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“I am just me” “I am just me"


Just when you may have begun thinking that life’s all about others’ wants and agendas, today’s full moon occurs in your own sign and your own needs and desires make themselves loud and clear. Do what you can to surround yourself with like-minded people, however, watch out for conflict today - yours friend and family need some time getting used to the new you.


An unpleasant event from the past will momentarily rear its ugly head tomorrow. Deal with its intrusion as best you can as you are unable to change the happenings of yesterday. Keep an eye out for every bullet travelling through time and duck and dodge accordingly.

You spent $______ last month

but somebody sent them

They shouldn’t have come here She enjoys

you have trouble

I have trouble I have somedays

sorry the sun moved

and I agreed

because it was a great birthday with slow minute

that slanted at my desk

she makes it sorry for overreaching

It traveled to

twice an alone

video he dug a terrific listeners who ade same thing Here’s how

crib-biting wind- sucking sham-chewing crème- slecking pin-shacking chill-eating crow-fraking

It took me a while to walk through the corridor and each one of my footsteps reverberated up and down the space. My amplified sense of my own presence made me walk tall and suck in my stomach a little. I felt like I had to compete with each pillar that I walked past. I had to become larger for the space that I was in and I did this by multiplying myself.

We have the option to travel great distances or spin in one place. The further one travels, the more one loses. With each disappearance, the desire to travel intensifies. There are entire valleys that have inverted themselves in order to never see the light again. Repositioning yourself by 10 digits on the x axis and 7 digits on the y axis might cause you to fall off the grid. The sun expands so that it is in constant contact with the earth. It enables physical and mental combination 1 – 30. 1/4 of all beings originate from this concept. 50% of information is returned home without reaching it’s destination while the remaining 50% is bounced back and forth slightly altering with each impact before passing through.

Plant1: Man1: Man3: Plant2: Man3: Plant2:

neuwwwwwk! sansssaaaaannn neuwwwwwwk! surita sansssaaaaannn surita surita surita neuwwwwwwk sansssaaaaannn neuwwwwwwk! sansaan surita

If you were to walk 10 feet backwards and then 5 feet forwards, your third self would be 2 ½ feet in front of you.

I was standing just outside the large wooden door, trying to imagine what the apartment looked like on the inside. It seemed like a good place, assembled and connected. In my mind I was looking at the things from above. I thought the whole place would be able to fit at least a thousand people if they were all standing at arms length from each other and the doors of all the rooms were open. I imagined there to be 15 rooms total, each fairly small but with tall ceilings. The doors connecting the rooms, which were in fact locked most of the time, were made of glass and didn’t go down all the way to the floor. This allowed a stream of air to run throughout all the rooms and the temperature of the apartment to remain the same. The movement of the current was in the shape of face.


Shreya Sethi & Nat M Stone