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2017 Board Elections Results of the NMPA Annual Elections held during the 2016 Annual Convention in Las Vegas.



PropElements 2017 Read more about new software available by HydroComp for propeller design and analysis.

Convention Photo Gallery View highlights from the Annual Convention. Visit to see the full gallery of photos.


Successful Convention Offers Members Hope for Strong Business in 2017 After a successful 2016 NMPA Annual Convention in Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, association members are reporting a strong start to business in 2017. The event had more than 100 attendees and debuted a HydroComp Half-Day Propeller School with 35 atteendees composed of propeller repair pros from around the country and from as far as Australia. Donald MacPherson, Technical Director at HydroComp, Inc. and the 2016 NMPA Propeller School Instructor said,”For me, events like the first NMPA “Propeller School”

are the best part of my job. I have always enjoyed trying to make complex topics like propeller hydrodynamics accessible. Whether I am successful is due in large part to the audience, and the NMPA membership has always been an excellent group for our discussions and presentations. This year was no exception! We had a great group in the room that allowed us to develop new understandings of the nature of propellers, as well as find some humor in the topics.” He added, “My personal thanks to the participants for a great session, and we look forward to future technical discussions with the NMPA members. Remember – it is all about the curves!” CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

NMPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS DAVE DEWITT, PRESIDENT Mercury Marine - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin STEW FOSTER - VICE PRESIDENT Prop Masters Inc. - Alberta, Canada MIKE JONES, SECRETARY Coastal Propeller Service - Bridge City, Texas PAUL FOX, TREASURER General Propeller Company - Bradenton, Florida SCOTT BAUMANN Baumann Marine - Houston, Texas MARCUS CLEMENTS Power Tech! Propellers - Shreveport, Louisiana JIMMIE HARRISON Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller Shop - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida RICK LICARE Rundquist Propeller Tools - Naples, Florida GARY J. LINDEN Linden Propeller Co. - Dubuque, Iowa KEVIN MITCHELL Michigan Wheel Marine - Grand Rapids, Michigan DARREN PROUTY, Precision Propeller Co. - Spokane, Washington PHIL STEPHANUIK Turning Point Propeller - Jacksonville, Florida NATIONAL MARINE PROPELLER ASSOCIATION 1043 SE 17th St., Ste. 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 p: 1 (954) 880 3588 f: 1 (954) 239 2600 e: w:

NMPA’S MISSION: To foster our member’s success by providing training and support in product and technical knowledge, and to promote ethical business conduct between our members and the boating community. To sustain our vision and mission by seeking renewal via education, application of new technologies, and best business practices through association with one another. To provide a nurturing and growth oriented association which encourages our members to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.


PRESIDENT’S LETTER Winter only has a few more weeks officially... but in many parts of the country, seeing how busy everyone seems to be already, it sure sounds like and feels like Spring is here. Here at Mercury Propellers in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, winter’s grip is loosening and as the temperature climbs so does marine market demand. We are excited for a strong 2017 and cannot wait for the season to kick into gear at full speed! At the 2016 Annual Convention we had a DAVE DEWITT, PRESIDENT great inaugural HydroComp Propeller Half Day School, strong exhibits from a core group of valued product and service suppliers, excellent educational sessions, useful networking time with fellow industry pros and another year of a strong showing of members to our gathering. There was a sentiment that the coming year was going to be good for business. I spoke to several members who were reporting a busy and likely profitable 2016, and felt positive that business in their regions was going to continue to pick up. In my opinion, and speaking on behalf of several members who expressed the same thoughts to me in Las Vegas and since then, attendance at the NMPA Annual Convention is a valuable and worthwhile benefit of membership in this association. I urge you to save the dates November 9 11, 2017 and plan to attend this year’s Annual Convention. Earlier this month you received notice of changes in the NMPA Dues rates and renewal year. You will read more about those changes here in ‘The Leading Edge’ as well. I can tell you that the Board of Directors does not take a dues increase lightly and for many years have held off of making any changes to the membership dues structure, focusing instead on reorganizing and improving membership value. Our revenue comes from two main sources; dues and the convention. Our expenses are primarily hosting the convention and management costs. We have maintained a very strict budget that limits our ability to add benefits and services, and while we will continue to have a strict budget, we do hear the call to offer more educational opportunities and better promote and highlight the value of certification to the members and to the general public. On behalf of the Board I thank you for your continued support of NMPA and look forward to 2017 maintaining the good start we’re all enjoying. Sincerely,

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Exhibitors reported a positive tone and a keen interest among this year’s Convention attendees, with first-time exhibitors Hydro Propulsion Industries reporting strong interest in their products and great ROI based on the orders secured during the two-day event. “This was great for us,” said Don Whatcott of Hydro Propulsion. “We’re very glad we made the trip to Las Vegas and became part of the NMPA group. The exposure was good for our company and we’ll be back next year,” he stated. The Annual Convention is the main event on the NMPA calendar where NMPA Members come together to catchup on the latest trends and news in the propeller industry and with the association. In addition to the Propeller School, Educational Sessions, Exhibitors and Networking Events, the Convention also included the NMPA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 12th. During the meeting, The Board of GORDON CONNELL SPEAKS WITH FIRST-TIME EXHIBITORS HYDRO PROPULSION INDUSTRIES Director Elections took place as well as updates on new initiatives such as the NMPA Certification Program. Sessions at the Convention included an informative presentation on business improvement ideas that big and small shops could use; a close look at ISO 484 and explanation of its application in propeller repair; the introduction of a new propeller tool called the Digital Scan Arm; a presentation and highly interactive Q & A session reviewing shop safety and real-world case studies of accidents that happened on the shop floor; and an intriguing session on new welding techniques that included a sample weld of aluminum and galvanized steel. The date for the 2017 Annual Convention is November 9-11.

NMPA BOARD APPROVES MEMBERSHIP DUES INCREASE At the Annual Board Meeting in November, NMPA Board of Directors approved a membership dues increase and changed the renewal year from September through August annually, to April through March. The new annual membership dues for NMPA will be $350. Dave DeWitt, NMPA president said, “The Board held off of a dues increase for several years recognizing the challenges many small businesses faced in the aftermath of the economic downturn. NMPA depends on dues revenue and convention revenue, but we tightened our belt even as we worked to improve member benefits and services.” He added, “So that we can continue the rebuilding efforts started in 2015 we needed to make this change now to support the organization’s operations and better serve you. As a Board we continue to believe in the value of NMPA and look forward to your continued support.” “The dues increase will be phased in,” expains Gordon Connell, NMPA Managing Director. Renewal notices will be sent out in March 2017 with a due date of April 1, 2017 and giving members credit for dues paid through August 2017. Connell noted that the Board’s intent is to help members reduce the impacts on their cash flows by spreading the payments for dues and the Annual Convention across two different times of the year. “This year, members will see a renewal invoice for $275, which takes into account credit for the rest of the old dues year that would have run till the end of August,” Connell said. “Next year, members will renew in April and the new amount of $350 will be invoiced.” The Board of Directors discussed various ways to enhance membership value and welcome input from members on how the association can better serve the needs of its propeller repair professionals. A membership survey seeking input was suggested and will be done later this year.


AMERICAN BOATING CONGRESS May 15-17, 2017 Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C. Web: ICAST - July 11-14, 2017 Orange County Convention Ctr. Orlando, FL Web:

IBEX - September 19-21, 2017 Tampa Convention Ctr. , Tampa, FL Web: FORT LAUDERDALE INT’L BOAT SHOW November 2-6, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL Web:

NMPA ANNUAL CONVENTION November 9-11, 2017 The Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada Web: Phone: 954-880-3588












NMPA held its Annual Board of Directors Elections on Saturday, November 12th, during the NMPA Annual Convention. No additional nominations were made from the floor and the slate of candidates presented by the Nominating Committee were duly elected according to the association by-laws. Phil Stephanuik of Turning Point Propellers was newly elected to the Board of Directors to serve a two year term joining Dave DeWitt of Mercury Propellers, Mike Jones of Coastal Propeller Services, Scott Baumann of Baumann Propellers, Marcus Clements of PowerTech Propeller, Gary Linden of Linden Propeller and Kevin Mitchell of Michigan Wheel who were all re-elected. Board members elected in 2016 continue their terms through 2018. 4 | THE LEADING EDGE





The 2016 – 2017 NMPA Board of Directors are: President - David DeWitt, Mercury Propellers, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Vice President - Stew Foster, Prop Masters, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada Treasurer - Paul Fox, General Propeller Co., Bradenton, Florida Secretary - Mike Jones, Coastal Propeller Service, Bridge City, Texas Directors Scott Baumann, Baumann Marine, Houston, Texas Marcus Clements, PowerTech! Propellers, Shreveport, Louisiana Jimmie Harrison, Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rick Licare, Rundquist Propeller Tools, Naples, Florida Gary Linden, Linden Propeller, Dubuque, Iowa Kevin Mitchell, Michigan Wheel Marine, Grand Rapids, Michigan Darren Prouty, Precision Propeller Co., Spokane, Washington Phil Stephanuik, Turning Point Propller, Jacksonville, Florida

HydroComp Introduces PropElements 2017


THANK YOU ZF MARINE submitted by Gary Linden, Linden Propellers

HydroComp PropElements 2017 – the propeller “design for performance” code from HydroComp, Inc. of Durham NH USA – is the latest build of the company’s commercial software for marine propeller design and analysis. While it tackles the componentlevel hydrodynamic needs of naval architects, propeller specialists will find it an essential addition to their software tools.

I recently had a pleasant experience with Adam from ZF Marine Propellers, which I wanted to share with my fellow NMPA members. Too often we hear the stories of frustration and I wanted to offer a positive note on behalf of all the good that goes un-noticed.

HOW PROPELEMENTS 2017 WORKS In wake-adapted propeller design, a custom propeller is optimally matched to the unique inflowproperties of the vessel, or its “wake field”. (See Figure 1 below for an example of radial averaged velocities derived from the wake field.) PropElements is able to consider axial and tangential inflow properties, and ascertain optimized distributions of pitch and camber for prescribed foil characteristics. Of FIGURE 1 course, the propeller

My repair shop received some ZF Faster propellers in for repair. Both propellers were very badly damaged, such in a fashion that we could not get a good reference scan for one good blade. I called several repair shops for some scan detail in regards to pitch distributions etc. I was able to come up with one scan report but it was only on three radii. Not really what I was looking for.

design process with PropElements takes into account blade strength, tip and hub loading, and cavitation. Its calculation pages include Propeller, Performance, and Strength; with supplemental calculations such as for the creation of KT-KQ curves. (See Figure 2 for a sample screen shot.) The foundation of PropElements is a unique distributed blade foil code, with empirical connections that allow analyses to be viscous and fully-scalable. (These corrections are made possible through HydroComp’s experience in hybrid empirical-numerical hydrodynamics.) PropElements also supports standard nozzle styles (such as 19A, 33 and 37), with optional support for contemporary high-efficiency nozzles and tunnel thrusters.

I picked up the phone and called ZF Marine and explained my problem. They put me in contact with Adam Blum. I introduced myself and explained what I was looking for. Adam was excited to help me with this report and within several hours I had the complete scan data that I was looking for so that we could upload this file to our Digital Data Scan Arm and successfully repair these propellers back to factory specifications. Again I would like to thank Adam and ZF Marine for support in this matter. I see this as just another benefit of having ZF Marine as a vendor and being a member of the NMPA.

DETAILED ANALYSIS OF PROPELLER PERFORMANCE PropElements can also be applied to analysis, as well as design. The ability to investigate radial values of foil lift and cavitation number, for example, can help identify potential sources of root cavitation or blade impulse excitation. It can help evaluate tip loading (for hydroacoustics), and also be employed in forensic investigations of blade failure. Visit to read more about the PropElements software or contact Donald MacPherson Technical Director, HydroComp, Inc. via email at