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Thoughts on College

Coming to  this  program  has  helped   me  prepare  for  college  life.    In  the   fall  I  will  be  attending  the  University   of  Redlands  and  I  am  so  excited  to   go.      

College Essay So many people in this world would want to be famous for something so insignificant. If I were allowed the chance to have fame for at least fifteen minutes it would not be for something as little as being a movie star or a famous pop star. To me that kind of fame means nothing. There would be a reason for my fame, a reason for everybody in not only our country but the whole world to be happy about. This fame would be very significant and for something that I could be proud of for the rest of my life. It would affect those who knew nothing about me and it would cause a change in the world for as long as anybody lived. Joy would be spread throughout the world and people would be dancing in the streets. The change would range from little children to even to elders. Lives would be opened up to so many more opportunities and families would be brought back together. People would not have to stress anymore and they could believe that anything is possible, even the impossible. What is the fame for? I would have my fifteen minutes of fame for curing cancer.



I met so many new people and they have become like a family to me! I will miss everybody when we have to leave each other.

I learned how to connect with Mother Nature and to appreciate everything that she provides.

Why am  I  here?   When  I  first  decided  to  come  to  this  program  I  had  no  idea   what  to  expect.    I  thought  it  would  be  with  a  bunch  of  serious   people.    I  came  because  I  wanted  to  be  more  prepared  when  I   enter  college  this  fall.    I  soon  found  that  I  had  a  family  here   that  wanted  to  be  there  for  me  and  also  wanted  me  to  have  a   good  experience.    This  program  has  taught  me  so  much  not   only  educationally  but  culturally  as  well.    The  people  I  have   met  will  always  be  in  my  life  now  and  I  am  very  appreciative  of   the  bonds  this  program  has  made  for  me.  

Jane Knows His Gun  

A digital book made by a student in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University - Summer 2012

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