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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Exhibitors reported a positive tone and a keen interest among this year’s Convention attendees, with first-time exhibitors Hydro Propulsion Industries reporting strong interest in their products and great ROI based on the orders secured during the two-day event. “This was great for us,” said Don Whatcott of Hydro Propulsion. “We’re very glad we made the trip to Las Vegas and became part of the NMPA group. The exposure was good for our company and we’ll be back next year,” he stated. The Annual Convention is the main event on the NMPA calendar where NMPA Members come together to catchup on the latest trends and news in the propeller industry and with the association. In addition to the Propeller School, Educational Sessions, Exhibitors and Networking Events, the Convention also included the NMPA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 12th. During the meeting, The Board of GORDON CONNELL SPEAKS WITH FIRST-TIME EXHIBITORS HYDRO PROPULSION INDUSTRIES Director Elections took place as well as updates on new initiatives such as the NMPA Certification Program. Sessions at the Convention included an informative presentation on business improvement ideas that big and small shops could use; a close look at ISO 484 and explanation of its application in propeller repair; the introduction of a new propeller tool called the Digital Scan Arm; a presentation and highly interactive Q & A session reviewing shop safety and real-world case studies of accidents that happened on the shop floor; and an intriguing session on new welding techniques that included a sample weld of aluminum and galvanized steel. The date for the 2017 Annual Convention is November 9-11.

NMPA BOARD APPROVES MEMBERSHIP DUES INCREASE At the Annual Board Meeting in November, NMPA Board of Directors approved a membership dues increase and changed the renewal year from September through August annually, to April through March. The new annual membership dues for NMPA will be $350. Dave DeWitt, NMPA president said, “The Board held off of a dues increase for several years recognizing the challenges many small businesses faced in the aftermath of the economic downturn. NMPA depends on dues revenue and convention revenue, but we tightened our belt even as we worked to improve member benefits and services.” He added, “So that we can continue the rebuilding efforts started in 2015 we needed to make this change now to support the organization’s operations and better serve you. As a Board we continue to believe in the value of NMPA and look forward to your continued support.” “The dues increase will be phased in,” expains Gordon Connell, NMPA Managing Director. Renewal notices will be sent out in March 2017 with a due date of April 1, 2017 and giving members credit for dues paid through August 2017. Connell noted that the Board’s intent is to help members reduce the impacts on their cash flows by spreading the payments for dues and the Annual Convention across two different times of the year. “This year, members will see a renewal invoice for $275, which takes into account credit for the rest of the old dues year that would have run till the end of August,” Connell said. “Next year, members will renew in April and the new amount of $350 will be invoiced.” The Board of Directors discussed various ways to enhance membership value and welcome input from members on how the association can better serve the needs of its propeller repair professionals. A membership survey seeking input was suggested and will be done later this year.


AMERICAN BOATING CONGRESS May 15-17, 2017 Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C. Web: ICAST - July 11-14, 2017 Orange County Convention Ctr. Orlando, FL Web:

IBEX - September 19-21, 2017 Tampa Convention Ctr. , Tampa, FL Web: FORT LAUDERDALE INT’L BOAT SHOW November 2-6, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL Web:

NMPA ANNUAL CONVENTION November 9-11, 2017 The Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Web: Phone: 954-880-3588