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Native Systems

Company Profile August 01, 2011 Prepared by: Zed Chamaa Prepared for: Native Systems

About Native Systems Native Systems is today a comprehensive technology solutions and integration services provider with over 6 years experience. The company was founded originally with a main focus on low voltage and networking solutions. However, as a group we have gained great experience through several successful projects in the Telecommunication, Security, Surveillance, Audio-Visual and Information Technology fields. Our corporate objective is to become a technology powerhouse with offerings ranging from office solutions to turnkey systems and green-field projects. Our commitment is to work on consistently delivering cost–effective and professionally implemented solutions.

Objective "Our value proposition is founded on designing and conceiving solutions specifically answering our customers’ functional and business needs and on prioritizing customer service & technical support by making it a core component of our programs." Over the years, the company kept increasing it’s technical and project implementation capabilities in order to deliver quality services at all levels. Native Systems has access to a wealth of the technical and financial resources necessary to undertake projects of any size or complexity. We have developed partnerships with several industry leaders and technology providers delivering value added in various aspects and fields to our customers and markets and customers. Native Systems has a broad experience in delivering enterprise wide solutions and systems integration services. In addition, Native systems is a leader in physical and logical security integration and implementation, protecting different size organizations with various levels of complexities, offering design, supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of systems and equipment and services to several domestic, retail, commercial and industrial premises, government establishments, oil and gas sites, airports, ports and embassies.

Mission To be the providers of information and communication solutions and systems integration services that deliver long-term business benefits to our Customers, built around our clients core business needs and objectives. Our offering is based on professional, competent and focused resources delivering economical, efficient, durable, flexible and quality results to respond to market and customer needs. "We achieve this by constantly communicating with our customers and learning from them in order to improve our solutions and services. We strive to stay on top of today's and tomorrow’s technology to ensure the best tools are available to the end user."

Vision Making technology the ultimate tool for achieving competitive advantage in every line of business and

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adding value to everyday life.

Company Profile Native Systems is a specialized systems integrator and solutions provider in the Information Technology, Security, Automation and Audio Visuals fields.

Native Systems Specializes In: Integrated Security Automation Internet & Mobile Information Technology Audio Visual & Interactive Turnkey solutions design, systems sourcing, integration, implementation and support Native Systems was originally established in Jordan in 2003 and moved to Abu Dhabi in late 2008. "We believe that technology is a key enabler for the development and prosperity of any individual, organisation and society. Our role is to make this happen by leveraging our know-how, experience and the latest technological breakthroughs we can tap into." In general we address any organization who considers technology to be a competitive advantage rather than a commodity or only a mere necessity. In addition we have special focus on the following industries: Public Services, Homeland Security and Defence Utilities & Telecom Energy Education Healthcare Our approach is an engineering approach to systems integration and solutions design, focusing on cost effectiveness, quality and results. The Native Systems business model is built on the social enterprise and inorganic scalability.

A Knowledge Driven Organization Native Systems is based on knowledge sharing and collaboration enabled and enhanced technology. We continuously strive to further grow, maintain and disseminate state-of-the-art specialized knowledge about our business. Native Systems' consultants not only have professional knowledge and the ability to demonstrate high standing project and personal skills, but they also boast extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. Native Systems’ foremost important skill is the translation of enterprise wide business concepts into integrated working solutions. Native Systems invests heavily in its primary asset: people, with their ideas, expertise, and experience. In

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order to enable and foster knowledge, Native systems relies heavily on technology to improve experience, knowledge transfer and information sharing, speed up decision making, nurture a corporate culture of innovation and creativity, and enforce discipline to deliver with precision and quality. In addition to people, Native systems also invests heavily in R&D and technology in general to ensure we are able to best serve our customers and consistently provide a leading edge in our technology integration services.

Adopting Mobility and the Cloud Besides our capability to assist organizations in building their own cloud computing platforms or leverage existing ones, Native Systems is a true believer and adopter of mobile computing and cloud computing technologies & services. Almost all the applications used by Native Systems reside on the cloud, from sales force automation, to intranet, to office productivity and much more. This adoption provides the company with an unprecedented agility and scalability.

Our Key Strengths Integrated project management for turn-key solutions combining agile methodologies Tracking and control of complex processes Nationwide presence and territory domain Deep knowledge of target operational environment and related problems Full control of legacy and emerging technologies from different suppliers Knowledge of the specific plant requirements, both internal and external Prestigious domestic and international references

Strategy Native Systems operates under a simple yet robust framework; combining quality, commercial efficiency and technical discipline and competence into a coherent, customer-centric model. We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our business focusing on the core services and technology integration capabilities. We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels and across the board. These principles govern all operation units’ core processes. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with excellent service and high quality resources. "Our strategy therefore is built around people we serve (our Customers), people we work with (our Partners) and people that entrust us (our Shareholders)." We recognize that everyone is dedicated to retain full satisfaction by: Exceeding stakeholders’ expectations Understanding customer needs, requirements and underlying motivations Offering a practical mix of reliable technologies and solutions Developing and leveraging our human resources expertise and capabilities Our commitment to continuously improving our value proposition and its underlying processes

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Valuing and fostering creativity and creative thinking by providing the right support and environment Working smart and mixing business with pleasure through serious play Operating under a results oriented work environment Creating a culture of belonging through giving our staff the Autonomy they need, help them master their subject matter and making sure we are all working for a purpose that is bigger then our direct business tactical objectives and ourselves

Core Competencies Through our subsidiaries, partners, and alliances our competencies are represented by: Over 6 years of technology and market experience in the Middle East Over 30 certified engineers, consultants and technicians 24-hour customer support and help desk Training services and facilities Consulting services Quality assurance team Ability to mobilize and provide multilingual support teams Authorized and certified partner for several leading companies and brands

Industry Specialization In: Healthcare Education Government Oil & Gas / Energy Telecom Turnkey projects delivery for the enterprise and in several vertical industries including hospitality, retail, industrial plants & manufacturing, public venues, business & residential centers, public safety & defence. Modern tech interior & architectural design, focusing on using technology and developing concepts to enhance interior environments and architectural designs by adding to them a new feel and function through technology. Results oriented digital platforms conceptual design, development and management based on Web 2.0 technology, employing best practices in digital usability, accessibility and functionality. Apple enterprise and technical solutions expertise.

Partners & Alliances To deliver efficient and effective business and technical value, NATIVE Systems continuously work on establishing partnerships and alliances to enable us to serve our markets and customers. Such alliances and partnerships form the core for developing and fostering our relationships with our industry, markets,

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partners and customers. "We believe in a bidirectional and mutual partnership with all stakeholders, and we constantly strive to ensure and sustain our added value."

Our partners and alliances include:

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Clients Our clients include:

Solutions At Native Systems we deal with technology as a means to achieving effective results. In fact we believe that technology is and should be the ultimate tool that enable businesses and individuals alike to achieve their desired objectives in a cost effective and measurable way without compromising on quality. What makes Native Systems so diversified in terms of technology coverage is our ability to understand technology at its core and our experience in dealing flexibly with various technical problems to address customer needs. "At Native Systems our slogan is “Engineering Your Success�. What this means is that we follow a scientific approach to help you meet your challenges and objectives." Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economical, social and practical knowledge to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely mold solutions to one’s needs. Hence, engineering does not only deal with the technical aspects scientifically and mathematically, but also deals with them in their given social and economical context in a safe and practical manner. It is never about products, brands or technology per say, it is about how they can be combined and constructed in way to achieve the desired outcomes with the minimum cost possible. Since technology and objectives are ever changing, we must also be able to maintain, develop and improve these constructively over time. It is also not possible for one organization to practically be able to cover so many disciplines and specialisations and maintain at the same time a high level of agility and efficiency.

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Therefore our approach has always been, in addition to developing our own set of expertise and competence, to build and develop partnerships with various technology and solutions providers in addition to alliances with various service and consulting firms. "Our services and solutions are centered around the fact that we are experienced technology contractors, hence we master the ability to fully understand the objectives, problems or issues at hand as well as recommending, designing, delivering, supporting and enhancing technology implementations, while simultaneously providing a consistent and constructive knowledge transfer." It is also important to note that understanding technology and the ability to implement technical systems is one thing and the ability to integrate those systems is quite another. At Native Systems we are never satisfied with what technology offers out-of-the-box. We always look at what can be improved, how systems can work together better and how we can deliver such integration through hardcore software, hardware and effective communication engineering. We have nonetheless grouped our solutions offering into the following lines of business: Integrated Security Automation Internet & Mobile Information Technology Audio Visual & Interactive

Integrated Security Physical & Logical Security and Safety As we look at underlying motivations and drivers, we strongly find that the elements of security and safety cannot but be consolidated and integrated. It is also however true that their emphasis differ from one scenario to another and the secret lies in the detail. It is also often clear that these elements could make processes more or less complex and hence could negatively affect productivity. However, if done right, integrated security and safety can only achieve better productivity when looking at the big picture. "Our approach to security and safety is a holistic one addressing individual and specific needs and scenarios in order to ensure a comprehensive and optimal coverage." Whatever the situation is and the technology in use, we make sure that the following concepts are properly studied and covered accordingly: Assurance - the level of guarantee that a security/safety system will behave as expected Countermeasure - a way to stop a threat from triggering a risk event Defense (in depth) - never rely on one single security/safety measure alone

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Exploit - a vulnerability that has been triggered by a threat - a risk of 1.0 (100%) Risk - a possible event which could cause a loss Threat - a method of triggering a risk event that is dangerous Vulnerability - a weakness in a target that can potentially be exploited by a threat security Root Cause Analysis - to identify causes of a system failure and correct deficiencies What If Analysis - in the event of a threat actually becoming a real problem, what might be the impact or consequences Risk Mitigation - the extent of exposure to a risk and/or the likelihood of its occurrence Risk Response Planning - what to do in the event a risk becomes and inevitable reality Manageability - the ability to control, monitor and operate security/safety systems "Technology should always and whenever possible be comprehensive and integrated. Corporate or organizational processes and roles often segregate responsibilities, which seem to be addressing each aspect of the trilogy independently." For instance, fire alarm systems are increasingly becoming based on Internet Protocol, thus leading to them being accessible via local and wide area networks within organisations. Emergency notification is now a new standard in many industries, as well as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). PSIM integrates all physical security systems in a facility, and provides a single and comprehensive means of managing all of these resources. It consequently saves time and cost in the effective management of physical security and enables the integration of such systems with logical counterparts as well as safety elements, especially when these three elements share an equal level of priority and emphasis. Our range of security and safety solutions is therefore very flexible and dynamic.

The following is a quick list of the major core components: Biometrics Public Key Infrastructures Identity Management Systems Single Sign-On Physical Information Management Systems Command, Control, Communication and Computers Access Control Personnel, Assets and Vehicles Identity & Tracking Integrated Control & Visualization Video/Audio & Sensory Surveillance Secure Printing and Identity Cards Design, Production and Management

Internet & Mobile Native Systems provides a wide range of Internet & Mobile solutions to meet your business challenges and help you stay ahead of the competition in a fast paced World of Technology.

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Lead Generation System It is a fast world we live in, and today businesses need to invest time and money into generating business leads. It is a conundrum when the person that is spending the dime doing research for new potential clients should be the one that is out taking care of the existing business and bringing in new business. Time is, very much so, money! Traditional means of advertising – such as trade shows, exhibitions, print advertising – are these days being seen as more antiquated, they are most certainly helpful in a branding capacity but at huge and sometimes overwhelming costs. In today’s economic climate, the majority of businesses cannot afford to invest in such activities on a regular basis in order to generate business leads to fill their sales pipeline. Aside from the high costs involved, it is also difficult to ascertain what leads may come out of traditional advertising. Your brand may be noticed more by the public at large, but are people (prospective clients) spending towards your company to bring back what you have put in? There is little means of discerning the effectiveness of conventional marketing, it is also short-term advertising, a magazine is only out for that month, the exhibition only goes on for 5 days, and so how long do you continue for without seeing any reaped rewards? This is where we at Native Systems will come in to assist you with our Online Lead Generation System. We will ensure that your valuable staff members are out doing their imperative jobs, that money is not only saved but generated, as we at Native Systems will assist with the introduction and generation of leads to your business. Our online system will promise to deliver a guaranteed number of visitors per month to your website and from there we can promise that a percentage will be converted to business leads. With all our assurances, we understand that you will want to see and measure the success, and unlike your traditional means of advertising, this we can do by presenting to you monthly statistics on the campaign.

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What's included in your Business Lead Generation System? Online Market Research Target Market Identification Target Market Segmentation Online Campaign Setup & Configuration Creative Online Advertising & Copy-writing Online Campaign Monitoring & Tracking Online Campaign Management & Enhancements Online Campaign Conversion Tracking Setup & Configuration Lead Form Installation & Configuration Multiple Lead Forms Setup & Configuration (Optional) Auto-Responder Setup (Optional) Lead Form Company Logo Branding Lead Generation Spam Protection Lead Form Languages (Arabic or English) Website Statistics Tracking Installation & Configuration Website Statistics Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reports Lead Generation Monthly Report Business Leads CSV Export (On Demand)

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What packages can I choose from? We currently have four distinct Lead Generation System packages to choose from:

Native Systems will save you time and therefore money. By guaranteeing a specific number of business leads every month, website traffic generation and real time business leads, we promise that over and above this, your company will have a measured success!

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Website Design & Development Native Systems designs online digital platforms and websites that keep every promise to the client’s ultimate goal. A website is a company’s voice and we work with only the most outstanding designers to help you create this voice. We will ensure that your brand is fresh and most importantly recognised. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamental to us - the aesthetic and feel of the site is, of course, important but it is of no use if the user cannot find you. We also understand that there are always unforeseen changes that may come up and in turn this could affect your requirements. With this in mind we work with a method of rapid prototyping based on Rapid Application Development (RAD) that allows us to accommodate these changes and still deliver a quality end product. "We understand the web and how it works, we understand user behaviour – with our expert team that is both diverse and talented we will ensure the best and ultimate results are produced! To do this we believe in the importance of both the technical and the creative – ultimately the perfect website is the perfect blend of both! Innovation is a passion." We use more than an array of different OpenSource tools; Drupal, WordPress and Open Source Web Application Frameworks such as symfony to build strong Social Networks (e.g. Synapse – for NHS, Storyvault, StudentBox, SKIPSO and Code Igniter to provide you with the most effective solutions).

Social Networking Sites & Platforms We build Business Social Network Sites and Platforms Native Systems offers a custom-built social networking platform that will be advantageous to your business. We will create a social platform that is 100% uniquely yours that will integrate with the feel and look of your website. Our team will innovate with features that will ensure the users return to the site. We understand the need for privacy in a social world and we are stringent on ensuring that all the valuable data obtained is yours. Our Social Networking Applications are built using Drupal or Symfony and standards compliant xHTML/CSS/PHP/mySQL with AJAX usage and browser compatible, w3 certified, section 508 compliant coding.

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Core Social Networking Services Communication is key. Native Systems will assist you in achieving ultimate productivity by providing a Social Network Core (SNC). This will aid in encouraging communication, collaboration and in finding and enhancing hidden skills to bring out the best in your business. Our modules include: Homepage, news directories and profiles Secure member registration and authentication Social networking features such as groups, contacts, blogs, galleries and document sharing We will build your Social Networking Core to suit your brand and fit in with your websites look and feel.

Rapid Application Development Businesses these days are fast moving and ever changing. Client’s requirements could alter your goals and a projects development. This is something we truly do understand at Native Systems and so through the use of scripting languages such as PERL and PHP it makes it easier to apply other programming strategies such as Rapid Application Development (RAD). Rapid Application Development is method for compressing the analysis, design, build and test phases into a series of short, repetitive development cycles. The advantage of this it that we will start developing the project as early as possible – Fundamentally the client can request changes at any point of the project without incurring any delay. Unit tests will ensure that the application still runs when it changes and that nothing is broken by adding or refactoring codes in real time.

Corporate Social Networks Native Systems will build a bespoke social network for your business that will promote traffic to your site as well as brand awareness. We will deliver the platform and allow you complete ownership. Our features include: User registration User administration Friends list and activity feeds Organic groups (users can create and manage their own groups) Events Blogs Internal messaging Photo albums with tagging, rotation, sharing, rating and comments Customer vertical search using Lucene Search Solutions Newsletters

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Discussion Forums Customisable Users Homepages Customisable Personal Profiles Presence Awareness File/Audio/Video Sharing Video publishing and Online Video Editing Polls/Surveys Chat Integration RSS – Content Syndication User Role Administration Directory Services Marketplace and Classifieds e-Commerce Content Management (CMS) Content Bookmarking Deployment and AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. You can choose whatever development platform makes the most sense for you. Native Systems offers IT services relating to the ever expanding AWS services. It is perfect for small start up companies as well as web based companies and we will modify to your exact requirements.

Drupal Social Network and CMS Native Systems websites are built using Drupal. Drupal is a popular PHP-based open source Content Management platform that is used for community driven websites – it supports some of the largest websites such as Sony, MTV, the UN, Hilary Clinton, Playtstation , Ecademy , Second Life Linden Labs, NATO and NASA. As well as the common functionality we are able to add on more features for a more evolved platform – such as newsletters, event calendars, blogs and so on Drupal CMS. Native Systems will always recommend Drupal for its innovation - that is otherwise unseen – whilst still being at all times user friendly.

Content Management Systems Content on your site should never be stagnant – it should be fresh and ever changing. This is the key to a successful website. We will supply you with an easy to use and manageable web-based content management system that will allow you the freedom to update text, images, documents and links. This can be done in Drupal, WordPress or, if you desire, a custom built CMS.

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Drupal (CMS) Content Management System: Drupal’s CMS is a feature rich CMS that will allow you full control over your site. It is flexible and easy to use. WordPress Content Management System (CMS): WordPress is a simple, lighter content management system – and is perfect for smaller sites.

Custom Content Management System (CMS): We will create a customised CMS if you need an added functionality that perhaps the above two options are not able to provide.

Symfony Web PHP Framework Symfony is an Open-Source PHP Web Application Framework which Native Systems has migrated to. We are now at the forefront of Symonfy development. We choose to use Symfony due to it enabling us to work in a focused and coordinated way. Symfony framework uses enhanced oriented features. Two of the key features that aid the structuring, readability and maintainability of object-oriented code are the Model View Controller (MVC) and the Object Relational Manager (ORM). The strength of Symfony framework lies in the large community of developers now writing web applications in that language. Some of the many features include: Payment gateway APIs User management CMS Search RSS feeds News Blog Forum SEO Fancy javascrip effects Added features are:

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Simple templating and helpers Cache management Smart URLs Scaffolding Multilingualism and I18N support Ajax support Enterprise ready

Search Engine Optimisation A well designed website does not stop at simply the aesthetics. We bare in mind that of course you want your company and site to be one of the first, if not THE first to come up when a user does a search on your industry. We can guarantee that your website will be on the first page of results of the leading search engines when entering keywords that are related to your industry! If you require a high traffic conversion rate we will assist with this via on a pay per click basis. We will optimize your site, making all your product and service visible on search engines. We will create your website so that search engine spiders read and index your content.

Corporate Identity & Branding Services We are able to assist with any branding projects for your business. Branding should be instantaneously recognized. Prior to the start of any project we will research, ask questions and ensure that we are fully comprehensive our client and their industry! We will understand your business, your ultimate goal and the message that you wish to put across. The essential and most fundamental are to drive potential customers to your site, and subsequently to enhance and develop your business. Native Systems will assist you in developing slogans, designing logos and continue with the brand implementation across websites, literature and advertising.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems To ensure a more productive company and cohesive operations the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) will integrate the various databases in one company (Human Resources, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management etc) into one coherent entity accessible by all departments. The ERP will allow you to manage every aspect of your business within a single solution rather than having to deal with numerous processes; this will ensure a productive and efficient outcome.

E-Commerce Integration Native Systems provides e-commerce integration with most payment providers and shopping carts. Our expertise is in PayPal, PayPal Pro, HSBC, Protx and WorldPay integration. The online shopping cart solutions and ordering systems can be implemented rapidly with minimum fuss, for both small and large scale e-commerce projects.

Google Adwords (PPC) Campaign Management Native Systems has the experience and the expertise in Internet Marketing and can assist you with both paid and free search campaign management with engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We work with a dedicated PPC and SEO team whose only goal is to ensure you achieve best in optimisation.

Ajax Web Development Native Systems will incorporate AJAX features into most web applications. AJAX is a technology for creating interactive web applications and rich web interfaces and is now becoming mainstream. Using AJAX will improve your visibility and customer experience.

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CSS Layouts From Your Design Native Systems will provide web designers with a way to convert designs into a valid, semantically correct compliant HXTML/CSS code within 3 days. We take PSD, PING, AI or even existing markup as a design source file.

iPhone Apps At Native Systems we work alongside the best of the best and the most technologically minded iPhone developers in the industry! We have been at the frontier of iPhone software development since its inception and are confident that we have every expertise that you are looking for. Native Systems is arguably the leader of multi-touch, accelerometers and mobile application designs.

iPhone Applications At Native Systems, we work with over 200 iPhone developers. We will work closely with you to design the ultimate application that is impressive in both functionality and aesthetic. Our engineer and designers, a dedicated and talented team, are behind some very popular iPhone applications in the World today. We create striking interfaces with features that are both appropriate and impressive.

Games We understand the popularity and continuous appeal of games, their attractiveness never wanes. Our expert developers have come up with renowned games and they promise to continue thinking ahead and out of the box to create games that ‘wow’! We believe in quality design, engineering and of course an intelligent surprise aspect!

Web The website is where people will go to in order to find out more about you and your company. Native Systems will make sophisticated web destinations with the most advanced and up to date in blogging engines, comprehensive FAQ user friendly press rooms and forums. Native Systems is confident in our expertise with iPhone web development. We are proficient in technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Sencha Touch and will create the most amazing interfaces that will no doubt impress.

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iPad Apps The iPad is a device that has exceeded the realms of what is popular. Native Systems produces the best applications and games like no other. We have developed over 200 original titles and 5 million downloads for both iPhone and iPad and work with developers that are experts in their chosen field of iPad. At Native Systems we were one of the first with iPad software development, producing best selling, feature-rich applications and games. Our developers do not rest, their goal is to always come up with the next best application - and this search remains a never-ending one.

iPAD Applications When it comes to iOS and core Mac technologies that underpin every iPad application, our expert engineering teams are unbeatable! Our design teams, as passionate and as customer aware as our engineers, are internationally acclaimed and are always thinking ahead of the game – as is essential in the industry. Our interfaces are arguably the most aesthetic. With both our engineers and designers being on hand at every stage of the ‘game’ and working with such skilled passion we are assured of only the best in end results.

Games Games should be graphically capturing, they should be almost addictive - you should want to play them again and again! At Native Systems, we specialise in this! Our engineers are able to follow through with your desire - whether this is a fast paced game, or a more cerebral game we will guarantee the desired result. Our expert iPad game development has resulted in best sellers and integrate the latest social features, like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or even sharing by email.

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Android Apps Native Systems has been involved in developing for the Android since its inception. Our technical and design team specify in both applications and games for Androids. We are proud to say that we work with the largest Android Software development company in the world.

Android Applications We have created some of the most downloaded Android applications. With Android being a multitasking environment our developers have a significant control over things such as an applications appearance and capabilities.

Games Native Systems is proud to say that we have been a part of developing some of the best Android games on the market – games that captivate! We can assist you with any requirements that you come to us with.

Facebook Page & Apps We are ahead of the game when it comes to Facebook development. Native Systems works alongside award winning developers and designers and a dedicated and intensely passionate team. We will liaise closely with the concept and will only go live with your Facebook page until we are absolutely convinced of the best, impressive and most striking end result.

Facebook Applications We have a dedicated and passionate team of developers - they will ensure the best, impressive and most functional end results with both applications and games!

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Audio Visual & Interactive Command & Control Rooms Design Methodology & Approach Native Systems has vast experience in the design of operational centres. We understand the importance of strategic planning and designing in achieving maximum results. Our Process of Doing At Native Systems we listen to the client – by knowing our client we can answer their needs in the most efficient and timely manner. A job can only be done to its full capacity by understanding – with a clear vision – the client’s goal. We will ascertain the geography, demographics, commuting times, migration times, security and such along with the companies’ image internally and externally. All of these combined answers will assist in being a major factor in building selection and design. Control Room Design Control centres are at the hands of the person who works within them – this is an important note in the designing of a control room. Our design team are skilled, passionate staff members qualified in Visualisation, Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Ergonomics and Psychology. On board, we also have a team specialising in lighting and acoustics. We believe in the importance of an ergonomics room – allowing the operator comfort and accessibility – our team ensures that we follow all correct and safe procedures in this regard. Furniture Design The workplace is where we spend most of our week hours, therefore it is essential that the chair we sit on and the desk we work off of are of the highest in quality and comfort. The right furniture can improve productivity and conversely, a chair that is not ergonomic can lead one to work less effectively. At Native Systems, we will spend time understanding the roles of the employer – knowing what their needs are in order to make their working day more comfortable and thus productive. Space Planning The design of a working space is the key to an efficient and productive outcome. Space needs to be utilised, in all its capacity, to ensure the best in end working results. Our design team will understand the jobs at hand, they will measure up the space, realise the necessity of flow and convenience and ensure that your best results is to the absolute maximum. We understand that the working place is not a stagnant one and that change is bound, and will bear this in

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mind during the design process. A mock-up is a possibility for the client to see, feel and understand the why and how. Interior Design Interior design is not only about the aesthetic, but also ensuring that the change is an effective one. Space needs to be utilised, it needs to help the communication, and in turn lead towards optimal results. Our designers understand all these needs and musts. Colours and textures should correspond to the working need of the employers to assist in the productivity of their work. Acoustics is also an important aspect of the design process – managing it correctly ensures less stress and annoyance. Our team of designers work closely with the engineers during the course of the project, understanding that communication is an essential in getting the desired results. We are on hand at all times! Implementation We will be on site at all stages of the design process – being on hand at all site meetings and inspections. We will ensure that a prototype of all pieces is acquired, to test the comfort, compliance and ergonomics of all products – only once a sign off is acquired will we give the go ahead to the manufacturers. Lighting Design Natural light is a preferred by most people when working and having access to an outside view is one that reduces stress and brings on relaxation. However, there will be a need for artificial light – and ensuring that the lighting is effective is a crucial aspect in the design process; to avoid exhaustion, headaches, and poor work. Our lighting team will ensure the best in natural, ambient and task lighting to optimise performance. Acoustics Acoustics, like lighting, is something that can contribute to stress, irritation and subsequently to that poor levels of work – if it is not taken into consideration. The acoustic environment needs to match the task at hand for the employer; there may be need for communication in one area, and in another area a desire for privacy. The location of the control room within a building needs to be weighed against the external noise that may play effect. To ensure that noise is not a factor against the control room, we will do spot checks and surveys. Finishes to the walls and floors are selected in consideration of their noise absorption to provide a balanced working environment. Ergonomics User Requirements To ensure the best in ergonomics, we at Native Systems, need to understand the roles and functions that will be performed by the employee. An Ergonomic surrounding is one that understands the user’s needs and is thus user friendly.

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Involvement & Engagement With End Users At Native Systems, we enjoy the end user involvement at all stages of the design process. We do this by arranging workshops where we present our 3D visualisations and models. Following from this we will bring in mock-ups for a clearer and more tactile understanding of where we are intending to head in terms of final result. Accessibility It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that accessibility of a workplace is one that accommodates those with mobility, visual or auditory impairments as well as those with learning disabilities or elder people. Safety is essential in the consideration of the accessibility – with clear communication our design team will ensure that all the regulations are met.

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