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Big Kat Sounds

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DJ Coppa

Pg 10 -11

DJ Daddy D

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Fadda Chubby

Pg 16-17

DJ Fresco One

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DJ Lebron

Pg 22-25

DL Lex

Pg 26-27

DJ Nynjah

Pg 28-29

On Track Disco

Pg 30-31

DJ Scorpian

Pg 32-33

DJ Supadane

Pg 34-35

Undertaker Sound

Pg 36-37

VJ Havana

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What do you say to people who think DJing is not a real job? I just have them look up the highest paid DJ's in the world & then ask what they think…….lol What do you like most about your profession? Take people on musical journey where all the problems of the world go away for the 5hrs I play for them…And traveling the world.. What do you least like about the profession? Janky promoters & hating DJ's that don't have nothing better to do but try to get over on people. When did you start DJing? I start DJing from 8yrs old. I was taught by my next door neighbor Terry Hardy who was a top DJ in the early 80's from Paterson NJ. How long you been doing it? Proffessionally 27yrs.. When did you first know that you wanted to be a DJ? I was 7yrs old when I went to my first block party and saw this DJ playing music and how he controlled the crowd for those 7hrs he was the king of the world and had so much power…Right then and there I told my mother thats what I wanted to be….. What genre of music you specialize in? I love anything that is musical…..So to give a honest answer…All Music.. Tell us something about yourself that people may not know? I'm a big fan of Frank Sinatra Music..Don't know why but it's just the greatest sound i ever heard. What makes you different from other DJ's? Not afraid to take a risk musically.I studied the history of all genre of music & my craft of being a DJ…….I never try to sound like any DJ…I’m the leader & when you lead others will follow….


What advice do you have for upcoming DJs? Study the art of DJing & learn the music history..Don't put your self in a musical box!!!! This means when a DJ just play what is hot & on radio for the moment without the hot music from the past..Most important be your own person..Dare to be different..Be A Leader Not A Follower…...

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