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HOW TO CONVERT OPEN JOB INTO LEADS AND LEADS INTO NEW CLIENTS? Many big companies throughout various business structures have a vivid and fluid HR department dealing with all types of queries the personnel and its management require. In doing so, such companies usually develop a very clear organizational structure in having the personnel specialized in the certain fields. In order to find the best suitable employee for a certain position, the company is also required to adjust the position according to certain knowledge levels and skills, which could be generalized in the job opening and are made clear and comprehendible for both sides – organizations and candidates. The search for the best suitable employee is inevitably affected by the specifics of the profession and the availability of suitable candidates for the position. The more specifics and requirements for a


The more specifics and requirements for a certain position there are, the harder it gets to find the best candidate.

Adjust the position according to certain knowledge levels and skills.



Rare positions can require research beyond the capabilities of the local HR departments.

Naton HR can easily assist in such cases!


certain position there are, the harder it gets to find the best candidate. The HR departments of big industrial companies are specialized and possess the needed network and databases to find candidates on positions with

lower responsibilities, lower requirements, more abundant positions within the company, more frequent turnover, etc. However, executive positions, for example, and scarcely profiled positions are rather a rare event and require research beyond the capabilities of the local HR departments.

Companies that are in need to choose the best special skills candidate are more open for new initiates and approaches.

Basically, following just a few steps can lead to success and a great deal for both sides.

Step 1: Find and follow open positions on the market First, it is very important to find out and follow the progress and employee search of the biggest companies. For example, potencial client A (PCA) is one of the biggest companies in Bulgaria, which has outsourced the lower and middle positions and management to HR agencies. Still, they have their own HR department which is also recruiting the positions the company would rather not have outsourced. The positions offered directly by PCA is posted on their site. Our job now is to review them and decide which position(s) are scarcely occupied and hard to get for them.

Mystery shopping is a good approach to use in order to obtain details about the position.

Step 2: Set the filters for the search For instance, an Account Delivery Manager (ADM) needs to possess specific skills and knowledge as well as the certain degree of experience in the sector. While reviewing the job description, the key point is to distinguish which are the specific and clearly stated requirements, unique for the position, which we’ll use as filters later in the search. Requirements such as ”ability to manage a team”,” team player”, “excellent communication skills” are vague and basically applicable for nearly every position. However qualifications like “5 years relevant management and business development experience”, “ITILv3 certification”, “University degree in information technologies” are far more specific and actually that is what PCA is searching for.

Step 3: Do the Research Surely PCA has done some research; surely the HR agencies working with PCA were also involved. The key lies at the resources at your disposal. Naton HR uses different approaches to the search. 1. Naton database combines over 45.000 candidates. 2. For executive search we use Cotrugli business school alumni data base with over 2000 MBA graduates in the region. 3. We find special skills workers over Linkedin (Naton is using professional LinkedIn

recruiter) and other social media. The search for example Account Delivery Manager in LinkedIn Recruiter showed more than 350 profiles. When the discussed filters were applied, the result is 6 potential candidates for that position in the region we want to search for.

Step 4: Review potential profiles and conduct quick informative conversations Reviewing the profiles of the potencial candidates is a must in this case – some occasions might be inappropriate or confusing to approach. For instance, if the candidate has worked for the same company, or if s/he has recently changed his job and it is visible that the new position is a clear career development. Such people wouldn’t be cooperative – they simply will not be interested.

whether s/he is interested in a new opportunity:

Do not mention name of the potential employer. Go briefly through the job offer. Have a short conversation without promising anything. Summarize, describe and make a client a recruitment report of best 3 candidates.

A certain degree of confidentiality should be kept, while contacting the candidate. Idea is to find out

Step 5: Approach the potential client More or less this is an aggressive approach, since we are offering the candidate directly. Too long explanations and justifications could be counterproductive, so shortness is important. Offer the client our services by stressing out the guarantee, that we’ll only charge our fee in case they hire the candidate. Let the potential client some room for decision and time to review the profiles. Setting a follow-up meeting/call and keeping it is productive for both sides – we’ll know for sure what is their decision and not lose precious time, the client will assume that we’re professional and

capable of meeting the deadlines – a good reference for potential collaboration in this or even other occasions. Reveal the contacts if there is interest. Stay in touch and follow up. Sign contract, win and celebrate. This approach has practically no difference in regards to the research and recruitment techniques we use for the already acquired Naton clients. The major difference is that we we use tools and access to candidates on the market and offer them directly to the clients that are looking for them. The major benefits of the potential client are time, costs, effort saving. It is very good for short-term staffing goals and highly profiled and scarce workforce search. This is also a technique most HR agencies are not practicing. Reference is most likely to occur – satisfaction will be far greater since there was practically no time loss.

Sofia; September 2015

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Many big companies throughout various business structures have a vivid and fluid HR department dealing with all types of queries the personn...

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