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About me I’m Navajo, Apache, and Native Hawaiian. I love to sing, draw, and play guitar, Piano, and the Native American Flute. My family and my friends are what propelled me through this world ever since I joined this program I have been active, social, and more involved in Native Activities. My parents are Hawaiian and they teach hula, ever since they stared I was less interested in my culture and never got a chance to join. Last year my mom signed us up for this Native Pipeline Program that I didn’t even know about, I didn’t want to go because I thought it was a waste of time. I went anyway because of my mom, I was scared, nervous, and upset that the people over there were going to be mean, I was wrong… Throughout the two weeks I’ve been making new friends and soon started participating in Native activities such as dance, making clapper sticks, fry bread, and going to other colleges. When it ended I was upset but still excited that I’ll see them again next summer. My best friends Christa, Amber, Elka, Manny, Fabian, and Alejandro have always been there for me since last summer and they still do today. I want to thank my parents for showing me that what we have in our blood is important and we should take the initiative to continue our culture.



The  places  we’ve  been  to….   The  people  we’ve  met….   We’ll  never  forget  them….    

These people s upported this program for us to learn and

ex perience what college feels like. Some of them show us how to use plants , tell stories, eat healthy, and understand how old living plants are. The mentors are alway s there when we needed them even if it’s pers onal, we’ll never forget them. These people we should respect them and their hard work, they try really hard for us to not only learn but enjoy this program . I want to thank Scotty for everything he did for us without him we wouldn’t have known anything about our Native origins or know what college feels like.

~Thank You Scotty~

*WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!*


Why Am I Here? ba  

I am here to connect with my native

origin. I sort of know most of my Hawaiian culture but I also want to learn about my Apache and Navajo Heritage too. Not only that I also want to relate my Hawaiian qualities with other tribes, and so far they are a bit similar. Learning all this important information made feel like we are connected as one. Our ancestors were last to be sent on this earth to protect our relatives the plants, animals, and the spirits. And now that we’re here we should do the same just like what our ancestors did. I’ve always wondered who my native ancestors were and what ceremonies they did. I want to show my ancestors that I’m a true native. I want to do this for my Grandma because her spirit lives in my heart and I want to show her that I I’ll never give up on my Hawaiian culture, it’s

cd Our relatives are the living plant’s that surrounds us and gives us Oxygen while we give them Carbon Dioxide. We need them and they need us that’s why were connected with each other, were alive, we breathe, and we have a spirit.


cd When we wake up, we make sure to greet the Sun and Grandmother Moon for providing us light on our Mother Earth. Without the Sun our relatives we’ll die and so will we. Without Grandmother Moon we’ll live in a world of darkness, we pray for her and thank her for giving us light during the night.


Jessica Chang  

Digital book made by students in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University Summer 2012

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