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Luna Galvan

Pipeline 2013

Biography Hello my name is Luna Solé Galvan. I am Navajo on my father’s side and Mexican on my mother’s side. I am the youngest of 4. My birthday is September 27th 1996. I live in Upland, California and I attend Upland high school. This year I will be a senior and graduate in 2014. The thought of college excites me because I cannot wait to encounter what the future holds for me. My dream career is to become a pediatric nurse.

I want to say thank you so much to the Elders involved in the program this year. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your stories, your words of advice, and your love. Thank you all so much.


Chumash village The Chumash village is like a second home to me now. All the new friends I made there the first day are like my family. Their love and sincerity for all of us was one of a kind. I will definitely return. Thank you all for the love and hospitality you gave to us.

Connections I am so glad to come back to Pitzer this year. I was also happy to see some returners and new faces. These past two weeks went by extremely fast. I will miss you all very much! Thank you for making my last year here amazing and fun Â

Pitzer College Pitzer Pipeline 2013 has been a blast! I will miss everyone I’ve met from this year and the previous year before. You have all became a new family to me. Thank you to Scott and all the people who made this program possible for us.

Western University

The visits to Western University always make me happy because I really enjoy learning more about the medical field since I want to get into that field after high school. Another cool thing I like about going there is because when the medical students and doctors say some terminology I understand what they’re talking about because I took a heath career class during the past school year. My most favorite activity is when we do hands on activities.


Luna Galvan 2013  

Pitzer's Native Youth Pipeline to College 2013

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