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I want to get this out of the way early— Matt Urmy is the type of guy I love to hate. He’s charming, good-looking, and fits the bill of so many Nietzsche-loving, Converse-wearing men that I’ve met before. He’s “that guy” from college, right down to the tribal necklace and organic cotton t-shirt. I quickly realize, however, that Matt Urmy is so not that guy. In the thriving world of tech start-ups, Matt is a breath of fresh air. He just might be the most genuine person I’ve met in a while. And for me, after spending months living in the entrepreneurial-crazed Silicon Valley, that doesn’t require much finesse. In his office, surrounded by white boards and cryptic formulas and graphs, we sip on some bottled beer while discussing everything but his groundbreaking music business management app, Artist Growth. Even though I’m sitting on the other side of his desk, on the interviewee’s side no less, our conversation is surpris-

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Native | June 2013 | Nashville, TN  

Featuring Nashville's Arnold Myint and Suzy Wong, Ruby Amanfu, Artist Growth, Seab Tuck, Out and About, Nisolo Shoes, Nashville Roller Girls...

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