use at least 27 percent less energy than your standard incandescents do today. The intentions

of this act are not to force consumers to do anything specific with their shopping habits, rather, to simply become more energy efficient. In essence, the only thing that is actually being taken away, is the freedom to waste your money. The passing of the act was met with significant sensationalism in the media and calls to go out and buy up all the incandescents you could. A great analogy was the concept of water shortages during Y2K, and many of us still have huge jugs of water sitting in our basement 11 years later, and chances are... they haven’t matured in value. The conceived burden of efficiency should never be frowned upon. It is this same burden that has caused great advances in product development and allowed for a more sustainable environment over the last fifty years. The burden of the efficiency and cost of standard delivery electricity brought about solar powered lighting and energy systems. The burden of gasoline efficiency finally brought about hybrids and the new fully electric vehicles. So how does this act affect your bulb choice in the future? You simply have to buy a more energy efficient product for your lighting needs. It just so happens that regardless of the current application of your incandescents, there’s a retrofit LED available that will work the same way or signifi-

cantly better. Light Emitting Diode (LED) is at the forefront of the lighting industry. With any new invention, consumers are often smart to wait for the trial period to pass before jumping on the bandwagon; that time has since passed. LEDs are used in the entertainment, signage and automotive industries, and have been for decades now. LEDs have proved indispensable in cold storage facilities, roadway lighting and even government buildings throughout the world. From a residential standpoint, LEDs have been a viable lighting solution for over five years, and are now seen as the most favorable for many reasons: incandescents used too much energy, fluorescents were often expensive and had negative effects on landfills, and others weren’t common enough to be useful or cost-effective. Thanks to LEDs, there are a number of great products that can give the same or better light output and quality of light without breaking the bank. While forced changes in efficiency have no doubt occurred, they have brought with them the opportunity to realize what you find important about your own home lighting, and to save money on your monthly PG&E bill by doing so. Stop by our showroom today and we’ll be glad to show you all that the new standard in LED has to offer.

Come experience

the possibilities…

Wolfe Electric Lighting Showroom


we can fix it. we can create it. we can light it.

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Beautiful Home on a Great Street! 4 bed, 2.5 bath. Open floor plan w/great room & formal dining with custom paint. Pool w/waterfall & spa. Play area and covered patio. Close to schools and shopping. $399,000 Call for a private showing, Call Sherry Wilson (530) 518-3220

Bed: 4.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 2,324 Price: $399,000

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Remodeled Cabin on 2 parcels in Butte Meadows. Newer metal roofs and Cedar siding on main house, 12x16 workshop, pumphouse and garden shed. 20x8x8 cargo storage unit included. All inclusive pkg.; hand-made pine livingrm & bedrm furniture, stackable W/D, portable dishwasher, newer Frig & stove and so much more! Call Leslie (530) 924-4097

Price: $219,000

Completely remodeled home with tile floors in kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Newer carpeting. Beautiful maple cabinets in kitchen with granite counter tops. New lighting fixtures and sink faucet. So much to see; call today! Call Leslie (530) 924-4097 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,400 Price: $145,000

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Be Cool in this 2bd 2 ba, 1248 sf Fleetwood with new HVAC just installed. Open kitchen has newer stove, frig & DW with eating bar, livingrm & diningrm. Double long awnings, fenced yrd & shed. 55yrs.+ park. $28,000. Call Leslie (530) 624-6111

Move-in Ready! Sale or Lease Option possible on this 3bd, 2ba 1995 home on quiet long term neighbors culdesac. Tile, fresh paint, & pellet stove. 2 porches on a big lot. $249,000. Call Leslie (530) 624-6111

Lovely, spacious home is 4 mobiles put together to makes one large home, lots of room, in very good condition. Many nice features; large living room, wet bar adjoins the family room. Master bd rm & 2nd bd rm have large walk in closets. It’s a must see home! Call Joyce (530) 571-7719

Gorgeous and Very Unique Property located within walking distance of downtown Chico. Built in 1911 by the Diamond Match Company, this post Victorian home is listed on the historical registry. This home has so much to see, I couldn’t possibly list it all here. See my ad on page 13! Call Cristelle (530) 521-9082

Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 Price: $28,000

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 Price: $249,000

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 Price: $28,500

Bed: 5.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 2,621 Price: $459,000


SqFt: 1,248

SqFt: 1,995


SqFt: 1,920

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Wonderful Lower Paradise Home with beautiful pool on 1 acre of towering pines and oaks. Easy commute to Chico & below the snow. 3 bed 2.5 bath with 3 car attached garage, RV parking, offered at $389,900 Call Priscilla (530) 518-1723 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 2,960 Price: $389,900

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Great View Property (13 ac) located off Hwy 32 in the picturesque foothills above Chico. This well maintained property features a 3/2.5 home, 2/1.5 guest cottage, 2 storage bldgs, greenhouse, fenced garden, & horse setup w/ 2 stall barn, tack room, etc. Call Kiersten (530) 895-3063 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 2,280 Price: $425,000

Shari Dixon

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Wonderfully maintained & centrally located on a large, nicely landscaped lot on paved street. Features include; large bonus room, master bedroom fireplace, granite countertops, upgraded finishes, front porch, back patio, metal roof, and more! Call Kiersten (530) 895-3063 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 2,374 Price: $339,000

Custom home on 3.94 Acres w/ beautiful creek crossing property. Timber-framed sunroom, cedar siding, metal roof, den, garage, vaulted ceilings, oak flooring, deep private well, deck & spa. Large garden with ornamental plants and gazebo. Call Kiersten (530) 895-3063 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,644 Price: $225,000

Forest Ranch Acreage:

Looking for a home? Call me today!

Joan Heckerson (530) 809-3720

Immaculatedly Maintained 2005 manuf. home on 5 beautifully treed acres. Updates throughout, attached garage, covered patio, wood stove, and more! A great home on a nice, private piece of property. Owner carry possible w/ large down and good credit. Call Kiersten (530) 895-3063

Privately Situated Home on 1 ac. close to “downtown” Forest Ranch. Features new paint, central heating/air, wood stove, open floor plan, dog run, and oversized garage. Great community w/ school, grocery, restaurants, fire station, churches, and more! Call Kiersten (530) 895-3063

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,680 Price: $199,900

Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,192 Price: $169,500

** 5 acre view property! Deep well, power & septic. $85,000 ** Ready for your Dream Home! 2.79 acres w/ septic, power & well $109,000 ** NEW - One of a kind property! 5 ac.s w/ large fish-filled pond $300,000 Call Kiersten (530)895-3063



Thursday, August, 18, 2011 11:30 am - 1:15 pm Canyon Oaks Country Club 999 Yosemite Dr, Chico, CA 95928 Members - Free Non-members $25.00 RSVP to Shari Dixon by August 15, 2011

Nestled Amongst Mature Trees, this country home on Stanford Lane has a large yard with citrus trees, peaches, nectarines and beautiful flowers through out. There is also a sunny location for a large garden. Beautiful home with tons of storCall Shari Dixon (530) 966-5902 age.

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 1.0 SqFt: 1,770 Price: $230,000

This home is better than new! The layout is perfect for a hobbiest or avid reader, with the open-air den next to the family room. It provides ample natural light and you will never feel secluded when your working in the den. Nicely appointed with 9ft. ceilings and so much more! Call Shari Dixon (530) 966-5902 Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,205 Price: $162,900


How to spot energy efficient homes by linda knapp With the onslaught of triple digit temperatures, home buyers are apt to be more attentive to the value of energy efficient homes. What are some hot points for keeping things cool? First of all, look for natural shade through mature landscaping. Nothing shields the beating heat better than a towering shade tree over your house. While in winter it may feel dreary, you can bet it will be a relief from the sweltering heat of summer!

What to look for 1. Look for Programmable Thermostats - In the summer, you can keep your house warmer than normal when you are away, and program the thermostat setting to 78°F (26°C) only when you are at home and need cooling. Although thermostats can be adjusted manually, programmable thermostats will avoid any discomfort by returning temperatures to normal as you wake or return home. 2. Look for Energy Star Appliances - Which can reduce your energy bills by 30%. Energy Star appliances also reduce carbon emissions so it is good for our environment too. 3. Look for R30 insulation in the ceilings - The R value of attic ceiling insulation or any other insulation material is a measurement of how effective the insulation is at slowing down the natural transfer of heat from the warm surface to the cold surface. R30 is the new minimum standard for the City of Chico Energy Retrofit compliance. 4. Look For Attic Fans - Adequate ventilation helps keep your attic from getting too hot in summer, and keeps a good airflow to prevent humidity build-up in cooler weather. One smart solution is to install a solar powered attic vent. These vents use a small solar panel, in some cases along with wind power that turns the vent itself, to exhaust heat from your attic. Because solar power is strongest on hot sunny days, these solar attic fans help keep the attic cool on such days. 5. Look for Tankless Water Heaters - Normal household water heaters hold the water in a tank and continuously heat it, even when you’re not using any water. The temperature must stay warm while you\’re sleeping, while you’re at work, and even while you’re on vacation if you don’t turn down the thermostat before leaving. A tankless hot water heater is “on demand heating”, meaning that the water is only heated as you need it in real-time - thus saving you anywhere from 10% to 50% on your water heating costs. 6. Look for Solar tubes – Solar tubes are not prone to many of the common hassles associated with skylights. Skylights are tricky and expensive to install, particularly on an existing building. Traditional skylights may also contribute to unwanted heat loss or gain in your home, and have been known to leak and cause condensation problems.



Additional Energy Savers Other energy savers to consider when house shopping include minor things such as weather stripping, insulated window coverings and sun screens to major things such as dual pane windows, newer heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units with a 13 or higher SEER rating or homes with solar panels. There are also simple ways to help keep your energy bills down no matter where you live. Quick tips include: Turning off your computer and TV when not in use. Unplugging your toaster and coffee pot, turning off lights and keeping the shades drawn. Only wash your clothes on cold, not warm or hot temperature settings. Use a whole house fan to suck the cool air in and the hot air out when outside temperatures are cooler than inside. Be sure to change the blade direction on ceiling fans to push the air down (this means most blades will be going counter clockwise). It is interesting to note that while ceiling fans don’t actually reduce room temperature, they make you feel on average 6 to 8 degrees cooler. This can help reduce your energy costs by about 40%! It is also a good idea to turn off your pilot light on your gas fireplace and turn down the heat setting if you have a tank storage water heater. Last but not least, cook outside on your barbeque instead of heating up the kitchen…or better yet, go out to eat! As you can see there are many things you can look for when searching for an energy efficient home. And there easy steps you can take in your existing home to also help you save on your energy bills. Linda Knapp is Broker/Owner of Knapp real Estate. Linda can be reached at 530.519.2276 or www.KnappRealEstate. net

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REDUCED Commercial Opportunity! Across from Bidwell Park,these two buildings have great upside. 2 year old front building has 6,460 sq. ft. of office space and 6 rented residential units. Back building with 7,200 sq. ft. is rented as daycare unit at $6,000/month Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 SqFt: 17,780 Price: $950,000

REDUCED Breathtaking Views!! Only 10 minutes from Chico this 8 year old super custom home has slate flooring,concrete counter tops, separate office, large space underneath house for wine cellar/storage, community pool, RV storage, and much more. Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 2,362 Price: $439,000

REDUCED Opportunity Knocks! Located in a desirable Southeast Chico neighborhood, one of eight great building lots available. Lot sizes range from .15 acre to .21 acre in size. Don’t miss this fabulous business opportunity! Call Dennis (530) 899-2313

Price: $70,000

Chico Charmer Located in the heart of downtown, this home has many upgrades! The remodeled kitchen is one of a kind and the backyard living area features an inground gunite pool and waterfalls with privacy fencing. Separate guest quarters located above garage. Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.5 SqFt: 2,523 Price: $610,000


New Canyon Oaks Custom! Wonderful 4 bedroom 3 bath with fabulous views just under construction. Great lot for pool with easy access from house. Granite counters, extensive tile floors, 3 car garage and more. Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,633 Price: $499,500


Canyon Oaks Beauty! Wonderful 3 bedroom 3 bath with family room and office in desirable Canyon Oaks. The many upgrades include extensive tile floors throughout and granite counters in kitchen. It has a spacious indoor laundry room and oversized garage. Call today! Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,895 Price: $399,000

What a Deal! This like new 3 year old home shows like a model with laminate wood flooring throughout and granite counters. Near the end of street, it is private with no neighbors in front and a nature preserve behind. Bank ownedgreat value at this price! Call Dennis (530) 899-2313 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 1,942 Price: $299,500

Fabulous Location! Close to downtown, Enloe Hospital and shopping, this immaculate one owner home is in a super desirable very quiet neighborhood. Other amenities include an office and a formal dining room in an open floorplan. Don’t miss out on this!! Call Heather (530) 521-2606 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,486 Price: $279,500

What a Yard! Flower beds, lawns, fruit and vegetable areas, gazebo, and more with this .35 acre lot. A comfortable 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a newer roof awaits. Check this out. Call Heather (530) 521-2606

Cute and Clean! Home has newer a/c, roof, carpet, and interior paint. Remodeled bath. Brick fireplace in living room and indoor laundry. Lot next door is .20 acres and is included in price! Call Heather (530) 521-2606

Bank Owned Lots located on a quiet, private drive in northeast Chico with all the standard services. Great to build on, they won’t last long. Call today! Call Heather (530) 521-2606

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 Price: $210,000

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 1.0 Price: $149,900

Price: $50,000

PENDING Unbelievable Value On fully fenced one acre in north Chico and only two years old, this stick built home shows like new with wood floors, new appliances,carpet and paint. Two more bedrooms could be taken out of part of the huge family room. Call Heather (530) 521-2606 Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 2,503 Price: $249,000

SqFt: 1,514

SqFt: 1,488


CA-DRE lic# 01297683

Katherine Ossokine Cell: (530) 591-3837 Direct: (530) 899-5917

Darling and very well maintained 2 bed./1 bath, PLUS BONUS ROOM WITH LOFT! Beautiful hardwood floors, updated kitchen/bath. 1 yr. old roof. Wonderful spacious backyard with alley access. Not to late to plant your fall garden! Close to Hooker Oak School and Bidwell Park.

Bed: 2.0

Bath: 1.0

SqFt: 1,140

Price: $195,000

Drive Up To This Beautifully Appointed Tudor Style Home! The views are incredible! This 3 bed, 3 bath, custom built home on 4.75 acres was designed to bring the outdoors in. Includes an office/study off the master bedroom. Sewing/art rm. upstairs. The 3rd. bedroom has a redwood deck and stairs going down to the backyard. Walk-in closets in 2 bedrooms. A very cozy family rm. with a vaulted knotty cedar ceiling & a wood stove(alcove) that invites you in with a “Tahoe feeling”. Unique indoor garden/spa room set w/a watering system. The kitchen is a delight. Features an island with a cook top & granite inset for preparing goodies! Perfect horse property with a drive through 20x30 3-stall horse barn, 6x12 tact rm., 60x90 work arena. 600’ well. 40 yr. Architectural Roof. A wonderful detached 28x50 3 car garage/shop with full attic storage, cabinets galore and 10” door openings. Fully fenced garden area with a drip watering system. In just a few mins. you can be in Paradise, an easy drive to Chico!!

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,541 Acreage: 4.75 Price: $575,000

Come See This Absolutely Charming Ranch Style Home on 4.61 acres planted in CHANDLER WALNUTS! It is truly lovely! SHOWS PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP!! Many upgrades recently and in the past few years include, vinyl windows, central heating/air, roof, paint, new decking, remodeled kitchen with newer appliances, flooring & solid surface counter tops. A beautiful brick fireplace with gas insert in the family rm. & rock fireplace with wood stove in Liv. rm. Partially finished basement. Beautifully landscaped with brick patios, planter beds & brick front porch. In the country, but so so...close to town. Additional 20x24 attached garage in back with 1/2 bath. 33x18 tractor barn, ag./domestic wells & City Water. A number of fruit trees as well. And so much more... Just in time to plant your garden and relax under the lg. trees, & lavender/wild flower garden in the backyard!

Bed: 3.0 12 26

Bath: 3.5

SqFt: 1,881

Price: $425,000


CA-DRE lic# 01257669

CUSTOM BUILT RANCHETTE ON 9.79 ACRES! Open floor plan with beautiful beam celings. Many upgrades throughout home. Tile counters in kitchen & baths. Awesome master suite with jetted tub. Detached excersize room with sauna and shower. Above ground pool. Attached 2 car garage. Detached 30 x 40 amazing shop with 1/2 bath. There are 7 acres of 15 yr. old olives. Seller has a contract with Bell Carter Foods. The whole property is perfectly manicured and is located in Corning. Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,903 Price: $320,000

Very Nice Mobile Home in one of Chico’s nicest senior parks!! Featuring an open floor plan, spacious kitchen, appliances included. Seperate living & dining room. Big lot with mature trees and landscaping, nice fenced yard and extra parking. Please call for a private showing.

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,128 Price: $25,000

Vikki Reimer (530) 894-4515

I’ve been serving Chico’s real estate needs for over 13 years and I’m looking for new listings! Call me today and put my expertise to work for you! (530) 894.4515

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Christelle Grillet-Aubert (530) 521-9082 Amazon Realty Gorgeous and Very Unique Property located within walking distance of downtown Chico. Built in 1911 by the Diamond Match Company, this post Victorian home is listed on the historical registry. The incredible dark stained millwork remains in very good condition throughout the house with floorings, boxed beam ceilings, wainscoting, plate railing, staircase etc. The upper floor of the main structure hosts a large play room; a traditional claw foot bathtub and old fashion pull chain toilet compliment the bathroom downstairs. The master bathroom window is a beautiful example of stained glass mastery. Additionally, detached from the house, a Guest Cottage hosts 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom. In one of the rooms sits a pool table and a fireplace overlooked by an another extraordinary stain glass dome. Full of surprises, this Old Chico Charmer, is a must see! Bed: 5.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 2,621 Price: $459,000


Sherry Landis

A Top Ten Agent in 2011

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Wow! Canyon Oaks gated community at its best! At the pinnacle, with views galore of vistas and the golf course you will find this one of a kind custom built home. Feel like you are on vacation right in your own living room! Too many features to list; call today! Bed: 6.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 6,542 Price: $2,150,000

Located in Forest Knolls Subdivision with Pool, club house and a serene setting, you will find nestled amongst the tall trees this very well kept home. David and doggie “buddy” reside there now, but have priced this home well to move back to Chico and be close to family! This home originally was a 2 bedroom/2 bath, but was added on (with permits) and is being used as a 3 bedroom. Large back deck to relax and read a book, back slider off one of the bedroom, valued ceilings and a woodstove that is vented through the home.

Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,484 Price: $159,000

Above Morgan Stanley with a Bird’s Eye View of Downtown Chico! Watch the sunsets out your covered slate patio, entertain with this sound system that is high tech, security system, gourmet kitchen and go up and down your own elevator in style “going down?” All the bells and whistles are here with upgraded appliances, granites and fixtures. Luxury at an affordable price. Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 2,034 Price: $799,000


Cute as can be! Brand new roof, brand new carpet throughout, fresh interior paint, newer dishwasher, large inground gunite pool, .39 acre, great soil for growing your veggies-hurry! Fantastic value w sq. Ft.-hurry won’t last! Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,730 Price: $214,900


Country Setting just minutes into downtown! with ancient Chinese rock walls that frame this over 4 acre estate! Huge blue oak trees and a protected area are your back drop with wildlife galore at your finger tips! Custom built by this owner 10 years ago, beauty, architecture interest are both present! 2 staircases leading to the bedrooms upstairs with 7 ft. hallways, crown moldings, and high baseboards, large bedrooms, walls of windows, custom features throughout this home! Tons more to see; call to schedule your showing today! Bed: 5.0 Bath: 5.0 SqFt: 4,467 Price: $825,000

Effie Khaki (530) 514-3334 It Shows Beautifully! This wonderful home offers an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, tile counters in kitchen and eating bar, skylight, gas appliances, 2 laundry areas (one indoor and one in garage), ceiling fans in all rooms, walk in closet in master bath, insulated garage, fire sprinkler protection system for the house and garage, whole house fan and much more.

Bed: 4.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,605 Price: $249,500

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Intoxicating View! Located in one of the most precious gated community. This beautiful Tuscan style home offers; soaring ceilings walls of windows, spacious living room with fireplace, library, formal dining room, beautiful kitchen, bamboo and slate flooring’s, full house speaker system, fine slate surface counter tops, Jack & Jill bedrooms, Kohler visl sinks, 400 sq. ft. covered lanai with wet bar, 30x15 Pebble Tec Pool with hydraulic cover, fire pit, fountain, 2 car garage plus 30x15 shop for boat or recreational vehicle.

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 3,053 Price: $625,000

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Located in one of chico’s finest neighborhoods and has a beautiful hill-top view. Owner finnancing possible, subject to sellers approval of buyers credit report.

Acreage: 1.66ac Price: $160,000

This darling charm and character offers 2 bedrooms, living and formal dining rooms, wood floors, indoor laundry, large basement, darling niches throughout the house, detached 2-car garage and large yard with nice size wood deck. Situated on a large corner lot in a great location! Bed: 2.0 Bath: 1.0 SqFt: 1,095 Price: $197,000

Wonderful Home in A Great Locaton! offering formal living and dining room, family room, breakfast nook, beautiful tile floors, indoor laundry, large yard with mature trees and inground gunite pool, 2 car garage and more. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,705 Price: $319,000

Intoxicating View! Nearly the highest point for miles, the magnificent vistas of the city lights and sparkling stars will be yours as the owner of this .73 of an acre lot. Situated in an exclusive gated community of fine estates with a common area that offers lush manicured grounds, pool, RV parking and storage units. You will love the incomparable views of natures changing seasons, spectacular trees and distant hills. It is ready for your dream fulfilment. Acreage: .73ac Price: $119,000 29

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Wow Factor! Every thought has been given to this luxurious oasis! Open floor plan with Cathedral ceiling, recessed lighting, surround sound, large eating nook plus formal dining. Separate bedroom and bath with entrance to the backyard wonderland! Enjoy the Pebble Tech pool built by prestigious Bill Bell, or meander the pathways to your own Potting shed/artist studio, garden area or the 1200 sq. ft. shop. This better than new home has the “wow factor” you are looking for. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,664 Price: $619,500 Acreage: .87

Cozy and Inviting, this gently lived in home was modified at the time of construction to be a large two bedroom home with walk-in closets instead of 3 bedrooms. Tile and laminate throughout, this home is nicely appointed! Lots of upgrades including a security system, extra large cement patios and sidewalks, even a Koi pond! Truly a breath of fresh air! Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,317 Price: $224,500

Pocket Listing! This Chico bungalow is freshly painted inside and out with dual pane windows plus newer carpet, vinyl and refinished wood floors. Architectural 30 year composition shingle roof installed August of 2010 makes this move in ready! Fully fenced yard with in-ground sprinklers. Covered front porch plus an attached deck off the rear gives you lot’s of options for relaxing. Detached shed with small carport, indoor laundry. Bed: 2.0 Bath: 1.0 SqFt: 840 Price: $169,000

+ Your Dream Home Awaits! This approximately 5 acre building lot off Keefer road is your blank canvas! Priced to sell so act NOW to make your building dreams a reality.

Price: $199,000


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Don’t wait to see this spacious Ritchie Home, built in 2006. 11 foot ceilings, gourmet kitchen and beautiful tile/granite throughout, large family room is great for entertaining. Also large windows overlook park-like landscaped yard.

One of a kind custom home with newer 40 comp. roof, newer heat/air and built-in through out the house. . This home has a relaxing large yard with garden and RV potential with cover and uncovered patios.

Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,906 Price: $455,000

Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,693 Price: $440,000

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Butte Meadows Home! You could live here year round or use it as a retreat. The home and grounds are immaculate, with room for all your toys in the four car garage. Home also includes central air and heat for year round comfort. It even has propane back up generator.

Great property in Little Chico Creek Estates. This home has a large yard with a spacious covered patio, dog run, updated flooring, spacious county kitchen, RV potential, and located on a cul-de-sac.

Close to Downtown and Chico State. Nice central location sets this Chico Bungalow with large bedrooms, new patio for entertaining, detached garage and much more.

This is a one of a kind home! If you’re looking for space and a country feel this could be the home for you. A retreat with many Koi Ponds and several small art studios on the property. Bring your imagination and come see this home.

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,725 Price: $399,000

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 1,852 Price: $269,900

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,274 Price: $220,000

Bed: 1.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,500 Price: $185,000 CA-DRE lic# 01862725

Prepare to be Impressed! The house is 4600sqft+-w/pool on 2.47 acres with room for horses. There is a three car garage attached to the house plus a detached 3car garage with a 14’ roll up door for your RV w/bonus room above. Incredible Woodwork and Crown molding throughout this very impressive house. Cooling system is zoned w/4 separate units. 2 laundry areas. Over 15K in Smart System Wiring & so much more! Bed: 5.0 Bath: 5.0 SqFt: 4,600 Price: $877,400

Two for the price of one! Built in 2008 3br 3.5 bath main house has 2150 sqft. detached 2nd unit 814 sqft. with 3 car garage. Both units have granite countertops kitchen & bathrooms. Tile floors, tile showers and tub surrounds. Oil rubbed bronze fixtures w/recessed lighting, tankless water heaters & more! Bed: 5.0 Bath: 4.5 SqFt: 2,964 Price: $369,000

Jim Aguilar (530) 519-4714

Country Club Drive! Beautiful well maintained house in one of Paradise’s nicest neighborhoods. This gently used house has it all. Mature landscaping with large trees, tile roof, fireplace, deck, central heat and air, basement, open beam ceiling, ceiling fans, tile counter tops and a fully fenced back yard with automatic sprinklers.

Oak Way and Meridian! One acre homesite in an area of very nice homes. Build your dream house in a nice country setting with room to grow

Owner Carry! Fully improved lot, all utilities are stubbed out to the lot. Lot is approved for two units. Zoning is R-1 with a PD overlay. Seller is a licensed agent

Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,795 Price: $219,000

Acreage: 1.0 Price: $114,000

Acres: .2 Price: $69,000


Upgraded Living August 2011  

Upgraded Living August 2011