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Making Good Journalists Better

The National Press Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

From the President Sandy Johnson | President & C.O.O.

2016 marks NPF’s 40th year of training and educating journalists, a milestone that gives us the opportunity to look back at four decades of progress and to relish what’s ahead. From the hot-type era of news to today’s digital wizardry, one thing has remained constant: NPF’s dedication to core journalism values. NPF’s mission of educating journalists on the complex issues of the day is now complemented with toolbox training to keep them abreast of the latest technology. Our most-popular training module illustrates our trajectory: NPF’s most-viewed video is a tutorial on how to use the data visualization tool Tableau. We produce webinars and video in our state-of-the-art studio, all to augment our mission

of educating journalists on critical issues, from personalized medicine to monetary policy to the scourge of tuberculosis. We trained hundreds of journalists in person in 2015, and thousands more through our digital curriculum. NPF trained international journalists on tobacco regulation issues in Abu Dhabi, and on tuberculosis and related health concerns in Cape Town. We educated U.S. journalists on precision medicine at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and we took journalists to St. Louis to learn about farm and food sustainability.

Paul Miller training for journalists who are new to Washington. We introduced Master Class videos of the best in journalism, and Book Talks with journalists whose books are making headlines. 2016 is shaping up as another busy year of “Making Good Journalists Better.” We relish the challenge. Cheers!

In our home base in Washington, D.C., our programs were plentiful: retirement and aging issues; covering violent weather; new research in cancer; the federal budget; covering Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.; and our 9-month

NPF’s mission of educating journalists on the complex issues of the day is now complemented with toolbox training to keep them abreast of the latest technology.



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2015 2014-2015

43.52% 41.27% 10.97% 39.55% 46.28%

167,689 134,075 1:44 65,141 90,795 2015



953 1.1K 840 1.3K


172.8% 218.2% 292.9% 92.3%


2.6K 3.5K 3.3K 2.5K

TOP VIEWED VIDEOS OF 2015 Tableau Tutorial (Paul Miller) Entrepreneurship in China (China)


Metabolic Flexibility (Obesity)



US - China Business Partners (China)


Painkiller Addiction (Webinar)


The Challenge of MDR-TB (Lung Health)


The New Challenge of E-Cigarettes (Lung Health)


The Chinese Middle Class (China)


Paying for Health Care in Retirement (Retirement)


Top 5 journalism ideas of 2015 (Adam Sharp)



Fellows explore organic tomatoes at Biver Farms in Edwardsville, Illinois. July 2015

You have set my standards very high for any other fellowships or programs I may do in the future. Madeleine Stix, CNN

Food Farm Sustainability


The National Press Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that produces free professional development programs for journalists. We aim to increase their knowledge of complex issues and their ability to convey that knowledge across media platforms to the public. Better journalism leads to improved social understanding. Since 1976, the National Press Foundation has provided in-person training to thousands of editors, producers and reporters in print, broadcast and online media. Our programs educate journalists in the nation’s capital, around the country and overseas.

Domestic Programs

International Programs

Located in Washington, D.C., NPF is ideally situated to provide programs for journalists highlighting the issues of our time. These include: the Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowships, Capitol Hill briefings and one-day programs for Washington reporters. NPF also hosts longer programs on various topics that bring together journalists from across the U.S. Those selected to participate are provided transportation and lodging in addition to the program at no cost.

Internationally, and with international journalists, NPF works under the banner “Journalist to Journalist� to convey the idea of journalists around the world learning together across borders. Journalist to Journalist media training programs are often in collaboration with an international conference, allowing participating journalists to attend the conference after specific media training on that subject matter. This leads to more accurate and more thorough coverage of the topic.

Our Content Online NPF built a new website in 2015 to showcase the rapidly expanding curriculum from our training programs, which includes video, audio, slide presentations, photos and stories from each speaker. Check us out at

Webinars In 2015, NPF produced and broadcast 24 webinars on topics ranging from health care, politics, multimedia, and business.

Programs Domestic


Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowship

Tobacco's Global Impact

Capitol Hill Issues Briefings

What’s New in TB Research?

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Cape Town, South Africa

Disease Outbreak: Measles and Vaccines Washington, DC

Precision Medicine: Health Care Tailored for You Rochester, Minnesota

Reporting Retirement: Finding New Angles Washington, DC

Food, From Farm to Table St. Louis, Missouri

Guang Li, a journalist with the Phoenix

Weekly in China, speaks with Monique

Davids after a press conference at the Lung Health Media Training in Cape Town, South Africa.

December 2015

Speakers at 2015 NPF Training Dr. David Ahlquist

Carl Fillichio

Derek Kravitz

Barb Rosewicz

Cheryl A.M. Anderson

Shelley Finfrock

Paul Krawzak

Julie Rovner

Cheryl Arvidson

Kelly Fleming

Sheila Krumholz

Roger Runningen

Dr. Dusica Babovic-

Maggie Fox

Kamilia Lahrichi

Lisa Marsh Ryerson


Robert T. Fraley

Harry Lando

Lisa M. Safarian

Rachael Bade

Thomas Frank

Dr. Harry A. Lando

Dr. Richard Saitz

Gilbert Bailon

Michael J. Frank

Bob Lannon

Dallas Salisbury

Carmen Bain

Mary Beth Franklin

Matt Laslo

Daniel Salmon

Beth Baker

Doug Frantz

Tom Lee

Ricardo Sandoval-Palos

Barbara Barrett

Dr. Mark Frye

Carol Leonnig

Kem Knapp Sawyer

Laura Batcha

Lazaro Gamio

Mara Liasson

Dr. Dean Schraufnagel

Michael Beckel

Laurie Garrett

Adam Liptak

Dr. Anne Schuchat

Brett D. Begemann

Marilyn Geewax

Gordon Lubold

Cherise P. Scott

Michael Bender

Steve Gettinger

Prof. Dr. Judith Mackay

Meera Senthilingam

JoAnne Berkenkamp

Abantika Ghosh

Mia Malan

Richard Sharp

Alan Bjerga

Dr. Gary Gibbons

Paul Martin

Dr. Scott Sherman

Holly Boehle

Dr. Stuart Gitlow

Mark Mather

Paul Singer

Dr. Judy Boughey

Amy Goyer

Tracie Mauriello

Michael Snyder

Myron Brilliant

Hugh Grant

Amy Maxmen

Anne Stauffer

Kathy Buller

JJ Green

Patricia Estrada McCabe

Stacie Stender

Robert Burke

Mark Greenblatt

Jamie McIntyre

Dr. Tibor Szilagyi

Thomas Burr

Lee H. Hamilton

Greg Mennis

Jonathon Tamari

Craig Bussmann

Anthony Harries

Dave Michaels

Dr. Robert V. Tauxe

Mary Agnes Carey

Laura Helmuth

Sara Miller

Stephen Thibodeau

Dr. E. Jane Carter

Jay Hill

Fred Monyak

Jeff Trandahl

Dr. Frank Chaloupka

Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Jennifer Moran

Cathy Ventrell-Monsees

Lesley Clark

Jim Hoene

Matthew L. Myers

Dr. Ronald Waldman

George Condon

Angie Holan

Lawrence Noble

Army Col. Steven Warren

Diana Cox-Foster

Jesse Holcomb

Michael Palaschak

Robert Weinberger

Matthew Dacy

Jesse Holland

Stephen Parente

Dr. Richard Weinshilboum

Heather Dahl

Amy Howe

Alexander S. Parker

Erik Wemple

Edward David

Melissa Hughes

Kathy Peroff

Patrick Westhoff

Dash Davidson

Alberto Ibarguen

Dr. Ron Petersen

Debra Whitman

Luke Delorme

Herb Jackson

Dr. Roderic Pettigrew

Myra Wisotzky

Dr. Robert Diasio

Emily Kahn

Dr. Vinayak Mohan Prasad

Evans Witt

Alexandra Dimitri

Jamie Kalamarides

Jeff Rathke

Ronald A. Yaros

Lucica Ditiu

Tamara Keith

Jordan Rau

Shawn Zeller

David Donald

Glenn Kessler

Dr. Mario Raviglione

Gregg Zoroya

Johanna Dwyer

Michael Kessler

Sudeep Reddy

Matthew Feldman

Dr. Aamir Javed Khan

Maya Rockeymoore

David Fikes

Dr. John Kisiel

Tom Rosenstiel

Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowship The Paul Miller Fellowship is an education program for DC-based journalists. Through nine day-long seminars (once a month, from September through June) this fellowship program provides a primer on Washington agencies, institutions and issues. It offers fresh sources, story ideas and unparalleled opportunities to get to know and learn from other journalists. On-the-record access to officials, experts and seasoned journalists, along with field trips, enhance and add insight to journalists’ work.

This program was funded by Mazda Foundation.

2015—2016 Topics

John Mulligan, media relations coordinator at the Senate Press Gallery, gives the fellows a tour at the U.S. Capitol.

September 21

Money Counts in DC

October 5

Covering Campaigns

November 2

Covering Congress with visit to Capitol Hill

December 14

White House and Health

January 11

Multimedia Journalism and FOIA

March 14


April 4

Covering the Conventions/Pentagon and Defense Reporting

May 9

Supreme & Federal Courts with visit to Supreme Court

June 6

Enterprise and Investigation

November 2015

Fellows in the Radio/ TV Gallery at the U.S. House of Representatives.

November 2015

2015—2016 Paul Miller Fellows Real Clear Politics

James Arkin Lisa Babb

Kiplinger Washington Editors Center for Public Integrity

Michael Beckel Rebecca Beitsch


Michael Biesecker Associated Press Mikayla Bouchard

Detroit News

Melissa Burke


Eliza Collins Ian Duncan

The New York Times

The Baltimore Sun

Marissa Evans Shannon Firth

CQ Roll Call Medpage

Tamar Hallerman Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Eric Katz

Government Executive FedScoop

Corinne Lestch

Toluse Olorunnipa

Bloomberg News

Peter Olsen-Phillips Chronicle of Higher Education and Philanthropy Rachel Quester

Scripps News

Tyrone Richardson

Bloomberg BNA

Dorey Scheimer Cox Media Group Tammy Thueringer Graham Vyse



Brenna Williams


Ariel Wittenberg

E&E Publishing

Capitol Hill Issues Briefings Capitol Hill Issues Briefings are half-day programs sponsored by the National Press Foundation, The Center on Congress at Indiana University, CQ Roll Call and the Regional Reporters Association. They cover current issues and are open to all journalists. The briefings are held at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. Panelists include jounalists and other experts who clarify issues through presentations, discussions and Q+A.

2015 Topics Federal Budget: Return to Regular Order? FAA Reauthorization

Journalists look on during a panel discussion about the Pope's visit to the United States. August 2015

Covering the Pope: Policy and Politics Making Sense of the Federal Budget

This program was funded by AARP and the United Nations Foundation.

Disease Outbreak: Measles and Vaccines

Washington, DC February 2015

Maggie Fox from NBC News and TODAY shares tips about where to find resources for statistics about measles.

February 2015

This program was funded by Bayer.

Rochester, Minnesota May 2015

Precision Medicine: Health Care Tailored To You

Fellows take notes during a tour of the biobank lab.

May 2015

NPF’s four-day educational program, Precision Medicine: Health Care Tailored For You, introduced journalists to important aspects of individualized medicine. A suite of resources for journalists and others, created with training elements, has been viewed nearly 1,800 times so far. We developed a lineup of topics and speakers that was strategically timed to take advantage of media interest following President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

Fellows Arthur Allen


Nick Baumann

The Huffington Post

Karen Bouffard

The Detroit News

Gretchen Cuda-Kroen Paige Cunningham Jeanne Erdmann

Laura Lorenzetti


Gail MarksJarvis

Chicago Tribune

Gillian Mohney

Freelance Journalist

Washington Examiner Freelance Health and Science Journalist

Samantha Olson Jeff Ostrowski

Medical Daily

Palm Beach Post

Alice Park

TIME Washington Business Journal

Shannon Firth

MedPage Today

Tina Reed

Melissa Healy

The Los Angeles Times

Julie Steenhuysen

Susan Jaffe

The Lancet

Robert Weisman

Jason Kane

PBS NewsHour

Jacque Wilson This program was funded by Mayo Clinic.

Reuters News The Boston Globe


Reporting Retirement: Finding New Angles

Washington, DC June 2015

A fellow takes a picture of the U.S. Capitol from the Newseum balcony. June 2015

Financial and social preparedness for retirement is an increasing part of our public discourse, and the target audience for information grows larger every day. This knowledge fueled the enthusiasm of journalists who were accepted into NPF’s four-day workshop on Reporting Retirement: Finding New Angles. Over several days, the fellows were exposed to experts from the insurance and financial industries, social scientists, government analysts, authors and more to help them master the basics and think more broadly about retirement stories.

Fellows Ann Brenoff

The Huffington Post

CNN Money

Katie Lobosco

Rodney Brooks

USA Today

Melissa Long


Joseph Bustos

Belleville News-Democrat

Aimee Picchi

CBS MoneyWatch

Jackie Crosby

Star Tribune

Laura Shin

Freelance Journalist

Kelli Grant

Barbara Peters Smith

Jack Kahn

Newsmax Media

Sheyna Steiner

Angela Kennecke Randy Leonard


CQ Roll Call

Larry Lipman AARP Bulletin

Lori Valigra

Sarasota Herald Tribune

Mainebiz Newport Mercury

Janine Weisman Paul Wiseman

Associated Press

This program was funded by Prudential Financial.

St. Louis, Missouri July 2015

Food, From Farm to Table

Jennifer Moran, farm manager at Biver Farm, Sandy Johnson and Craig Bussmann, owner of Bussmann's Organic Farm, speak with fellows. July 2015 From the rotting lettuce in your personal trash to the weather drones buzzing over an Illinois cornfield, the hottest topics in the food universe energized the National Press Foundation’s Food, From Farm to Table training. NPF created a suite of resources for journalists and others, whose elements have so far been viewed nearly 3,800 times. NPF developed and implemented an agenda of presentations, tours, Q&A sessions and field trips that introduced journalists to important aspects of the U.S. food production system.

Fellows Tim Barker

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tracy Brown Associated Press Joe Fassler

The New Food Economy NPR

Marilyn Geewax

The Washington Post

Tamar Haspel Jesse Hirsch Robert Holly

Edible Brooklyn Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Jenny Hopkinson Frances Kuo


CCTV America

Hadley Malcolm

USA Today

Lesley McClurg

Capital Public Radio

Tom Meersman

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Eric Mortenson

Capital Press

Amy Joi O’Donoghue

Deseret News

The Joplin Globe

Sarah Okeson Laura Reiley

Tampa Bay Times

Luke Runyon

Harvest Public Media/KUNC

Jeff Schweers

The Gainesville Sun

Janelle Stecklein Madeleine Stix



This program was funded by Monsanto, the American Farm Bureau Federation, AARP Foundation and the Organic Trade Association.

International Tobacco's Global Impact

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates March 2015

Fellows celebrate their graduation from the program.

March 2015

NPF’s first-ever training at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health brought increased media attention to the critical issues of global tobacco control at a time when new products and old producers threaten to cancel out or stall decades of progress. Twenty journalists were selected as fellows from 280 applications. Eighteen of these attended the media training—two were denied visas. They hailed from 13 countries, all of which face significant tobacco challenges.

Fellows Radio Nigeria, Nigeria

Solomon Adebayo Md Zahirul Alam Naida Azizova

China Daily, China

Freelance Journalist, Russia CBN/NTN24, Brazil

Kateryna Levchenko Eva Merkacheva

The Economic Times, India

Rupali Mukherjee

Maksym Drabok

Freelance Journalist, Ukraine

Yuanjin Ni

Abantika Ghosh

The Indian Express, India

John Muchangi, Bangladesh

Masrur Jamaluddin

VPRO Dutch TV Public Broadcasting, Indonesia

Sanoma Media, Ukraine

Inter Press Service, Philippines

Diana Mendoza

The Lancet, Iraq

Sophie Cousins

Nurul Hasib

Foreign Correspondent, Argentina

NTV Int’ TV Channel Ltd, Bangladesh Kamilia Lahrichi

Carolina MartInez Castillo Soma Das

Shan Juan

The Moskovsky Komsomolets, Russia

The Times of India, India

Xinhua News Agency, China Star Newspaper, Kenya

Jekki Bryan Pascual Mahwish Qayyum

ABS-CBN News Channel, Philippines

Gulf News, Pakistan

This program was funded by and organized in conjunction with the 16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health. Additional funds were provided by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Programs Cape Town, South Africa December 2015

What’s New in Tuberculosis Research?

Nurul Islam Hasib, a journalist who works with in Bangladesh, asks a question during a press conference.

December 2015

Every third person in the world has latent tuberculosis. This sobering statistic set the stage for the National Press Foundation’s seventh Journalist-to-Journalist training on TB. NPF trained 14 journalists in Cape Town and then launched them into reporting on the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health. Ten experts presented the latest research on TB to the journalists; they were joined by two accomplished journalists, who discussed story-telling and reporting techniques with them.

Fellows Bukola Adebayo

Punch Newspapers, Nigeria

Joanne Lillie

Freelance: Health24; Discovery; Lewis, South Africa

Snigdha Basu

NDTV 24X7, India

Lata Mishra

Natalia Bitten

Newspaper Metro, Russia

Jody Nkashama

Katharine Child Nurul Islam Hasib Guang Li Na Li

The Times, South Africa, Bangladesh

Phoenix Weekly, China

Xinhua News Agency, China

Mumbai Mirror, India Radio Okapi, DRC

Teena Thacker The Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle, India Daniel Tonga

Prime Television, Zambia

Stephen Tsoroti

Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe

Sarah Tumwebaze

Monitor Publications Limited, Uganda

This program was organized in conjunction with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. Primary funding was provided by the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership. Additional funds were provided by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and TB Alliance.


Webinars are included in NPF’s programming to educate journalists around the world in a now-or-later format that ensures the greatest possible participation. Journalists are encouraged to participate live and submit questions to our presenters. Webinar recordings are always posted on NPF’s website as a resource for all journalists in the future.

2015 Webinars January 7: "Lessons Learned: Covering Ebola"

April 13: "Covering Global Business"

September 21: “Behind the Numbers: The CBO Story”

January 15: "Writing About Healthy Food and Eating Well"

April 23: “Lessons From Rolling Stone”

September 24: "What’s Next? Biosimilars"

January 28: "Making Sense of Federal Dollars and Cents"

May 20: “Precision Medicine 101” broadcast from Rochester, Minnesota

October 5: “Checking in with the Fact-Checkers”

February 2: “SCOTUSblog: 5 things every reporter needs to know to cover the Supreme Court” February 18: “Master Class: Alberto Ibarguen” February 19: “Master Class: Gilbert Bailon” February 23: “Disease Outbreak: Measles and Vaccines” February 24: "Latest in Addiction Research" March 4: “Master Class: Laurie Garrett”

June 2: “Book Talk: Thomas Lee”

October 18: “Master Class: Linda Deutsch”

June 9: “Older Workers: The Challenges”

November 2: "Congressional Reporting 101"

June 30: "Gay Marriage: Reporting What's Next" August 3: "Covering the Pope: Policy and Politics" August 11: "The Cost of Violent Weather" September 10: "Biologics 101" September 17: "Regulation and Prevalence of Bio-Tech Drugs"

Click on the title of any webinar to navigate to the online content.

Want to suggest a webinar topic for us? Email:

What Our Journalists Say


Action-packed, fast-paced and demanding. Energizing. Easily the best-run and most coherent learning opportunity I have had as a journalist. Barbara Peters Smith Sarasota Herald-Tribune Retirement

Reporting Retirement fellow at the Newseum. June 2015

The Mayo biobank is able to splice tissue in several parts to study and test each piece. May 2015


The program was tremendous, a blend of clinical care, scientific research, mental and physical health, ethics, and the economics of health care and insurance. Bravo!

Gail MarksJarvis Chicago Tribune

Precision Medicine


I will be forever grateful to the National Press Foundation for this opportunity. I'm much better prepared now than I was before the conference, to cover tobaccorelated stories.

Carolina Martinez Castillo CBN/NTN24, Brazil Tobacco Control

Fellows take notes during tobacco session. March 2015

Paul Miller Alumni Group

Washington, DC

The Paul Miller Alumni Group was formed to extend the benefits of the Paul Miller fellowship beyond the program year and to explore ways the fellows could “give back� to other journalists. In 2015, alumni returned to speak with current fellows.

Paul Miller alumni and panelists Mike Bender (Bloomberg) and Emily Cahn (CQ Roll Call) address fellows about covering campaigns. October 2015

Other fellowships and awards Liana B. Baker Reuters

Madhumita Venkataramanan WIRED, BBC

Wharton Seminars for

Evert Clark / Seth Payne Award

Business Journalists

for Young Science Writers

Josh Salman Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Lisa Song, David Hasemyer, Jim Morris, Greg Gilderman InsideClimate News, Center for Public Integrity, The Weather Channel

Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists

Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy Writing

32nd Annual Awards Dinner

Washington, DC February 2015

The National Press Foundation Annual Awards Dinner recognizing journalistic achievement is one of the largest media dinners in Washington, bringing together more than 1,000 journalists, media, public relations and corporate executives, policy makers and trade groups. The 2015 dinner was held on February 18, 2015.

Awardees Alberto Ibarguen John S. and James L. Knight Foundation W.M. Kiplinger Award for Distinguished Contributions to Journalism

Gregory Johnsen, John Stanton and Kate Nocera BuzzFeed News Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Coverage of Congress

Gilbert Bailon St. Louis Post-Dispatch Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor of the Year Award

Drew Griffin CNN Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Coverage of Congress

George Stephanopoulos ABC News Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Thomas Frank USA Today The “Feddie” Award for Reporting on Federal Rules and Local Impact

Brian Krebs KrebsOnSecurity Chairman’s Citation Clay Bennett Chattanooga Times Free Press Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartooning

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher Re/code Excellence in Online Journalism Award

NPF Board of Directors Executive Committee Heather Dahl Co-founder, The Cynja LLC Chair

Kevin M. Goldberg Media Attorney, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC. Vice Chair

Kathryn Gest Public Affairs Consultant Secretary

Johanna Schneider Communications and Public Policy Consultant Treasurer Tom Rosenstiel Executive Director, American Press Institute Executive Committee Member Amos Snead Founder and Partner, Bryant Row Executive Committee Member

Heather is the co-founder and CEO of The Cynja LLC, a multi-platform media company focused on introducing children to the world of technology. In addition, she coauthored The Cynja Volume 1, Field Instruction Manual and her third book in the series will be released this spring. Kevin Goldberg is a member of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC. and serves as legal counsel to the American Society of News Editors. His expertise is in First Amendment, Copyright and Trademark issues, especially those relating to newspaper and Internet publishing. He regularly advocates issues involving freedom of speech on behalf of press organizations. Kevin assists newspapers and television and radio stations in prepublication review of stories for possible legal problems. Kathy Gest, a public affairs consultant, was most recently the director of public affairs at the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Gest joined NDI in 2007 after a 30-year career in Washington, D.C., as a journalist, Capitol Hill staff member and public affairs consultant. When at Powell Tate | Weber Shandwick, Gest co-chaired the international practice, advising foreign governments, embassies, organizations and corporations seeking to achieve public policy goals in the U.S. and abroad.

Johanna Schneider has served as the Managing Director at Burson-Marsteller. She has played a key role in successfully managing communications for over 30 years, moving from reporter and anchor to top posts in government—Congress, the Executive Branch—and in the business arena. Tom Rosenstiel is the Executive Director of the American Press Institute. Prior to that, he designed the Project for Excellence in Journalism and directs its activities. He also serves as vice chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, an initiative engaged in conducting a national conversation among journalists about standards and values. The founding Partner at Byrant Row, LLC, Amos Snead plays a key role leveraging his in–depth experience working with leading print, broadcast and online journalists to counsel clients on digital communications and media strategies. Amos is a frequent contributor on Fox News and a recognized leader in communications.

John Walcott Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University

John Walcott, an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University was most recently Team Leader for National Security and Foreign Affairs at Bloomberg News. Previously, he was the Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief of SmartBrief. He has been McClatchy’s Washington Bureau Chief and foreign editor and national editor of U.S. News & World Report.

Immediate Past Chair

Board Members Jeffrey Birnbaum President BGR Public Relations

Mark Pilipczuk Managing Director MAP Consulting, LLC

Jim Brady Founder & CEO Spirited Media Inc.

Jon Sawyer Executive Director Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Peter Cherukuri Senior VP of Advertising and Business Development Politico

H. Andrew Schwartz Senior VP for External Relations Center for Strategic and International Studies

George E. Condon White House Correspondent National Journal

Charles Self President 227 International, LLC

Tom Davidson UNCTV

Adam Sharp Head of News, Government and Elections Twitter, Inc.

Robert DeFillippo Senior Consultant Zito Partners

Susan Swain President and Co-COO C-SPAN

Imani Greene CEO/ Principal GreeneGroup

Robyn Tomlin Managing Editor The Dallas Morning News

Melinda Henneberger Editor-in-Chief Roll Call

Julie Triolo Head of Global Business Marketing, Media & Sponsorships Yahoo!

Kevin McCormally Chief Content Officer Kiplinger Washington Editors *CURRENT AFFILIATIONS AS OF MARCH 2016

Current NPF Staff Sandy Johnson President & COO

Sandy K. Johnson joined the National years, overseeing coverage of the Press Foundation in October 2014 as federal government, elections and its president and COO. politics and working with AP journalists in all 50 states as well Johnson has held senior management as across the globe. She directed positions at several national news AP’s political coverage for 22 years, organizations, including The including 14 years of exit poll Associated Press, AARP Bulletin, the expertise and calling races. Center for Public Integrity, Stateline and Face The Facts USA. Under her direction, AP refused to call the 2000 presidential race for For most of her career, she managed George W. Bush despite enormous news coverage for The Associated pressure after the television Press in Washington, the wire networks made the erroneous service’s largest bureau. She was projection. She was a Pulitzer Washington Bureau Chief for 10 Prize finalist for her decision,

and subsequently was awarded the Presidential Award by the Associated Press Managing Editors. Johnson served on NPF’s Board of Directors from 2001-2014 and was Chairman of the Board from 20072008. She is a member of the National Press Club and the Gridiron Club. Her husband, Chuck Raasch, is a national reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Both are distinguished alumni of South Dakota State University.

Chris Adams Director of Training and Content

Chris Adams joined the National Press Foundation in 2015 after more than 25 years as an investigative, political and business reporter and editor. He worked for the McClatchy and Knight-Ridder Washington bureaus; The Wall Street Journal’s Pittsburgh and Washington bureaus; and The Times-Picayune in New Orleans. He covered everything from the steel industry, to Wall Street insider trading cases, to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, to chimpanzee research, to widespread Medicaid

fraud, to a small-town sheriff.He was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times (2010, 1999 and 1996), and in 2000 was part of a six-person Journal team that won the Pulitzer for coverage of military spending issues. He has won several other honors, including those from the National Press Club (three times), the Gerald Loeb Award for outstanding business reporting (twice), the National Headliner Award, the George Polk Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Award, the Worth Bingham Prize,

the Clark Mollenhoff Award, an Investigative Reporters & Editors Award, the Livingston Award, the Scripps Howard Foundation National Journalism Award for best Washington reporting, and the Society of Professional Journalists Award for best Washington reporting. He teaches journalism at American University in Washington and also has taught at Northwestern University’s D.C. program.

Jenny Ash- Maher Director of Operations

and the Annual Awards Dinner. Previously, she served as NPF’s Jenny Ash-Maher joined NPF in Program Manager, coordinating January 2013, and in July 2015 took logistics for NPF’s programs. on the role of Director of Operations. Prior to joining NPF, Jenny was Jenny manages the organizational convention manager for the Travel operations of the foundation, Industry Association’s annual including finances, human resources international trade show, bringing

journalists and tour operators from throughout the world to the United States. Jenny was also a small business owner and licensed Massage Therapist. She holds a degree in Economics from Union College in Schenectady, NY.

Reyna Abigale Levine Digital Media Director

States Holocaust Memorial Museum Reyna Abigale Levine joined and as project assistant to artist NPF in June 2013. She manages and curator, Michal Heiman in Tel, NPF’s social media Aviv, Israel. She graduated from the presence, and produces live webinars. Corcoran College of Art + Design Prior to joining NPF, Reyna worked with a MA degree in New Media as a photographer at the United and Photojournalism May 2013.

Prior to her MA, Reyna received a BA in Photography and Middle East Studies from Smith College in May 2011.

Isbella Diaz Program Manager

Prior to joining NPF, Isbella worked as programming assistant Isbella Diaz joined NPF in December of news for Washington’s WMAL 2015. She is in charge of both 630 radio station, reporting and domestic and international program writing on both international and logistics as well as event and program local Washington issues. Isbella marketing. She also manages NPF’s also worked for both the digital social media presence. media and talk show teams at

CCTV America. She maintained the channel’s social media accounts, website and online broadcasts.

Nkongho Beteck Intern

Iana Kozelsky Intern

Katie Nelson Intern

Ji Hoon Heo Intern

Shanza Lewis Intern

Isbella graduated from American University with a MA in International Media in 2015 and a BA in Broadcast Journalism in 2013.

COLLABORATING PARTNERS The National Press Foundation accepts funding from organizations and individuals who support its mission and values. If you would like to learn about contributing to one of our programs, please feel free to contact us.

Our current sponsors: Bayer Prudential Financial Mayo Clinic Monsanto Company American Society of Addiction Medicine Mazda Foundation World Health Organization Honda Kiplinger Bloomberg Politico Consumer Technology Association The Taishoff Family Foundation, Inc. Toyota U.S. Chamber of Commerce Yahoo! AARP iHeart Media The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America WAMU 88.5 For a full list, please visit our website.



NPF built the Evelyn Y. Davis Studios with a generous grant from philanthropist and investor Evelyn Y. Davis. NPF uses the state-of-the-art studio for webinars and videos. It is also available for commercial rental under the logo NPF StudioWorks. For rates, email us at

INFORMATION FOR SPONSORS The NPF model provides full fellowships to accepted journalists. The inclusive costs of each program will always be stated ahead of time. The sponsor(s) will always be identified as the funder(s) of the program. The sponsor(s) will be invited to address the journalists prior to the beginning of the program. The National Press Foundation will control all aspects of every program. The National Press Foundation will be responsible for the development of an agenda and the selection of topics, speakers and 15 – 20 journalists. The program will be balanced and fair. The program will always be on-the-record. People and organizations with positions directly opposed to the sponsor’s may be invited to appear. All program resources will be uploaded to the NPF website following the program for future reference. At the conclusion of the program the sponsor(s) will receive a written evaluation of the program.

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2015 Annual Report  

The primary mission of the National Press Foundation is to increase journalists' knowledge of complex issues in order to improve public unde...

2015 Annual Report  

The primary mission of the National Press Foundation is to increase journalists' knowledge of complex issues in order to improve public unde...

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