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COO We could tell you it’s a good idea to shop local because you’re investing in the local

economy, creating jobs, and keeping more money within the city. And that’s true. But when it comes to giftgiving, there’s more to it than just that. The items we’ve featured in this issue have lots of love and hard work behind behind them. It’s stuff that’s taken hours to make or hours to find. And on top of that,

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it’s stuff that’s just really cool. We’ve got rabbit skulls, hand painted Nashville baseball bats, vintage typewriters, handmade custom hats, hand spun blankets, skateboards made by teens, alligator heads, and Star Wars socks. We were lucky enough to grab this stuff—and much, much more—around town and mess with it. We think they’re all really great items, and we hope you do too.

Native | November 2014 | Nashville, TN