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Memory of  The  Native  Pipeline  Program   2012  <3  

Angelina Swanson

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My fantasy  college        

The college I would love to go would be University of San Diego. Because San Diego is my hometown where I was born and raised when I was nine years old. San Diego has beautiful beaches that I love. I love there beaches in San Diego.

I met  a  lot  of  nice,  and  interesting  people  in  The  Native  Pipeline  Program.  I  will   never  forget  about  them.  They  were  so  amazing  to  me;  I  am  going  to  be  sad  when  I   leave.  Hopefully  we  all  can  come  back  and  see  each  other  again  in  the  Pipeline   Program.   And  I  will  always  love  my  family,  even  if  I  have  my  ups  and  downs  with  them.  They   will  always  be  in  my  heart.  (:        

Why am I here?                           I  am  here  because  my  grandma  Pauline  told  me  about  it  and  gave  me  all  the   information,  and  I  was  really  interested  in  “The  Native  Pipeline  Program”  I  just   wanted  to  come  and  learn  more  about  my  cultural  and  other  people’s  cultural  too.   Also  meet  other  people  that  are  native  just  like  me.  I  don’t  see  that  much  native   around  my  community.  I  learned  a  lot  of  things  in  “The  Native  Pipeline  Program”   like  for  example  Diabetes  type  1  and  type  2,  making  a  shawl  and  clappers.  I  learned   how  to  dance  Hawaiian,  Salsa,  and  African.  This  experience  for  me  helped  me  a  lot   because  I  want  to  go  to  college  in  dorms.  But  now  that  I  know  how  it  feels  to  live   with  a  roommate,  I  think  I  will  be  ready  to  go  to  college  later  in  life.  I  really  loved   being  in  this  program.  I  would  love  to  come  back  again.  (:    

Native Pipeline  Program  2012   <3  

Angelina Swanson  

Digital book made by students in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University Summer 2012