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Naton HR Slovenia

Naton HR Hungary

Naton HR Serbia

Naton HR Bulgaria

Cesta 24. junija 25

Litijska c. 11

Kralja Milana 4

Alabin Str. 56

1000 Ljubljana

9000 Murska Sobota

11000 Belgrade

1000 Sofia

Slovenia - EU

Slovenia - EU



t: +386 1 563 14 40

t: +386 31 708 484

t: +381 11 26 83 041

t: +359 88 37 71 077

e: info@naton.si

e: bukovec@naton.si

e: info@natonhrserbia.com

e: info@natonhrbulgaria.com




www.natonhrbulgaria.com NATON, member of HR Global ltd.

Dear Current and Prospective Clients,

One of the fundamental values in business and personal relationships alike is trust. In Naton HR, we work hard to earn trust of employers and candidates we work with. Our guiding principle is that clients must always be treated individually and sincerely. By giving our clients undivided attention and taking the time to identify their specific needs, we are able to tailor our solutions to be the most appropriate to solve particular needs. Since 1991, Naton HR is committed to provide the best service to current and prospective clients. Our team consists of dedicated HR consultants and counselors who are committed to provide the best solutions on the market. Together we have an extensive experience in the field of staffing, human resource consulting and strategy development. This experience makes us successful at understanding specific requirements and individual requests of our clients and candidates. Our mission is to be a first choice human resources agency across the globe, specialized in temporary employment and recruitment, enabling our clients to focus on their primary business operations while we take care of their HR needs.

Naton HR is more than just a human resources agency. We are group of dedicated people who are aimed at gaining satisfaction of all stakeholders. We are building a success story together with our clients, candidates and partners. Our mission, coupled with our guiding principles and key competencies, determines our success to a great degree. As the board members of the Naton HR Global, we are well aware of the significance of human capital. These are the times when people make the key difference, as they are the ones who spark ideas that bring together new alliances, resources and changes. Hiring and retaining quality staff, workers and personnel is crucial for long term success of any business. For everything stated, we are proud to offer you solutions and help in the field of staffing, HR and strategy development. From careful selection of people who deserve a chance to become part of your work environment, management and development of your employees, and support in achieving your strategic plans, we are pleased to provide you assistance and guidance along your way to success. Naton HR Board Members

Our services Our key guideline is that clients must be handled with individual care. This is why we always begin our services by careful analysis of their specific needs and propose only those solutions that fully correspond to their requirements. Daily, companies are challenged to prove their competitive edge on the market. As a human resources agency we understand the struggle of our clients when doing the business, as well as a new shift in our candidates’ attitudes toward work. In today's business climate, attraction and retention of the best employees is becoming more and more difficult. We help our clients to take a more supportive approach to managing human resources. We are strategically developing and adjusting our service portfolio to successfully support our candidates and clients in meeting their objectives.

CANDIDATES: Job Search Job Openings Job Assistance


Through everything it does, Naton HR seeks

Staffing solutions (temporary & permanent employment)

to deliver maximum value to the clients. This

HR solutions (HR management & development)

efficient and that feedback from candidates

Strategic solutions (organizational development & lean consulting)







and clients is immediately sought and acted


Our Principles describe the standards of our work that we follow continually and without exception. Our clients’ needs and requirements always come first. We are partners of our clients and put them at the center of our success and everything we do. Our assets are our employees, candidates and partners. We are dedicated to win-win approach, as we believe only partnerships can lead us to long-term success. Our competence lies in professional delivery of service. We are determined to provide excellence and constantly get better at what we do. Our value is family working environment. We are driven by team effort and do not put personal interests ahead of our clients and business.

By incorporating the guiding principles into our daily operations, we encourage continuous improvement and the raising of standards in the field of recruitment and other HR services.


Our work is founded on integrity and honesty. We are confidential and maintain high ethical standards in profession and business. We always make an extra effort to recruit and select the very best candidates for every job. We know that without providing the best candidates, we cannot become our clients’ first choice human resources agency.

PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT Recruiting for permanent roles and assignments requires a different approach than temporary employment. During the process, our HR consultants operate as an outsourced partner, providing a reliable and dedicated service that responds dynamically to clients needs. We apply proven recruitment methodology, selection tools, proactive resourcing techniques, credible profiling and assessment solutions. Our HR consultants operate in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, and recruit candidates for entry and admin positions up to mid to senior level, across a number of sectors including pharmacy, IT, retail, supply chain, production... Naton HR success comes from the ability to provide customized solutions to permanent recruitment, and from our ability to provide practical proposals that are always in line with the financial and company culture requirements of our clients. We offer three methods of permanent employment: College recruitment Working with various educational institutions and in partnership with colleges and universities across Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, Naton HR is able to acquire the greatest young potentials and graduates for your entry positions. General recruitment Working across a number of sectors, Naton HR is able to provide candidates for roles in the fields of Finance, HR, IT, Admin, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations amongst others. By applying proven recruitment methodology, we provide staffing solutions that best work in sales, techno-commercial, general commercial and the manufacturing industry. Executive search

Turn to us to help you find the most suitable

Use Naton HR expertise for the purposes of executive recruitment. We use a comprehensive technique to identify, attract and then secure highly skilled, often quite rare individuals or experienced directors for very specific appointments.

and long-term candidates before your competitors, so you would build a talent pipeline and



strength beforehand.




Service Guarantee: Within the framework of the contractual relationship with the client, we guarantee for the selection process and for choosing the right candidate in accordance with conditions agreed upon beforehand.

HR solutions help organizations run their processes related to people management as efficiently and effectively as possible. With considerable expertise in the area of HR, Naton HR is able to deliver tailored and flexible HR services that meet the needs of our clients.

HR MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Naton HR is committed to provide a professional, costeffective approach to human resource management (HRM). We ensure that HR issues are handled with care, paying special attention to local regulations and legislation compliance. We offer three types of HRM solutions: HR (re)design Naton HR consultants can advise and serve clients on all aspects related to designing HR within the organization, from ways on how to structure new HR department (start-up), redesign HR processes, prepare and execute HR audit, develop HR policies and procedures, validate HR documentation, as well as, develop and implement employee handbooks. Regulatory compliance Employers are required to consistently adhere to strict regulations and acts pertaining to labor law. If your company struggles in this area, you are welcome to use Naton HR regulatory compliance services. We enable businesses to outsource their regulatory / legislation requirements and help them manage all aspects of their employee relations. By hiring us, our clients avoid potentially major penalties imposed by the local legislation and law suits filed by employees. Outplacement In cooperation with our strategic partner COTRUGLI business school, Naton HR is able to help clients in their process of restructuring (downsizing, rightsizing, redundancies and layoffs) and assist former employees to successfully transition to new jobs and re-orient on the job market.

...Naton proved to have an individual approach to us and was always available for all questions and details we needed concerning employment issues. We have full confidence in their suggestions, advice and support.

Julijan Naskov Celgene


HR DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS Organizations cannot build a good team of productive employees without strategic and systematic approach to HR development. The key focus of human resource development (HRD) revolves around maximization of employees’ potential through tailored based competency assessments, performance management and training programs. We offer three types of HRD solutions: Assessment services To deliver credible assessment outcomes, we cooperate with high-profile consultants in the field of psychology in human resource selection and people development. Based on our clients’ needs, we offer two assessment methods: psychological testing and graphological analysis. Psychological testing - provides an unbiased insight into characteristics and competence of job candidates. It is a tool that enables clients to learn more about the personality structure and candidates fit for required job opening. Graphological analysis in HR - is an assessment method based on graphology, study of analyzing and studying human handwriting in relation to a person's psychological traits. It enables screening of candidate's competencies, most prominent character features and most likely areas for development. It can also serve as a career management tool, as clients are able to clarify the candidate's most suitable career direction and assess their promptness for promotion within the organization. Performance management

Naton HR aim is to help organizations to maximize the potential of their workforce, provide suggestions that can help them bring further improvement, and execute better on their corporate strategy.


Our performance management solution can help you translate your corporate goals into department specific metrics that everyone can understand - for increased accountability and control, streamlined processes, and strategy-guided, risk-aware reporting and planing. Training and development We believe that knowledge is the best investment in the future. This is the reason why we partnered with COTRUGLI Business School to bring our clients the best development opportunities and offer great education & learning packages.

Culture and Awareness: Growth of the company and improved personal job security, improved quality of life in the workplace, improved satisfaction of internal and external customers.

Empower Teams Self-organization can offer many answers to issues related to effective management. For self-organizing teams is necessary sufficient degree of empowerment, authority and confidence on the part of management. You will learn how to help teams on their way to self-organization, how to divide power in the organization, what are the challenges of empowerment to improve mutual trust and get to know different techniques for effective delegation of tasks.

Agile Business Management Aims to inspire Agile coaches and HR managers, technical and non-technical managers, team leaders and project managers who face the challenges of transforming their organizations to an Agile mindset. Our course provides practical tools and guidance to participants in order to apply new thinking to the craft, art and science of Leadership.

Coaching You've probably heard people talking about coaching in the workplace. You might have even received some coaching in the past, or you might have used coaching to improve a person's performance, even if you didn't actually describe it as "coaching" at the time. The key challenge for managers is to separate their management role from their coaching role. Our module Informal Coaching for Managers includes ideas and best practices on how best to do this.


We guarantee our clients money savings, efficiency and higher quality of production.


With Lean consulting, Naton HR is able to help clients maximize their business potential within any operational environment. Lean solutions provide clients with significant, sustainable improvements in performance while simultaneously achieving major savings. Key lean Modules are 5S, Mistake-Proofing, Kaizen, KanBan, Value Stream Mapping, Material Control.

Cotrugli business school In Naton HR we want our candidates to improve their chances of finding the right job and career path, as well as, our employers to boost their human capital. This is why we have partnered with COTRUGLI Business School, to engage our clients into lifelong learning and make their professional and personal development easier. COTRUGLI Business School can help you rethink your knowledge, ethics and business attitude. Their main intention, besides integrating more and more promising students, is to provide individuals and companies assistance in career growth and place effort into lobbying for their interests. In addition to MBA programs, COTRUGLI is specialized in delivering customized In House programs and Open Enrollment programs. Collaboration with the world´s leading experts and more than five thousand of satisfied clients has greatly contributed to their affirmation as the most progressive school in the SEE region. COTRUGLI´S excellence is aided by partnership and professional co-operation with the World Business Academy, which brings together top experts from the most prestigious business schools, presidents of multinational corporations, Nobel Prize winners and the world authorities in all aspects of business such as Deepak Chopra, Peter Senge, Rinaldo Brutocco, Daniel Goleman etc. Association of MBAs provides independent proof of quality and excellence for MBA programs. Today there are less than 200 esteemed business schools with AMBA accredited programs worldwide. These are highly ranked school like IMD (Switzerland), IESE (Spain), London Business School, INSEAD (France) and COTRUGLI Business School. As a Naton HR partner, COTRUGLI Business School can help you grow and love your business.




The undersigned Christof Droste, CEO, Hella Saturnus Slovenija, declares that Hella Saturnus Slovenija and employment agency Naton HR have been in business relationship since the year 1995. Our cooperation has been excellent ever since, one of the results of our long-term partnership is that Naton HR has adjusted their business model in order to make it more compatible with ours. Employment agency Naton HR is very flexible, furthermore their service is highly professional and is always provided in a timely manner. Christof Droste, CEO, Hella Saturnus Slovenija

During the process of finding suitable personnel, starting with advertising a work post and finishing with employing a new co-worker, the team of Naton HR displayed a high degree of motivation to successfully and timely complete the project. With their help it didn't take long for us to hire new co-workers. A decision which later turned out to be more than right‌ We relied on their expertise in human resource selection and this was a very wise move on our part. Suzana Burnik, HR Manager, Ilirija d.d. Our company Krka-farma has been cooperating with the agency Naton HR for a longer period in relation to staff selections and head-hunting for several higher positions, inside and outside the scope of pharmaceutical domain. We are really satisfied with the cooperation with Naton HR, because the agency proved to be a reliable partner, with respect and individualistic approach to us as a client. Moreover, their team showed discretion and confidentiality to us as well as to their potential candidates. Naton HR team is very flexible, always ready for agreement and open to our demands, and we can say for surely that cooperation with Naton HR is very professional, nice and the most important - productive. Moreover, Naton HR shows very good understanding of our industry as well as a sincere and fair relation to us in any situation. Their team is always eager to find the best candidates for us from Croatia or from some other countries, because they have offices in Slovenia and Serbia as well, and are also internationally oriented. We would surely recommend Naton HR agency to be your partner for all your HR needs. Krka-farma d.o.o. Our company Celgene has been cooperating with the employment agency Naton in Zagreb - Croatia for more than a year and some of our employees are currently working through Naton HR. We are extremely satisfied with attention and loyalty which Naton HR showed us as our HR partner together with a high level of professionalism in selection processes and temporary employment. Moreover, Naton HR proved to have an individual approach to us and was always available for all questions and details we needed concerning employment issues. We have full confidence in their suggestions, advice and support. Julijan Naskov, M.D., Country General manager Alpe Adria Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, G&H, Montenegro, Macedonia


and problem solving



Profile for Naton HR Global

Naton HR Global brochure  

One of the fundamental values in business and personal relationships alike is trust. In Naton HR, we work hard to earn trust of employers an...

Naton HR Global brochure  

One of the fundamental values in business and personal relationships alike is trust. In Naton HR, we work hard to earn trust of employers an...