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Sagorith! Are They The Kings of Navajo Black Metal?


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One Hot Metal Chick

2 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012


music report\ In their own words:


ur musical influences are so many.... they range from Black Sabbath, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Slayer, Exodus, Megadeth, Skeletonwitch, SRV, Terry Reed, to so many others. We started jamming together just to play our instruments. Then so much started pouring out our brains that we had to do something with it. So what you hear or see on video is what we have done so far. We have about twelve songs (not yet professionally recorded). we all have been playing our instruments for years and years. War Motor the name has history and we would like to share with each and every person willing to listen to our jamms.

4 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

PHOTO SUBMITTED by TRAVIS HOPKINS. TRAVIS HOPKINS is a Celebrity Interviewer for Native Entertainment Magazine.

MAKING MINCE MEAT outta Celebrity Interviewer Travis Hopkins in this exclusive scene from an up coming issue featuring American Indian cage-fighter


/music report

THUNDER UP! Tat Romero.


music report\

6 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

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like, such as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, The Omen, and some of the newer ones that are coming out. They all have their own unique quality to them, and the graphics are getting better!” When will you next perform in New Mexico? When and where? Nik Shiosee: “We’ll be at the Launchpad on March 15 with Cadaveric Engorgement, Echoes of the Fallen, and Deforme. We’ll also perform on Saturday, April 2, at a location to be announced later.” Tell me about this new CD you’re about to record. Details, please! Nik Shiosee: “We have 11 songs written right now for the yet-to-be-titled CD, so hopefully it will be out this summer, if all goes well! We don’t have a name for it yet but keep checking back for updates. We do have demos of some of the songs on our myspace page. “Some song titles: ‘Crown of Deception,’ ‘Perverse Dissection,’ and ‘The Hypocritical Stench.’ Hailing from the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico, Left to Rot play a punishing and brutal form of death metal. Expect massive rhythms, relentless blast beats, and haunting harmonic overtones. The band’s latest album is titled Bathe in Blood. Bassist Nik Shiosee took a few minutes to undergo the Take Five treatment. The results are chronicled below. What inspired you to form a band that plays such brutal death metal? Nik Shiosee: “I think all of us have been around some sort of music from a young age. We all have relatives that played in bands or are still playing in bands today, be it country, rock, or even church music. As far as brutal death metal goes, it’s just something that we all grew up with, starting with the thrash metal of the 1980s and on to bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morbid Angel, and Deicide.” Tell me about your CD, Bathe in Blood. What can fans expect to hear and where can they snatch a copy?

8 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

Nik Shiosee: “We recorded the CD at Gravel Pit Studios in Los Lunas, New Mexico, in August 2007, with the album officially released in January 2008. Bathe in Blood has sold more than 900 copies so far and continues to sell nationwide and abroad—it has gotten good reviews and received radio play in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and even in Mexico and Spain, as well as many free download sites on the Internet. Left to Rot are also one of 18 bands on Metalbolic Records’ Metalbolical Volume II Compilation, which is sold worldwide. “You can pick up Left to Rot CDs at Forbidden Path Musick (USA), DeathGasm Records (USA), Sevared Records (USA), GoreGiastic Records (USA), Metalbolic Records (USA), Dark Harvest Records (USA), Beowolf Productions (USA), Amputated Vein Records (Japan), Hastings stores in Albuquerque, or at one of our shows!” What’s your favorite horror film? Why? Nik Shiosee: “There are quite a few that I

“Expect a brutal onslaught of New Mexico death metal!”




bsolete is a 2 piece metal band based out of Kayenta, Arizona which was founded in September 2010 and consists of members Leon Boone (drums/lead vocals) and Damon Zonnie (guitar/backing vocals). Since doing their first show in February 2011, Obsolete has been getting a great response from fans and promoters with their music. Playing various cities throughout Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado, going out almost every other weekend since July 2011, played any show they were offered including small music fests such as Rezapalooza (Towaoc, CO), Rocktober Fest (Shiprock NM), Buried in the Boonies (Tohajiilee, NM), and more. Obsolete even had the honor to play the debut of the West Coast Chill energy drink in March 2012 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Also having the pleasure to share the stage with bands like Murder Death Kill, The Devastated, Blameshift, Fate of the Hopeless, Reign Of Vengeance, Aechoes, Signal 99, Bloodline & many more. From the day Obsolete’s first single “War of the Worlds” off their Debut EP was released, the band handed out over 400 CDs con-

taining the single, hoping to bring the hype up about their 2012 release. The single got over 500 plays though the youtube video and the bands reverbnation in only a couple of months.


he first few months, the band started off as a three piece. After practicing hard and getting more and more songs done, they decided to go into studio, December 2010 in Colorado Springs, Depar Studios, to record a 3 song demo which later became their EP. After a few lineup changes and complications with other members, Leon & Damon decided to stay as a 2 piece band, which then Leon, at the time was the bands bassist, decided to become the bands drummer and stay as lead vocalist. Occasionally having a fill-in guitarist for live performances. In October 2011, Obsolete inked a deal with Kandy Records (NM) to have their single be included on the “Major Label Rejects Vol 2” compilation. After the release of the compilation, the single War of the Worlds was played over KSJD radio station based out of Cortez Colorado, marking the first ever ra-

dio play for the band. Since then, the single has been getting played over various radio stations including KDUR (Colorado), Monsoon Radio (Arizona), and others. The Major Label Rejects compilation also made an article in the Navajo Times (NM) newspaper, where Obsolete’s name is mentioned. Obsolete released their 4 song debut EP in February 2012, and have been hard at promoting the EP since. It is sold through the band and several online stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Big Cartel. It has been said by numerous fans: “Obsolete goes on stage as 2, but delivers the energy and performance that a full band gives.” “We really appreciate everyone and anyone who supports us, we plan to keep going even with just 2 of us, but stronger than ever, despite all the problems with past members and other shenanigans. Lots of things are coming and we cannot be more excited. Thank you!” - Leon & Damon.






10 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

ailing from Farmington, Signal 99 play modern metal inspired by bands such as Coal Chamber and Korn. The band’s CD, The Gospel, was nominated in two categories for the 2011 Native American Music Awards: Best Music Video and Best Debut Artist. Signal 99 also won this year’s Ernie Ball “Battle of the Bands,” earning them the honor of playing the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival in Albuquerque. Take Five caught up with guitarist/vocalist Chuck Haven, who serves as a key beacon for the outfit that is Signal 99. Tell me about your band. How would you describe your musical approach?

Chuck Haven: “I started Signal 99 in late 2005 as

a solo project. After winning some awards on Garage Band for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ and several requests to play live, the band was formed in 2006. Signal 99 is me on guitar/vocals, singer/songwriter Hank ‘Krave’ Haven on bass, and Mark Curley on drums. Signal 99’s main influences come from the 90s and early 2000s era of music. You can hear hints of Coal Chamber and Korn in the music. We know we are not the fastest or heaviest band out there, but we do it for the love of music. We all need an outlet to vent our frustrations, temptations, and failures, so playing music to express ourselves was the best thing we could do. We never thought a few years later we would be sharing the stage with some of our idols, winning Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands, being nominated for the Native American Music Awards, and reaching out to literally thousands of people with our music.”

Your CD, The Gospel. What can fans expect to experience?

Chuck Haven: “We were sitting in the studio trying

to come up with a name for the album. Our Producer, Tony Crank, helped us brainstorm for a title. ‘What are you trying to say?’ he would ask us. We would tell him things like, ‘We are a voice, and trying to get the word out of being frustrated with today’s problems, and to let people know, we are here, and not going anywhere soon. We are not going to change the style, nor change the way we write music just to fit in.’ ‘It’s like your preaching . . . like the gospel,’ Tony said. From then on, that’s what we named the album, The Gospel. So fans can expect to hear our frustrations of being ‘new’ to the scene, the hate mails/comments we use to get because we were different, the idea of having ‘free will’ and being able to make a choice in our life, and the frustrations of religion trying to impose their ideology in our lives.” “Banner of Corpses.” What inspired the lyrics? And what can you say about the video for this track?

Chuck Haven: “‘Banner of Corpses’ was a joint ef-

fort with Colorado psychic, The Great Loudini. She wrote the lyrics for the song. It’s about the Jewish Holocaust. When we got together to do the project, we took it a step further and tied in the Native American Genocide. Not too many people know that Hitler was a student of history and studied early American history and the roundup of Native Americans onto reservations. Hitler then modeled that practice into his own roundup of the Jewish population.




“The video was then talked about and made possible by Tom Lord, who helped fund the project along with Hank Haven. The video was directed and filmed by me. The animation in the video was shot on a mini set in Hank’s garage. The video shows the correlation of the Jewish Holocaust and the Native American Genocide, and then ties into the recent branding of a Swastika on a mentally challenged Native American man from Farmington, NM. It’s an interesting and informative video that brings to light the atrocities of mankind, and that history does and will repeat itself. We should take from the past and learn not to make those same mistakes and be tolerant with each other’s differences, whether it’s race, religion, music, or ideas.” Would you say living in New Mexico (specifically Farmington) has influenced your musical approach?

Chuck Haven: “Yes, it definitely has. When I first

started writing music, it was out of frustration and anger. After living in Tucson, then moving back to Farmington, the people, jobs, the music scene, and the environment was way different. Here in Farmington, everything was about race. When I started the band, we got labeled a rez band, even though we were not from the reservation. When we play outside of Farmington, we are just a band. Some of the lyrics of the songs reflect that frustration of being ‘different.’ When in reality, we are all the same, human beings. That’s what I love about music: it’s universal. Music brings everyone together, and everyone can relate. So when I write music, I don’t write about being a Native American, I write about being a fellow human being with frustrations that everyone can relate too in this crazy world.

The band has really hit the road, playing as part of Fuse Music TV’s “Slave to the Metal” tour, SXSW’s MusicGorilla Showcase, and the Heart of Texas Rockfest. What would you say you like best about being on the road? What would you say is the worst part of being on the road?

Chuck Haven: “We love being on the road. Nothing

is greater than playing to a roomful of people we have never met before, and seeing everyone have a good time. The mosh pits, the stage diving, and the interesting people we meet, all make it worthwhile to drive 2 to 18 hours for a show. If we can reach out to one person when we hit the road, then it was worth it. “The worst part of being on the road? Being harassed by the Border Patrol in Texas, the roach motels in Lubbock, TX, the flat tires on the interstate, the alternator going out after a show, not having any money for food and gas, someone stealing our gear, vehicle won’t start, driving over icy mountain passes in the middle of the night, the parking-lot band fight at Denny’s which resulted in the keys being thrown onto the top of the building, and the infamous vehicle rollover on black ice that sent one of us to the hospital. “Even after all of that, we would do it again. We love what we do. We love our fans. And we are nothing without them.”






12 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012


xtreme music from indigenous bands is not something you will likely ever find in a mainstream music publication. Hell, you would be lucky to find even a glimpse of anything extreme at your local tribal outlets as well. Tribal outlets are usually very mundane, “traditional” places that usually exist to exploit tribal culture. Dont believe me? The next time you travel through New Mexico take a look at how many non-Native owned outlets there are that sell “traditional” regalia, medicines, herbs and music. You will not find any extreme music in those places. Not because people don’t want them - they do. In fact, at any given moment you can find some type of metal show being held on a reservation and the attendance is usually pretty massive. And the fans are usually die-hard metal heads who most likely drive a few hours to get to that show. As may have guessed this is not so much an interview or story, or even an article about Sagorith - but more of a point to prove to everyone who does not believe in the Native metal scene. We chose Sagorith to be on the cover because they have an extremely vulgar look; and we love it! But dont think this is the last time you will see them in this publication because as of press date they are gearing up to begin recording there montrous new studio album.

You can find their music at our website and we encourage you to turn up the volume and bang your damn head. While this young band is just beginning to make noise we have no doubt that they are indeed on the way to becoming Navajo Black Metal gods.



Navaja “Projects”


s entertainment values shift with the constant changes in technology, so should Native America’s music video content. We dug up a very under-viewed music video that utilized creativity, and technology to their advantage. This music video dates back to around 2005/2006. As you can see it is an animated video; which, by Native music standards is complely unheard of, so we had to make it first in the line up.

14 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

the ultimate collection

Mistic Angel “Back For Revenge”


ack For Revenge is an awesome metal music video with real mainstream appeal. Usually you find music videos by the dozens for other genre’s of music, but not for the indie Native metal scene. Mistic Angel stepped it up a couple notches in the actual musical area as well. Back For Revenge is a song striaght from their album Brutal Times released on the Rezz’d Out Inc imprint.



VIDEOs + Black Circle “Hate Is My Peace”


t really sucks that this band is no longer around; or at least that’s what we’ve been told (and all our research has verified it). No they are not dead but the band seems to have vanished from the scene. This is by far one of our favorite metal bands and we would love for them to reunite and start making brutal music again - and, maybe a couple of actual music videos. We’d headbang to that!

16 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

+ + music

Existance A.D. “”


hy is it that Native Metal bands never have any good music videos? Case in point: Existance A.D. One of Native America’s best kept secrets, unfortuneatly there is no good music video to be found. From the footage, it seems that the singer is a female, and if so - dammit, we’re impressed! This band has been around a few years, in one form or another (according to people on the street who’ve known about them for a while). We’re impressed by female singers like this for one main reason: if this is a girl she growls like the singer of Cannable Corpse, and that’s f’n cool!



18 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012


20 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012


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24 #14 Brutal Music Issue 2012

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