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By Christa  McGowan  

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Bio Hello  my  name  is  Christa  McGowan  and  I  am  from  the  Iowa  Tribe  Of  Kansas  and   Nebraska.  I  am  seventeen  years  old  and  I  currently  live  in  Claremont,  California.  I  am  an   Incoming  Senior  at  Claremont  High  School  and  I  hope  to  be  an  Exotic  Pediatric  Veterinarian  as  a   career  choice.   I  have  been  involved  in  my  community  through  many  ways.  I  have  participated  in  many   native  college  programs  including  University  California  of  Riverside,  Cal  Poly  Pomona,  and  Pitzer   College  in  association  with  Western  University  of  Health  Sciences.    I  am  also  a  Traditional  Jingle   Dress  dancer,  which  comes  from  the  Ojibway  Tribe  up  in  the  Great  Lakes  area.       When  I  was  a  sophomore  in  high  school  I  started  the  first  Native  American  Club  and  was   elected  president  of  the  club,  but  unfortunately  it  did  not  last  into  my  junior  year.  Nevertheless,   I  believe  throughout  the  years  I  have  continued  the  different  native  programs  and  gained  that   sense  of  knowledge  that  I  can  better  the  club  and  make  it  last  over  the  years  and  for  future   generations  of  Native  students  at  Claremont  High  School.   Being  artistic  and  doing  things  to  express  my  imagination  is  one  of  the  things  I  love  to   do.  I  like  to  paint,  write,  dance  and  *sing*.  **I  like  to  THINK  I  can  sing**  I  am  a  thinking  person   so  I  enjoy  different  puzzles,  creating  poetry,  and  also  creating  stories.       Moral  values  that  I  hold  in  high  regards  are  honesty,  trust,  and  friendship.  I  believe  that   these  are  only  some  of  the  important  values  to  build  lasting  relationships  and  connect  not  only   with  people,  but  also  with  Mother  Earth  and  the  Creator.   I  hope  you  enjoy  the  rest  of  my  DigiBook  and  have  an  awesome  day  every  day!     “Life  is  not  about  the  amount  of  breaths  you  take;  it’s  about  the  moments  that  take  your  breath   away.”     “Yesterday  is  History,  Tomorrow  is  a  Mystery,  but  Today  is  a  gift;  that’s  why  it  is  called  the   Present.”                                                        

About Me



If you  had  the  gift  of  telepathy,  the  ability  to  read  other   people’s  minds,  would  you  use  this  gift  or  not?  Explain.

If   I   had   any   physic   ability   I   would   use   them   as   a   gift,   especially   telepathy.   It   would   be   great  to  know  what  people  thought  of  me  or  what  they’re  thinking  about  in  general.  It  would   help  me  understand  them  and  maybe  know  if  what  I  said  had  a  positive  or  negative  effect.     For   example,   I   have   a   friend   who   I   hang   out   with   a   lot   name   Paige.   She   was   a   bright   cheerful   girl   and   would   always   be   happy,   but   it   seemed   that   her   mom   was   the   complete   opposite.  I  remember  having  such  a  stressful  experience  every  time  I  went  over  to  her  house   because  I  can  never  tell  if  her  mom  liked  me  or  not.  My  dad  always  taught  me  to  have  good   manners,   particularly   around   adults,   but   I   could   never   tell   if   I   was   being   polite   or   impolite   because  Paige’s  mother  had  such  a  straight  face  and  never  really  showed  emotion.       I   remember   telling   a   joke   around   the   dinner   table   at   Paige’s   house   and   everyone   was   laughing   except   for   her   mom.   When   I   asked   her   if   the   joke   was   funny   she   looked   to   me   and   shook   her   head   up   and   down   saying,   “Yes,   where   did   you   hear   that   joke?   It   was   really   funny.”   I   was  always  puzzled  after  that  time  at  her  house  and  maybe  thinking  back  on  it  now,  It  might   have  been  really  helpful  if  I  knew  what  Paige’s  mom  was  thinking,  telepathy  can  be  very  useful.   But   I’m   afraid   of   how   that   would   work   out,   I’m   afraid   I   might   hear   stuff   that   I   wouldn’t   want   to   hear.     Since  telepathy  isn’t  a  common  thing  it  might  be  hard  to  understand  what  comes  with   the  package.  Are  there  side  effects  or  certain  disadvantages  that  may  disable  your  thinking?  It’s   all   a   mystery   but   I   think   it’s   a   risk   worth   taking.   I   would   rather   regret   doing   something   than   regret  not  doing  anything  at  all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -­‐Christa  McGowan              

Christa McGowan  
Christa McGowan  

A digital book made by a student in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University - Summer 2012