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Certification Updates NMPA announces Inboard Propeller Certification and updates on credential requirements.



Thank You Sponors/Exhibitors We recognize and thank those companies who supported the NMPA Annual Convetion and encourage you to support them.

NMPA Surveys On the neels of live online surveys at the Annual Convention, NMPA plans to seek your feedback.


Convention Delivers Strong Propeller Technical Sessions and Thought-Provoking Keynote Address

Bill Yeargin, CEO, Correct Craft gives keynote address at nmpa annual convention as members pay rapt attention


he NMPA 2017 Annual Convention wrapped up on Saturday November 11th in Las Vegas with a challenge to members from Keynote Speaker Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft, to address curent general and technological global trends by breaking free of conventional ways of thinking. Yeargin, speaking at the NMPA Annual Meeting, noted that it is almost impossible for incumbents to disrupt their own industry, but that it [the ability and willingness to disrupt one’s own industry] may be the key to capitalizing on the significant and inevitable changes that will create ‘incredible abundance’ in the future. A well-published writer and successful marine industry business leader, Yeargin touched on

issues such as wealth transfer, urban growth in coastal cities, the growing ability to collect large amounts of consumer data, the leaps and bounds taking place in quantum computing and the growth of other major world economies like China. He suggested that these changes are already influencing the recreational marine industry. Yeargin insisted that we must be willing to take on the number one thing holding us back, ‘our own thinking’. Sessions Receive Positive Feedback

Attendees and Exhibitors from across the United States, Canada and internationally, from as far as Australia and Norway, travelled to Vegas for this year’s Convention. Survey results indicated attendees primaly came for updated technical information on propeller repair methodologies and for business-tobusiness networking. “As a small trade association that represents the propeller industry, our goal is for this Annual Convention to be the best place to Continued on Page 3

NMPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS DAVE DEWITT, PRESIDENT Mercury Marine - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Stew Foster - VICE PRESIDENT Prop Masters Inc. - Alberta, Canada Mike Jones, Secretary Coastal Propeller Service - Bridge City, Texas Darren Prouty, Treasurer General Propeller Company - Bradenton, Florida Scott Baumann Baumann Marine - Houston, Texas Marcus Clements Power Tech! Propellers - Shreveport, Louisiana sCOTT kNUTSON, Props Ahoy - Union Grove, Wisconsin Rick Licare Rundquist Propeller Tools - Naples, Florida Gary J. Linden Linden Propeller Co. - Dubuque, Iowa Don MACRAE Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Kevin Mitchell Michigan Wheel Marine - Grand Rapids, Michigan pHIL STEPHANUIK Turning Point Propeller - Jacksonville, Florida NATIONAL MARINE PROPELLER ASSOCIATION 1043 SE 17th St., Ste. 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 p: 1 (954) 880 3588 f: 1 (954) 239 2600 e: w:

NMPA’s MISSION: To foster our member’s success by providing training and support in product and technical knowledge, and to promote ethical business conduct between our members and the boating community. To sustain our vision and mission by seeking renewal via education, application of new technologies, and best business practices through association with one another. To provide a nurturing and growth oriented association which encourages our members to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.


President’s letter Winter is truly here, especially in the upper Midwest as evidenced by the extended frigid temperatures and strong snow storms. I’m hopeful that you’re surviving the weather and this issue of ‘The Leading Edge’ finds you well. We wrapped up 2017 and opened 2018 with high energy and enthusiastic about the year the lies ahead. At the 2017 Annual Convention, we had a great welding seminar on Thursday before the convention. strong exhibits from a core group of valued product Dave dewitt, president and service suppliers, excellent educational sessions, useful networking time with fellow industry pros and another year of a strong showing of members to our gathering. 2017 was a fantastic year for most of our members. I am hopeful that this year [2018] is going to continue being good for everyone’s business. I spoke to several members who were reporting a busy and likely profitable 2017, and felt positive that business in their regions was going to continue to pick up. In my opinion, and speaking on behalf of several members who expressed the same thoughts to me in Las Vegas and since then, attendance at the NMPA Annual Convention is a valuable and worthwhile benefit of membership in this association. If you attending the convention I am sure you recognize the benefits to you and your business. Our organization provides a platform for its members to exchange ideas, promote optimal work practices, and the ability to visit with the various vendors that support this industry. To those that did not attend I encourage you to consider the 2018 convention. One important outcome is the continued refinement of the NMPA Certification Program with the completion of the In-Board Propeller certification and process for maintaining certification through continuing education. You can read the details of the updates and changes made based on member feedback here in this issue, but my point in mentioning it is to once again encourage all members to pursue certification. It remains one of the best ways show your customers that you are qualified and committed to higher standards of professionalism in propeller repair. On behalf of the Board I thank you for your continued support of NMPA and look forward to 2018 maintaining the good start we’re all enjoying. Sincerely,

2018 Annual Convention


learn and share knowledge about all things related to propeller manufacturing and repair,” said David De Witt, President of NMPA. He added, “Based on the feedback we received from attendees this year, we have achieved our goal! The preconvention workshop, exhibitors, booths and the continuing education sessions were described as worthwhile, engaging and knowledge building opportunities.” Elections

The NMPA held the 2017-2018 Board of Directors Elections at the Annual Meeting with two new members elected and several re-elected to leadership positions. Don MacRae of Frank & Jimmies Propeller in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Scott Knutson of Props Ahoy in Union Grove, Wisconsin were are newly elected Board Members, while Stew Foster of Prop Masters in Alberta, Canada was re-elected as Vice President; Darren Prouty of Precision Propellers in Spokane, Washington was elected to serve as Treasurer. Rick Licare of Runquist Propeller Tools in Naples, Florida was re-elected as a Director. The full list of NMPA Board of Directors for 2017 – 2018 are as follows: Officers President - David DeWitt, Mercury Propellers - Fond du Lac, WI Vice President - Stew Foster, Prop Masters - Alberta, Canada Treasurer – Darren Prouty, Precision Propellers - Spokane, WA Secretary - Mike Jones, Coastal Propeller Service - Bridge City, TX Directors Scott Baumann, Baumann Marine - Houston, TX Marcus Clements, PowerTech! Propellers - Shreveport, LA Scott Knutson, Precision Props Ahoy - Union Grove, WI Rick Licare, Rundquist Propeller Tools - Naples, FL Gary Linden, Linden Propeller - Dubuque, IA Don MacRae, Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller - Fort Lauderdale, FL Kevin Mitchell, Michigan Wheel Marine - Grand Rapids, MI Phil Stephanuik, Turning Point Propellers - Jacksonville, FL Outlook

NMPA Managing Director Gordon Connell in his Convention remarks noted that members generally reported a strong 2017 and that indications for 2018 were positive. “With the economy on an upward trend, members that I spoke to think that both propeller repair and sales will do well in 2018,” Connell said. “Manufacturers reported that demand continues to out-pace supply and they were aggressively ramping up to meet the needs.” Connell indicated that in 2018 the Board would continue to look for ways to enhance the value of NMPA membership and NMPA Cerfication in particular. CALENDAR of EVENTS

New England Boat Show Feb. 10-18 :: Miami int’l boat show Feb. 15-19 :: Annual detroit boat show Feb. 17-25 ::

The saltwater fish expo Mar. 16-18 :: saltwater/index.html ibex - Oct. 2-4 :: FLIBS - Oct. 31- ov4 :::

Photos: 01-Don MacRae opens with interactive live polling session. 02-Full classes for sessions help increase value for all attendees. 03-Mark Miocevich of VEEM Propellers discussses product


Inboard Certification Now Available; Continuing Education Established as the Focus for NMPA Certified Members to Maintain Credential


ccording to Stew Foster, speaking as the Chair of the NMPA Certification Committee, and on behalf of the association at the Annual Convention, achieving NMPA Certification as a propeller repair professional is a statement of one’s ability and commitment to providing consistently high quality work. It represents for members and communicates to customers a person’s strong interest in understanding and maintaining knowledge of best practices in propeller repair, the latest techniques, tools, products and methodologies. His comments reflected the results of the work by the Certification Committee and Board of Directors during the year leading up to the 2017 Convention where a comprehensive review of the Certification program was undertaken. Foster explained how the newly approved Inboard Propeller Certification practical exam will work. “After several months, a lot of emails, several conference calls by the Certification Committee and discussion at multiple Board meetings we have created a Suggested Operating Guidelines document for propeller repair, which includes Large Inboard Propeller Acceptable Repair Tolerances using ISO 484-2 and ISO 1940-1 as references,” Foster said. “Members who have completed the written exam and passed their outboard propeller repair practical are eligible to take the

Pre-Convention workshop on welding by gary holbrook a good example of continuing education content offered

inboard practical exam. We’ll send them a damage injected inboard wheel to repair, and the repair will have to meet the tolerances outlined in the SOGs when its sent back to us for inspection in order to pass.” The NMPA Certification Committee Chair invited all members to consider applying for and securing their Inboard Propeller Certification. Another major announcement Foster made during his presentation was on the issue of members renewing or maintaining their NMPA Certified credential. There was significant feedback and objection by members to the recertification requirement process presented at the 2016 Annual Convention. In summary, members expressed concern that simply retaking the same written examination and practical test after many years of experience as a propeller repair professional did not offer any updated indicator of their updated capabilities or knowledge. In acknowledging the points made by the membership, and on behalf of the Committee and Board, Foster outlined the revised requirements and NMPA’s rationale that the best forum for continuing education is the Convention. He said that to maintain the certification credential companies must: • • • a member in good standing ...must attend Annual Convention for Continuing Education ...may not miss more than one Annual Convention consecutively

“Those of you who come to Convention understand the value of being here. The contacts, the information and the relationships you make with people who understand your business and the propeller world is unparalleled,” said Foster. “We need you to go back home and tell those shops who are missing out to make the effort to become certified and to invest in their businesses by coming to Vegas and being more engaged and a part of this important annual event.” NMPA President Dave DeWitt in his follow-up comments thanked the current and previous Certification Committees for their work. He shared with the members that the Board is working on new initiatives that if successful will enhance the value of the NMPA Certification credential even more. Outboard and Inboard Propeller Certifications Available Written Exam & Practical Exams Required Study Material & Suggested Operating Guidelines Provided

Call the NMPA Office at 954-880-3588 for more information 4 | THE LEADING EDGE


Thank You Exhibitors & Sponsors

Pictures &/or Parodies from the World of Propeller Repair submitted by Don MacRae, Frank & Jimmies Propellers


his issues’ picture shows two large wheels at Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida “before & after” Propspeed. During Mark Billingsley’s Propspeed Presentation at our recent Annual Convention, Frank & Jimmie’s President & COO Don MacRae provided a firsthand testimonial of how F&J’s uses Propspeed and Propspeed application to upsell, increase customer satisfaction and assist Divers and Captains in meeting their launch dates. The presentation highlighted the use of coatings as an additional revenue stream for shops.

Dear Sponsors & Exhibitors: On behalf of the Board of Directors and Members of the NMPA, thank you for your past articipation in our Annual Convention and commitment to NMPA as the organization solely focused on high standards of propeller repair and the general improvement of the recreational marine propeller industry. We appreciate the investment you make to send representatives, your product displays, and/or presenters each year. In turn, we encourage our members to turn to you first and foremost when they need propellers, tools, consumable products and services. I want to reassure you that as an organization we understand the importance of stability, growth and creating new opportunities for supporters like you. Know that our Board of Directors is focused on strategies that continue to attract more members to the association and to the Annual Convention each year. As we plan the 2018 Annual Convention and build another year of strong educational and information sessions, we hope you too have already reserved November 8 - 10 to come to Vegas to be an exhibitor with us again. You’ll receive your 2018 renewal letters in the Spring, however, always feel free to reach out to indicate your early commitment. Again, thank you for your steadfast support of NMPA.

Each issue we’ll publish cool pictures, unbelievable stories and amazing work by the propeller repair professionals in the NMPA. Send us your stories or pictures and we’ll share them here in The Leading Edge. Submit to

Gordon Connell, Managing Diretor NMPA.NET | 5

Live Inter-Active Surveys at Convention a Preview of the Full 2018 Membership Survey

by Gordon Connell, Managing Director - NMPA


t’s impossible for any membership based organization to be successful without pausing every once in a while to seek feedback from its members in the form of a survey. While the association leadership is representative and reflective of the membership, and they bring their perspectives and a wealth of experience to the table, it’s important to hear directly from members and surveys are the best tool to solicit that input. At the 2017 Annual Convention we polled the members on their Convention experiences, and solicit additional information such as company demographics, general business/operations data, and their expectations from the association. Below are two charts that offer a small picture of NMPA member reasons for attending the Annual Convention and the size of their shops based Convention Date on number of employees. 0% An online member survey is being drafted for Board review and we’re aiming to launch the survey by March. We’ll share the results of the data collected later this year and based on member opinions and input we’ll develop new initiatives for the association and convention. The better our response rate the more valuable the information, so please look out for our emails and be sure to participate.

Cost/Affordability 0%

Special thanks to Don MacRae, President & COO of Frank & Jimmie’s Propellers who introduced the online poll app, helped develop the survey questions and led the members during the live interactive survey session. 77% of survey respondents indicated that networking and continuing education were the two main reasons they attended Convention, and results also showed that most shops have 1-3 or 7-10 employees. The sample sizes were small, but the data in alignment with the general knowledge of our membership. I’m looking forward to the survey and your participation in a few weeks.

Convention Location 6%

Membership Networking 44%

Quality of Information, Educational Content & Presenters 16%

Continuing Education Opportunities 34%

Number of Employees in NMPA Member Shops 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0











1043 SE 17th Street, Suite 201 Fort Lauderdale, fl 33316

Call for Proposals! According to a survey conducted at last years’ event, The NMPA Annual Convention is appealing mostly for its continuing education program and the membership networking. As we plan this year’s event, we are seeking trusted propeller industry experts who can offer substantive presentations on relevant topics ranging from techniques, equipment, tools and other related propeller subject-matter. You’re invited submit a proposal outlining your topic and the speakers at Convention. We want to hear from you, but more importantly, the propeller industry deserves thear from you. Seminars are usually 45-mins long and should include visuals (Powerpoint or Video) and/or handouts with useful take-away content. This is not a product promotional opportuntiy, so please tailor your proposal to meet the goals of education and discussion of relevant topics by like-minded propeller repair and sales professionals.

Contact NMPA office at 954-880-3588 with your questions, or submityour proposal to 8 | THE LEADING EDGE